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Race news eDreams Mitja Marató de Barcelona by Brooks

eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona by Brooks tops 20,000 registrations

With two months to go only 5,000 places still available to take part in the 34th edition of Barcelona’s half marathon

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With two months to go until 11th of February 2024, the eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona by Brooks has already had more than 20,000 registrations.

Moreover, the organisers have announced that only the last 5,000 race bibs are still available. The prediction is to reach the sold-out point at 25,000 bibs for this next 34th edition and to beat the current historical record of participation of the race, achieved in 2020 with 23,000 registered runners.

Held uninterruptedly since its first edition in the Olympic context of 1991, the Barcelona’s Half-Marathon participation has grown exponentially until the arrival of the Covid-19 three years ago. But, having already more than 20,000 registered runners when there are still 60 days left for the celebration of its next edition, is a demonstration that this race is recovering the exponential growth of registered runners that it had year after year before the pandemic and that it is even evolving with perspectives of improvement. A figure that practically reaches the total number of participants for 2023 (21,477), which is well above that of 2022 (13,500) and which doubles the 10,000 participants of 2021.

For one more year, the eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona by Brooks is one of only three Gold Label half-marathons in Europe, along with the Valencian half-marathon and the Copenhagen half-marathon (Denmark). In fact, this race has already had this quality label since 2018, and it is one of only 13 half-marathons in the world that have been awarded this distinction in 2023.

Likewise, the eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona by Brooks 2024 will probably reach 35% of registered women again and it expects to exceed 40% of international participants. Under the motto Fast or Fun but Run, the Barcelona’s half-marathon in 2024 will be an unprecedented day of popular athletics. With 25,000 participants and coinciding with the Carnival weekend, on 11th of February the streets of the Catalan capital will be filled with entertainment and activations so that runners can experience a great running party, surrounded by the warmth of the Catalan public, and reach their goals.

Race news Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Marathon

20 new national records set in Valencia

Seven men’s and thirteen women’s records set – More than 60 athletes make Olympic qualifying time for Paris 2024

42kvlc sofia yaremchuk   italia

The Valencia Marathon Trinidad Alfonso on 3rd December was the perfect setting for 20 new national records and for more than 60 athletes to achieve the Olympic qualifying time for Paris 2024, proving, once again, that Valencia Ciudad del Running is a place where athletes can run very fast.

In the men’s category, seven records were achieved, including the Spanish record set by Tariku Novales, with a time of 2:05:48. After Tariku, the fastest of the record-holders, Jami Segundo set Ecuador’s new record in 2:09:05, Davlatov Shokhrukh set Uzbekistan’s record in 2:07:02 and Daviti Kharazishvili set Georgia’s record in 2:11:46. In addition, Dario Ivanovski improved the North Macedonian record he already held with a time of 2:11:53. Jonathan Atse Herrera also achieved the best time for Côte d’Ivoire with 2:19:21 and debutante Alberto Gonzalez lowered the Guatemala record by almost five minutes with his 2:07:40.

In the women’s category, 13 national records were achieved, including Majida Maayouf’s record for Spain (2:21:27), almost five minutes faster than Marta Galimany’s 2:26:14 at the Valencia Marathon last year. The same time as Maayouf was clocked by Sutan Haydar, who improved on the Turkish record she herself had held since 2015, as did Fabienne Schlumpf, who lowered the Swiss record for the second time in 2023 with a time of 2:24:30, and Gerda Steyn, who improved on the Republic of South Africa record finishing in 2:24:03.

Italy also has a new national record since yesterday thanks to Sofiia Yaremchuk’s 2:23:16, as does Poland after Aleksandra Lisowsja finished in 2:25:52 and the Czech Republic after Moira Stewartová ran 2:25:36. Other countries with new national records after yesterday’s Valencia Marathon include Finland, when Camilla Richardsson came in on 2:24:38; Ecuador with Silvia Ortiz’s 2:24:50; Mauritius, with Marie Perrier’s time of 2:26:19; Austria with Julia Mayer finishing in 2:26:43; Venezuela and Magaly Garcia with a time of 2:31:54; and lastly Costa Rica with Diana Bogantes crossing the line in 2:32:08.

International Elite Coach Marc Roig explained: “Last year we achieved eight national records and we thought it was a historic milestone; now in 2023 we have pushed past that milestone until we can beat it again. This is how things are in Valencia.”

In addition to the national records, the Valencia Marathon was the perfect preparation for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The top 37 women finishers and the top 28 men made the Olympic qualifying standard for Paris 2024 – which does not mean they will participate, only that they are eligible for selection by their countries. Furthermore, 568 participants ran under 2h30 and more than 5000 were sub 3 hours.

Date changes Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Dhaka Marathon

Race date for Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Dhaka Marathon (BAN) changed

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Dhaka Marathon date change

The Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Dhaka Marathon (BAN) will take place on Fri 26 January 2024, not Fri 16 February 2024 as previously published.

AIMS Congress

AIMS announces 24th World Congress

Halong Bay Heritage Marathon will host event in Hanoi

Aims congress hbhm logo

Following on from the successful World Congress in Osaka, Japan, AIMS and DHA Vietnam are delighted to announce that the XXIV World Congress of AIMS will be held in Hanoi, Vietnam from 14 to 17 November, 2024 in
conjunction with the Halong Bay Heritage Marathon.

All members and sponsors should diary the date now to ensure they do not miss out on what will be a most exciting experience in the fastest growing geographical area for our sport; all being held in the beautiful country of Vietnam.

Vietnam is a country of rich culture and traditions with a history of more than four thousand years. Today, Vietnam is known as one of the most dynamic countries in ASEAN with a rapid economic growth rate over many years.

It has a population of 90 million people from 54 ethnic groups, diplomatic relations with 178 countries, and economic, trade and investment ties with 224 countries and territories.

Hanoi can be enjoyed by visitors on any budget. You can spend as little as 30 USD or up to 300 USD depending on taste and comfort level. Meals range from 3–5 USD to above 50 USD. Transportation is available by motorbikes, buses, taxis/cars, and bicycles.

In 2012 TripAdvisor named it the cheapest city in the world for a one-night stay in a four-star hotel with food and beverages, and taxi transport. Yet Sherman Travels also named it one of the top 10 cities for food in the world!

Smart Travel Asia also called Hanoi one of the top 10 cities for shopping in Asia.

Hanoi offers modern and traditional theatres, cinemas, karaoke bars, dance clubs, bowling alleys, and an abundance of opportunities for shopping. There are many lovely parks and museums, a number of festivals held throughout the year, and vibrant nightlife in the city centre.

November is the most pleasant time of the year to visit. It marks the final month of autumn, when the monsoon winds gain strength, resulting in a drier climate. Hanoi weather in November is characterized by pleasant daytime temperatures and cool breezes at night, with average temperature from 18 to 22 degrees Celsius.

Halong Bay is a famous tourist destination in its own right and a cruise is the best way to experience it.

Vietnam is well connected to the world. It is easy to get to Hanoi by air from Sydney, Osaka, Beijing, Frankfurt or San Francisco. Visit the website of the official airline Vietnam Airlines for your choice of flights.

Noi Bai International Airport (HAN) is 45 km from the city centre (30–45 minutes) and is the second largest airport in Vietnam, serving 19 million passengers year. More than 30 Vietnamese and international airlines use the airport daily. The airport terminal provides various services, shopping, currency exchange, ATMs and transportation options.

Many visitors may enter Vietnam without a visa for up to 45 days. Get a visa to Vietnam in only 2–3 working days from your local Vietnamese Embassy, or apply for a Visa on Arrival and collect at Noi Bai International Airport.

Date changes Axios Running Festival

Race date for Axios Running Festival (GRE) changed

Axios Running Festival date change

The Axios Running Festival (GRE) will take place on Sun 19 May 2024, not Sun 12 May 2024 as previously published.

Race news eDreams Mitja Marató de Barcelona by Brooks

Barcelona claims title of second fastest Spanish half marathon

Second best attended 21K race, and fastest women's time


The 2023 half-marathon season in Spain is over.

The four most important 21.097km road races in Spain (belonging to the Plátano de Canarias Circuit and being the only race not integrated in a marathon, excluding the Behobia SS because it is 20K) are nowadays the Seville half-marathon, the Valencia half-marathon, the Malaga half-marathon and the eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona by Brooks.

The Seville half-marathon is the first one that always opens the calendar, which this year was held on 29th of January, followed by the Barcelona half-marathon, which reached its 33rd edition on 19th of February. Lastly, the Valencia (22th of October) and Málaga (29th of October) races were held last October.

Having already held the four most important half-marathons in the country this year 2023 and with the data of the rankings, it can be concluded that the eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona by Brooks has been the second fastest half-marathon (although in the women’s category it was the fastest) and the second most popular in Spain this year, only 550 runners fewer than the Valencia half-marathon. The third place is shared by the Malaga half-marathon in terms of best times (speed) and the Seville half-marathon in terms of number of male and female runners.

Below is a breakdown of the 2023 data for the five half-marathons mentioned above, in order from highest to lowest:

Registration numbers

- 22.000 – Half-marathon of Valencia
- 21.477 – eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona by Brooks
- 12.500 – Half-marathon of Sevilla
- 5.000 – Half-marathon of Málaga

Winners’ times, men

- Kibiwot Kandie (57:40) – Half-marathon of Valencia
- Charles Kipkkuurui Langat (58:53) – eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona by Brooks
- Geofry Toroitich Kipchumba (59:13) – Half-marathon of Málaga
- Amdework Walelegn (01:00:28) – Half-marathon of Sevilla

Winners’ times, women

- Irine Jepchumba Kinais (01:04:37) – eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona by Brooks
- Margaret Chelimo (01:04:46) – Half-marathon of Valencia
- Caroline Nyaguthii Nyoge (01:07:34) – Half-marathon of Málaga
- Betsy Saina (01:08:24) – Half-marathon of Sevilla

Date changes Wuxi Marathon

Race date for Wuxi Marathon (CHN) changed

Wuxi Marathon date change

The Wuxi Marathon (CHN) will take place on Sun 24 March 2024, not Sun 17 March 2024 as previously published.

Date changes Moscow Half Marathon

Race date for Moscow Half Marathon (RUS) changed

Moscow Half Marathon date change

The Moscow Half Marathon (RUS) will be Sun 28 April 2024—Mon 29 April 2024, not Sat 27 April 2024—Sun 28 April 2024 as previously published.

Race news Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Marathon

Sisay Lemma breaks Valencia Marathon course record

Ethiopian runner becomes the fourth fastest man in history with 2:01:48 – second fastest time of 2023

42k ganador

The Ethiopian Sisay Lemma has set a new Valencia Marathon Trinidad Alfonso record today with a spectacular time of 2:01:48, making him the fourth fastest man in history.

In the women’s category, Worknesh Degefa was the winner of the race after crossing the finish line in 2:15:51.

The best time of the Valencia Marathon until now was achieved in the 2022 edition by the world record holder Kelvin Kiptum with 2:01:53 and it seemed unrbreakable until today, when with a perfect weather to run Lemma has lowered it by two seconds, achieving the second best time of 2023.

After him, Alexander Mutiso finished second with a time of 2:03:11, and Dawit Wolde finished third with a time of 2:03:48. Kenenisa Bekele came in fourth on the blue runway with a time of 2:04:19.

In the women’s race, the winner was Worknesh Degefa with a time of 2:15:51.

After Degefa, the second place in the women’s category was taken by Almaz Ayana who crossed the finish line in 2:16:22, and the third place was for Hiwot Gebrekidan with a time of 2:17:59.

The Valencia Marathon once again saw Spanish records broken on its blue runway thanks to the spectacular races of Tariku Novales and Majida Maayouf, who crossed the finish line in 2:05:48 and 2:21:27, respectively.

The day was historic, especially in the case of the women, as the first three runners finished below the Spanish record set by Marta Galimany at the Valencia Marathon in 2022 (2:26:14). Maayouf, with her 2:21:27, has lowered the national record by almost five minutes, while the second classified, Fatima Azaharaa Ouhaddou has entered with an also spectacular time of 2:25:30 and the third one, the debutant Laura Luengo, with 2:25:35.

Race news Copenhagen Half Marathon

New route for Copenhagen

Registration open now


When the runners are sent off to the Copenhagen Half Marathon 2024 on September 15, it will again be from Østerbro. Still, not everything is like the ‘old days’.

It gets better.

In 2024, the runners can look forward to a new and exciting route.

Do not worry. We have of course saved the best from the previous route, and then we have added some new, great experiences along the way.

In addition, the route has become flatter and with several long stretches.

Or put another way: It has become faster!

Participants can also look forward to being sent off from a new starting area on Jagtvej. There is plenty of space and air here, so everyone gets the best conditions for a good trip around Copenhagen and on Frederiksberg.

For the race this year, we had to announce that it was sold out three months before race day. Regardless of what your pace is out on the tarmac, don’t be too slow on the journey to the ticket booth, which you will find here:

Date changes 642 Marathon

Race date for Gulf Bank 642 Marathon (KUW) changed

Gulf Bank 642 Marathon date change

The Gulf Bank 642 Marathon (KUW) will take place on Sat 20 January 2024, not Sat 25 November 2023 as previously published.

Date changes Eilat Desert Marathon

Race date for Eilat Desert Marathon (ISR) changed

Eilat Desert Marathon date change

The Eilat Desert Marathon (ISR) will take place on Fri 2 February 2024, not Fri 24 November 2023 as previously published.

Date changes Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Dhaka Marathon

Race date for Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Dhaka Marathon (BAN) changed

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Dhaka Marathon date change

The Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Dhaka Marathon (BAN) will take place on Fri 16 February 2024, not Fri 9 February 2024 as previously published.

Lives remembered

Frank Baillie 1947–2023

AIMS publisher

By Peter McLean


AIMS Publisher Frank Baillie passed away in his sleep at home on Sunday 19 November, one day before what would have been his 76th birthday.

Frank became involved with AIMS in 1990 and served as publisher to the Association under AIMS Presidents Bob Dalgleish, Hiroaki Chosa and Paco Borao.

Frank combined two of his greatest loves, running and publishing, when he became the publisher of Distance Running magazine. The magazine covered over 400 of the world’s major city races, spanning more than 120 countries and territories. Frank transformed the publication from a small black and white print magazine to full colour and on to become the world’s most widely distributed sports magazine.

Frank was a keen runner with a personal best of 2:45. He competed in numerous marathons including Glasgow and London. He also published magazines for both events in the 1980s. Frank originated the AIMS Marathon Medal and T-shirt awards now staged at each AIMS Congress.

Frank was one day watching the BBC Television programme ‘The Antiques Roadshow’ when he spotted a rare physical relic of the 1908 London Olympic Marathon, the race that defined the Marathon distance as 26 miles 385 yards (42195m). The 18-mile marker, a cast-iron fingerpost sign, surfaced from obscurity at a car boot sale in the north of England several years ago. The buyer, Graham Webster, knew what he had acquired and took it for valuation on the BBC programme where he expressed the feeling that the sign really belonged in a museum.

