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British 10km

Perhaps inspired by Portugal's World Cup quarter-final win over England the previous afternoon, Helder Ornellas took up the early running in the sixth edition of this race. It was the the hottest day of the year so far, 26°C at the race start, and the opening kilometre along Piccadilly was a restrained 3:04. The second kilometre, along Pall Mall and through Trafalgar Square, was slightly quicker. Ornellas leda group of seven along the Embankment, through 3km in 9 minutes exactly. Patrick Makau, who had won the Vidovdan 10km in Bosnia only four days before in temperatures as high as 37°C, then ran the fourth kilometre in 2:50. He took John Nyasinjya with him and the two Africans ran together after making the first of several U-turns at 4.5km, until about 8km, the pair of them steadily moving away from Ornellas.

British 10km

At the second turn, just past 8km, Makau led by a few metres and his lead did not really grow until he was about 600m from home. He turned into Whitehall clearly intent upon getting under 30 minutes, and managed this with ease.

In the women's race Cathy Mutwa had a runaway win, and made a point of commenting on the great reception that the back markers gave her as she returned along the Embankment.

1  Patrick MAKAU               KEN  29:52
2  John NYASINJYA              BUR  30:09
3  Helder ORNELLAS             POR  30:48
4  Taylor MURPHY               CAN  30:55
5  Huw LOBB                    GBR  30:56
6  Toby LAMBERT                GBR  31:16
7  Antonio SOUSA               POR  31:21
8  Darren FOWLIE               GBR  32:52
9  Matthew BLUNDEN             GBR  33:09
10 Graham BROOK                GBR  33:13

1  Cathy MUTWA                 KEN  34:19
2  Victoria WEBSTER            GBR  35:57
3  Sarah STRADLING             GBR  37:07
4  Jessica PYGALL              GBR  37:36
5  Jodie FORBES                GBR  38:29
6  Dee NUSTEDT                 GBR  39:18
7  Becky MCNICHOLAS            GBR  39:19
8  Elaine PHIPPS               GBR  39:27
9  Rebecca GALBRAITH           GBR  39:40

WOMEN'S 5km race
1  Jody WHYMAN                 GBR  20:46
2  Lily ANGUS                  GBR  22:23
3  Margaret GREENE             GBR  22:31


Gold Coast Marathon

Lee Troop stormed away to a commanding win. He passed halfway in 1:05:09, already 2.20 up on Gemechu Woyecha, who occupied an isolated second place. Woyecha lost only another 40 seconds to Troop in the second half of the race, and Scott Winton, Matt Dravitzki and Tsutomu Saeki had a much closer duel for the last podium place: Winton and Saeki trailed Dravitzky by a second at halfway, as the trio passed through more than 200m behind Woyecha, Winton's second half was the fastest, by a meagre five seconds over Dravitzky and 10 over Saeki.

In the women's race Saori Kawai nmade a bold bid for victory, passing through halfway in 1:19:41, almost 200m ahead of Jennifer Gillard, who ran a remarkably even-paced race. Behind her, Helen Stanton and Melanie Burke also held form well over the second half of the race to push Kawai down into fourth place. Eliza Meyger, who lagged Gillard by only 10 seconds at halfway, suffered for the early pace even more than Kawai.

The women's half marathon demonstrated the quality that enthusiastic Japanese participation brings to this race, as behind the leading trio two more Japanese and one Australian runner finished within the next 28 seconds: six runners finishing under 73:30.

1  Lee TROOP                   AUS  2:14:13 
2  Gemechu WOYECHA             AUS  2:17:23
3  Scott WINTON                NZL  2:18:08
4  Matt DRAVITZKI              AUS  2:18:13
5  Tsutomu SAEKI               JPN  2:18:18
6  Rowan WALKER                AUS  2:20:25
7  Naoto IKUTA                 JPN  2:22:22
8  Mark JACKSON                AUS  2:24:50
9  Brian LIVINGSTON            AUS  2:25:54
10 Anthony RICKARDS            AUS  2:26:40

