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Distance Running archive BETA 2023

Issue 115 2023 Edition 1

2023 edition 1 flat

Cover: Berlin Half Marathon, Germany

In this issue…

Distance marker from the original 42195m presented to Marathoneum Berlin
Running into history

Second known surviving sign secured

Anything you can do…
Marathon movers

Thirty-one years ago Liz Lynch (later McColgan) was blazing a trail in long-distance running. In 2022 her daughter Eilish McColgan followed in her footsteps

Thousands embark on SuperHalfs challenge
Marathon movers

Five-city circuit for runners

Running at the lowest point on Earth
Race previews Dead Sea Ultra Marathon, May 20 2023

Race around saline water brings out energy that goes beyond fitness

Spectacular start to Berlin’s running calendar
Race previews Generali Berlin Half Marathon, April 20 2023

Fast course that also tours the sights of the German capital

A warm Welsh welcome
Race previews Great Welsh Marathon, April 20 2023

Flat route through the best of coast and country

Hanseatic flair, cosmopolitan character
Race previews Haspa Marathon Hamburg, April 20 2023

With well over 25,000 participants, the Haspa Marathon Hamburg is Germany’s largest spring marathon and the most traditional major sporting event in the Elbe metropolis

Spring in your step
Race previews Toronto Marathon, May 20 2023

North America’s largest and most fun spring race – come for a running adventure and stay for VIP treatment along a beautiful, super-fast big city point-to-point course

Run in the heart of Cambodia
Race previews Phnom Penh International Half Marathon, June 20 2023

Course follows the Mekong riverbank

Finland: famous for fresh air
Race previews Helsinki City Running Day, May 20 2023

Run in the capital of Finland and experience the finish at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium

Stronger than ever
Race previews Gatorade Maratón de Santiago, May 20 2023

Race “back on its feet”

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Cover of 2023 Edition 1

Latest issue:
2023 Edition 1

Cover: Berlin Half Marathon, Germany

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