On behalf of AIMS Frank Baillie approached Webster who agreed to sell the sign. This was at a time when the covid pandemic made travel problematic. Even in 2022, with restrictions lifted, the sign needed especially carefully couriered transportation due to the brittleness of the cast iron. Frank drove halfway across Europe to ensure the safe delivery of the sign to Berlin Marathon founder Horst Milde. The historic item now resides in the AIMS Marathon Museum of Running, later renamed the ‘Marathoneum’, in the Berlin Sports Museum, Germany. All thanks to Frank’s ingenuity, persistence and generosity.

Frank was one of the biggest and most wonderful characters you could ever hope to meet. He lit up every room he entered with his interest and genuine empathy for others, combined with his kindness, wit and charm. Informed by his forever searching, enquiring mind to learn more about the world that he used to help everyone he encountered on his path. He travelled the world to over 100 countries.

Frank was rightly proud of where he was from and where he reached in life. His dad Frank Senior was a van driver and his mum Mary a waitress. The family lived in Govan, the port area of their home Scottish city of Glasgow. Frank often talked about growing up in an old tenement building in Govan where he shared a bed sleeping head-to-toe with his three brothers and three sisters.

Frank loved flying and joined the air training corps in 1960 until 1965. He won a scholarship to become a pilot and then served in the RAF (Royal Air Force) as a Commanding Officer. He later became a commercial pilot. Captain Baillie was known and loved by everyone in Glasgow Airport, the waitresses, the cleaners, the crew and other pilots. When Frank retired as a pilot it had been 50 years since he first walked into Glasgow Airport as a young cadet.

From 1970 to 74, Frank joined Scottish & Universal Newspapers (SUITS) where he became the Personnel and Training Manager of Scotland’s most respected broadsheet newspaper The Herald. 1974-80. He became a Director of Scottish & Universal Newspapers which included one daily paper, 26 weekly papers and a number of sports magazines. Frank oversaw 200 staff. He gave many famous journalists their first job in the media.

From 1982-87 Frank was managing editor of famous publishers the Holmes McDougall Group, which he would later buy in a management buyout (MBO) from parent company Lonrho plc for 650,000 pounds, becoming owner and MD from 1987–93 where over 5 years he would successfully sell various parts of the company for 8.3 million pounds.

Frank loved to travel, loved skiing, and had an unquenchable thirst for history and learning. He was proud of studying for an MBA at Harvard University. Frank served as a non-executive director on many of Scotland’s hospital boards and was commended for his work in organising the celebration of the 50th year of the National Health Service in Scotland.

One of the first things Frank did when he achieved the ‘MBO’ was to pay for a hospitality table at Ibrox, home of Rangers Football Club, the club his dad had grown up supporting. The family home had been literally in the shadow of the stadium. Frank senior would take his old pals from the docks to dine in style at each home match and was so proud of what his son had achieved.

There is a saying: ‘People will forget what you have done, forget what you have said. But they will never forget the way you made them feel.’ This is why Frank will live on in all the hearts of those who met him.

Rest in peace, our dear friend and a great servant to the running world and AIMS in particular.

Race news Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Marathon

Bekele will run in Valencia

Elite field update


The Valencia Marathon has announced that Kenenisa Bekele will run Valencia Marathon Trinidad Alfonso next 3rd December.

In addition, Gabriel Geay will also be on the starting line.

The three times Olympic champion and five times world champion, Kenenisa Bekele (2:01:41), joins the entry list and will run the Valencia Marathon Trinidad Alfonso on 3 December. Along with him, the Tanzanian Gabriel Geay (2:03:00) will be on the entry list.

Valencia is the third fastest marathon in the world for men and women thanks to the times of 2:01:53 and 2:14:58, respectively, achieved last year, and in 2023 it aspires to remain on the podium of the fastest marathons in the world.

The announced debut of Uganda’s Joshua Cheptegei over the distance will be one of the biggest sporting highlights of the day and a challenge not only for him, but also for the top Kenyan and Ethiopian favourites. There are five runners with sub-2h05 times who will be looking to improve their performances on a course that is ideal for personal bests. These runners include Alexander Mutiso (2:03:29), Sisay Lemma (2:03:36), Leul Gebresilase (2:04:02), Chalu Deso (2:04:53) and Titus Kipruto (2:04:54).

Some of them already have experience of getting the most out of the fast streets of Valencia Ciudad del Running, as is also the case for Kibiwott Kandie (2:13:43, a time far from his real level due to a bad start in New York), who will try to match the impressive records he has achieved in two Valencia Half Marathons when he runs the full 42,195 metres.

In the women’s race, the marathoners Tsegay Gemechu (2:16:56), Almaz Ayana (2:17:20), Worknesh Degefa (2:17:41), Joan Chelimo (2:18:04) and Hiwot Gebrekidan (2:19:10), all of whom have experience over the distance, are also expected to put up a tough fight in Bosena Mulatie’s exciting debut.

Date changes EDP Lisbon Half Marathon

Race date for EDP Lisbon Half Marathon (POR) changed

EDP Lisbon Half Marathon date change

The EDP Lisbon Half Marathon (POR) will take place on Sun 17 March 2024, not Sun 10 March 2024 as previously published.

Race news EDP Lisbon Half Marathon

Running is human, says new Lisbon campaign

Some things artificial intelligence just can’t do

1080 x 1350

“Running is Human” is the new campaign for the world’s fastest half marathon, the EDP Lisbon Half Marathon.

Scheduled for March 10, 2024, the EDP Lisbon Half Marathon, which holds the world record for the distance with a time of 57:31, has launched its new promotional campaign with the motto “Running is Human”.

The campaign for this SuperHalfs Series race aims to remind us, that despite the impact and uncertainties that artificial intelligence has generated in society, there are things that only humans can do and running and taking part in races are two good examples.

With the aim of once again bringing together 35,000 participants in the races on Saturday and Sunday, March 9 and 10, the “Running is Human” campaign will be present on the main digital channels Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google.

The campaign for the 2023 edition, “Come and break your record with us” had an impact on more than 4.7 million unique users and generated more than 1.4 million interactions (likes, shares, and comments). The race organization hopes to surpass these results in 2024.

Official vídeo “Running is Human”:

Official Portuguese version :

Race news eDreams Mitja Marató de Barcelona by Brooks

Brooks Running new naming sponsor of the eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona

Technical sponsor will supply official race t-shirts


On the 11th of February, the official T-shirt of the Barcelona Half Marathon will be Brooks.

Brooks Running becomes the official naming sponsor of the eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona for the next two editions. This way, the race that will take place next Sunday 11th of February, will be called eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona by Brooks. The American brand, as technical sponsor of the race, will dress the participants with the official t-shirt of the race, as well as the volunteers and staff of the organization. Barcelona’s Half-Marathon is an international race that attracts not only top athletes but also amateur runners from all over the world.

Jim Miles, Marketing Director of Brooks Running EMEA says that, “Whether you run for fun or for finish times, let’s run together – at the eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona by Brooks. We’re proud to partner with this great event and we want to show the city what the Brooks spirit is made of. At Brooks, we believe a run can change a day, a life… and even the world. We know it, because we’ve been running for over 100 years, and we want to celebrate with the community. This event is an invitation for all runners to show up in their unique way and break their own records, whatever those are.”

Mauro Llorens, director of the eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona by Brooks adds that, “after a year in which we had no technical sponsor, we are very happy to reach this agreement with Brooks Running, one of the biggest brands in the running world. This partnership helps with our goal of positioning ourselves as one of the most sought-after half-marathons in Europe, conveying a common message both from the sponsor and the organizer: Running is Fun”.

Date changes North Pole Marathon

Race date for North Pole Marathon (NPO) changed

North Pole Marathon date change

The North Pole Marathon (NPO) will take place on Wed 10 April 2024, not Sat 13 April 2024 as previously published.

Date changes 10km International de Marrakech

Race date for 10km International de Marrakech (MAR) changed

10km Int’l de Marrakech date change

The 10km International de Marrakech (MAR) will take place on Sun 24 December 2023, not Sun 29 October 2023 as previously published.

Race news Türkiye İş Bankası İstanbul Marathon

Kenyans Mkungo and Cheptoo celebrate biggest career wins in Istanbul

Cheptoo in thrilling duel with Veronica Maina 2km from the line

Cheptoo 1

Panuel Mkungo and Beatrice Cheptoo celebrated their biggest career wins when the Kenyans took the Türkiye Is Bankasi Istanbul Marathon on Sunday in windy and warm conditions.

Hopes for records were ruined by the weather conditions and Mkungo clocked 2:10:35 while Cheptoo crossed the line on Istanbul’s Sultanahmet Square after 2:27:09. Taking into account the conditions and the tough final uphill stretch both winning times reflected really strong performances. The winners were rewarded with a prize purse of 30,000 USD (28,000 EUR).

Including races at shorter distances a total of 45,000 runners competed in the 45th edition of the Türkiye Is Bankasi Istanbul Marathon, which is an World Athletics Gold Label Road Race. Around 5,000 of them were running the classic distance with its unique route, starting in Asia and finishing in Europe.

In temperatures of around 20 Celsius and partly very breezy winds the men’s pacemakers guided the leading group through the 10k mark in 30:06. While the group was on 2:07 pace at this stage of the race one of the main favorites had already dropped out: Defending champion Robert Kipkemboi of Kenya, who dropped out before the 10k point.

The 2:07 pace continued for a while but the wind then had a significant impact in the following section. A group of eight including three pacers passed the half way mark in 64:43. When the final pacemaker dropped out shortly after the 25k point it was Panuel Mkungo who took the lead. For a short while Matthew Kemboi was able to make up the deficit and to join his fellow-Kenyan in the lead. However around the 28k mark the 29 year-old Mkungo, who has a PB of 2:10:20, started another surge and this time Kemboi could not respond.

Panuel Mkungo was not among the strong favorites before the race since he had been number eight on the start list. But he crossed the line first in 2:10:35 and was well ahead of his fellow-Kenyans Benard Sang and James Kiplagat who clocked 2:12:41 and 2:12:44 respectively to take second and third. “I never expected to win the race, this is a huge surprise. It was very tough, but I felt good. I hoped to may be finish in the top three,” said Panuel Mkungo, who comes from the small town of Voi, which is around 100k inland from Mombasa and not at altitude.

While the men missed their goal of breaking the course record of 2:09:44 the women’s mark of 2:18:35 set by Ruth Chepngetich of Kenya back in 2018 was never a target in this year’s race. A group of seven runners stayed together for long parts, passing 10k in 34:46 and then half way in around 73:30. Shortly before 25k Beatrice Cheptoo, fellow-Kenyan Veronica Maina and Worknesh Alemu of Ethiopia were the only ones to be able to hold on to the 2:27 pace.

Alemu then dropped back by 28k but the other two were locked in a battle for victory until the final section. As soon as the course was going upwards towards the historic city centre with two kilometers to go Veronica Maina could not hold on. Beatrice Cheptoo, who has a fine 2:22:28 PB and who was the fastest on the start list, moved away and won in 2:27:09. Veronica Maina ran 2:27:24 for second place and Valentina Mateiko made it an all-Kenyan podium with 2:32:15.

“I am very happy to have won this race, it was tough with the wind and the uphill sections. This is my greatest victory so far,” said 30 year-old Beatrice Cheptoo, who lives with her family near Eldoret. “I will use part of the prize money for the school fees of my two children.”


1 Panuel MKUNGO KEN 2:10:35
2 Benard SANG KEN 2:12:41
3 James KIPLAGAT KEN 2:12:44
4 Mathew KEMBOI KEN 2:13:48
5 Dominick KIPKIRUI KEN 2:15:45
1 Beatrice CHEPTOO KEN 2:27:09
2 Veronica MAINA KEN 2:27:24
3 Valentina MATEIKO KEN 2:32:15
4 Worknesh ALEMU ETH 2:34:04
5 Sifan MELAKU ETH 2:34:32

Date changes Figuig International 10K

Race date for Figuig International 10K (MAR) changed

Figuig Int’l 10K date change

The Figuig International 10K (MAR) will take place on Sun 26 November 2023, not Mon 4 December 2023 as previously published.

Date changes Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Dhaka Marathon

Race date for Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Dhaka Marathon (BAN) changed

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Dhaka Marathon date change

The Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Dhaka Marathon (BAN) will take place on Fri 9 February 2024, not Wed 10 January 2024 as previously published.

Date changes Gatorade Maratón de Santiago

Race date for Gatorade Maratón de Santiago (CHI) changed

Gatorade Maratón de Santiago date change

The Gatorade Maratón de Santiago (CHI) will take place on Sun 28 April 2024, not Sun 5 May 2024 as previously published.

Date changes RunBangla International Half Marathon & 7.5K

Race date for RunBangla International Half Marathon & 7.5K (BAN) changed

RunBangla International Half Marathon & 7.5K date change

The RunBangla International Half Marathon & 7.5K (BAN) will take place on Fri 20 December 2024, not Fri 15 November 2024 as previously published.

Race news Mainova Frankfurt Marathon

Misoi and Gudeta win with top times in Frankfurt

Both come close to course record

Misoi briminfh frankfiurt23

Brimin Misoi and Buzunesh Gudeta were crowned champions of what proved to be the highest quality race in the history of the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon in terms of combined winning times.

Misoi of Kenya retained the men’s title in the 40th anniversary event, crossing the finish line in the Festhalle in 2:04:53, the second fastest performance ever in the race’s history. He became the first man since compatriot Wilson Kipsang won two consecutive Mainova Frankfurt Marathon titles, beginning in 2010. The Ethiopians Mulugeta Uma and Guye Adola finished second and third in 2:06:47 and 2:0:7:44 respectively.

In windy and wet conditions, Buzunesh Gudeta achieved the second fastest women’s time ever in the event with 2:19:27, missing the course record by 17 seconds. Winfridah Moseti made a big improvement on her own personal best to finish second in 2:20:55 while her fellow Kenyan Sharon Arusho also ran her fastest ever marathon for third place in 2:22:07. Five women broke 2:25, making this one of the best women’s races in terms of strength in depth in the race’s history. The first four all set personal bests.

The combined winning times of the women’s and men’s champions came to 4:24:20, the fastest aggregate time ever in Frankfurt. The 40th anniversary race had 13,258 participants from 115 countries. Taking into account events held in conjunction with the marathon, the organizers had a total of 24,293 participants.

“I’m very happy with the anniversary edition and take my hat off to our top athletes. Given the conditions, they’ve produced excellent times,” said race director Jo Schindler, while the new co-ordinator of the elite field, Philipp Kopp, taking over the role from his late father Christoph, reflected on a successful start: “Despite the difficult conditions, we’ve seen top level, international performances. That says a lot for Frankfurt and its fast course. From 35 kilometres it wasn’t easy with a headwind and rain and the road surface was also very slippery.”

Brimin Misoi retained his title as Frankfurt champion: “It’s a great feeling to have won here for a second time. From 35 kilometres it was tough,” commented the men’s winner. Last year’s champion triumphed with a personal best of 2:04:53. He was looking to make a decisive move soon after going through halfway in 61:38. When he increased the pace at 23 kilometres, only the Ethiopian Guye Adola was able to go with him. Five kilometres later, Misoi had also dropped him.