1  Jennifer GILLARD            AUS  2:41:06
2  Helen STANTON               AUS  2:44:11
3  Melanie BURKE               AUS  2:45:27
4  Saori KAWAI                 JPN  2:47:23
5  Kylie DICK                  AUS  2:48:51
6  Jenny WICKHAM               AUS  2:49:22
7  Eliza MEYGER                AUS  2:52:33
8  Belinda DENNETT             AUS  2:55:16
9  Glenda BANAGHAN             AUS  2:55:52
10 Miki IGARASHI               JPN  2:55:59

1  Martin DENT                 AUS  1:02:57
2  Kurao UMEKI                 JPN  1:03:31
3  Yoichi WATANABE             JPN  1:04:15

1  Kaoru NISHI                 JPN  1:11:56
2  Lisa-Jane WEIGHTMAN         AUS  1:12:54
3  Junko OCHI                  JPN  1:13:02

10km Race
1  Michael SHELLEY             AUS  29:52
2  Scott BRITTAIN              AUS  31:45
3  Caleb WEGENER               AUS  32:22

1  Kiyomi NIWATA               JPN  35:48
2  Ashleigh GENTLE             AUS  36:37
3  Jessica GILFILLAN           AUS  37:09


1  Emil SODERLUND              FIN  2:53:37
2  Petri HAARALA               FIN  2:54:26
3  Sabre KAUPO                 FIN  2:55:00
4  Jaakko JARVISTO             FIN  2:58:02
5  Heikki KOSO                 FIN  3:00:49
6  Pekka LEPPANEN              FIN  3:00:52
7  Alar SAVASTVER              FIN  3:01:30
8  Christian AHLO              FIN  3:03:21
9  Jori BRANDER                FIN  3:03:46
10 Vesa HYVARINEN              FIN  3:04:18

1  Paulina TOMMOLA             FIN  3:09:15
2  Kaarina LILJA               FIN  3:21:37
4  Helena SANTAMAKI            FIN  3:31:42
5  Kirsi KAJORANTA-HUUSKO      FIN  3:39:13
6  Eila FORSBERG               FIN  3:43:54
7  Paivi JUNKAARINEN           FIN  3:43:57
8  Paivi TAKALA                FIN  3:44:48
9  Mervi LEHTISALO             FIN  3:45:06
10 Annika SIVASALMI            FIN  3:46:12

1  Sergei LUKIN                RUS  1:10:49
2  Jaakko KERO                 FIN  1:11:06
3  Victor DEMITRIEV            RUS  1:11:28

1  Mari KAURI                  FIN  1:27:53
2  Ruut HEIKINEN               FIN  1:31:26
3  Merja KAIKKONEN             FIN  1:33:32



After departing from Milan and Rome on 1 July, runners travelled on the overnight Air Namibia flight from Frankfurt to Windhoek, and then transferred 320km to Sossusvlei Lodge. This is the race headquarters, located in an oasis of the Namib Desert, surrounded by towering dunes.

The 32,000 square kilometres of sand desert contains the world's most-filmed dunes. The sand probably originated in the Kalahari Desert, 3-5 million years ago, and was swept to the Atlantic by the Orange River and then northward by the Benguela Current.

3 JULY 2006: STAGE 1, 38km

The first stage was run over a 38km lap course starting and finishing at the Lodge.

1  Guiseppe CONSERVA           ITA  3:05:59
2  Carlo DE GUILI              ITA  3:28:19
3  Luca TURINA                 ITA  3:28:19
4  Nicola DAL GRANDE           ITA  3:28:19
5  Cesare TEPPATI              ITA  3:54:53
6  Lourens RADEMEYER           NAM  4:05:09
7  Franco ADAGIO               ITA  4:24:05
8  Marco BRANCATO              ITA  4:32:05
9  Francois LOTTER             RSA  4:32:36
10 Andrew KAZEUNDJA            NAM  4:37:10

1  Sharon KOVAR                USA  3:52:33
2  Francesca CARRARA           ITA  3:57:51
3  Verconica BASSANELLI        ITA  4:10:21
4  Esme DU PLESSIS             RSA  4:32:32
5  Elena PEDRINI               ITA  4:39:22
6  Claudia GERLING             GER  4:39:55

4 JULY 2006: STAGE 2, 18km

It was a double shift today in the Namib desert. The morning stage of 18km saw athletes running cautiously, to conserve energy, and to hold on to their positions. The most difficult but spectacular section of the morning stage was along the riverbed in the Sesriem Canyon. The Canyon was formed by the Tsauchab River, which carved a 1km-long gorge, 30m deep, through 15-million year old deposits of sand and gravel conglomerate. Runners had to negotiate the loose rocks of the river bed with great care.

