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Photo: Victah Sailer

London suffered under grey skies — and race morning started wet — but the 7th edition of this already classic race offered several uplifting moments. Like when unheralded local runner Phil Wicks, doggedly tracking Olympic Marathon Champion Stefano Baldini over most of the race, drew up to his shoulder and presumed to overtake. It took all of Baldini's Olympic qualities to pull back lost ground, and kick home to win by 30m. In the women's race World no.2 Hilda Kibet had a comfortable victory after her cousin, world leader Lornah Kiplagat, suffered a strained calf muscle in the first few hundred metres of the race, and had to forfeit.

These front runners were backed up by more than 20,000 others, who filed over the race start at Hyde Park Corner. They swooped down Piccadilly for the first kilometre, along Pall Mall and across Trafalgar Square for the second, and then ran downriver along the Embankment to make the turn at 4.5km. By this point Baldini led Phil Wicks by 20m, and Simon Tonui was significantly further in arrears.

Several tight turns make the course more interesting and scenic, but less favourable for fast times. Runners loop back close to St Paul's Cathedral before retracing their steps along the Embankment past Cleopatra's Needle at 7km, the London Eye and as far as Big Ben. An out-back section over Westminster Bridge during the ninth kilometre then precedes the run-in to the Whitehall finish — just a hundred metres past the gates to Downing Street, where the British Prime Minister resides.

Wicks caught Baldini before 8km was passed on Westminster Bridge, and still held the advantage with a kilometre to run, but Baldini then unleashed a kick which drew him comfortably clear over the final 500m. He had enough confidence to accept the vintage 1948 Olympic torch 50m before the finish line, and carry it home. In another five years, an updated torch will be carried along these same streets in the final stages of preparations for the 2012 Olympics to be held in London. The Olympic Marathon itself will most likely be held over a lap course very similar to that offered by the British 10km London.

Hilda Kibet's victory was sealed much earlier in the race, as Lornah Kiplagat defaulted. Former World Marathon Champion Catherine Ndereba was never able to match the speed of a 10km specialist like Kibet. Likewise, former 2:25 marathon runner Banuela Katesigwa lacked the pace to latch on to the front runner, and finished in a very detached third place, still well ahead of the domestic competition.

1  Stefano BALDINI                ITA  29:27
2  Phil WICKS                     GBR  29:33
3  Simon TONUI                    KEN  30:25
4  John NDAYISENGA                BDI  31:09
5  Andres JONES                   GBR  31:36
6  Jason SIMPSON                  GBR  31:39
7  Peter TUCKER                   GBR  31:42
8  Darren FOWLIE                  GBR  31:53
9  Andrew DAVIES                  GBR  32:30
10 Graham BROOK                   GBR  32:42

1  Hilda KIBET                    KEN  32:34
2  Catherine NDEREBA              KEN  33:11
3  Banuela KATESIGWA              TAN  35:31
4  Catherine WILDING              GBR  37:08
5  #12578                         GBR  38:35


It was a Japanese double as Toyokazu Yoshimura and Ayumi Hayashi took the men's and women's crowns in almost perfect running conditions, on a day when a record 16,200 people participated across all events, coming from 30 countries and every Australian state and territory.

Not since Yuko Yamazoe and Hajime Nakatomi won in 1994 had Japan supplied both winners, but this year's double was captured by the event's largest ever contingent of Japanese media, beaming the news to an audience of 40 million. New Zealand's Ben Ruthe took second place in his debut marathon while journeyman Tanzanian, Oswald Revelian improved on previous fifth and sixth placings in the Gold Coast event to claim third. Hayashi won by a full eight minutes, ahead of marathon debutant Lindsey Scherf.

Men's winner Yoshimura said: "My family came to Australia with me to encourage me and give me support — I know they would have been cheering me on the whole way". For second-placer Ruthe this race was all new: "It was the first time I've run more than 21km so that was something else", but third-placed Oswald Revelian was philosophical, revealing that he had been in the country less than six hours before facing the starting gun. Race favourite Gemechu Woyecha finished several minutes in arrears of the winner and out of the top 10 after losing touch with the lead pack at 37km.

