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Distance Running archive BETA 2020

Issue 103 2020 Edition 1

2020 edition 1 flat

Cover: Chongqing International Marathon, China

In this issue…

He did it – but what exactly was it?
Opinion by Hugh Jones

INEOS 1.59 Challenge. Vienna, 12 October 2019

Victims of the system
Opinion by Hugh Jones

After the scenes of distress in the Women’s marathon at the world championships held in Qatar last September a red alert went out to responsible athletic bodies that they had to do something to stop this happening again. But it wasn’t the first time and won’t be the last, argues Hugh Jones

Fred Lebow
Marathon movers by Peter Christ and Horst Milde, with additional material from Hugh Jones

Co-founder of New York Marathon who pioneered mass-participation distance running

Shining in the heart of Siberia
Race previews Yarche Tomsk International Marathon

Find a historical city with a young face in Tomsk

Along the Mother River
Race previews Chongqing International Marathon, March 20 2020

Race of six bridges, finished off with hotpot

Inspired by legend
Race previews Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon, April 20 2020

Become part of the family in Transylvania

Breathtaking scenery, breath-saving course
Race previews Rio City Half Marathon by Yara Achôa

A runners’ favourite beside the sea

Everything to win, for everyone
Race previews ČSOB Bratislava Marathon, September 20 2020

Enjoy the patina of old Bratislava

Between blue ocean and green hills
Race previews Montepio Meia Maratona de Cascais, February 20 2020

Amazing route with Atlantic backdrop

Love running in Taipei
Race previews Taishin Women Run Taipei, March 20 2020

2020 edition of most popular women’s running event has a love theme

With an open heart
Race previews Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon by Karin Hester Ahl

Race that defies description as the city comes alive for spring

Finishing under moonlight and stars
Race previews Moonlight Half Marathon, May 20 2020

A relaxing race after sunset, celebrating 10 years

Running the numbers
Sport science

Start Right is a predictive algorithm developed by Marcel Altenburg, senior lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University’s Department of Crowd Science, in cooperation with the Abbott World Marathon Majors races in Chicago, Berlin and New York. He explains how it works

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Issue 104 2020 Edition 2

2020 edition 2 flat

Cover: Maratonina Città di Udine, Italy

In this issue…

A celebration of humanity
Marathon movers Bank of America Chicago Marathon by Carey Pinkowski

30 years ago the Chicago Marathon endured troubled times but emerged to become a leader in the world of distance running. Race director Carey Pinkowski explains…

Take part in Helsinki’s story
Race previews Helsinki Half Marathon, June 20 2020

An invitation to Finland’s hidden gem

Run wild in Borneo
Race previews Borneo Marathon, June 20 2020

Concentrated natural charm and a much-loved community event

City of pearls, challenge of running
Race previews Airtel Hyderabad Marathon, August 20 2020

Can you handle the “toughest marathon in India”?

Run together in Minsk
Race previews Minsk Half Marathon

New visa regime makes running in hospitable Belarus even easier

The race over the River Kwai
Race previews River Kwai International Half Marathon

Run through World War II history on an amazing route surrounded by lush mountains on the banks of the ‘River of Brutality’

From the castle to the countryside
Race previews Volksbank-Münster-Marathon, September 20 2020

Run in historic Münster and see why its marathon was voted top in its region

Magical city returns to its roots
Race previews 38th Wrocław Maraton

Unique character cannot be replicated, say organisers

A sea of ice
Race previews Polar Circle Marathon

Called ‘the coolest marathon’, in more ways than one

Discover Udine
Race previews Maratonina Città di Udine, September 20 2020

The “most interesting”, the “most beautiful”, indisputably one of the fastest courses, yet surrounded by Venetian charm

Sudden death in distance races
Sport science by William O. Roberts MD, MS and Rebecca G. Breslow MD

Back in the 1970s a pathologist from California, Thomas Bassler, suggested that any properly-trained marathon runner would not die from heart attack during a race. Decades have passed and we now know this is not true…