1  Guiseppe CONSERVA           ITA  1:36:42
2  Nicola DAL GRANDE           ITA  1:40:44
3  Carlo DE GIULI              ITA  1:40:44
4  Luca TURINA                 ITA  1:41:54
5  Cesare TEPPATI              ITA  1:50:24
6  Lourens RADMEYER            NAM  1:54:16
7  Marco BRANCATO              ITA  1:54:20
8  Franco ADAGIO               ITA  1:55:06
9  Andrew KAZEUNDJA            NAM  1:55:56
10 Guiseppe RADAELLI           ITA  1:56:07

1  Sharon KOVAR                USA  1:54:16
2  Francesca CARRARA           ITA  1:55:26
3  Veronica BASANELLI          ITA  2:00:30
4  Elena PEDRINI               ITA  2:01:40
5  Esme DU PLESSIS             RSA  2:10:04

4 JULY 2006: STAGE 3, 15km

A red sunset escorted runners in the third stage, less demanding but more spectacular due to the hour at which it was run. Starting at 16.15, this is a magical part of the African day, during which the sun is setting and the shadows are extending, while the red rock surroundings are burning with colour. An incredible landscape.

The leading quartet kept their positions at the head of the race. Neither of today's stages was particularly demanding: terrain and underfoot conditions were forgiving. Even so, the distance accumulates and runners have two tough days ahead, with the marathon on stage 4 (42km) and the final day tackling the big dunes.

1  Guiseppe CONSERVA           ITA  1:10:54
2  Nicola DAL GRANDE           ITA  1:11:55
3  Carlo DE GIULI              ITA  1:13:05
4  Luca TURINA                 ITA  1:18:18
5  Cesare TEPPATI              ITA  1:22:18
6  Lourens RADMEYER            NAM  1:26:51
7  Marco BRANCATO              ITA  1:27:45
8  Guiseppe RADAELLI           ITA  1:29:07
9  Titziano ZITO               ITA  1:33:13
10 Franco ADAGIO               ITA  1:35:19

1  Sharon KOVAR                USA  1:26:48
2  Francesca CARRARA           ITA  1:29:07
3  Veronica BASANELLI          ITA  1:31:48
4  Claudia GERLING             GER  1:33:13
5  Elena PEDRINI               ITA  1:33:44
6  Esme DU PLESSIS             RSA  1:43:10

5 JULY 2006: STAGE 4, 42.2km

A long journey through the least touched parts of the Namib natural park had some dramatic sporting consequences. The beautiful section through the great dunes was very tough, and at the hottest time of day, as temperatures reached 35°C. Those who looked after themselves, taking care to rehydrate, fared best.

There were two particular casualties. Luca Turina suffered stomach problems from the first kilometre and retired at 15km. Women's leader Sharon Kovar dehydrated and slowed to finish 18th overall on this stage and surrender her overall lead to a strong performance from Francesca Carrara.

Tomorrow's last stage goes over the high dunes from Dune 45, by way of the "Crazy Dune", almost 300m high, to the salt pan of Sossusvlei. This year it has flooded, forming a majestic ephemeral lake: nature at its most resplendent.