Queenslander Scott Brittain claimed the State Marathon title, and will represent the Gold Coast Airport Marathon at next year's Senshu International Marathon in Osaka, Japan. Women's winner Hayashi said she enjoyed her first journey overseas. "It was a lot of fun; I definitely want to come back next year and defend my title," she said.

And next year things will only get better: "We can't predict what the 30th anniversary numbers will be in 2008, given the great increase we had this year, but we are standing by to host another huge event.

1  Toyokazu YOSHIMURA          JPN  2:20:07
2  Ben RUTHE                   NZL  2:20:46
3  Oswald REVILIAN             TAN  2:20:48
4  Matt DRAVITZKI              NZL  2:21:29
5  Scott MC TAGGART            AUS  2:23:30
6  Yahuza YAHUZA               INA  2:24:47
7  Mark JACKSON                AUS  2:25:48
8  Antony RICKARDS             AUS  2:28:39
9  Damien ANGUS                AUS  2:29:00
10 Justin NOONAN               AUS  2:30:57
1  Ayumi HAYASHI               JPN  2:33:22
2  Lindsey SCHERF              AUS  2:41:22
3  Lauren SHELLEY              AUS  2:42:21
4  Melanie BURKE               NZL  2:46:10
5  Jennifer GILLARD            AUS  2:47:48
6  Tracey CLISSOLD             NZL  2:49:14
7  Lisa DICK                   AUS  2:49:23
8  Eliza MAYGER                AUS  2:49:32
9  Jenny WICKHAM               AUS  2:50:18
10 Reiko KOBAYASHI             JPN  2:50:36

1  Patrick NYANGELO               TAN  1:03:00
2  Brett CARTWRIGHT               AUS  1:03:04
3  Hiraku FUJII                   JPN  1:03:45
1  Lisa-Jane WEIGHTMAN            AUS  1:12:02
2  Mai ENDO                       JPN  1:12:17
3  Mayumi FUJITA                  JPN  1:14:22

The SOUL 10km Run:
1  Michael SHELLEY                AUS  29:54
2  Ben ST LAWRENCE                AUS  30:09 
3  Courtney ATKINSON              AUS  30:19

1  Helen STANTON                  AUS  35:05
2  Ashleigh GENTLE                AUS  35:30
3  Emma JACKSON                   AUS  35:32



2 JULY 2007: Stage 1 (37km)

The 100 Miles of Namib Desert race takes place in the oldest and most beautiful desert in the world writes Sharon Kovar. This year was the 4th edition and among the 18 participants nine countries are represented: Italy, USA, Croatia, Germany, France, Namibia, Czech Republic, Great Britain and Argentina.

Severe winds blew up overnight and continued into race morning, making the first stage a challenge for all. But the group was enthusiastic and the race started promptly at 08:00. After 15km the winds died down, easing the mountain ascent.

The terrain was varied with many climbs and descents. The wind covered the trail with a layer of fine sand and in the final stages runners had to navigate down a steep trail covered in loose rocks. At first everyone stayed close together but after 6km, Massimo Russo took a definite lead, followed by Luciano Morandin. A chasing group of four runners stayed together, including Sharon Kovar from USA, Tiziano Zito from Italy, Gerard Verdenet from France and Ramon Abdala from Argentina. A small distance behind was Mirjana Kmacic, who finished a few minutes behind Kovar. This year, there were strong performances by Giuseppe Radaelli from Italy and Claudia Gerling from Germany.