Running and mental health
Sport science Gold Coast Marathon

New insights into benefits of running

Running on air
Sport science by Dr Srikanth Sola

Air pollution has forced cancellation of some major distance running events in recent years but Dr Srikanth Sola describes a new technology to combat it

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Issue 105 2020 Edition 3

2020 edition 3 flat

Cover: Vodafone Istanbul Marathon, Turkey

In this issue…

Breaking new ground
Features CCCL RUNBANGLA International 10K, March 20 2020

First AIMS member race in world’s eighth most populous country

War games
Opinion by Hugh Jones

A deadly pandemic killed millions in the lead up to the 1920 Olympics

Out of the woods?
Opinion by Jörg Wenig

Interview with Horst Milde

A Scottish spectacular
Race previews Baxters Loch Ness Marathon & Festival of Running, October 20 2020

Unforgettable scenery and the legend of a monster make this a race not to be missed

Run the skyline
Race previews Mainova Frankfurt Marathon, October 20 2020

Skyscrapers of ‘Mainhattan’ are backdrop for Germany’s oldest city marathon

Room to run
Race previews Maratón Donostia - San Sebastián

The beach and a tasty pintxo are never far away when you run in San Sebastian

Planting a seed
Race previews N Kolay İstanbul Marathon, November 20 2020

Only here can you start running in Asia and finish in Europe

An Atlantic winter escape
Race previews Funchal Marathon, January 20 2021

Extraordinary setting for Madeira’s biggest running event

A fairytale marathon
Race previews H.C. Andersen Marathon, September 20 2020

The course is so flat it’s magical – and that’s before you experience the 1000-year-old city

Mamo Wolde
Marathon greats by Hugh Jones

Ethiopian runner who eclipsed favourite Abebe Bikila at Mexico City Olympics

How far did you go, really?
Sport science by Tom Gray

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Issue 106 2020 Edition 4

2020 edition 4 flat

Cover: Runners in the Moscow Half Marathon held on 2 August. Over 9500 runners finished along with nearly 2500 others in the supporting 5km event. Winners were Rinas Akhmadeev (1:04:24) and Elena Korobkina (1:10:29). Korobkina went on to win the 10km event held in association with the Absolute Moscow Marathon on 20 September in a time of 31:49. Around 9500 finished the Marathon along with another 12,000 in the 10km.

In this issue…

Finding a way
Opinion Halfmarathon Altötting, September 20 2020 by Günther Vogl

Günther Vogl explains how the Altötting Half Marathon scaled down its operations to keep its place on the 2020 race calendar

For the record
Running into history by Gerd Steins and Horst Milde

The “Marathoneum” AIMS Marathon-Museum of Running in Berlin

Longest-serving race directors of AIMS events
Marathon movers by Hugh Jones

Message from Paco Borao: There is no doubt that road running has in the last 50 years become one of the most popular sports, with millions of people running in streets, parks and fields, bringing health and happiness to women and men all over the world. Sport is above all based upon fairness and because of this basic principle AIMS wants to pay tribute to those who allow all this to happen; the organisers who devote their lives to bringing both the spectacle for spectators and the course to all of us runners. From deep in our hearts, thank you!

Chasing the Welsh dragon
Race previews Cardiff Half Marathon

2021 offers two chances at flat, fast course

Run, fun and winter sun
Race previews Logicom Cyprus Marathon, March 20 2021

Enjoy a ‘complete running experience’ in Cyprus

Take it to the bridge
Race previews EDP Lisbon Half Marathon, May 20 2021

A half marathon with a rich history, in a city with even more heritage

Reach the Limmat
Race previews Zürich Marathon, April 20 2021

Switzerland’s biggest city welcomes runners of all levels

Reunion in Hannover
Race previews HAJ Hannover Marathon, April 20 2021

Up-and-coming running hotspot hosts German championships

Honouring and protecting
Race previews Athens Marathon The Authentic, November 20 2020

The Authentic Marathon tried valiantly to keep its place on the road – even in the COVID-19 era. Although cancelled just six weeks before the race the work done in preparation was not wasted. It helped to define the approach that will be needed before races can find their place on the road again

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