1  Giuseppe CONSERVA           ITA  3:27:24
2  Christoph HAIDLEN           AUT  3:50:13
3  Nicola DAL GRANDE           ITA  3:58:41
4  Carlo DE GIULI              ITA  4:02:08
5  Franco ADAGIO               ITA  4:05:26
6  Lourens RADEMEYER           NAM  4:33:04
7  Cesare TEPPATI              ITA  4:52:31
8  Zito Tiziano ZITO           ITA  5:22:06
9  Francois LOTTER             RSA  5:22:32
10 Marco BRANCATO              ITA  5:23:57

1  Francesca CARRARA           ITA  4.33.04
2  Veronica BASSANELLI         ITA  4.39.35
3  Elena PEDRINI               ITA  5.15.08
4  Esmé DU PLESSIS             RSA  5.19.46
5  Claudia GERLING             GER  5.22.06
6  Sharon KOVAR                USA  6:09:48

6 JULY 2006: STAGE 5, 34km

sand dune

Ideal conditions concluded the third running of this race: perfect temperatures, no wind and a finish line only a few metres from the Sosussvlei, a vast temporary expanse of water at the edge of the dunes. Insects and water life, as well as oryx and springbok abounded: an extraordinary sight. The final stage departed Dune 45 (45km south-west of Sessriem) under the curious eyes of tourists who had come to visit this most photographed dune in the world.

After the first 15km running along the valley leading towards Sossusvlei runners encountered the most spectacular sights of the entire event. Running over high red sand dunes towards the "Dead vlei", a dry white lake, runners arrived at the foot of the Crazy Dune, almost 300m high, and finished on the narrow band of sand between the dunes and Sossusvlei.

Guiseppe Conserva continued to forge ahead, while Sharon Kovar recuperated well from her troubled third day. At the prize ceremony in the evening the magical atmosphere of the Namibian bush sealed the experience for the participants.

1  Giuseppe CONSERVA           ITA  2:53:49
2  Carlo DE GIULI              ITA  2:59:47
3  Nicola DAL GRANDE           ITA  2:59:55
4  Lourens RADEMEYER           NAM  3:14:02
5  Franco ADAGIO               ITA  3:17:43
6  Christoph HAIDLEN           AUT  3:33:04
7  Edgar REICHART              AUT  3:33:04
8  Giuseppe RADAELLI           ITA  3:34:00
9  Marco BRANCATO              ITA  3:40:40
10 Cesare TEPPATI              ITA  3:41:36

1  Francesca CARRARA           ITA  3:08:53
2  Veronica BASSANELLI         ITA  3:11:49
3  Sharon KOVAR                USA  3:16:37
4  Elena PEDRINI               ITA  3:38:34
5  Claudia GERLING             GER  3:42:00
6  Esmé DU PLESSIS             RSA  3:45:40

1  Giuseppe CONSERVA           ITA  12:14:48
2  Nicola DAL GRANDE           ITA  13:19:34
3  Carlo DE GIULI              ITA  13:24:03
4  Lourens RADEMEYER           NAM  15:13:26
5  Franco ADAGIO               ITA  15:17:39
6  Cesare TEPPATI              ITA  15:41:42
7  Christoph HAIDLEN           AUT  16:05:19
8  Marco BRANCATO              ITA  16:58:47
9  Giuseppe RADAELLI           ITA  17:04:30
10 Tiziano ZITO                ITA  17:24:44

1  Francesca CARRARA           ITA  15:04:21
2  Veronica BASSANELLI         ITA  15:34:03
3  Sharon KOVAR                USA  16:40:02
4  Elena PEDRINI               ITA  17:08:28
5  Claudia GERLING             GER  17:24:44
6  Esmé DU PLESSIS             RSA  17:31:13



spectacular scenery

This race is the supreme alpine racing challenge. It starts in St Niklaus, in the lowest-lying mountain valley in Switzerland (1085m), and ends on Riffelberg by Gornergrat, the highest-altitude finish line in Europe (2585m). Runners face a total climb of 1900m. St Niklaus was the birthplace of many outstanding mountaineers who first conquered the 4000m peaks from this base. Today St. Niklaus makes an ideal starting point for a new generation of intrepid spirits on their way to the top—the marathon runners.