For a long time Brimin Misoi was on schedule to break the course record of 2:03:42, set by Wilson Kipsang in 2011. But in the final five kilometres the weather conditions with wind and increasing rain took their toll. The Kenyan’s victory was, however, never in doubt. By the time he was on the red carpet in the Festhalle, running towards the finish line, he had a lead of almost two minutes.

Simon Boch of Germany finished as the best European though also with disappointment. In the first half he was on course to run under the Olympic qualifying time of 2:08:10. He went through halfway in 63:59 but by 30 kilometres he had lost time and was then clearly slowing down. “Unfortunately I never felt really good in the race. Our group had broken up by the 30k mark,” explained Boch, who finished ninth in 2:12:32.

Bizunesh Gudeta ran close to the course record with an outstanding performance in the event’s 40th edition. The 26-year-old took a big slice off her personal best with 2:19:27, an improvement of more than three minutes. “I never thought that I could produce a performance like that. I’ve never been so happy.”

Over the second half she increasingly took charge of a tight leading group. Kenya’s Winfridah Moseti was able to stay with her until 25 kilometres. Gudeta then attacked again and from there was unchallenged in the lead and for a time also had her sights on the course record. Ultimately she finished 17 seconds outside Valary Aiyabei’s performance of 2019. That didn’t quell the celebrations inside the Festhalle. Gudeta led the way by dancing, once across the finish line, still wearing one shoe while waving with the other in her hand. There were also strong performances behind her: Winfridah Moseti finished second in 2:20:55 and fellow Kenyans Sharon Arusho and Viola Jelegat Kibiwott took third and fourth in 2:22:07 and 2:22:57 respectively and all setting personal bests.

For much of the race Miriam Dattke of Germany was running the kind of tempo which would bring her a finishing time of 2:24 to 2:25. She went through halfway in 72:11 and was still on that schedule at 30 kilometres. She then slowed markedly over the last 10km but struggled on to finish eleventh in 2:28:12. As with her compatriot Simon Boch among the men, Dattke finished as the leading European woman.


1 Brimin MISOI KEN 2:04:53
2 Mulugeta UMA ETH 2:06:47
3 Guye ADOLA ETH 2:07:44
4 Albert KANGOGO KEN 2:08:10
5 Dominic LETTING KEN 2:08:23
1 Buzunesh GUDETA ETH 2:19:27
2 Winfridah MOSETI KEN 2:20:55
3 Sharon ARUSHO KEN 2:22:07
4 Viola KIBIWOTT KEN 2:22:57
5 Agnes KEINO KEN 2:23:44

AIMS news

Statement from AIMS President Paco Borao

Pacoborao lectern dsc 4408

AIMS is an association in which members are bound by special loyalties.

Fellow-feeling among runners is demonstrated in races throughout the world and taken for granted as the normal background for human activity. It is a matter of great dismay and sadness when events erupt so violently as has been seen in Israel and in Gaza over the last two weeks. We hope that the dreadful scenes that have been witnessed there will begin to subside and a recovery to normal dignity and respect for each other may resume, and that distance races play their part in rebuilding the empathy we all need in our world.

Yours in Sport and with respect to all.

Race news Half Marathon Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Zurich

Kandie runs fastest half marathon of 2023 in Valencia

57:40 is the fourth fastest time in history, eight seconds off his own world record

21k kandie

The Valencia Half Marathon Trinidad Alfonso Zurich has become the fastest of 2023 in a spectacular finish that saw three men reach the finish line almost at the same time. Finally, the winner was – just as in 2020 and 2022 – Kibiwott Kandie, who clocked 57:40, the fastest half marathon time run so far in 2023 and the fourth fastest time in history.

In perfect weather conditions, the city of running saw the world record come close again, although in the end Kandie was unable to achieve the same feat as he did when he ran 57:32 in the Elite Edition in 2020. After the Kenyan, the second to cross the finish line was Yomif Kejelcha with a time of 57:41, followed by Hagost Gebrhiwet with 57:41.

In the women’s race, the winner was Margaret Chelimo with a great time of 1:04:46. She was followed by Irine Cheptai in second place with 1:04:53 and Janet Chepngetich in third place with 1:05:15.

The joy of the morning saw the breaking of two Spanish records over the distance. The first was Carlos Mayo, who with a time of 59:39 managed to beat the Spanish half marathon record that Fabián Roncero had held for 22 years (59:52). Behind him, Laura Luengo made a surprise by achieving the second Spanish record of the day by finishing in a spectacular 1:09:41.

Mayo had already warned that she was coming very strong and that, despite preparing for his debut in the 42K at the Valencia Marathon, his objective was the half and he has not disappointed. The Spaniard already had the second best Spanish time (1:00:06) of all time, achieved in Valencia in the Elite Edition in 2020, but he wanted more and today he took what seemed almost unattainable as the Spanish record.

For her part, Luengo had said she was feeling good but was the big surprise of the day, improving by 10 seconds on the previous record that had been held by Trihas Gebre with 1:09:51 since 2008.

In addition to Carlos Mayo’s good performance, the rest of the Spanish team also did very well. Hamid Ben Daoud came in second with 1:00:41 and Jorge Blanco was third with 1:02:02. In women, the second classified was Esther Navarrete with a time of 1:09:58 and the third was Marta Galimany with 1:10:45.

Race news Lausanne Marathon

Party for 30th anniversary Lausanne Marathon

New route starts from Place de Milan

12,000 runners will participate on Sunday October 29 in the 30th anniversary party of Lausanne Marathon. As tradition, with a half-marathon and a 10 km also on the program. To ensure the comfort of the athletes, the event had to close registrations early for the first time in its history.

Sunday October 29, some 12,000 participants will celebrate the 30th edition of the Lausanne Marathon. “We are happy to be able to announce 3,000 more people than last year for our 30th anniversary,” rejoices the event’s steering committee. “In Switzerland, only a few races have managed to reach their numbers from before the Covid crisis: we are proud to be among them.” To ensure everyone’s comfort, the organization was forced to close registrations on October 16 at 11:00 a.m.

For this 30th edition, all races will start at the bottom of the Place de Milan and arrive on the Place Bellerive, heart of racing and celebration. The three distances on the program (marathon, half and 10 km) were measured and certified by AIMS World Running and World Athletics. Due to the 36m negative height difference between the start and finish, only the marathon times are considered official records and allow for international qualifications.

Date changes Marakez Pyramids Half Marathon

Race date for Marakez Pyramids Half Marathon (EGY) changed

Marakez Pyramids Half Marathon date change

The Marakez Pyramids Half Marathon (EGY) will take place on Sat 23 December 2023, not Sat 9 December 2023 as previously published.

Race news Mainova Frankfurt Marathon

Boch and Dattke added to Frankfurt field

Mailu in promising form

Fd 221030 10 00 04

The contest for medals at the sharp end of the 40th edition of the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon on October 29 promises both exciting and fast competition.

Last year’s men’s champion Brimin Misoi renews his rivalry with runner-up Samwel Mailu, the latter arriving in Frankfurt with recent outstanding form.

Among the challengers to both Kenyans should be Guye Adola. The Ethiopian has a personal best of 2:03:46 which makes him among the fastest ever lining up for the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon.

A close contest is also in prospect in the women’s race with five contenders showing personal bests of under 2:23:00. The latest additions to the line-ups are homegrown with Simon Boch joining the men’s field and Miriam Dattke, fourth in the European Championships in the women’s event last year, both among Germany’s top distance performers. They have every intention of making good use of Frankfurt’s historically fast course in seeking qualification for the Olympic Marathon in Paris next year.

Taking into account all events held in conjunction, the organizers of the 40th Mainova Frankfurt Marathon expect around 25,000 participants. Among them will be 13,000 for the marathon. The Mainova Frankfurt Marathon is an Elite Label Race of World Athletics, the sport’s governing federation. Entries are still available at:

“With these strong elite fields we hope to see a thrilling race once again. Frankfurt has often been a successful venue for German top runners. And with Simon Boch and Miriam Dattke now on the start list this tradition will hopefully continue,“ said Jo Schindler, the Race Director of the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon.

One of the leading contenders, Samwel Mailu, has shown brilliant form in the build-up to Frankfurt. The Kenyan sprang a surprise in winning the bronze medal at the World Half Marathon Championships at the beginning of October, improving his best to 59:19. This performance suggests that he is ready for a fast race beside the River Main. His rivals such as Guye Adola (2:03:46 pb), defending champion Brimin Misoi (2:06:11) and Ethiopia’s Mulugeta Uma (2:06:07) will have to be on their best form to beat him.

Simon Boch could well cause a surprise by securing one of the three places on Germany’s men’s team for the Olympic Marathon. He has made a big improvement this year, running 2:09:25 in Linz.

Visiline Jepkescho of Kenya is the fastest woman in the field with a personal best of 2:21:37 but there are another six rivals who have similarly strong claims for the title. Among them is the reigning champion of the Vienna City Marathon, Magdalyne Masai, whose best is 2:22:16, as well as her Kenyan compatriot Agnes Keino, who broke the course record in Munich a year ago with 2:23:26. Also to note is the excellent form of Winfridah Moseti of Kenya who has run 2:23:38 and ran 66:40 at the Copenhagen Half Marathon, a performance over the shorter distance which promises much for the marathon.

Two more strong contenders are in the women’s race: European silver medallist Matea Parlov Kostro from Croatia (2:25:45 pb) and Britiain’s Steph Twell (2:26:40). Four years ago in Frankfurt, the latter ran the Olympic qualifying time for Tokyo. The latest addition is Miriam Dattke who has shown the potential to improve still further at the marathon. She proved this at last year’s European Championships in Munich where she narrowly missed the bronze medal, finishing fourth as the best German runner. Her current best is 2:26:50 but many consider the 25-year-old capable of running considerably faster.

Race news Tui Palma Marathon Mallorca

Barton and Gran crowned winners of Palma Marathon

Up to 7,000 runners, with a female participation record of 43%, joined the great running festival in the Balearic Islands today


The Palma Marathon Mallorca celebrated its 19th edition today, and was once again the great festival of running in the Balearic Islands with up to 7,000 runners registered in its three distances: 9 km, half marathon and marathon, and with a record of female participation in Spain: 43% of the total number of runners.

The British athlete Shannon Barton, with 3h00:00, and the Spanish athlete Antoni Gran (2h33:18) were the winners of the marathon distance, the main event of the day. Gran was also crowned as Balearic champion in his debut. Ashley Baldwin was second, more than 7 minutes behind Gran, while Maciej Lucyk was third. In the women’s category, Stina Nordstrom and Laura Van Den Broeck were second and third, respectively.

Despite the difficulties caused by the heavy storm that hit Palma early this morning, the race was able to take place, although the starts had to be delayed for an hour due to the water accumulated at some points along the course.

In the half marathon distance, the winner was the German international athlete René Menzel, from the 361st Europe team, who broke the course record with a time of 1h09:28. Caitlin Bradley won the women’s 21,097m race in 1h27:04. In the 9 km race, the victories went to Denmark’s Kirsten Pettersson (34:00) and Poland’s Krzystof Szymanowski (29:18).

Former Palma athlete Caridad Jerez was honoured at the start and received the “Golden Dorsal” of the Palma Marathon Mallorca in recognition of her successful sporting career, succeeding Balearic legends of the sport Toni Peña, Miquel Capó and Emilio de la Cámara.

The Palma Marathon Mallorca is organised by Kumulus, with the support of the Palma City Council and the Tourism Strategy Agency of the Balearic Islands and the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan of the Spanish Government as well as the Mallorca Tourism Foundation and Consell de Mallorca, and the collaboration and sponsorship of Zafiro Hotels as official accommodation, 361º, Proa Group, Fornes Logistics and Ports de Balears.


1 Antoni GRAN ESP 2:33:18
2 Ashley BALDWIN XXX 2:40:19
3 Maciej LUCYK XXX 2:44:03
1 Shannon BARTON GBR 3:00:00
2 Stina NORDSTROM XXX 3:06:57
3 Laura VAN DEN BROECK XXX 3:14:21
Half marathon
1 René MENZEL GER 1:09:28
2 Michael HOFER XXX 1:10:17
3 Aziz BOUTOIL XXX 1:10:44
1 Caitlin BRADLEY XXX 1:27:04
2 Erika MICHIELAN XXX 1:27:13
3 Hannah HAWKEN XXX 1:28:13
1 Krzystof SZYMANOWSKI POL 29:18
3 Adam PLOWS XXX 29:49
1 Kirsten PETTERSSON DEN 34:00
2 Michelle BAUER XXX 34:09
3 Kristina SPITKOVÁ XXX 37:19

Race news Sarmang Dehradun Marathon

Remarkable victories and community support at Dehradun

Participants “run for soldiers” in Indian race


The picturesque city of Dehradun bore witness to a spectacular display of endurance and determination at the Second Edition of the Sarmang Dehradun Marathon, held on October 8, 2023.

In this prestigious AIMS certified and Abbott World Marathon Majors Event, athletes from all walks of life gathered under the theme “Run for Soldiers”. The marathon attracted participants not only from India but also from countries like Nepal, the UK, USA, Thailand, and Spain, making it a truly international affair.

The grand event featured a wide range of race categories, including the Full Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K, 5K, and a 2K fun run for participants of all ages. Notable victories in the Male and Female categories of the Full Marathon went to Mahender Bist and Shashi Mehta, respectively. The top honors in the Half Marathon were claimed by Udit and Diya Bist.

Mahender Bist, displaying incredible stamina and willpower, clocked an impressive time of 2 hours, 37 minutes, and 51 seconds to win the Male Full Marathon. While his performance was extraordinary, he fell just short of the previous course record set at 2 hours, 30 minutes, and 31 seconds. Shashi Mehta took the Female Full Marathon crown with a finishing time of 3 hours, 24 minutes, and 33 seconds, which was equally commendable, although it didn’t break the existing female course record of 3 hours, 8 minutes, and 45 seconds.

One of the standout moments of the marathon was Udit’s extraordinary performance in the Half Marathon. He not only clinched victory in this category but also set a new course record with a jaw-dropping time of 1 hour, 6 minutes, and 16 seconds. The previous record, held by Pramod Singh, was at 1 hour, 7 minutes, and 43 seconds. Udit’s feat displayed his exceptional talent and determination to outdo the competition.

The Second Edition of the Sarmang Dehradun Marathon held a special significance as it was dedicated to honoring the soldiers of the Indian Army, Navy, Airforce, and ITBP, as well as the Police forces. The event witnessed the participation of servicemen and women from these units, showcasing their unwavering commitment to their duty and their passion for running.

The Full Marathon was inaugurated by Rear Admiral L. S. Pathania from the National Hydrographic Office (Indian Navy). In a heartwarming gesture, he not only flagged off the event but also laced up his own running shoes to take part in the Half Marathon. This remarkable display of support from the Indian Navy was an inspiration to all present.

The award ceremony was graced by the presence of Mr. Rajesh Mamgain, who serves as the Principal of Maharana Pratap Sports College in addition to being the chief guest. The winners received their well-deserved accolades and celebrated their extraordinary achievements in the presence of a cheering and supportive audience.

The race was expertly directed by RRCA certified race director Anil Mohan, ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of the event, from start to finish.