1  Massimo RUSSO              ITA  3:10:52
2  Luciano MORANDIN           ITA  3:32:20
3  Gerard VERDENET            FRA  3:46:14
4  Tiziano ZITO               ITA  3:49:04
5  Ramon ABDALA               ARG  3:51:08
6  Giuseppe RADAELLI          ITA  4:00:39
7  Marc PERIER                FRA  4:39:18
8  Neil SCHOFIELD             GBR  4:45:16
9  Marco BIANCHI              ITA  5:11:29
10 Claudio CAPTANO            ITA  6:36:00

1  Sharon KOVAR               USA  3:48:14
2  Miriana KMACIC             CRO  3:52:10
3  Ivana PILAROVA             CZE  4:18:43
4  Claudia GERLING            GER  4:29:29
5  Nicki BRAINE               GBR  4:45:16
6  Maria Luisa MALVESTITI     ITA  5:52:09

3 JULY 2007: Stage 2, Sesriem Canyon (20km)

In the past this stage has usually been the easiest, but when the race started at 08:00 the wind was still strong and runners were headed into it for the first 10km. After the first water station they entered the Sesriem Canyon. Although the rocks of the river bed underfoot make the canyon difficult, it is breathtaking scenery — and sheltered from the wind.

Runners in this race have a strong spirit for the competition, and every stage is a new race. Among the men Massimo Russo continues to dominate, ahead of the determined Luciano Morandin. Tiziano Zito and Gerard Verdenet from France are vying for third place, with Zito taking that position in this stage. Sharon Kovar finished third overall on this stage, and remains in first position for the women ahead of Mirjana Kmacic.

1  Massimo RUSSO                  ITA  1:45:33 
2  Luciano MORANDIN               ITA  1:50:24 
3  Tiziano ZITO                   ITA  1:57:49 
4  Gerard VERDENET                FRA  2:02:12 
5  Ramon ABDALA                   ARG  2:03:14 
6  Giuseppe RADAELLI              ITA  2:03:41 
7  Alfeus HAUSONA                 NAM  2:12:28 
8  Marc PERIER                    FRA  2:14:02
9  Neil SCHOFIELD                 GBR  2:16:52 
10 Antonio GASSA                  ITA  2:17:12

1  Sharon KOVAR                   USA  1:57:49 
2  Mirjana KMACIC                 CRO  1:58:11 
3  Ivana PILAROVA                 CZE  2:08:56
4  Claudia GERLING                GER  2:13:50 
5  Nicki BRAINE                   GBR  2:16:52 
6  Maria Luisa MALVESTITI         ITA  2:50:27

4 JULY 2007: Stage 3, Sunset Run (15km)

This stage is more about the chance to run into the beautiful Namibia sunset than about the overall competition.

Tonight's run was was a spectacular journey with no wind but with a breathtaking view of the sunset. The first 6km was a steady climb on a sandy trail up towards the mountains, and the remaining 9km was a descent back down to the lodge. The runners finished with candles lighting their way in the Namibian night.

1  Massimo RUSSO                  ITA  1:20:11
2  Luciano MORANDIN               ITA  1:20:11
3  Tiziano ZITO                   ITA  1:22:25
4  Giuseppe RADAELLI              ITA  1:23:01
5  Ramon ABDALA                   ARG  1:24:45
6  Gerard VERDENET                FRA  1:28:25
7  Alfeus HAUSONA                 NAM  1:36:54
8  Marc PERIER                    FRA  1:41:18
9  Neil SCHOFIELD                 GBR  1:44:19
10 Antonio GASSA                  ITA  2:03:53

1 Sharon KOVAR                    USA  1:22:25
2 Mirjana KMACIC                  CRO  1:23:34
3 Claudia GERLING                 GER  1:30:46
4 Ivana PILAROVA                  CZE  1:30:54
5 Nicki BRAINE                    GBR  1:41:18
6 Maria Luisa MALVESTITI          ITA  2:05:51

4 JULY 2007: Stage 4, Marathon

In the Namib Desert 100 miles, the marathon is truly a marathon. It started at 08:00 at the foot of the Helim Dune in perfect conditions…sun, good temperature and little wind.

Most of the stage took place in a pristine part of the Namib desert that is closed to the general public.

Permits are only given at one time of the year, specifically for this race. Even though the course is difficult, the runners all experience the sensation of running a marathon over ground specially reserved for them.