Setting off at 09.50 to fit with the railway timetable, runners follow the left bank of the Vispa River to Zermatt Bahnhofstrasse at the halfway point. Zermatt is the epitome of alpine resort sophistication with its overwhelming view of the world's most glorious mountain—the Matterhorn. The Bahnhofstrasse in cosmopolitan Zermatt marks the athletes' fleeting and final passage through the realm of civilisation before they once again compete with the forces of nature on their long ascent to Sunnegga, through pine forests and alpine pastures. Here runners get a magnificent panoramic view of the Alps and a welcome breather over the comparatively flat terrain that follows.

spectacular scenery

A glance at the resplendent Matterhorn fortifies runners for their last lap, an arduous ascent from Riffelalp (2222m) up to Riffelberg. Riffelberg, at 2585m, nestles amid 29 4000m summits. An immensity of wild nature lies along this marathon course, awaiting discovery. Come here next year, on 7 July.

In this year's fifth edition of the race Billy Burns returned to take the overall title, seven minutes outside his own course record. Elizabeth Hawker improved the women's record by nearly nine minutes.

The number of runners increased from 650 last year to 996 in this race, representing 22 different countries. Of the 842 finishers there were 581 men, 125 women and 136 male and female relay runners (teams of one man, one woman).

1  Billy BURNS                 GBR  3:11:15
2  Karl JOHL                   SUI  3:15:19
3  Martin COX                  SUI  3:16:37
4  Tim SHORT                   GBR  3:16:55
5  Helmut SCHIESSL             GER  3:25:02
6  Jaroslaw JANICKI            POL  3:25:50
7  Stefan KLAUSLER             SUI  3:27:28
8  Stefan TASSANI-PRELL        GER  3:27:55
9  Felix SCHENK                SUI  3:29:08
10 Saul PADUA                  COL  3:30:08

1  Lizzy HAWKER                GBR  3:36:35
2  Britta MULLER               GER  3:53:44
3  Julia ALTER                 GER  3:55:19
4  Claudia LANDOLT             SUI  3:56:51
5  Ruth GAVIN-SCHNEIDER        SUI  4:01:12
6  Sylke SCHMITZ               GER  4:03:42
7  Claire BOLAY                SUI  4:08:33
8  Carolina REIBER             SUI  4:12:38
9  Silvia HAAB-HERGER          SUI  4:13:50
10 Irene SENFTER               ITA  4:14:30


The race starts from Viru Gate of Tallinn old town. The first section is along old cobbled streets but from 3km runners are on smooth asphalt going through residential districts until they reach the Pirita recreational area, to the north-east side of town. From here, after the 10km point, runners experience Estonia's natural environment. The course is always close to the Baltic sea and rises no higher than 20m altitude. The turnaround point at Randvere is reached at 27.5km but runners return using a shorter route to finish at the old St Bridget Monastery in Pirita.

1  Slawomir SZTEJTER           POL  2:43:38
2  Andris DUDELS               LAT  2:57:43
3  Jaanus PEDAK                EST  3:01:29
4  Rain JANO                   EST  3:02:02
5  Sulev LIHT                  EST  3:05:22
6  Mihail SELIVANOVS           LAT  3:09:03
7  Hagen WEISSAPFEL            GER  3:12:18
8  Holger KELLER               GER  3:13:18
9  Aimer PEENSALU              EST  3:16:45
10 Aleksei NIKONOV             EST  3:17:26

1  Svetlana IVANOVA            LAT  2:50:22
2  Tatjana SOTNIKOVA           EST  3:31:16
3  Kaja VALS                   EST  3:34:01
4  Verena BECKER               GER  3:40:10
5  Outi SIVOSAVI               FIN  3:48:56
6  Anita WETTER                SUI  3:54:00
7  Heidi RIEPL                 AUT  4:01:06
8  Anneli Vilu LAURITSEN       DEN  4:07:36
9  Heike WAGNER                GER  4:15:37
10 Tiina ASPELIN               FIN  4:16:04

1  Vjacheslav KOSHELEV         RUS  31:04
2  Aleksei SAVELJEV            EST  32:18
3  Kaupo TIISLAR               EST  32:24
1  Olga ANDREJEVA              EST  38:06
2  Galina BERNAT               EST  40:31
3  Gerda SCHONBORN             GER  46:50