A noteworthy aspect of the Second Edition of the Sarmang Dehradun Marathon was the incredible support from the cycling community of Dehradun. These volunteers marshaled and supervised the entire route, providing valuable assistance to the runners throughout the race. Their dedication and assistance played a crucial role in ensuring the safety and success of the event. The collaboration between runners and the cycling community exemplified the spirit of unity and support that makes this marathon truly exceptional.

The Second Edition of the Sarmang Dehradun Marathon was not just a test of endurance but also a tribute to the dedication of our armed forces. The event showcased the power of unity and the indomitable spirit of athletes who came from various corners of the world to run in the picturesque landscape of Dehradun.


1 Mahendra BISHT IND 2:37:51
2 Rinku SINGH IND 2:41:44
3 Rohit KUMAR IND 2:44:32
4 RAKESH IND 2:49:38
5 Anmol LUTHRA IND 2:51:39
1 Shashi MEHTA IND 3:24:33
2 Aurime DOVYDAITYTE GBR 3:50:30
3 PREETI IND 4:20:05
4 Vandana Singh BISHT IND 5:11:21
5 Bindiya GUPTA IND 6:08:06
Half marathon
1 UDIT IND 1:06:16
2 Rohit YADAV IND 1:10:33
3 Ashvani SAINI IND 1:11:20
4 Pushker Singh BISHT IND 1:14:25
5 JORARAM IND 1:15:33
1 Diya BISHT IND 1:52:39
2 Nikita MANDLOI IND 2:04:03
3 Archana GUSAIN IND 2:06:19
4 Debarati GHOSH IND 2:13:05
5 Niti ROY IND 2:18:15
1 Roop CHAND IND 33:05
2 Rahul KHAN IND 33:06
3 Neeraj SHARMA IND 33:42
4 Suraj KUMAR IND 34:09
5 Rahul DHULL IND 34:13
1 SARITA IND 53:56
2 DIPIKA IND 54:36
3 Kanti DEVI IND 59:40
4 Pooja DANGWAL IND 1:09:43
5 Sunita CHAUHAN IND 1:15:05
1 Mohammad AAMIL IND 19:11
2 Kapil BRAMAN IND 19:42
3 Mohit KUMAR IND 20:05
4 Akshit KANWASI IND 21:54
5 Manish Kumar JATAV IND 21:54
1 Rida TANWEER IND 20:53
2 Priyanka KUMARI IND 32:50
3 Mansi ARORA IND 33:37
4 Muskaan SAJJAD IND 34:45
5 Divyanshi DEVRANI IND 35:02

Race news Türkiye İş Bankası İstanbul Marathon

Who emerges next in Istanbul?

Reuben Kipyego and Beatrice Cheptoo hope to repeat success of world champions Chepngetich and Kiplangat

Kipkemboi robert ist 22

It was the Istanbul Marathon that provided the platform for two current stars to significantly propel their marathon careers forward. Kenya’s Ruth Chepngetich and Victor Kiplangat of Uganda both ran their debuts and won them in Istanbul in 2017 and 2021 respectively.

The two then went on to become world marathon champions: Chepngetich took the gold in 2019 in Doha and Kiplangat triumphed in Budapest this August. Could the next edition of the Türkiye Is Bankasi Istanbul Marathon on 5th November produce another future star runner? While Kenyans Reuben Kipyego and Beatrice Cheptoo head the current start lists with strong personal bests of 2:03:55 and 2:22:28 respectively, compatriot Moses Koech and Rachael Chebet of Uganda are promising debutants.

Including races at shorter distances, a total of 45,000 runners are expected to take part in the 45th edition of the Türkiye Is Bankasi Istanbul Marathon. Around 4,500 of them will run the classic distance. Turkey’s major marathon race features a unique course over two continents, starting in Asia and finishing in Europe. It is a Gold Label Road Race of World Athletics. Online entry is still available until 16th October at:

With a world-class time of 2:03:55 Reuben Kipyego is the fastest runner ever entered into the Istanbul Marathon. The 27 year-old Kenyan achieved his personal best in Milan where he was runner-up in 2021. Additionally Kipyego has run a couple of more strong marathons. Among those is his third place in Rotterdam with 2:05:12 in 2022. It will be the first time the Kenyan competes in Istanbul and he will face a tough field.

Ethiopia’s Gadise Shumie currently is the second fastest runner on the start list with a PB of 2:04:59. With this time he won the Sevilla Marathon earlier this year, improving his former personal best by well over four minutes. Although already 31 years old his international career only begun two years ago, when Shumie won his debut marathon in Montreal with 2:09:25. He will travel to Istanbul unbeaten in the marathon so far.

Knowing the Istanbul course can be of significant advantage, especially with regard to the tough uphill stretch in the final section. It was here where Robert Kipkemboi dropped his last remaining rival a year ago and went on to win the race in 2:10:18. The defending champion from Kenya, who has a PB of 2:07:09, will return to the Türkiye Is Bankasi Istanbul Marathon. Compatriot Moses Koech looks promising among a number of debutants. He has run a 59:31 half marathon in Ostia, Italy, last year.

With regard to her international career Beatrice Cheptoo can still be considered a newcomer. The 30 year-old Kenyan ran her first race outside Kenya less than 24 months ago, when she finished third in Malaga with 2:25:20. A year ago she took the Melbourne marathon and in January Cheptoo then improved significantly to 2:22:28 when she was third in Doha. With this time the Kenyan currently is the fastest woman in the field and taking into account her strong development she is a strong favorite in Istanbul.

Just 23 years old, Sifan Melaku is still very young for a marathon runner. When the Ethiopian clocked her PB of 2:23:49 in Seville over three years ago she had just turned 20. This summer Melaku showed fine form when she won the Stockholm Marathon. Another debutante who could shine in the Türkiye Is Bankasi Istanbul Marathon is Rachel Chebet. The Ugandan, who will celebrate her 27th birthday on the race day, has a strong cross country background. In 2019 she was fourth in the World Championships. A half marathon PB of 68:46 from earlier this year indicates that she should be ready for a good marathon debut.

For Rachel Chebet as well as Turkey’s Sultan Haydar qualification for the Olympic Games in 2024 is probably the main goal. Haydar, who holds the national record with 2:24:44 from 2015, started a comeback a year ago. Now 36 years old she recently showed improved form with a 69:12 half marathon in Ankara. Sultan Haydar may well be able to break the Olympic qualifying standard of 2:26:50 on 5th November in Istanbul.

Race news Generali Berlin Half Marathon

Generali Berlin Half Marathon joins SuperHalfs series

Now six races in the series

Announcement superhalfs berlin 111023

SCC Events joins the SuperHalfs series from 2024 with the Generali Berlin Half Marathon, one of the most iconic and beloved half marathons in the world.

This groundbreaking development will expand the SuperHalfs series to six prestigious races, offering runners an extended time frame and a unique opportunity to achieve SuperMedal glory.

Previously, the SuperHalfs consisted of five exceptional races in Lisbon, Prague, Copenhagen, Cardiff, and Valencia, where participants had 36 months to complete the series.

However, starting in 2024, Generali Berlin Half Marathon will become an integral part of this esteemed series and runners will now have the option to complete six races instead of the original five, and they will have 60 months from the day of their first race to accomplish this remarkable feat.

Race news Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Kelvin Kiptum runs new world record in Chicago

2:00:35 time beats Kipchoge’s record by over half a minute

Gettyimages 1724360155

Kenya’s Kelvin Kiptum ran the Bank of America Chicago Marathon on 8 October in a new world record time of 2:00:35.

He broke Eliud Kipchoge’s previous record, itself set only a year ago, by 34 seconds and edged closer to the first sub 2-hour time run in open competition.

Kiptum had run 2:01:25 only four months previously in the London Marathon and improved on that by 50 seconds on Chicago’s flatter course. He finished nearly 3.5 minutes ahead of the second finisher, Benson Kipruto.

In the women’s race Sifan Hassan of Netherlands ran 2:13:44 – the second fastest women’s time ever recorded, following the new world record of 2:11:53 run in Berlin by Ethiopia’s Tigist Assefa only two weeks earlier.


1 Kelvin KIPTUM KEN 2:00:35

Race news Athens Marathon. The Authentic

Makis Asimakopoulos appointed Director of International Olympic Academy

Unanimous choice of former Athens race director

Makis asimakopoulos img 7337

The International Olympic Academy has announced the appointment of former Athens Marathon The Authentic race director Makis Asimakopoulos as Director of the Academy from 1 November 2023 following a unanimous decision of its Ephoria.

Makis Asimakopoulos is part of the Olympic Movement with a long tenure in leading administrative positions of major international games of the Movement, the Olympic Games, the Paralympic Games, and the Special Olympics International. In 1996, he participated in the compilation team of the Athens Olympic Bid File, and then (2000-2004) he served as Sports General Director for the Olympic and Paralympic Games “ATHENS 2004”. For this work, he was honoured by the International Olympic Committee with the “OLYMPIC ORDER” (2004).

At a national level the peak period of his work in Greece was the post-Olympic fifteen years 2006–2021, when as General Director of the “Athens Marathon. The Authentic” he participated in its emergence as the largest annual international mass sport event in Greece and one of the largest and most important worldwide.

Makis worked with AIMS to develop the annual AIMS Marathon Symposium (2007–2019) and later the Best Marathon Runner Award Gala.

With Makis Asimakopoulos in its leadership team the IOA seeks to reinforce its statutory mission for the dissemination and promotion of the Olympic ideals and to become a global educational centre of the Olympic Movement.

Race news Zurich Marató de Barcelona

Zurich Marató Barcelona 2024 unveils a new course

Race circuit changes for the first time in two decades – more urban, more scenic, and faster


The Zurich Marató Barcelona is closely connected to the evolution of its city. Therefore, due to construction work in Plaza España and Avenida María Cristina, the Marató will debut with a new, faster, more urban, more central and more monumental course next 10th of March. This change in the circuit comes after more than two decades of the previous circular and more peripheral route.

“We have designed this new route with all types of runners in mind, with the help of different profiles that have been actively involved with the Zurich Marató Barcelona in recent years. The objective is very clear: to maintain the essence of the city, to have a fast route to achieve the best times, and at the same time to be very lively for all the citizens and visitors on the day of the Marató. We have put everything in the shaker and, with the technical premises of mobility and many hours invested, we have come up with a great circuit, which we will be able to enjoy next 10th of March”, explains the race director, Mauro Llorens.

David Escudé, Sports Councillor of the Barcelona City Council, has declared: “During all these years of history, Barcelona’s Marathon has had many different routes and every change has always been to improve this great event. Now, after almost two decades with the same circuit, a new stage arrives with the Zurich Marató Barcelona 2024, which will be faster, with only 33 turns, more central, with a start line in Passeig de Gràcia and a finish tile at the Arc de Triomf, and very monumental”.

In fact, the new route will pass through more than fifteen emblematic spots in Barcelona: from the start line in Passeig de Gràcia to the finish line at the Arc de Triomf, passing through the Monumental, Casa Batlló, Bac de Roda’s Bridge, Sagrada Familia, Ninot Market, University of Barcelona, Sant Antoni Market, Plaça Catalunya, Columbus Monument, Estació de França, Parc de la Ciutadella, Hotel Arts or Parc del Fòrum.

The new course will be flatter and faster than ever before in the history of this race, reducing the elevation gain by more than 30 metres compared to the previous circuit. The lowest point will be only 8 metres above sea level and the highest point will be 50 metres above sea level. In addition, up to six turns have been reduced compared to the old course. The new circuit will have only 33 turns, making it one of the marathons with the fewest turns in the world. The longest straight will be 4.9 kilometres. The new circuit will be the ninth change of course since the birth of the Barcelona Marathon in 1980. For the first time, the runners will run down Avinguda Paral·lel: the last two kilometres of the old circuit, which were among the most difficult, will now be two of the fastest of the entire course.

The 45th edition of the Marató is expected to reach or exceed 17,000 registered participants. With six months to go, this event already has more than 4,500 registered participants.

Race news Lidl São Silvestre de Lisboa

São Silvestre shows Lisbon’s brightness and charm

16th edition of race in the heart of the city

On December 30th, we will run to the rhythm of the capital!

The 16th edition of Lidl São Silvestre de Lisboa, organized by HMS Sports in partnership with Lisbon City Council and EGEAC, takes place on the night of the last Saturday of the year, at 9:30 pm, with Avenida da Liberdade being the stage for starting and consecration of all participants in the 10 km race.

Clube Pelicas São Silvestre da Pequenada, for children born between 2010 and 2018, returns to Monsanto, on December 16th.

Since 2008, this sporting initiative has brought together more than 120,000 participants.

Registration is available:

“In 2023, we will celebrate 16 editions of the first competition organized by HMS Sports and we want it to be special for those who believe in and have participated in this project. It’s 16 years of an event held in the heart of the Portuguese capital, which is already part of the city; a test enriched by the Christmas lights spread across the streets of Lisbon; a challenge that encourages the practice of sports among people from various parts of our country and also around the world”, considers Hugo Miguel Sousa, CEO of HMS Sports.

“Last year, the 15th edition of Lidl São Silvestre in Lisbon sold out registrations at the beginning of December, with a record 12,500 registered in the 10 km race and 300 children in the Clube Pelicas São Silvestre da Pequenada. In fact, it was an edition of records, as it reached a new maximum number of women registered: 38% and also the record for nationalities of those registered, with 49 nationalities represented, from the five continents. We would like to surpass these numbers in 2023”, reinforces the race director.

“For those who like challenges, Lidl São Silvestre in Lisbon is the ideal test. Avenida da Liberdade welcomes athletes who face a 10-kilometer route along the city’s main arteries; there is a lot of musical entertainment at different points along the route; the climb up Avenida da Liberdade precedes the passage through the Marquês de Pombal roundabout and the descent to the finish line at the end of the avenue; the event is monitored live on television and brings together, in the same space, elite and anonymous athletes. It is a promotion of sport that reinforces the brightness and charm of our Lisbon”, adds Hugo Sousa.

Race news BMW Berlin-Marathon

Registration opens for anniversary Berlin Marathon

50 years of marathon running in the German capital

Berlin 50 logo

Registration for the anniversary marathon is open!

We are still completely stunned by last weekend. And this is by no means only due to the spectacular world record run by Tigst Assefa or the fifth victory of marathon man Eliud Kipchoge.

The BMW Berlin Marathon – that is you! Our participants from all over the world. With your motivation and enthusiasm you not only move us and Berlin – together we move the whole world. The BMW Berlin Marathon is THE sporting event for running and sports enthusiasts. And it has been for 50 years!

In 2024, we want to celebrate this special anniversary together with you. With a unique programme, countless highlights and of course an unforgettable race on September 29, 2024! Today we are opening the registration for the 50th anniversary edition of the BMW Berlin Marathon! You have the opportunity to register until November 16, 2023. Race entries will then be allocated by lottery. We will let you know at the beginning of December if you are one of the lucky ones or not. The fast runners will then also receive confirmation whether they are in the race with their stated time.

Look forward to a very special historical event – we look forward to seeing you!

Race news Košice Peace Marathon

100th Košice Peace Marathon is over

17,000 runners from 59 countries take part

Atmosfera   tom 3139

The jubilee year of the Košice Peace Marathon has ended. Its organizers approached the extensive preparations with great respect, monitoring all aspects and impacts of such an important and huge event in terms of the number of participants.