Massimo Russo and Luciano Morandin ran side by side. In the second group, Zito, Adbala, Kovar, Kmacic, Radaelli, and Pilarova ran together, in single file, for the first half. Third position in the men's race and overall female winner are still open to contest. Zito challenged Verdenent from France who had a difficult stage, and in the women's category, Kmacic challenged Kovar, who did not run at 100%.

The sun was strong in the second half and the terrain sharply undulating throughout, anticipating the Big Dune of the final stage.

1  Luciano MORANDIN               ITA  4:06:37 
2  Massimo RUSSO                  ITA  4:06:40 
3  Ramon ABDALA                   ARG  4:36:49 
4  Tiziano ZITO                   ITA  4:38:34 
5  Andrew KAZENNDJA               NAM  4:55:19 
6  Giuseppe RADAELLI              ITA  5:06:52 
7  Neil SCHOFIELD                 GBR  5:20:16 
8  Gerard VERDENET                FRA  5:51:06
9  Alfeus HAUSONA                 NAM  5:52:01
10 Marc PERIER                    FRA  6:32:28

1  Mirjana KMACIC                 CRO  4:17:28 
2  Sharon KOVAR                   USA  4:38:34 
3  Ivana PILAROVA                 CZE  4:40:09 
4  Claudia GERLING                GER  4:55:45 
5  Nicki BRAINE                   GBR  5:55:29
6  Maria Luisa MALVESTITI         ITA  6:55:29

5 JULY 2007: Stage 5, The Crazy Dune (26km)

A perfect temperature and no wind greeted runners for the final stage held in the Sossouvlei area. Runners climb to the top of the "Crazy Dune", the most famous and highest (300m) dune in the world, to reach the check point.

Beginning at 08:30 in front of "Dune 45", the most-photographed dune in Namibia, the first 15km were run between the dunes on a gravel road that was rocky but flat. After traversing a dead "vlei" or lake runners then proceded through the dunes towards the "Crazy Dune".

Massimo Russo and Luciano Morandin commanded the lead, followed by the next group with Zito, Kovar, Kazandjan, Kmacic, Abdala. Russo then lost his direction before the water point, but Morandin — 20 minutes behind him in the overall standings — not only notified the race director that Russo was off course but also waited for Russo to catch him up, showing admirable sportsmanship. Mirjana Kmacic ran strongly to win this final stage ahead of Sharon Kovar, and both of the delayed male leaders.

1  Luciano MORANDIN               ITA  3:14:21
2  Ramon ABDALA                   ARG  3:15:14
3  Massimo RUSSO                  ITA  3:15:25
4  Tiziano ZITO                   ITA  3:16:39
5  Giuseppe RADAELLI              ITA  3:16:50
6  Neil SCHOFIELD                 GBR  4:07:52
7  Alfeus HAUSONA                 NAM  4:07:52
8  Gerard VERDENET                FRA  4:26:52
9  Marc PERIER                    FRA  4:39:00
10 Carlo BIANCHI                  ITA  4:50:28

1  Mirjana KMACIC                 CRO  3:10:06
2  Sharon KOVAR                   USA  3:16:39
3  Ivana PILAROVA                 CZE  3:20:31
4  Claudia GERLING                GER  3:22:24
5  Nicki BRAINE                   GBR  3:24:24
6  Maria Luisa MALVESTITI         ITA  4:25:38
1  Massimo RUSSO                  ITA  13:38:41
2  Luciano MORANDIN               ITA  14:03:53
3  Tiziano ZITO                   ITA  15:04:31
4  Ramon ABDALA                   ARG  15:11:10
5  Giuseppe RADAELLI              ITA  15:51:03
6  Gerard VERDENET                FRA  17:34:49
7  Neil SCHOFIELD                 GBR  18:14:35
8  Marc PERIER                    FRA  19:46:06
9  Carlo BIANCHI                  ITA  21:53:44
10 Alfeus HAUSONA                 NAM  22:25:15

