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1  Jonathan WYATT                 NZL  2:57:48
2  Anssi RAITTILA                 FIN  3:15:52
3  Helmut SCHLIESSEL              GER  3:17:13
4  Jean-Christophe DUPONT         FRA  3:18:22
5  Gerd FRICK                     ITA  3:22:46
6  Lorenzo TRINCHERI              ITA  3:24:21
7  Franco ZANOTTI                 ITA  3:24:21
8  Ulrich BENZ                    GER  3:25:12
9  Martin JOST                    GER  3:29:04
10 Patrick JEANNERET              SUI  3:29:57

1  Claudia LANDOLT                SUI  3:43:31
2  Corinne ZELLER                 SUI  3:46:35
3  Michaela MERTOVA               CZE  3:52:00
4  Britta MEULLER                 GER  3:57:50
5  Tanja AMIET                    SUI  4:01:31
6  Jacqueline KELLER              SUI  4:22:50
7  Christiane BOUQUET             SUI  4:23:08
8  Sandra DANZER                  SUI  4:30:07
9  Eveline BLATTER                SUI  4:32:11
10 Karin ERNE                     SUI  4:34:56



Lauren Shelley outsprinted Queensland's rising marathon star Roxie Schmidt over the final 100m to win the women's race by less than a second in the tightest-ever finish. William Chebor took the men's title in his debut, with a mid-race surge that took him to the sixth fastest time ever posted at Gold Coast.

A record 23,398 people started in all events, with 4106 in the marathon (the third largest ever for a marathon in Australia). Numbers were 11% (2386) up on last year with 1948 coming from overseas and 5578 from out of state — representing a huge tourism impact.

The men's pace was steady for the first half (67 minutes) but by 25km Chebor had already opened up a 33 second gap. "I realised at halfway that breaking the record wasn't possible, but I wasn't worried about not winning." "I tried to go with him but he was too strong," said second-placed Shane Nankervis, who as a New Zealander claimed the Oceania Marathon Championship.

Lauren Shelley's last-stride win improved on two previous runner-up finish es in this event in 2005 and 2007 and gave her the Oceania Marathon Championship title, while Schmidt finished one place higher than last year and became Queensland Marathon Champion. "I saw Roxie at the 35km turn and I hoped I had it in me to keep ahead of her," said Shelley. "In the last 100m, you always manage to find that something extra. It was a massive personal best so I'm really happy," said Schmidt.

Tanzanian Dickson Marwa had earlier taken the Asics Half Marathon in another thrilling race with only seconds separating the first three finishers. Defending champion Michael Shelley of the Gold Coast was second despite setting a personal best time of 1:02:10 while 2006 race winner Martin Dent also set a personal best in third. Lisa-Jane Weightman also smashed her personal best in winning the women's race.

Eleven more people were inducted into the Gold Coast's 20 Year Club this year, taking total membership (of people who have completed 20 races of the same event) to 43. John Wishart just broke 4.5 hours to became the first person to complete 30 Gold Coast Marathons while Queensland Premier Anna Bligh was happy to finish the Asics Half Marathon in 2:12:16.

Australian marathon legend Steve Moneghetti was a Pace Runner in the men's marathon and brought the three-hour group home in 2:59:15. Four-time Gold Coast Airport Marathon winner Pat Carroll was the 1:40 Pace Runner in the Asics Half Marathon, finishing in 1:39:57. Marathon race record holder from 1989 Brad Camp was running to help a friend set a best time in the Asics Half Marathon, finishing in 1:39:11.

1  William Chebon CHEBOR          KEN  2:11:58
2  Shane NANKERVIS                AUS  2:16:46
3  Matt SMITH                     NZL  2:16:51
4  William Todoo ROTICH           KEN  2:19:08
5  Ram Singh YADAV                IND  2:20:36
6  Rowan WALKER                   AUS  2:21:04
7  Yahuza YAHUZU                  INA  2:22:57
8  Scott WINTON                   AUS  2:23:48
9  Lyngkhoi BINING                IND  2:23:49
10 David CRINITI                  AUS  2:24:30

1  Lauren SHELLEY                 AUS  2:42:22
2  Roxie SCHMIDT                  AUS  2:42:23
3  Mai TAGAMI                     JPN  2:47:26
4  Rina HILL                      AUS  2:48:56
5  Kristen MOLLOY                 AUS  2:49:00
6  Lisa DICK                      AUS  2:51:32
7  Vanessa PARRY-WILLIAMS         AUS  2:53:52
8  Ady NGAWATI                    NZL  2:56:37
9  Lesley TURNER HALL             NZL  2:58:02
10 Claire RAYNER                  AUS  2:58:10

1  Dickson MARWA                  TAN  1:02:09
2  Michael SHELLEY                AUS  1:02:10 
3  Martin DENT                    AUS  1:02:16

1  Lisa Jane WEIGHTMAN            AUS  1:10:42
2  Cassie FIEN                    AUS  1:12:24
3  Shireen CRUMPTON               NZL  1:14:05



1  Stanzin OTSAL                  IND  3:24:59
2  Graeme LEAR                    NZL  3:41:16
3  Stanzin GAINJONG               IND  4:04:46
4  Martin WALDAU                  GER  4:12:45
5  Filippo COLUCCI                ITA  4:17:47
6  Antonio BONAZZI                ITA  4:25:05
7  Kenneth SKEA                   CAN  4:27:57
8  Pete VOWLES                    GBR  4:30:18
9  Luca BENEDINI                  ITA  4:44:34
10 Horg SCHNEIDER                 GER  4:53:08