From the first reactions, it can be concluded that many expectations were fulfilled. Also, the wishes and appeal of the organizers towards the runners and the public for mutual tolerance and understanding of the necessary measures and compromises were heard. From the entire marathon events and responses, one can understand the significant excitement prevailing in the entire community of runners, organizers, fans and supporters of the marathon in Košice.

A very rich program took place even before the start of the marathon. It also included a Saturday’s Opening ceremony and concerts during which a bronze World Athletics Heritage replica was also unveiled. This act was undertaken by Chris Turner from World Athletics and 4-time Olympian walking champion Robert Korzenowski, who stood up the next day as a member of unique Olympic relay team. This unveiling was followed by the traditional lighting of the marathon flame, which is an annual part of the program on the eve of the race.

Regarding 100th Košice Pacea Marathon, the words of the special guests, as well as the runners who tackled the difficult course on, sounded particularly encouraging.

The founder of the Berlin Marathon, Horst Milde, said during Friday’s press conference: “One hundred years is a long history. I am very happy to be here among runners and people who have a positive attitude towards the marathon in Košice, and it is a great honor for me to be a part of the 100th edition of this marathon. I see you, people from Košice, as pioneers of marathon running in Europe who had the necessary stamina and ability to overcome all the obstacles and political changes that time has brought”.

Three-time biathlon Olympic champion Anastasia Kuzmina, a member of the stellar relay team, expressed her feelings after finish as follows: “I want to thank all the people along the course, I have never experienced anything like this in my life, it was simply amazing. Everyone was great.’

Michal Karcol, who reached the finish line of the marathon in 3293rd place: “I have to thank the organizers for a perfect race. I’ve been coming back here for three years and I’ll keep coming back for years to come. The marathon hurts, but the pain was worth it thanks to the Košice spectators.”

The race itself saw a planned assault on the course record in the men’s race. This was also indicated by the split time in the half-marathon. The runners even managed to speed up in the second lap after the pacemakers dropped out, and Philemon Rono (PB 2:05:00) beat Kebede Tulu (PB 2:05:19) in a dramatic finish. Both runners thus surpassed Lawrence Kimaya’s best time of 2012. Three-time winner Reuben Kerio was among the best for a long time, but on the the end he finished in 4th place. In the women’s race, both previous winners were at the start, but the one from 2022, Margeret Agai, did not finish the race due healthy reasons. After a slower start, Jackline Cherono enjoyed the victory, improving her personal record by up to 6 minutes.

A high number of personal records were also recorded among the best Slovakian runners and many hobby runners too. In total, 17,000 runners from 59 countries participated in all disciplines of the 100th Košice Peace Marathon.

In the fall of this year, the organizers will introduce some themes and projects for 2024 and will also open registration for next year’s race. It will be another of the important milestones, which will be the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the first start of the marathon in Košice. This, as is well known, took place on October 28, 1924.


1 Philemon Rono CHEROP KEN 2:06:55
2 Kebede Tulu WAMI ETH 2:06:56
3 Berhane Tesfay BERHE ERI 2:07:07
4 Reuben Kiprop KERIO KEN 2:07:56
5 Masresha Bere BISETEGN ETH 2:09:04
1 Jackline CHERONO KEN 2:24:43
2 Adawork Aberta SADURA ETH 2:26:19
3 Ayantu Kumela TADESSE ETH 2:26:33
4 Ebsite Tilahun ASRES ETH 2:28:02
5 Medhin Gebreslassie BEYENE ETH 2:28:59

Race news Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Marathon

International elite athletes determined to keep the Valencia Marathon on the world podium

“We have the strongest event on the world scene”, says coach Roig

42k elite noticia chicos

The Valencia Marathon Trinidad Alfonso announces its initial list of international athletes with a view to maintaining its ambitious objectives for the event in the ‘ciudad del running’ on 3 December.

Valencia is the third fastest marathon in the world for men and women thanks to the times of 2:01:53 and 2:14:58, respectively, achieved last year, and in 2023 it aspires to remain on the podium of the fastest marathons in the world.

The announced debut of Uganda’s Joshua Cheptegei over the distance will be one of the biggest sporting highlights of the day and a challenge not only for him, but also for the top Kenyan and Ethiopian favourites. There are five runners with sub-2h05 times who will be looking to improve their performances on a course that is ideal for personal bests. These runners include Alexander Mutiso (2:03:29), Sisay Lemma (2:03:36), Leul Gebresilase (2:04:02), Chalu Deso (2:04:53) and Titus Kipruto (2:04:54).

Some of them already have experience of getting the most out of the fast streets of Valencia Ciudad del Running, as is also the case for Kibiwott Kandie (2:13:43, a time far from his real level due to a bad start in New York), who will try to match the impressive records he has achieved in two Valencia Half Marathons when he runs the full 42,195 metres.

In the women’s race, the marathoners Tsegay Gemechu (2:16:56), Almaz Ayana (2:17:20), Worknesh Degefa (2:17:41), Joan Chelimo (2:18:04) and Hiwot Gebrekidan (2:19:10), all of whom have experience over the distance, are also expected to put up a tough fight in Bosena Mulatie’s exciting debut.

The Valencia Marathon’s international elite coach, Marc Roig, recalled that “in a pre-Olympic year, the Valencia Marathon represents the strongest event in the world. Dozens of athletes are looking to book their ticket to Paris 2024, with more than a dozen seeking national records and both the men’s and women’s front-runners going for course records. Valencia is, once again, the ciudad del running.

Race news BMW Berlin-Marathon

Berlin’s world record dream pair speak

Tigist Assefa and Eliud Kipchoge both win marathon for the second year in a row with Assefa setting a spectacular new record

Kipchoge assefa by scc events jean marcwiesner

It was Kipchoge-Assefa Mark 2 at the BMW Berlin Marathon: a year ago Eliud Kipchoge led the way with 2:01:09 for the world record and Tigist Assefa won in what was then the third fastest performance in history of 2:15:37.

On Sunday the outcome was reversed beside the Brandenburg Gate. The Ethiopian triumphed in world record style with 2:11:53 and the Kenyan achieved the eighth fastest time ever of 2:02:42. Their combined winning times gave Berlin the fastest ever aggregate in a marathon for two champions for the second year in succession. Last year it was 4:16:46, this this year even faster with 4:14:35.

Tigist Assefa’s path to the marathon world record was unusual, to say the least. Having begun as an 800m runner, achieving a best of 1:59.24, this was admittedly quick but not quick enough to register a genuine challenge at international championships. In 2018 Assefa switched from the track to the road.

After the Covid lockdown she made her marathon debut in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia where she finished seventh in 2:34. “That time did not reveal my real level. Before the race I had an injury which hampered me but I didn’t want to pull out. It was about gaining experience in the marathon. It was a lesson for me, I knew I had to train more,” explained Tigist Assefa. She is based in Addis Abeba among the training group led by Gemedu Dedefo. Other members include the 2021 World Champion Tamirat Tola, Guye Adola, the Berlin men’s champion two years ago, and Amane Beriso, whose Ethiopian record Assefa broke on Sunday.

Berlin last year marked Tigist Assefa’s breakthrough but here on Sunday she broke the world record and what a world record. “I hope that my performance will be motivation for young women athletes in Ethiopia and that the world record one year before the Olympic Games gives our country a boost for Paris. I think this should be enough to ensure I am selected for the Games,” added Assefa.

At the end of the press conference Tigist Assefa did something unprecedented in the history of the race for the second time that day. Never before had an Ethiopian woman champion asked to be allowed to make a statement. In emotional tones, Assefa explained through an interpreter: “I dedicate my medal to Christoph Kopp.” The well-known and influential German manager died at the end of April at the age of 75. “Without Christoph I might not have been here. He helped me develop and motivated me, even though I wasn’t one of his athletes. He was like that with other athletes as well, always providing lots of motivation, was on the lookout for talent and supporting them. He said to me, I should try the marathon. Christoph is the father of my success.” Tigist Assefa not only ran a fantastic world record but also showed her generous personality with this statement.

The subject of the world record in the women’s marathon also came up in conversation with Eliud Kipchoge as he reflected on winning a record fifth Berlin men’s title but missing out on emulating his own world record of a year ago. “I always say, no human is limited, that’s why women are not limited at all and why 2:11 is now the world record. Assefa has shown the way and I trust the rest of the women will change their mentality in thinking 2:11 is fast. They can train hard and break the world record.”

More than once in recent comments, Kipchoge has emphasized how he believes marathon racing as well as preparation for the event is a team effort. After his victory on Sunday, he reflected on how in his first BMW Berlin Marathon victory in 2015, it felt much more like an individual success but now his philosophy and that of the NN Running Team is collective; “It’s really teamwork. When I began, it was about the individual, now it’s teamwork. I’m managed by the team, I’m inside it and that’s the way the world is going, team events.” Interesting also were his thoughts about handling pressure. He accepts that his achievements make him the focus of media attention but this approach of teamwork appears to ease the burden brought by the spotlight: “The pressure is actually shared by all of us. We share pressure, I have pressure on my shoulders but we share it, we are a team and we speak with one language, we see things with two eyes and hear with two ears and move on.”

Some 60 years ago, Bob Dylan sang about “The Times They are A-Changing.” Witnessing Tigist Assefa’s astounding world record and hearing Eliud Kipchoge speak of how the marathon is moving towards a team event, those lyrics of social commentary apply to this foot race as well.

Race news BMW Berlin-Marathon

Tigist Assefa makes history with extraordinary time in Berlin

2:11:53 new women’s record

Assefa tigistfh berlin23

Tigist Assefa won the BMW Berlin Marathon with a world record straight out of the realms of fairy tale.

The Ethiopian’s pace did not slacken as she ran through the Brandenburg Gate to cross the finish line in a sensational time of 2:11:53, obliterating the world record of Kenya’s Brigid Kosgei who ran 2:14:04 in Chicago in 2019. The scale of improvement was huge, 2 minutes, 11 seconds, marking an achievement of historic proportions. The last time the women’s world record featured such an improvement was 40 years ago when the American Joan Benoit brought the time down from 2:25:29 to 2:22:43 in 1988.

Eliud Kipchoge also continued his record breaking, if only in terms of the number of his wins in Berlin. The Kenyan achieved his fifth triumph here with his world-class time of 2:02:42. Although the 38-year-old finished well outside his world record of 2:01:09, this was nonetheless the eighth fastest performance of all time. In terms of the combined winners’ times, the 49th BMW Berlin Marathon became the fastest race at the distance in history with a total time of 4:14:35. It was the second time since 1999 that the race in Berlin now holds both marathon world records.

Amanal Petros also contributed a slice of German marathon history in breaking his own national record with 2:04:58 for ninth place, the first German to run under 2:05. His time would have been worth a world record 20 years ago. It was also a first for the BMW Berlin Marathon, never before had the race produced a national men’s record since its inception in 1974. A year away from the Olympic Games, Amanal Petros is well on the way to reaching the highest level of performance. He became the fourth fastest European ever, overtaking Britain’s Mo Farah.

A record total of 47,912 runners from 156 countries registered for the 49th edition of the BMW Berlin Marathon. The event is part of the Abbott World Marathon Majors (AWMM) and is also a Platinum Label Road Race of World Athletics.

The elite women set off at a cracking pace. By 10km, the leading group comprised 13 runners, going through in 31:45 and on world record schedule. Tigist Assefa appeared so relaxed that when she reached the drinks station at 15km, she reached for a cup, drank, then handed it to one of her male pacemakers. A short while later she tore the leading group apart with a massive increase in pace. She and her fellow Ethiopian Workenesh Edesa covered the kilometre from 15km in 2:59 and Assefa went through halfway in 66:20, a time good enough to win many international races at this shorter distance.

She proceeded to cover the second half even faster, clocking 65:33. “In the first half I held something back in reserve for the second half,” explained Tigist Assefa, whose winning time of 2:11:53 would have secured victory at a number of men’s titles in Berlin in the 1980s. In 1983, Karel Lismont of Belgium won in 2:13:37, the following year Denmark’s John Skovbjerg triumphed in 2:13:35. “I’ve trained six months for this race. I think this should ensure I am selected for the Olympic Games.”

Sheila Chepkirui ran an outstanding 2:17:49 for second place while Magdalena Shaun on her marathon debut caused a major surprise by taking third place in 2:18:41 for Tanzania. Eight women went under 2:20:00.

Domenika Mayer produced the most notable performance by a German woman, going through halfway 71:50 to finish in a personal best of 2:23:47, an improvement of just over three minutes. This made her the second fastest German woman ever though some way still behind the current record holder, Irina Mikitenko, who won Berlin with 2:19:19 in 2008. This performance should earn Domenika Mayer a place on the German marathon team for next year’s Olympics in Paris.

Eliud Kipchoge began the men’s race at a very fast tempo, led by three pacemakers. The double Olympic champion had already twice broken the world record here, firstly with 2:01:39 in 2018 and last year with 2:01:09. The signs looked good as he went through halfway in 60:21 and right on world record schedule. It was a surprise to see beside him the unheralded Derseh Kindie, whose best before today was 2:08:23. The Ethiopian stayed in contention for much of the race but came to a stop around 10km from the finish and dropped out. At this point Eliud Kipchoge’s pace had dipped and he was no longer on world record schedule.

His pace dropped further and behind him the marathon debutant Vincent Kipkemboi was making up the leeway. Kipchoge put in another effort and moved clear, winning by a clear margin in 2:02:42. Kipkemboi finished a highly creditable second in 2:03:13 and yet another debutant, Tadese Takele of Ethiopia, was third in 2:03:24. “I missed the world record but I now have the record for the number of wins in Berlin, that’s also something special,” reflected Eliud Kipchoge.

Nine men ran under 2:05:00 to give the BMW Berlin Marathon outstanding strength in depth. In ninth place was Amanal Petros who had set himself an ambitious pace from the start, going through halfway in 62:12. His split at 30km was 1:28:16 which would have given a finishing time of 2:04 but he could not quite maintain that fine pace to the end. Nonetheless, he took a big slice off his personal best from 2:06:27 to 2:04:58. The improvement of just a second short of one and a half minutes was the biggest among German men since the 1976 Olympic champion Waldemar Cierpinski ran 2:09:55.

“I loved the atmosphere around the course. The last two kilometres were fantastic although I was very tired. This race was something special. I had this kind of time in my sights but, of course, in a marathon anything can happen,” said a delighted Amanal Petros.

Race news StraLugano

Thrilling Stralugano as Elazzaoui takes top spot

Kenyans take top five places in men’s half marathon, but Brinkmann flies the flag for Netherlands


The 10K CityRun was held in beautiful autumn weather.

The Moroccan Elhousine Elazzaoui won the men’s race. The world-class trail runner beat the track and road runners in a thrilling race. Defending champion Giovanna Selva from Italy beat Susanna Saapunki from Finland in the women’s race.

In the half marathon, in sunny and somewhat overly warm temperatures, Kenya’s defending champion Elvis Chebor Tabarach won ahead of another four compatriots. In the women’s race the Dutchwoman Nienke Brinkmann became first European woman to win the race in many years. She left three Kenyans well behind her. The masters runner Catherine Bertone from Italy ran an age group national record.