1  Mirjana KMACIC                 CRO  14:41:29
2  Sharon KOVAR                   USA  15:04:14
3  Ivana PILAROVA                 CZE  15:59:13
4  Claudia GERLING                GER  16:32:14
5  Nicki BRAINE                   GBR  17:13:51
6  Maria Luisa MALVESTITI         ITA  22:09:34




The German mountain running specialist Helmut Schiessl recorded the second fastest time ever for this challenging race, behind three-time winner Billy Burns' fastest time (set in 2005). Last year's women's winner, ultra runner Lizzy Hawker, who comes from the extremely flat environment of Cambridge (GBR), defended her title and set a new course record, beating her own time of last year by over 4 minutes (3:36:34). She is the standout favourite to win the 1st Mountain Marathon Cup, which is awarded for the first time in 2007 for the best aggregate time over the three events held in Liechtenstien, Zermatt and Jungfrau. With her victories in the LGT Marathon Liechtenstein and in Zermatt, she only has yet to perform in the Jungfrau Marathon, to be held on 8 September.

There were 1300 entrants for the 6th edition of this testing uphill race from St Niklaus to Riffelberg — a new participation record, and up 30% from last year. From its modest beginnings in 2002, with 200 runners, the Zermatt Marathon has already established itself amongst the front-running events of the mountain marathon movement.

1  Helmut SCHIESSEL               GER  3:06.32
2  Gerd FRICK                     AUT  3:08:08
3  Tim SHORT                      GBR  3:12:39
4  Max FREI                       GER  3:13:26
5  Saul PADUA                     COL  3:14:07
6  Mohamad AHANSAL                GER  3:20:45
7  Karl JOHL                      SUI  3:20:46
8  Urs JENZER                     SUI  3:25:19
9  Ranta VELI-MATTI               FIN  3:26:41
10 Remo RUF                       SUI  3:28:02

1  Lizzy HAWKER                   GBR  3:32:49
2  Claudia LANDOLT                SUI  3:40:53
3  Britta MEULLER                 GER  3:56:51
4  Ruth GAVIN-SCHNEIDER           SUI  3:57:38
5  Nathalie ETZENSPERGER          SUI  4:04:01
6  Christine REIMANN              SUI  4:09:06
7  Claire BOLAY                   SUI  4:10:32
8  Silvia HAAB-HERGER             SUI  4:17:09
9  Mariette BRUNNER               SUI  4:17:52
10 Barbara TASSANI-PRELL          GER  4:19:23



1  Ken MYERS                   CAN  2:33:45
2  Royd BURKART                CAN  2:39:54
3  Dennis COLBURN              CAN  2:40:57
4  Vincent PIALOUX             CAN  2:42:59
5  Brendan LUNTY               CAN  2:50:01
6  Kevin MORGANS               CAN  2:50:33
7  Daniel DOUPOVEC             CAN  2:55:32
8  David FLECK                 CAN  2:58:21
9  Daniel GALLANT              USA  2:59:00
10 Paul BOURGEAULT             CAN  3:03:53

1  Amanda MCLEOD               CAN  2:58:46
2  Melissa KALYN               CAN  3:04:55
3  Tammy SLUSSER               USA  3:05:46
4  Tania CRANE-HANNA           CAN  3:11:10
5  Andrea RICE                 CAN  3:17:42
6  Amy GOLUMBIA                CAN  3:18:24
7  Joylin NODWELL              CAN  3:23:22
8  Jenee MEALEY                CAN  3:26:33
9  Joanne GUPPY                CAN  3:29:32
10 Sheila MCPHERSON            CAN  3:29:42

1  Simon NJOROGE               KEN  1:07:42
2  Benard ONSARE               KEN  1:09:37
3  Jason WARICK                CAN  1:10:29

1  Lioudmila KORTCHAGUINA      CAN  1:16:44
2  Lisa HARVEY                 CAN  1:21:55
3  Erin SASK                   CAN  1:28:14


Nearly 3000 people participated in all five events, which included a 5km run/walk (370 finishers) and Half Marathon walk, as well as the competitive Half Marathon (994 women and 622 men finished) and Marathon (150 women and 250 men) — which also included a relay event attracting 79 teams of four runners each.

