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Distance Running archive BETA 2022

Issue 111 2022 Edition 1

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Cover: Zurich Maratón de Sevilla, Spain

In this issue…

Fukuoka bows out
Running into history Fukuoka International Open Marathon Championship

125 years and counting
Running into history B.A.A. Boston Marathon

BAA Boston Marathon celebrates anniversary

A sporting flagship
Running into history TCS New York City Marathon by Horst Milde

On Sunday 7 November 2021 the New York City Marathon celebrated its 50th anniversary. Berlin Marathon founder Horst Milde pays tribute where it is due

Valencia – Ciudad del Running
Marathon movers Valencia Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon

The city of Valencia has in recent years hosted performances previously seen as the preserve of a few traditionally prestigious races. How did Valencia manage to get in on the act?

A cultural running tour
Race previews Vienna City Marathon, April 20 2022

Event of international stature in the Austrian capital

Get moving in Muscat
Race previews Al Mouj Muscat Marathon, February 20 2022

Organisers expect new record turnout in biggest event yet

Speed and beauty
Race previews Zurich Maratón de Sevilla, February 20 2022 by Alberto Hernandez

Considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and possessed of the flattest marathon course in the entire continent

Verona in love
Race previews Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon, February 20 2022

Heritage city welcomes those who love to run

Since ancient times
Race previews Rhodes Marathon, April 20 2022

Historic landmarks and Aegean views

A world record – but there’s more to come
Race previews NKolay İstanbul Half Marathon, March 20 2022

Peninsular half marathon defies you to not enjoy it

A sign for the times
Race previews Big Sur International Marathon, April 20 2022

A simple road sign on Highway 1 inspired the creation of the Big Sur International Marathon

A new sun rising
Race previews Mash Direct Belfast City Marathon, May 20 2022

Biggest participatory sporting event in Northern Ireland

Issue 112 2022 Edition 2

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Distance Running 112 will be published in April 2022. The deadline for articles and advertising is 2 March.

Issue 113 2022 Edition 3

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Distance Running 113 will be published in July 2022. The deadline for articles and advertising is 2 June.

Issue 114 2022 Edition 4

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Distance Running 114 will be published in October 2022. The deadline for articles and advertising is 2 September.


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Cover of 2022 Edition 1

Latest issue:
2022 Edition 1

Cover: Zurich Maratón de Sevilla, Spain

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