This article was revised after first publication.


1 Elhousine ELAZZAOUI MAR 29:28
2 Seare WELDIZGHI ERI 29:31
3 Badr JAAFARI ITA 30:28
4 Riccardo MUGNOSSO ITA 30:54
5 Tim HÜBSCHER SUI 31:16
1 Giovanna SELVA ITA 33:13
2 Susanna SAAPUNKI FIN 33:27
3 Sereina SCHNÜRIGER SUI 34:29
4 Federica COZZI ITA 36:03
Half marathon
1 Elvis Chebor TABARACH KEN 1:02:00
2 Isaac Kipkemboi TOO KEN 1:02:02
3 William KIBOR KEN 1:03:15
4 Enock KIPKEMBOI KEN 1:04:34
5 Erick Leon NDIEMA KEN 1:05:46
1 Nienke BRINKMAN NED 1:09:26
2 Lydia Jebichii KORIR KEN 1:09:56
3 Gesare Morine MICHIRA KEN 1:10:57
4 Hilda Jelagat KIPTUM KEN 1:13:18
5 Catherine BERTONE ITA 1:17:25

AIMS news

AIMS booth at TCS NYC Marathon Expo

Aims 1982 u

Opportunity for all Members to have a shared AIMS stand at TCS New York City Marathon Expo, a great opportunity to promote your race with an affordable option.

Date: Thursday, November 2nd to Saturday, November 4th, 2023

Where: Jacob Javits Convention Center, 11th Avenue at 36th St., Manhattan, NY.

Opportunity: have 1 of 3 × 1m spaces, sharing full 3 × 3m stand with 2 other AIMS members. Frankfurt has already expressed interest. We have just 2 more spots!

Cost: US$2,000 each race [+ shared electricity (optional)]

Contact: Alan Brookes,

EXTRA: sign up for the NYRR Race Directors’ Program (no cost)

Race news Halfmarathon Altötting

Impressive times in Altötting

Over 2000 finishers for the first time since pandemic


At the half marathon in the Upper Bavarian pilgrimage town of Altötting, everything once again went perfectly.

Sunny weather, fantastic atmosphere, great supporting program, perfect organisation and lots of participants. What was usual before covid, namely over 2,000 participants at the finish, was missed in the years 2020 to 2022. This year, Altötting made another leap upwards with around 2,400 entries and over 2,000 participants at the finish. And is therefore still the most important running event in the region.

But the winning times were also impressive. With Abdelilah El Maimouni, a Moroccan won for the first time in the 32-year history of the race. However, the time of 1:05:11 was three and a half minutes over the course record of 1:01:39. The Swedish athlete Emil Milan de la Olivia finished second in 1:06:12. The three-time winner of the years 2020-2022 Josef Diensthuber (GER), a runner from the region managed to jump onto the winner’s podium again with 1:12:33.

In the women’s race it was a lonely race for a debutante. Bohdana Semyonova from Ukraine won her first half marathon in Altötting. 1:17:35 are quite impressive. Nevertheless, a full nine minutes are missing from the course record of 1:01:38. Two local runners took second and third place! Amelie Hofbauer (1:26:26) and Marisa Geisberger (1:29:35).

But there were also exceptional talents at the start over the 6km route. After winning the Altötting half marathon in 2016 in 1:14:33, Yuliia Shmatenko (Ukraine) she won the 6km route this year in a superior manner. Marco Sturm, a highly decorated mountain runner, won the men’s race with similar superiority.

With a free city tour the day before, free childcare, free travel to and from the train network (also the day before), starting number distribution directly at the rail station, an atmosphere mile with various music groups and stilt walkers, unique catering at the finish line (also with coffee and cake) and much more, Altötting also scores points when it comes to service.

In addition, there was a world first for the participants at the finish with a functioning pocket watch as a medal, specially designed for Altötting.

It is not for nothing that the race in Altötting was awarded the maximum number of five points by the European Athletics Federation. This was honored by the participation of runners from the USA and New Zealand because Altötting’s reputation goes around the world.

Race news

Kipchoge returns to Berlin

Over 45,000 runners registered

Kipchoge eluid1a berlin22

Eliud Kipchoge will return to one of his favourite hunting grounds when he lines up once again at the BMW Berlin Marathon next Sunday, September 24.

Kenya’s double Olympic champion has twice broken the world record there, bringing his own mark down to 2:01:09 last year. From his comments in the build-up to the race, Kipchoge is once more intending to run fast.

Impressive though his achievements are, the race will have plenty of interest elsewhere, notably in the return of the women’s champion from 12 months ago, Tigst Assefa. The Ethiopian produced an astonishing improvement to win in 2:15:37. German hopes are likely to centre on Amanal Petros, the men’s national record holder. Many of the elite in general will also be targeting the qualifying time for next year’s Olympic Marathon in Paris.

Over 45,000 runners have been registered for the 49th edition of the BMW Berlin Marathon. The BMW Berlin Marathon is part of the Abbott World Marathon Majors (AWMM) along with races in Boston, Chicago, London, New York and Tokyo. Germany’s most spectacular road race is also a Platinum Label Road Race of World Athletics, the international athletics federation.

“I have been putting in the work together with the team, doing all my training and trusting the process. I am ready to go back to my special place, back to Berlin to take on the challenge again,” said Eliud Kipchoge, reviewing his state of readiness. There is no doubt that he intends to make best use of Berlin’s flat course once again. It is clear he wants to produce yet another performance of exceptional quality and thus qualify for the Olympics.

The second fastest runner on the start list is also from Kenya: Amos Kipruto has a PB of 2:03:13 and knows what it is like to duel with the man regarded by many as the greatest marathoner of all time, finishing second to Eliud Kipchoge with that personal best in Tokyo in 2022. For Germany’s record holder Amanal Petros, the target will be improving on his own best of 2:06:27 by a significant margin.

It was Tigst Assefa who produced the biggest upset in last year’s BMW Berlin Marathon. The Ethiopian improved her best by a staggering 18 minutes and smashed the course record with 2:15:37. While the defending champion is likely to start as favourite, she could also face a Kenyan challenge from Sheila Chepkirui whose best is 2:17:29. Both athletes will also have their sights on Olympic qualification in the marathon.

Race news Košice Peace Marathon

Slovak President endorses 100th Košice Peace Marathon

Čaputová: The noble marathon idea can overcome adversity

O z caputova

The jubilee 100th edition of the Košice Peace Marathon on 1 October is being held under the auspices of the President of the Slovak Republic, Zuzana Čaputová.

With this act, the head of state emphasizes the exceptional status of this iconic event, its societal importance and positive impacts. In her message to the runners and organizers of the marathon President Čaputová said, among other things:

“The Košice Peace Marathon has become a celebration of friendship between people and between nations. It has proved that the noble marathon idea and the feeling of belonging can overcome adversity and negative emotions and influences. I wish the participants and organizers of the jubilee 100th edition much success and strength, but especially great joy from running. May your ability to make the world and yourself better last.”

Race news Comrades Marathon

Comrades congratulates Blanche Moila on GSport Hall of Fame Induction

18-times Comrades Marathon finisher honoured


It may be only 48 years since women were allowed to officially run the Comrades Marathon but female trailblazers continue to make their mark on the athletics world and put The Ultimate Human Race on the map.

In this regard, the Comrades Marathon Association (CMA) has conveyed its congratulations and best wishes to a legendary female athlete on her induction into the Gsport Hall of Fame.

CMA Chairperson, Mqondisi Ngcobo echoed the hearty congratulatory message on behalf of the Association, saying, “It is with a huge sense of pride and joy that we congratulate our South African road running legend and 18-time Comrades Marathon finisher, Blanche Moila on her induction into the GSport Hall of Fame for 2023.”

“MaMoila is a groundbreaker who inspired generations of female athletes to dream big and achieve their goals. A pioneer in the field of athletics, she defied the odds by breaking down racial barriers with her outstanding achievements; and notably, being the first black South African female to be awarded Springbok colours.”

For a good portion of her road-running career, MaMoila has prioritised the advancement of women’s sport, motivating young girls and professional sportswomen to aim higher. Her track record in the Comrades Marathon speaks for itself, with 8 Bronze, 7 Bill Rowan, 1 Silver, 1 Vic Clapham and a Robert Mtshali medal to her name.

Race news Half Marathon Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Zurich

Top athletes who will come to fly in Valencia

The world's fastest race will once again feature big international names such as Kandie, Kejelcha and Kejeta in the hunt for big records

21k elite fem

The Valencia Half Marathon Trinidad Alfonso Zurich, organised by SD Correcaminos, is still the world’s fastest race over this distance thanks to Letesenbet Gidey’s world record (1:02:52, 2021) and it is the second fastest for men, with a time set by Kibiwott Kandie (57:32, 2020).

With this high-quality list, the Valencia Half Marathon will count this year with major international elite names who will travel to the city of running on 22 October to fly through its streets.

With the aim of getting as close as possible to the world record achieved in 2021 and to be the world’s best in 2023, the women’s elite will be led by four athletes with sub 1h06 times, among them Melat Kejeta (GER, 1:05:18), current European record holder over the distance, together with Margaret Chelimo (KEN, 1:05:26), Gotytom Gebreslase (ETH, 1:05:36) and Tsigie Gebreselama (ETH, 1:05:46). In addition, ten other runners with 21.0795-kilometre times under 1h10 complete the initial list of names confirmed to run on 22 October.

In the men’s race, familiar faces to the Valencia Half Marathon Trinidad Alfonso Zurich such as former winners Kibiwott Kandie (KEN, 57:32) and Yomif Kejelcha (ETH, 58:32) are among the favourites, together with other runners with times under 59 minutes including Matthew Kimeli (KEN, 58:43), Tadese Worku (ETH, 58:47), Hagos Gebrhiwet (ETH, 58:55) and Sebastian Sawe (KEN, 58:58).

“Valencia proves that it is, once again, the race chosen by the world elite to beat their records”, says Marc Roig, coach of the international elite for the Valencia Half Marathon, who adds that “the return of last year’s winners in the men’s category is a sign that this race is well liked. We expect some great records, as well as national records and to finish the year with the fastest world record of the year for both men and women”.

The revamped route of the Valencian course will continue to offer the opportunity for outstanding performances in a race long established at the top level worldwide, and that continues to be committed to experienced athletes, as well as to young hopefuls and debutants at the distance to maintain the sporting successes, both of international elite and leading national runners, who will be announced in the next few days.

Date changes Türkiye İş Bankası İstanbul Half Marathon

Race date for NKolay İstanbul Half Marathon (TUR) changed

NKolay İstanbul Half Marathon date change

The NKolay İstanbul Half Marathon (TUR) will take place on Sun 28 April 2024, not Sun 21 April 2024 as previously published.

Race news Mainova Frankfurt Marathon

Elite runners prepare for 40th anniversary Frankfurt Marathon

Guye Adola and defending champion Brimin Misoi join field – Visiline Jepkesho will run too

Adola guye bm21 1

Guye Adola has joined the starting line-up for the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon on Sunday, October 29. The Ethiopian of proven world-class for the event, winner of the Berlin Marathon in 2021 when he left the great Kenenisa Bekele trailing, has a best of 2:03:46 to his credit.

Among his rivals in Frankfurt will be the defending champion Brimin Misoi of Kenya and the latter’s compatriot Samwel Mailu who finished runner-up last year. The fastest woman on the current start list is also a Kenyan, Visiline Jepkesho, with a personal best of 2:21:37.

“I’m expecting a first-class race at our jubilee edition,” said the race director Jo Schindler. Germany’s oldest city marathon will celebrate its 40th edition on Sunday, October 29.

The Mainova Frankfurt Marathon is on course to maintain its reputation for strong performances among the elite and high numbers for the mass field with around 25,000 runners expected to take part on the last Sunday in October. The event holds an Elite Road Race Label, awarded by World Athletics, the sport’s governing body. Entries are still available at

Guye Adola is the fastest man in the field of the current entries. His personal best of 2:03:46 was all the more impressive since he ran it on his debut at the distance in Berlin in 2017. Increasing his prestige still further, he finished second to the great Eliud Kipchoge and had led the great Kenyan until almost 40 kilometres. The greatest triumph of his career – so far – has also been in Berlin when he won the event two years ago in 2:05:45, a performance of special merit in warm conditions and leaving another all-time great, Kenenisa Bekele, well behind. A spate of injuries has prevented Adola from achieving his obvious aim of improving his personal best and adding to his success.

Brimin Misoi won the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon last year in impressive style, running a personal best of 2:06:11 which took him just over a minute clear of Samwel Mailu on the race to the finish in the Festhalle. The latter, whose entry for this year in Frankfurt had already been confirmed, has shown excellent current form. On April 23 he won the Vienna Marathon in a personal best and course record of 2:05:08. This places him tenth on times for the marathon rankings for 2023.

One of the leading contenders for the women’s title also has a victory in Vienna to her credit: Magdalyne Masai of Kenya ran 2:24:12 to win the title in April but her personal best of 2:22:16 comes from winning in Toronto in 2019. The fastest woman in the field in the current line-up is Visiline Jepkesho, also from Kenya, though her best of 2:21:37 goes back almost a decade to a fourth place in Paris in 2014.

Both will have to keep a sharp eye on Buzunesh Gudeta. The Ethiopian finished fourth in Barcelona in 2:22:38 in March. Another athlete to note is the European silver medallist in the marathon, Matea Parlov Kostro, whose participation has already been announced. The runner from Croatia set a personal best with victory in Hanover in spring with 2:25:45, continuing her upward trend.

Race news Volksbank-Münster-Marathon

“Coco” Harrer turns to the marathon in Münster

Already 9,840 registrations for Münster

Img 2529

“Coco in Münster” – that’s a surprise. After she gave up her professional career as one of the most successful German middle distance runners, Corinna Harrer ran in 2021 at the German Marathon Championships in Munich and fought a thrilling duel with her competitor, where she entered the Olympic Stadium as the winner with 2:43:11 hours.

In an interview, she did not rule out building on this success and running again at one of the major German marathon events. Now she is registered for the Volksbank-Münster-Marathon on Sunday. Perhaps she will be able to achieve her goal of completing a time of less than 2:40 hours – she is currently the fastest pre-registered German woman registered for the race.

With 9,811 registrations, there is a new participant record at the Volksbank-Münster-Marathon in the 21st year of its history. “We’re approaching the magical 10,000 mark,” says the organising team at their last meeting before the big event at the weekend. “We haven’t had over 2,200 marathon registrations since 2016,” according to the press release from the marathon office, where the telephone lines are glowing red hot.

Tilbeck Abbey is holding a completely different kind of competition during the Atruvia relay marathon next Sunday. Four managers of the Tilbeck Abbey – a Catholic institution where people with disabilities live and work in workshops, a garden center and an in-house café – want to run a relay together and stand up against four other relay teams from their institution. For every team that beats the bosses, a donation will be made to the José Carreras Leukemia Foundation, the abbey says. With this campaign, the Atruvia relay marathon gets an even sportier touch with a lot of motivation and ambition for the company.