1  Jason LOUTITT              CAN  2:34:58
2  Ryan DAY                        2:45:29
3  Travis SAUNDRS             CAN  2:45:59
4  Kevin MORGANS              CAN  2:47:53
5  Rob MACKENZIE              CAN  2:49:09
6  Brendan LUNTY              CAN  2:49:29
7  Tom WALLACE                CAN  2:53:30
8  Jack COOK                  CAN  2:59:47
9  Ed BICKLEY                 CAN  3:01:19
10 Chris DUSIK                CAN  3:01:39
1  Jody URBANOSKI             CAN  3:12:19
2  Sheila CROFT               CAN  3:13:27
3  Angela SADLER                   3:15:51
4  Amy ANDERSON               CAN  3:22:47
5  Carmen PAVELICH            CAN  3:23:11
6  Kaila GATFIELD             CAN  3:28:31
7  Avery SAUNDERS             CAN  3:31:35
8  Diane WALTERS              CAN  3:31:51
9  Joylin NODWELL             CAN  3:32:02
10 Sheila MCPHERSON           CAN  3:32:36
1  Abel ONDEYO                CAN  1:07:11
2  George TOWETT              CAN  1:07:12
3  Mike BOOTH                 CAN  1:11:00
1  Emily KROSHUS              CAN  1:18:38
2  Pauline GITHUKA            CAN  1:20:05
3  Tania JONES                CAN  1:20:57


Uli Steidl, resident of of Shoreline, WA has been a perpetual winner of the Seattle Marathon but was bested for the first time in years in the Northwest to finish third behind the Kenyan pair of Joseph Mutinda and Charles Nyamoki. Uli's wife, Trisha Steidl, took first place in the women's race in just under 3 hours.

1  Joseph MUTINDA            KEN  2:25:24
2  Charles NYAMOKI           KEN  2:27:59
3  Uli STEIDL                USA  2:28:49
4  Daniel FELDMAN            USA  2:36:00
5  Colin FISHWICK            USA  2:38:09
6  Clay WING                 USA  2:44:42
7  Glen WEISSMAN             USA  2:45:38
8  Chuck ENGLE               USA  2:45:57
9  Alan PRESLEY              USA  2:56:34
10 Jeremiah MUSHEN           USA  3:00:43
1  Trisha STEIDL             USA  2:59:53
2  Kristin VEAL              USA  3:10:21
3  Mary HANNA                USA  3:10:49
4  Ann ARMSTRONG             USA  3:11:41
5  Michelle KELLEY           USA  3:15:25
6  Gayle ZORRILLA            USA  3:22:53
7  Carol FINN                USA  3:23:56
8  Jennifer YOGI             USA  3:27:31
9  Julia ROBINSON            USA  3:28:04
10 Amy YANNI                 USA  3:28:55
1  Celedonio RODRIGUEZ       USA  1:07:46
2  Mark MANDI                USA  1:08:59
3  Dan MCLEAN                USA  1:11:07
1  Michelle LILIENTHAL       USA  1:18:33
2  Kelly STRONG              USA  1:20:03
3  Lauren MATTHEWS           USA  1:21:11



Swiss Alpine Marathon

An absolute first was achieved in the 78km race this year (which ascends 2320m) when the fifth-fastest man reached the finishing line as the women's winner was already being interviewed.

Swiss Alpine Marathon

The 1011 starters in the "king of marathon distances" faced tough conditions: temperatures were ideal but scattered showers made a few passages very slippery. At the Kesch Hut (2632m), the highest point of the marathon, the wind and cold blew in. Elizabeth Hawker made a lightning start to go into a clear lead early on, and by 30km at Filisur she was already eight minutes ahead of last year's winner Jasmin Nunige. At the Kesch Hut, Hawker had 24 minutes in reserve. With a time of 6:30:12, she not only left most of the men behind but also cut 15:15 minutes off the best time set over five years ago by German series winner Birgit Lennartz. "I'm as surprised by my performance as she is," said the British runner at the end of the race.