In the women's marathon Larisa Mikhaylova beat the two-year old course record by nearly six minutes.

1  Paul RUGUT                  KEN  2:27:35
2  Fritz Van DE KAMP                2:41:25
3  Ron YOUNG                        2:46:34
4  Jeremiah MUSHEN                  2:49:20
5  James MOORE                      2:52:48
6  Cliff RICHARDS                   2:53:06
7  Rian BEACH                       2:54:38
8  Reed LYON                        2:55:17
9  Louis VIAMONTE                   2:58:22
10 Eduardo VAZQUEZ                  3:00:38
1  Larisa MIKHAYLOVA                2:53:21
2  Marlene FARRELL                  2:58:48
3  Trisha STEIDL               USA  3:00:58
4  Annie THIESSEN                   3:15:41
5  Marisa RUHTER                    3:15:57
6  Leslie NYBERG                    3:23:40
7  Carol FINN                       3:24:02
8  Lindsay BURT                     3:24:41
9  Jeanne HARSHBARGER               3:33:01
10 Johnna KOENIG                    3:33:08
1  Celedonio RODRIGUEZ              1:07:00
2  Uli STEIDL                  USA  1:07:06
3  Mark MANDI                       1:08:31
1  Malika MEGDOVB                   1:18:45
2  Claudia COLITA                   1:19:45
3  Erika DALIGCON                   1:24:01



1  Jan PETERSEN                   DEN  3:22:06
2  Javier GARCIA                  ESP  3:44:15
3  Gorka LEAL                     ESP  3:54:42
4  Bjarne JENSEN                  DEN  4:06:06
5  Padma TUNDUP                   IND  4:12:48
6  Fayaz IQBAL                    IND  4:14:26

1  Lykke Panduro ANDERSEN         DEN  4:36:57
2  Deborah WOODHEAD               AUS  5:08:58
3  Robin MEADOWS                  AUS  5:09:00

1  Anthony MCCAUL                 IRL  1:50:12
2  Richard ADAMS                  GBR  1:51:16
3  Lobzang GIGMAT                 IND  1:59:42

1  Alexis LAMB                    USA  2:02:40
2  Kathy LOPER                    USA  2:25:39
3  Birgith WIISBYE                DEN  2:42:16



1  Jonas BUUD                  SWE  6:03:02
2  Grigory MURZIN              RUS  6:07:12
3  Mohamed AHANSAL             MAR  6:19:57
4  Olivier BERNHARD            SUI  6:29:57
5  Patrick BRENNER             SUI  6:33:23
6  Thomas DR MIKSCH            GER  6:33:56
7  Tobias BRACK                GER  6:33:57
8  Giorgio CALCATERRA          ITA  6:36:23
9  Jerome CHALLIER             FRA  6:57:48
10 Jez BRAGG                   GBR  6:59:15
1  Elizabeth HAWKER            GBR  6:46:15
2  Raffaela FREY               SUI  7:20:31
3  Gaby STEIGMEIER             SUI  7:29:11
4  Brigitte WOLF               SUI  7:32:31
5  Bettina LEIMGRUBER          SUI  7:50:40
6  Denise ZIMMERMANN           SUI  7:58:56
7  Jeanette DALCOLMO           SUI  8:11:04 
8  Francesca GUALCO            ITA  8:15:52
9  Sabine WEISS                GER  8:22:08
10 Daniela H NUSSECK           SUI  8:33:30 
42.2 km
1  Koen VAN RIE                BEL  3:25:47
2  Anssi RAITTILA              FIN  3:29:08
3  Rene FUCHSER                SUI  3:29:43

1  Diana LEHMANN               GER  4:06:26
2  Christine REIMANN           DEU  4:06:57
3  Bettina SCHELBERT           SUI  4:27:51
21.1 km
1  Martin JOST                 SUI  1:22:54
2  Beat BLATTLER               SUI  1:23:33
3  Markus JOOS                 SUI  1:25:34