By now it can no longer be ruled out that late registrations, which can still be made on Friday and Saturday, will break the 10,000 mark. The current 9,840 registrations are already a record number of participants for the Volksbank-Münster-Marathon. A public press conference will start next Friday at 11 a.m. in the “Angel Room” of the elite Atlantic Hotel in Münster. Here, the elite runners introduce themselves with their ambitions, but also interesting guests about the marathon. In addition to the latest news, autograph requests are of course also gladly fulfilled.

Race news

Run in the footsteps of champions

Organisers release official video


The Great Pharoahs Runners Company invites all runners to run in the footsteps of the great champions in “Egypt’s best 10K”, the Great Victory Run in El-Shorouk, Cairo on 20 October 2023.

The race begins at 7.30am and there are good prizes for the first eight male and female finishers. The 10km road race is run on a World Athletics/AIMS certified course and the organisation is an AIMS member.

For registration with the best prices visit:

The race organisers invite you to view the official video about the race route and make you aware of the preview featured in the latest issue of Distance Running .

Welcome to Egypt.

Race news Halfmarathon Altötting

Worldwide interest in Altötting

Exceptional medal: a working pocket watch

Medaille uhr 2023

The big marathons in Germany, like Berlin or Frankfurt, attract participants from all over the world but some small events, like the Altötting Half Marathon in Bavaria, also attract worldwide entries.

The race, scheduled for 17 September, has registered participants from Ireland, Switzerland, Finland, Latvia, New Zealand, the USA and even a whole group from Ghana.

The unusual medal – a functional pocket watch – may have something to do with it but Altötting can also score points as a famous place of pilgrimage and has a lot of other things to offer.

Participants get a free city tour and for foreign participants, of course, it is in English.

Start numbers are handed out directly at the railway station (for train passengers). There is free transport by train, free childcare and much more.

Altotting sets standards: a special results list gives athletes “best rating”, which takes into account the age of the participants. The top 10 “best” (not fastest) athletes are rewarded as well.

And for everyone, of course, there is the attraction of the super-fast and flat route through the Altöttinger Forest (course records 1:01:39 / 1:08:38).

Race news Brasov tRUNsylvania International 10K

Victory and a course record the target for Langat in Brasov

Olympian has to beat Kimeli’s 26:51 in the 10km

Weldon langat finishing 2nd at the 2022 trunsylvania 10km  in brasov  romania

The gaze of athletics fans around the world will turn towards Brasov in just under a month’s time as world-class distance running returns to the picturesque Romanian city for the Brasov Running Festival over the weekend of 9–10 September 2023.

The Trunsylvania 10km – a World Athletics Elite Label Race and the only road race of this status in Romania – made headlines in 2022 among the running community around the world with super-fast times in its 10km races.

One of the men to excel on that occasion was Kenya’s Weldon Langat, who is determined to go one better than his second-place finish last year.

The 25-year-old Tokyo 2020 Olympian in the 10,000m went on to win the high-quality Valencia 10km race in January in 26:55, which equalled his personal best from Brasov last September.

Langat has as his target the Trunsylvania 10km course record of 26:51 set by his compatriot Nicolas Kimeli when winning in 2022.

The course around Brasov is flat and fast, as proven last year, with a 3.3km loop that offers the spectators the opportunity to see the athletes three times, with the Transylvanian region’s Carpathian Mountains acting as a spectacular backdrop to the race on Sunday 10 September.

“We are in the process of establishing the Brasov Running Festival as one of the leading road race events in Europe with the ultimate aim of seeing world records set here,” commented Race Director Daniel Santa.

Also, in the men’s 10km elite field are a quartet of Langat’s Kenyan compatriots: World Athletics Championships Budapest 23 5000m contender Cornelius Kemboi; 2018 World Athletics U20 Championships 5000m gold medallist Edward Zakayo; Emanuel Kiprop, who has a 10km best of 27:13; Laban Kiplimo, who has a 10km best of 27:15.

Agnes Ngetich (KEN) finished sixth in the World Athletics Championships Budapest 23 10,000m on Saturday night in a personal best of 31:34.83 and heads the women’s contenders for the Trunsylvania 10km.
In 2022, she was the pacemaker for the women’s race in Brasov but stayed in to finish second. Ngetich then went on to take the 2023 World Cross Country Championships bronze medal and has a 10km best on the roads of 30:27.

Other leading names in the women’s 10km race include Esther Borura (KEN), third on the 2023 world 10km list after her 30:15 for third place in Valencia, and Catherine Relin (KEN), fifth on the 2023 half marathon list with her impressive 1:05:39 best in Barcelona. Joy Cheptoyek (UGA), who ran a 10km best of 30:47 to win the Castellon 10km in Spain, Samantha Harrison (GBR) and Joan Chelimo Melly (ROU), who are second and fourth on the European 10km list for 2023, will also run.

Further elite runners for the Trunsylvania 10km – part of the Brasov Running Festival – will be announced closer to the race.

The Brasov Running Festival will also feature a European Road Mile on Saturday 9 September which will bring together many of the continent’s top middle-distance runners.

“With the Road Mile becoming a recognised record event, many of Europe’s top middle-distance runners will be bidding to write their name in the history books,” commented Santa. “One of the aims of the Brasov Running Festival is to make this part of Romania as famous around the world for its road races as it is for its gothic legends!”

In addition to the Trunsylvania 10km and European Road Mile, The Brasov Running Festival is also designed to engage and involve non-elite runners of all age-groups and abilities. On Saturday 9 September there are 800m, 1200m and 3000m children’s races while Sunday 10 September sees mass participation 5km and 10km races.

Race news Volksbank-Münster-Marathon

Münster paints the blue line for the 20th time

Race team’s four-hour trip through the city

Pl 140903 2770 zs

Night becomes day once again next Tuesday 22nd of August, as the legendary “blue line” is painted along the 42km long course of the Volksbank-Münster-Marathon, as is traditionally done about a week and a half before the race.

As soon as a few test stripes of the light blue fluorescent paint have been laid down around the Schlossplatz about 8.30pm, the convoy of police escort, paint wagon and support vehicles gets under way at 9pm. Since 2003, when the blue line started being painted for the Münster Marathon, the former organiser Jürgen Sieme and the chairman of the Münster-Marathon e.V. charity Michael Brinkmann have taken part in the convoy on its four-hour journey through the city centre and the Gievenbeck, Nienberge and Roxel districts.

Some runners, and cyclists too, join in for part of the distance. “It’s for good luck,” say some of the hard core participants who are true believers in this ritual.

Four hours standing slightly bent over on a trailer, holding on with one hand and operating a paint spray with the other – is also a kind of marathon for the painters.

“Sometimes we pass people’s homes in the middle of the night and get applause from those sitting on the balcony,” says Jürgen Sieme. While the town centre is still quite lively between 9 and 11pm, later on out in the suburbs it can get dark and lonely. “It’s nice to be able to finish by 1am,” and then everyone is pleased to be able to go home. Only twice in twenty years has the work had to be stopped due to rain or a technical failure and continued the following night. “Once the paint dried up and got so hard that it wouldn’t come out of the nozzle – that time we didn’t finish until four the next morning,” recalls Michael Brinkmann. As a rule, though, the tour runs without problems.

Fans of the blue line or Münster Marathon are welcome to be present on Tuesday from 9pm, starting at the Schlossplatz car park.

Race news Raiffeisen Bank Bucharest Marathon

World Masters championship comes to Bucharest

Bucharest Marathon to host masters event

Rbbm wmamc 2024

Masters Marathon runners can again compete against the best runners from around the world in their age group. WMA is thrilled to announce that RunInBucharest has accepted the challenge to offer a World Championship for the masters athletes in 2024.

RunInBucharest is an experienced, very capable team who is excited to host masters runners and provide them with a World Championship experience.

The 2024 World Masters Athletics Marathon Championship will be run on 13 October in conjunction with the Bucharest Marathon. Bucharest Marathon has a long tradition. It is a quick course including most of the landmark sites in the city of Bucharest. It is a must to discover Romania’s Capital city sometimes called “Paris of the East”. Bucharest offers the combination of a visit to a vibrant city with a high-level sport embedded in a sports festival.

“Bucharest Marathon is our legacy and the opportunity of hosting the 2024 WMA Marathon Masters World Championship is an appreciation of our efforts on developing mass running events, inspiring people to run and have a healthy lifestyle. The competition will be a chance for those coming for the first time in Romania to discover a young, vibrant and eclectic city. We can’t wait to see you in Bucharest – the City of Joy, City of Running!” said Valeria Racila van Groningen, President of RunInBucharest.

“Granting Bucharest the 2024 World Masters Athletics Marathon Championship is a great honor for us. The decision came shortly after the centennial anniversary of the Romanian Athletics Federation and it also marks the celebration of 100 years since RAF is a World Athletics full member. We are pleased to welcome all athletes at the start line and we hope that everyone will have an unforgettable experience in Bucharest!” said Anisoara Stanciu, President, Romanian Athletics Federation.

WMA President, Margit Jungmann, said it so well: “Going first time to Romania for a World Championships means giving the chance for every athlete to combine a sporting challenge with the discovery of a beautiful city, warm-hearted people and an exciting culture. Looking forward to seeing you there. It will be a very special World Championship.”

Race news Košice Peace Marathon

100 years of the Košice Peace Marathon

We are commemorating jubilee marathon in many ways, say organisers – “Marathon Express” from Bratislava

Newsletter 600x350px mex23

On Thursday, 7 September, the gates of a unique exhibition, “A Century of the Marathon in Košice”, will open at the East Slovak Museum in Košice, which, as a result of its rich archive and previously unexhibited items, will provide visitors with a fascinating insight into the different milestones of the oldest marathon in Europe.

Then, a few days later, on Tuesday, 12 September, the jubilee marathon will also be presented at the seat of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, where we will open an equally attractive exhibition that emphasises important parallels in the wider context of events in Europe over the past century.

Košice and Strasbourg will also be connected in one more way. On Sunday, 3 September, a charity relay race will start from Košice, and its 12 members will cover the distance of 1,291 km to Strasbourg over nine days to demonstrate the race’s messages of peace, friendship, tolerance and the need to help those in need.

The 100th year of the marathon will officially be opened on the eve of its start with a varied and interesting programme. Concerts and musical performances will be supplemented by two festive events. First, the World Athletics Heritage Plaque, which World Athletics President Sebastian Coe awarded to the Košice Marathon for its contribution to the development of athletics, will be unveiled. A few minutes after that, the marathon fire will be lit at the Marathon Flame Ignition Ceremony on Peace Marathon Square, in close proximity to the iconic statue of the marathon runner.

This opening programme begins on Saturday, 30 September, at 5:30 p.m.

A special train will bring runners to Košice for the marathon. The two largest cities in Slovakia will be linked on Saturday, 30 September, by a special train that will bring runners from Bratislava and all of Slovakia to Košice. It will set out that morning at 9:12am and will take everyone back on Sunday, 1 October, departing Košice at 3:50pm.

This exceptional train will also include an interesting programme. The journey, which will last around five hours, will feature a party carriage that offers presentations and discussions with a trio of speakers who address issues of training preparation, nutrition and regeneration.

Date changes Poznań Marathon

Race date for Poznań Marathon (POL) changed

Poznań Marathon date change

The Poznań Marathon (POL) will take place on Sun 22 October 2023, not Sun 15 October 2023 as previously published.

Race news Mainova Frankfurt Marathon

Frankfurt: interest rises weeks before the race

Registrations up 11 per cent on last year


As we look forward to the start of the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon on the last Sunday in October (29th), one thing is clear: the desire for the classic route is increasing again.

As of August 14th, the organisers Motion Events registered 9280 participants for the marathon race alone. That is 936 runners or almost 11 percent more than in 2022, when the race restarted after a two-year break due to corona.

That is still 397 registrations fewer than the last pre-corona race in 2019. “But we can see in almost all areas of public life that the corona pandemic has brought changes,” says race director Jo Schindler. “I am therefore very satisfied with the current registration result, because it shows that our concept of a fast route and the best service for all runners is in demand. And with the atmospheric finish in the Festhalle, we already have a worldwide unique selling point.”

The strong number of entries for this year’s race also fits the special occasion of the Frankfurt race: the 40th anniversary of the run through the city. It all began on May 17, 1981 as the “Hoechst Marathon” in front of the east gate of the Hoechst dye works. Czech running legend Emil Zátopek gave the starting signal for Germany’s first city marathon. The winners of the premiere were the Swede Kjell-Erik Stahl (2:13:20) and Doris Schlosser (2:47:18), who ran for the running club LG Coop Kurpfalz at the time.

“I invite all runners to take part in the anniversary of our run. Forty years of the marathon through Frankfurt is a strong story that is retold every year,” adds Schindler. Schindler, originally from the city of Regensburg, has been responsible as race director since 2002.

Online registration at is open until October 22, 2023. Last-minute registrations are possible on the last weekend in October, on Fridays and Saturdays (October 27th/28th, 2023), on site at the Marathon Mall.

Race news Copenhagen Half Marathon

World Road Running Championships returns to Copenhagen

35,000 runners expected to take part


In 2014, history was made as the World Road Running Championships took place in Copenhagen. Now, it’s happening again – but on an even grander scale.

In tough competition with other cities, World Athletics has chosen the Danish capital as the host city for the World Road Running Championships in 2026. When it happens, the sound of running shoes will resonate throughout the entire city.

Where there were 30,000 participants in the half marathon in 2014, there will be room for 35,000 runners in 2026. From the Royal Run, the well-known and highly popular distances of one mile (1.609 km) and 5 kilometers are included in the World Championships package, with participation from 10,000 and 20,000 runners respectively. In total, up to 65,000 runners are expected to take part in the festivities.

“With a strong city brand, a leading position in the green transition, and extensive expertise in utilizing urban spaces for hosting events, Copenhagen stands as one of the foremost event cities worldwide. And we are very excited to welcome athletes and their friends and families to the World Road Running Championships in Copenhagen in 2026,” says Mikkel Aarø-Hansen, CEO at Wonderful Copenhagen.

Even though the starting gun won’t sound for a while, we can already reveal the first winner of the event: Copenhagen. The WRRC aligns with several major sports experiences in Denmark, uniting runners from the whole world from all walks of life.

“It is hard to keep the excitement down right now, as the World Road Running Championships once again are set to be staged in Copenhagen. Just as the Tour de France departure last year united and thrilled everyone across the country, I am convinced that the 2026 Championships will create a unique and fantastic celebration as well, whether you are a recreational participant or a spectator,” says Lars Lundov, CEO of Sport Event Denmark.

It’s not just the number of participants that will grow; the event itself will too. While the World Road Running Championships in 2014 took place on a single day in March, the WRRC 2026 will span a full running week in September. Throughout the week, there will be pop-up runs and events spread across the city, building up to the weekend’s main events: the iconic one-mile race and an exciting 5 kilometer run on Saturday, before the Copenhagen streets set the stage for the highlight on Sunday: the half marathon distance.

The World Championships event will be incorporated into the annual Copenhagen Half Marathon which in 2026 will be presented as a special edition with the world’s best runners gathered across the three distances.

In addition to benefiting the capital city, the World Road Running Championships will also strengthen national athletics and running associations.