Swiss Alpine Marathon

A new name also decorates the top of the ranking list for the men's 78km field. In contrast to Hawker, Giorgio Calcaterra had already come third in one Swiss Alpine Marathon Davos (42km). The 34-year-old from Rome is only the second Italian to win the 78km classic through the mountains of Graubunden. He follows Mario Fattore, who triumphed two years ago, was forced to retire last year because of injury, and this year came in seventh. On Saturday, Calcaterra shared the podium with two runners with rather unusual occupations: Alpine herdsman Moritz Boschung from Plaffeien (Freiburg) and Vaduz-based vicar Markus Kellenberger from Solothurn.

1  Giorgio CALCATERRA          ITA  6:05:04
2  Moritz BOSCHUNG             SUI  6:06:46
3  Markus KELLENBERGER         LIE  6:25:38
4  Christian STORK             GER  6:28:39
5  Helge BABEL                 SUI  6:34:43
6  Stefano SARTORE             ITA  6:35:47
7  Mariio FATTORE              ITA  6:40:00
8  Felix VON WITSCH            GER  6:43:09
9  Martin BELSER               SUI  6:46:04
10 Felix SCHENK                SUI  6:47:02

1  Elizabeth HAWKER            GBR  6:30:12
2  Elke HIEBL                  GER  7:07:32
3  Maria BAK                   GER  7:17:40
4  Jasmin NUNIGE               SUI  7:21:03
5  Rafaela FREY                SUI  7:41:27
6  Monica CARLIN               ITA  7:47:58
7  Gaby MERKOFER               SUI  7:52:29
8  Denise ZIMMERMANN           SUI  7:57:14
9  Deborah BALZ                SUI  8:01:33
10 Resi ZEPF                   GER  8:03:00 

1  Anssi RAITTILA              FIN  3:25:09
2  Stephen SPIESS              SUI  3:40:10
3  Hans SCHULER                SUI  3:40:35
1  Carolina REIBER             AUS  3:44:48
2  Eroica SPIESS               SUI  3:59:51
3  Diana LEHMANN               GER  4:00:34



Photos: Victah Sailer

Fabiano Joseph

World half marathon champion Fabiano Joseph, a true specialist at the distance, won in a course record time writes Dave Keuhls. Joseph had 1:00:22 performer James Kwambai to contend with, as well as the 2600m altitude of the Colombian capital. It was a marathon specialist, Catherine Ndereba, who won the women's race with relative ease despite cramping in the final stages.

Under bright and sunny skies (20°C) Joseph led from the start and at 3km he headed Kwambai and Isaac Macharia. Kwambai made a move at 7km, having previously promised to improve his 1:03:10 performance of last year. Macharia dropped back and the lead pair passed 10km in 28:58 as all of Bogota seemed to be screaming at them from the sidelines.

Catherine Ndereba

Kwambai fulfilled his promise by improving his previous time by five seconds, but at 13km Joseph accelerated smoothly away for a convincing win. He will make his marathon debut in Amsterdam on 15 October.

Joseph remarked upon the warm conditions and they may have accounted for the calf cramps which twice forced Ndereba to stop in the final 4km. Despite being way off Susan Chepkemei's 1:10:29 course record she still managed a decisive win.

The elite races were supported by other mass races which in total mobilised around 45,000 participants.

1  Fabiano JOSEPH              TAN  1:02:34
2  James KWAMBAI               KEN  1:03:05
3  Isaac MACHARIA              KEN  1:04:03
4  Araya HAREGOT               ETH  1:05:36
5  Paulo ALVES                 BRA  1:05:55
6  Jaun DIEGO CONTRERAS        PER  1:06:26
7  Samson RAMADHAN             TAN  1:06:30
8  Silvio GUERRA               ECU  1:06:41
1  Catherine NDEREBA           KEN  1:12:56
2  Lucy MUHAMI                 KEN  1:14:07
3  Dulce RODRIGUEZ             MEX  1:16:18
4  Stella CASTRO               COL  1:17:21
5  Galina ALEXANDROVA          RUS  1:18:49
6  Yolanda FERNANDEZ           COL  1:18:53
7  Martha RONCERA              COL  1:19:21
8  Shewarge AMARA              ETH  1:20:01

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