1  Seraina BOSNER              SUI  1:33:39
2  Seraina MISCHOL             SUI  1:34:58
3  Jasmin NUNIGE               SUI  1:35:51



1  Isaac MACHARIA              KEN  1:03:40
2  Kimutai KIPLIMO             KEN  1:04:00
3  Gobin CONDOR                PER  1:04:12
4  Patrick MAKAU               KEN  1:05:33
5  Paulino CANCHANYA           PER  1:06:19
6  Jose TELLEZ                 BRA  1:06:45
7  Giovanni AMADOR             COL  1:07:00
8  Joseph KAHUGU               KEN  1:07:16
9  Herder VASQUEZ              COL  1:07:23
10 Constantino LEON            PER  1:07:30
1  Neriah ASIBA                KEN  1:16:02
2  Martha RONCERIA             COL  1:17:45
3  Susan CHEPKEMEI             KEN  1:17:55
4  Yolanda FERNANDEZ           COL  1:19:05
5  Lina ARIAS                  COL  1:22:21
6  Mercedes AGUILAR            COL  1:22:56
7  Emily CHEPLEMBO             KEN  1:23:31
8  Shewarge AMARE              COL  1:24:14
10 Johanna ROMERO              COL  1:26:26


More than 17000 runners celebrated the 30th birthday of this venerable race writes Mark Winitz. It was the largest marathon ever run in the city, and was held in conjunction with two half marathon events and a 5km run/walk.

Texan Andrew Cook, 26, successfully defended his 2006 title while Yolanda Flamino of Michigan scored a first victory on the hilly course. Both winners got away early in the race. Cook strode away from Michael Wardian on the return leg of an out-and-back tour of the Golden Gate Bridge, after about 15km.

"After I got the lead, I tried to stay calm, and just maintain pace and conserve my energy" said Cook. In overcast and relatively cool conditions, Cook bettered his winning time from last year by 49 seconds.

Competing in only her second-ever marathon, Flamino led the women's race from gun to tape and improved her personal best time from 2:45:19 set at last year's Chicago Marathon. "I did a lot of hill work leading up to this race. I wanted to get a little more marathon experience before the [women's] Olympic marathon trials race." Californian Chloe Glare was runner-up for the second consecutive year.

Californian Linda Somers Smith, age 46 won the accompanying "elite" half marathon, which covers the second half of the full marathon course, while Kelly Fermoyle, a 21-year old from Minnesota, was the male elite half marathon victor. Somers Smith ran her very first marathon in San Francisco back in 1983. "There sure were a lot more people out here than the last time I ran it," she commented.

1  Andrew COOK                 USA  2:25:57
2  Michael WARDIAN             USA  2:28:50
3  Justin ZANOTTI              USA  2:32:18
4  Mike MOORE                  USA  2:32:49
5  Chikara OMINE               USA  2:37:59
6  Jesus CAMPOS                USA  2:41:21
7  Christopher KNORZER         USA  2:41:39
8  Christopher BAIN            USA  2:42:57
9  Mark PILJA                  USA  2:43:34
10 Oswaldo NAVA                USA  2:44:59
1  Yolanda FLAMINO             USA  2:43:41
2  Chloe GLARE                 USA  2:57:21
3  Alyssa SHAW                 USA  3:08:14
4  Jennifer DONNELLY           USA  3:12:10
5  Amanda F BURRILL            USA  3:13:15
6  Carolyn KOSZALKA            USA  3:13:44
7  Becky LOWRENCE              USA  3:13:53
8  Karin HANSEN                     3:14:49
9  Tana JACKSON                USA  3:14:57
10 Stephanie HODGE             USA  3:15:49

1  Kelly FERMOYLE              USA  1:08:08
2  Matt BARNHART               USA  1:09:41
3  David SILVER                USA  1:11:15

1  Linda S SMITH               USA  1:18:21
2  Betsy KEEVER                USA  1:20:02
3  Shaluinn FULLOVE            USA  1:20:05

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