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Distance Running archive BETA 2022

Issue 111 2022 Edition 1

2022 edition 1 flat

Cover: Zurich Maratón de Sevilla, Spain

In this issue…

Fukuoka bows out
Running into history Fukuoka International Marathon

125 years and counting
Running into history B.A.A. Boston Marathon

BAA Boston Marathon celebrates anniversary

A sporting flagship
Running into history TCS New York City Marathon by Horst Milde

On Sunday 7 November 2021 the New York City Marathon celebrated its 50th anniversary. Berlin Marathon founder Horst Milde pays tribute where it is due

Valencia – Ciudad del Running
Marathon movers Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Marathon

The city of Valencia has in recent years hosted performances previously seen as the preserve of a few traditionally prestigious races. How did Valencia manage to get in on the act?

A cultural running tour
Race previews Vienna City Marathon, April 20 2022

Event of international stature in the Austrian capital

Get moving in Muscat
Race previews Al Mouj Muscat Marathon

Organisers expect new record turnout in biggest event yet

Speed and beauty
Race previews Zurich Maratón de Sevilla, February 20 2022 by Alberto Hernandez

Considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and possessed of the flattest marathon course in the entire continent

Verona in love
Race previews Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon, February 20 2022

Heritage city welcomes those who love to run

Since ancient times
Race previews Rhodes Marathon, April 20 2022

Historic landmarks and Aegean views

A world record – but there’s more to come
Race previews NKolay İstanbul Half Marathon, March 20 2022

Peninsular half marathon defies you to not enjoy it

A sign for the times
Race previews Big Sur International Marathon, April 20 2022

A simple road sign on Highway 1 inspired the creation of the Big Sur International Marathon

A new sun rising
Race previews Mash Direct Belfast City Marathon, May 20 2022

Biggest participatory sporting event in Northern Ireland

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Issue 112 2022 Edition 2

2022 edition 2 flat

Cover: 40th anniversary of AIMS

In this issue…

Putting the concept into ‘concept races’
Marathon movers

Ofer Padan, owner and CEO of Marathon Israel, talks about branding races and inventing new concepts to attract runners, especially in times of uncertainty

Running through the ancient Khmer capital
Race previews The Khmer Empire Marathon, August 20 2022

Course passes through rice fields and alongside temples

Run back in time
Race previews Petra Desert Marathon

‘Looking down, I can see the entire desert that I was running through’

Go with the flow
Race previews 23rd International WACHAUmarathon, September 20 2022

Picturesque Danube marathon returns after two years

Running into summer
Race previews JCP Swansea Half Marathon, June 20 2022

Alongside the beach and through the heart of the city

Through the coral sea
Race previews Airlie Beach Marathon Festival, July 20 2022

Marathon festival set in one of the world’s top tourist destinations

Spread the smile
Race previews CRDB Bank Marathon, August 20 2022

The Arctic capital
Race previews Midnight Sun Marathon, June 20 2022

Run at the top of the world – an unforgettable Arctic experience.

The starting shot
Race previews Ramboll Stockholm Half Marathon, September 20 2022

Sweden's premier half marathon through the centre of Stockholm

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Issue 113 2022 Edition 3

2022 edition 3 flat

Cover: Porto Marathon EDP, Portugal

In this issue…

Surprise yourself
Features Raiffeisen Bank Bucharest Marathon, October 20 2022

Run with your heart in the City of Joy

Safety first
Opinion Nagoya Women’s Marathon, March 20 2022

The Nagoya Women’s Marathon was staged safely during the Omicron surge in Japan despite many other races cancelling

What is Global Running Day?

Thousands take part in events worldwide

Keeping on track
Running into history

In the last edition of Distance Running (2022/2) a few of the race directors who came together to form AIMS in the early 1980s gave their recollections of how this came about. A significant proportion of the 28 founding members (see table) remain members today but keeping the race going through the intervening 40 years has often presented severe challenges. Below some of the races being held today trace their pathways from the early days up to the present time.

Creating connections through technology
Race previews ASML Marathon Eindhoven, October 20 2022

Running a fast course in a city of the future

Magic in the air
Race previews Venicemarathon, October 20 2022

Cry tears of joy in fascinating Venice

Porto’s specialities
Race previews Porto Marathon EDP, November 20 2022

Come for the run, stay for the food

Our hometown marathon
Race previews Taiwan’s Rice Heaven Tianzhong Marathon, November 20 2022

Experience the fragrance of paddy fields in ‘rice heaven’

Running rings
Race previews Ring Running Series, November 20 2022

Run on a track designed for motor racing

Festivals and fireballs
Race previews Photak Marathon, December 20 2022

A joyful route through national settings favourable for runners to set new personal best times

California coastal
Race previews Monterey Bay Half Marathon, November 20 2022

Gentle hills and scenic views

Run in Heart City
Race previews Maratón Monumental Primer Santiago de América, November 20 2022

Caribbean race attracts runners from all over the world

A warm welcome
Race previews Generali Maratón Málaga

Well-connected Malaga ready for running visitors

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Issue 114 2022 Edition 4

2022 edition 4 flat

Cover: Osaka Marathon, Japan

In this issue…

Run Mexico perfects self-improvement
Marathon movers

“Now more than ever united”

Race previews Kilimanjaro Marathon & Half, February 20 2023

Mbio Ya Watu – the People’s Race celebrates 20 years of road running in Moshi

A celebration of the community
Race previews ADNOC Abu Dhabi Marathon, December 20 2022

A healthy lifestyle and year-round wellness

The authentic experience
Race previews Athens Marathon. The Authentic, November 20 2022

There are many marathons, but only one starts in Marathon

The green heart of Italy
Race previews Maratona di San Valentino, February 20 2023

Evocative locations honour St Valentine

Beat the clock in Barcelona
Race previews eDreams Mitja Marató de Barcelona, February 20 2023

A marathon for everyone with the commitment to cross the finish line

Run in the city of love
Race previews Verona Marathon, Half Marathon & 10K, November 20 2022

Historic course through the most beautiful streets of Verona

Born from the palace
Race previews Split Marathon, February 20 2023

Unique mix of historical experiences on the coast of Croatia

A marathon merger
Race previews Osaka Marathon, February 20 2023

Start and finish right in the heart of Osaka city

Your personal best awaits
Race previews 10K Valencia Ibercaja, January 20 2023

Spectacular and exciting course in the ‘city of running’

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