1  Leanne JUUL                    RSA  3:58:08
2  Lizelle BRUNDYN                RSA  4:29:13
3  Kara HOBBS                     USA  4:32:30
4  Morven WATT                    GBR  4:58:02
5  Jigmet SKITZEM                 IND  5:12:12
6  Tsering DOLKER                 IND  5:33:15
7  Tsetan ANGMO                   IND  5:58:26
8  Diskit YANGDOL                 IND  5:59:29
9  Stanzin YANGDOL                IND  6:41:14
10 Nisreen BOHRA                  IND  6:41:16

1  Yaqub KHAN                     IND  1:39:41
2  Thinless TAMCHOS               IND  1:41:36
3  Lobzang RINCHEN                IND  1:41:48

1  Namgail LHAMO                  IND  2:07:42
2  Corinna LUNA-BENAVIDES         USA  2:13:51
3  Sonam LODOL                    IND  2:23:17



Jonas Buud became only the second athlete to gain a hat-trick of victories in the 24 editions of the Swissalpine Marathon, following Switzerland's Peter Camenzind (1990-1992). Buud won comnfortably, 18 minutes ahead of his nearest rival.

Buud's countrywoman Lena Gavelin won a tactical women's race. The Swedish Marathon record holder (2:30:39) beat last year's winner Jasmin Nunige and Briton Lizzy Hawker, setting the second fastest time ever for the 78km course.

1  Jonas BUUD                     SWE  5:48:45
2  Jean-Yves REY                  SUI  6:07:17
3  Antonio ARMUZZI                ITA  6:09:28
4  Nick SHARP                     GBR  6:18:54
5  Beat BIERI                     SUI  6:26:00
6  Christian STORK                GER  6:29:22
7  Mattias DIPPACHER              GER  6:35:39
8  Patrick BRENNER                SUI  6:36:45
9  Ruedi BARTSCHI                 SUI  6:39:46
10 Adrian BRENNWOLD               SUI  6:41:04

1  Lena GAVELIN                   SWE  6:42:03
2  Lizzy HAWKER                   GBR  6:57:53
3  Jasmin NUNIGE                  SUI  6:58:35
4  Gaby STEIGMEIER                SUI  7:21:44
5  Denise ZIMMERMAN               SUI  7:33:13
6  Jeanette DALCOLMO              SUI  7:39:04
7  Elke HEIBL                     GER  7:48:53
8  Mase CHIGAYA                   JPN  7:49:59
9  Battina LEIMGRUBER             SUI  7:51:56
10 Miriam SCHMIDT                 GER  8:07:25



Andrew Cook and Japan's Yoko Shibui dominated their races. Cook his third win, after victories in 2006 and 2007. Shibui won the women's race as a tune-up for the marathon at the IAAF World Championships in Berlin on 23 August.

A record turnout of over 21,000 entrants participated in the marathon and two accompanying half marathon races, plus a 5km run/walk. Ideal, overcast conditions, with temperatures from 10-13°C greeted the throng. Runners from all 50 U.S. states and 26 countries came to the City by the Bay for its world-famous marathon.

Cook shed co-leader Allen Wagner by 13km and proceeded alone to the finish line near the Ferry Building on the Embarcadero. "It was hard running most of the race alone. I fell apart a little over the last 10 miles."

Wagner, whose personal best marathon is over a minute better than Cook's, faded to fifth place after making several toilet stops. 45-year-old Guillermo Gonzalez (MEX) captured a distant second place and the masters victory.

Japan's Shibui demonstrated why she is the all-time seventh fastest female marathoner in the world, with a blazing 2:19:41 personal best on her resume. Despite using the race as a long training run her margin at the finish line was 13 minutes ahead of former Santa Rosa High School and Stanford University standout Julia Mallon.

Shibui and her team of coaches and trainers have made Flagstaff, Ariz. their training base for the past two months in preparation for the IAAF World Championships marathon race. She wanted to briefly come down from Flagstaff's 2200m altitude to test her fitness at sea level, but, she found more changes in elevation than she expected in San Francisco.

"This is a very hard course," Shibui commented through an interpreter about the up-and-down San Francisco Marathon route. "It's the toughest course that I've ever run. It was much more hilly than I expected, but overall it was a very good tune-up for me. I think if I was in top condition, like I will be in a month, I would have run with the lead man today."

Women training at altitude for the World Championships also dominated the competitive 2nd Half Marathon, which runs over the second half of San Francisco's marathon route. Tera Moody, from Colorado Springs beat New Zealand's who spends half the year training in Boulder. They face each other again as members of their respective national teams in Berlin.

1  Andrew COOK                          2:26:32
2  Guillermo GONZALEZ                   2:33:55
3  Fritz VAN DE KAMP                    2:34:01
4  Daniel FELDMAN                       2:35:15
5  Allen WAGNER                         2:36:40
6  Martin MUDRY                         2:41:16
7  Thomas TISELL                        2:41:32
8  Mark VERMEERSCH                      2:42:12
9  Chikara OMINE                        2:43:21
10 Jack BAILEY                          2:43:56
1  Yoko SHIBUI                          2:46:34
2  Julia MALLON                         2:59:34
3  Ligicz ORTEGA                        3:03:00

1  Abiyot ENDALE                   ETH  1:07:36
2  Miguel NUCI                     USA  1:07:58

1  Tera MOODY                      USA  1:13:37
2  Fiona DOCHERTY                  NZL  1:17:25
3  Jessica MINTY                   USA  1:17:48

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