“We are both thrilled and honored to be chosen to host the World Road Running Championships 2026,” commented Simone Frandsen, President of Danish Athletics, and elaborates: “Following our successful introduction of recreational runners in the 2014 World Half Marathon Championships and the acclaimed 2019 World Cross Country Championships, we once again pledge our dedication to designing a spectacular experience. We couldn’t be more excited to stage the WRRC 2026 as we continue to contribute to moving the sport forward.”

Something truly special about the World Road Running Championships is that the race is not just for the elite. Ordinary runners get a unique opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the world’s best athletes on a certified World Championships route through the beautiful streets of Copenhagen.

And even after the professionals leave, the route will remain. The plan is for it to be taken over by CPH Half, allowing this event to grow even bigger – to the delight of runners from Denmark, Europe, and the rest of the world.

The World Road Running Championships in Copenhagen 2026 is a collaboration between Copenhagen Municipality, Sport Event Denmark, Wonderful Copenhagen, Danish Athletics, and Sparta Athletics & Running.

Registration for the World Road Running Championships 2026 opens in 2025.

Race news Nagoya Women’s Marathon

International entry opens for the world’s largest women’s marathon

Top female athletes will gather in Nagoya to engage in heated competition

Nwm2024 1 2

The Nagoya Women’s Marathon today opened the race entry with an accommodation package as an advance entry for the Nagoya Women’s Marathon 2024 for runners living outside Japan.

The 2024 version of the ‘largest women’s running festival in the world’ will be held on Sunday, March 10, next year, welcoming 20,000 participants, including 3,500 overseas entrants.

Launched in 2012, the Nagoya Women’s Marathon is certified by Guinness World Records as the largest women’s marathon in the world and is a World Athletics Platinum Label race. The 2024 race, to be held five months before the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, is expected to attract special attention and excitement from home and abroad for being the final qualifier for Japan’s women’s marathon team and an opportunity for athletes around the world to test their abilities and gain momentum before the Olympics.

All race participants who reach the finish line will receive a specially designed pendant from global luxury jeweler Tiffany & Co. as a memento of their achievement. The design of the pendant is different each year, and its unveiling ceremony the day before the race is one of the most popular stage programs at the Marathon EXPO.

One of the special attractions of marathon running is that as long as you are a runner who loves the sport, you can compete with the world’s best athletes, including future Olympians, in the same competition under the same conditions. The Nagoya Women’s Marathon 2024 welcomes race entries from women of all ages and levels, from fast runners who want to challenge themselves in a highly competitive race, to runners who are considering competing in a race for the first time in a while, to runners who want to experience what it is like to run an all-women road race (it’s even better than you imagine!).

As an end to Covid-19 as a global health emergency was declared by the WHO, many tourists have been visiting Japan from abroad. Please come to Japan next spring and join the Nagoya Women’s Marathon 2024, where you can challenge the 42.195 km with 20,000 other women runners supporting and cheering each other on.

For more information about the race entry, please visit the race’s official website and click the ENTRY banner.

Race news LSR Colombo Marathon

LSR Colombo Marathon 2023 cancelled

Organisers’ statement

Lsr colombo marathon

It is with deep regret that we are forced to inform you of the cancellation of this year’s LSR Colombo Marathon which was scheduled to be held on 8 October 2023.

The prevailing economic recession in Sri Lanka is having a profound impact on the business community, affecting both financial stability and resources. We have carefully evaluated the current circumstances in relation to the organising of our Event.

Judging by the growth that it has had during the past, this year’s Edition is expected to have substantial participation numbers which in turn will result in significant costs being associated with it. Planning and executing such a large-scale Event with limited resources will not be feasible.

Taking these factors into consideration, we have agreed that it will become increasingly challenging for us to proceed with the conducting of the event this year. Hence the decision.

We understand the disappointment this news might bring, especially to those who were eagerly looking forward to the event. However, we remain committed to strengthen our core business of inbound tourism. With a gradual recovery in our business operations, we are optimistic about our ability to host the LSR Colombo Marathon next year.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and ongoing support during these challenging times.

Race news Volksbank-Münster-Marathon

Münster promises elite German runners

Both course record holders from Kenya are also registered

Img 0953

The 21st edition of the Volksbank-Münster-Marathon on Sunday, September 3rd will be unbeatable in terms of excitement.

“To run here in this atmosphere, with the top elite from all over the world – more than 40 nations are represented at the starting line – and even now in the field with top German athletes, is a great honor for me,” says one recreational athlete, who was asked why he chose the Volksbank-Münster-Marathon.

Register now quickly – only three weeks until the start of the Volksbank-Münster-Marathon. There are only places left for the Volksbank-Münster-Marathon itself and for the 6.2 km H+B Technics Health Run. For the first time, the number of pre-registrations for the marathon is well above the 2000 mark. And the number of recreational and amateur athletes who have opted for the health run without timekeeping is well over 200 again.

“Hendrik Pfeiffer (the reigning German champion in the marathon) is coming to Münster” – this news spread quickly. Now Pfeiffer’s friend and training companion, Tobias Ulbrich from Landshut, the German under-23 10,000m champion, is coming too. Tobias ran a time of 65:07 in his most successful half marathon, breaking the Bavarian state record set in 1999. He wants to run roughly this time in Münster, keeping up with the fastest second wave runners, before dropping out around 30km in. Both want to use this first marathon after the summer holidays for a test of their form without completing it, because they want to run a marathon in the autumn.

Hendrik Pfeiffer however is feeling so confident that he will be pacemaking for the fastest top elite runners for that 30km – equivalent to a half marathon time of around 64 minutes – which could lead to a new men’s course record. Justus Kiprotich from Kenya has held this position since 2018 with 2:09:28. Kiprotich has since become a crowd favorite in Münster and will be at the start again this year. The fastest competitor for a new course record is Moroccan Abdellah Tagharrafet, who set a personal best of 2:08:14 in Seoul a year ago. Isaac Kibet Chebuyo, who is almost 10 years his junior, should also be seen as a favourite, even though he is running his first marathon in Münster. His half marathon time of just 63 minutes gives an idea of how fast he can be if he has enough speed to cover the entire 42.195 km.

German elite runners will also take part in the Hengst Filtration 28 – the 28 km run, which is the hot race this year and alone brings 600 participants to the start (participation limit). Rabea and Deborah (Debbi) Schöneborn from Berlin are top favorites here. Debbi logged the second fastest annual best time of all female marathon runners in Germany (2:25:52 hours) at the Seville Marathon at the beginning of the year, and now wants to join her twin sister Rabea, who with a personal best of 2:27:03 is also among the top German runners – a last test run for an autumn marathon in the next few weeks. It’s nice that both are in Münster together, as Rabea was injured until recently.

Top elite also start in the women’s marathon. The course record holder from last year, Lilian Jelagat from Kenya, is back. Her new best time of 2:27:39 was a clear sign that she was below the magical 2:30 hour mark, even though she had no strength left at the finish line. This year she wants to finish with a smile. But that may not be easy for her given the competition of eight other elite runners. Judith Cherono from Kenya has the best chances with a personal best of 2:27:23 two years ago in Istanbul. The only non-African top elite runner is the Japanese Al Ikemoto, who will be running a marathon in Münster for the first time. Here, too, two pacemakers from the Netherlands and Belgium ensure that the pace of the women is right and that the runners don’t peak too early.

Race news Sarmang Dehradun Marathon

Dehradun Marathon extends registration deadline

Runners have until 24 September to secure a place

Sm 238

The countdown is on for the highly anticipated second edition of the Sarmang Dehradun Marathon, and we are excited to announce an extension of the registration deadline until 24 September 2023.

This ensures that all passionate runners have ample time to secure their spots for this extraordinary event. Mark your calendars for the race day on 8 October 2023, as Dehradun, India, prepares to host a world-class sporting extravaganza.

The Sarmang Dehradun Marathon proudly boasts its AIMS certification, confirming its status as an internationally recognized race. Furthermore, it holds the esteemed distinction of being an Abbott World Marathon Majors Qualifying race, opening doors for participants to qualify for major international marathons such as the Tata Mumbai Marathon, Boston Marathon, and London Marathon. Under the expert guidance of a RRCA certified Race Director, the marathon guarantees a meticulously planned and seamless race experience.

As the event attracts participants from across the globe, it has quickly become a melting pot of international running talent. In addition to the full marathon, the Sarmang Dehradun Marathon offers a range of exciting events for all fitness levels. These include a half marathon, a 10K run, a 5K run, and a 2K family run, ensuring that everyone can be part of the celebration. The marathon’s course record of 2:30:31 stands as a testament to the level of competition and achievement this event represents. Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or a recreational runner, the Sarmang Dehradun Marathon promises an unforgettable experience set against the stunning backdrop of Dehradun’s natural beauty.

For detailed information and to secure your place in this extraordinary event, please visit our official website: Don’t miss this chance to be part of a marathon that embodies excellence, camaraderie, and the joy of running.

Join us in Dehradun on 8 October 2023 and let your passion for running reach new heights.

Race news Tallinna Maraton, Half & 10k

Tallinn soars to new heights in anniversary year

Race medals depict Estonia’s national bird

Tallinn marathon 2023 medals

Tallinn is the first European capital where participation medals for an international sports event are made from used consumer electronics waste.

This year, the 105th anniversary year of the Republic of Estonia, Tallinn Marathon’s unique medals depict Estonia’s national bird – the barn swallow.

The three-day program of the grand event that involves both top runners and thousands of amateurs, begins on Friday, September 8 with the five-kilometer Nike Youth Run, continues on Saturday, September 9 with the 21.1-kilometer half-marathon and the 10-kilometer RIMI Autumn Run, and ends on Sunday, September 10, with the classic marathon race (42.2 km). The program also includes the Limpa Kids’ Race and the virtual Marathon Combo, an event that has gained popularity among enthusiasts and will be ongoing throughout the month of September.

This year, the Tallinn Marathon is dedicated to the 105th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia.

The spectacle at the start/finish line at the foot of Pikk Hermann (Tall Herman) tower promises to rise to lofty and spirited heights as participants of Estonia’s biggest national sports event are expected to appear on the track in blue-black-white T-shirts and all finishers of the main events receive at the finish line a unique participation medal, on which Estonia’s beloved national bird, the swallow, spreads its wings.

Priit Verlin, the medal’s designer, is visibly satisfied and notes that this medal for Estonia’s biggest sports event is one of the most beautiful medals ever designed by him. “It is a rare masterpiece, worthy of Estonia’s anniversary in every way, that participants can wear with pride and keep as a souvenir. The barn swallow is a beautiful but demanding motif, which is why it has been used relatively little in designs. In addition to these Tallinn Marathon medals, the national bird, that has served as a symbol of Estonian culture and heritage for over sixty years, is also depicted on the identity document of every Estonian citizen and on the former highest-value banknote of the newly independent Republic of Estonia – five hundred Estonian kroons,” Verlin itemizes cases where the swallow motif was used.

The master craftsman of the Marathon medal further points out another fact that emphasizes the uniqueness of the medals: “This time, the medals are by their nature environmentally friendly and green, helping promote reuse of materials and valorization of old things. The medals of Estonia’s biggest sports event contain parts of former electronic devices and old printing plates – old metal has thus been given a new, dignified life. Tallinn is the first European capital where participation medals for an international sports event are made from used consumer electronics waste,” Verlin praises the joint initiative of Tallinn, the European Green Capital, and the organizers.

Thanks to the help of the Ministry of Culture, the City of Tallinn, the Estonian Athletic Association, and supporters, Tallinn Marathon for the first time classifies as a World Athletics Elite label running event in both the marathon and half-marathon categories – this increases the interest of top runners as well and expands the geography of exercise enthusiasts, significantly animating Estonia’s tourism sector. This year, more than twenty thousand participants can be expected to take part in this international sports event that attracts the largest number of participants in Estonia, of whom almost one third are foreigners.

Register for the biggest event of the Be Active Year 2023 at a discount price until August 31 at

Also visit to purchase T-shirts in Estonian national colors. Depending on the race type, the official T-shirt of the Tallinn Marathon is either free or available at a discounted price for registered participants.

Race news BMW Berlin-Marathon

Be a legend

Time to check your nutrition during the BMW Berlin Marathon

Be a legend

The BMW Berlin Marathon is just over six weeks away – high time to take a closer look at the topic of nutrition and drink intake during the race.

The most important basic rule for all runners: No experiments on marathon day!

Whether it’s gels, bars or carbohydrate drinks – test everything in training that you want to consume during your run to become a Berlin legend. Every body reacts differently. It is important that your food is easy to digest and that your stomach is not burdened. Adequate hydration is also crucial and should be “practised” during training.

For a test under competition conditions, the Berlin Road Race on 27 August is the perfect dress rehearsal for your marathon. Why not use the half marathon distance not only as a form check, but also as a test run for your nutrition before and during the race?

Date changes Victoria Falls Marathon

Race date for Victoria Falls Marathon (ZIM) changed

Victoria Falls Marathon date change

The Victoria Falls Marathon (ZIM) will take place on Sun 7 July 2024, not Sun 30 June 2024 as previously published.

This article was revised after first publication.

Date changes Tata Mumbai Marathon

Race date for Tata Mumbai Marathon (IND) changed

Tata Mumbai Marathon date change

The Tata Mumbai Marathon (IND) will take place on Sun 21 January 2024, not Tue 2 January 2024 as previously published.

Date changes Khon Kaen International Marathon

Race date for Khon Kaen International Marathon (THA) changed

Khon Kaen Int’l Marathon date change

The Khon Kaen International Marathon (THA) will take place on Sun 14 January 2024, not Sat 13 January 2024 as previously published.

Date changes Pushkin – St Petersburg

Race date for Pushkin – St Petersburg (RUS) changed

Pushkin – St Petersburg date change

The Pushkin – St Petersburg (RUS) will take place on Sun 3 September 2023, not Sun 17 September 2023 as previously published.

Date changes 10km International de Marrakech

Race date for 10km International de Marrakech (MAR) changed

10km Int’l de Marrakech date change

The 10km International de Marrakech (MAR) will take place on Sun 29 October 2023, not Sun 1 October 2023 as previously published.

Race news Chevron Houston Marathon, Aramco Houston Half Marathon and We Are Houston 5K

Houston foundation awards USD 20,000 to local students

Scholarship recipients are afforded more time to make positive impacts in the classroom, on campus, and in their communities

The Houston Marathon Foundation (HMF) has announced the 15th and 16th recipients of its annual USD 10,000 collegiate scholarships.

Aracely Almaguer (East Early College High School, University of Houston) and Noah Willows (Bridgeland High School, Texas A&M University) will each receive USD 10,000 (8,980 EUR) over the next four years to assist them in their undergraduate studies.

In 2015, the HMF began awarding scholarships to high school cross-country runners who embody leadership, generosity, and a volunteer spirit in their everyday life. The HMF has awarded USD 260,000 in scholarship funds to students from the Greater Houston Region who excelled in the classroom; volunteered their time at school or in the community; and are attending a local four-year college or university in the state of Texas.

“The heart, talent, and drive that these young athletes exhibit in their endeavors to make their communities a better place to work, live and play is truly admirable and inspiring,” stated HMF Executive Director, Wade Morehead. “Running has made such a positive impact in their lives, and on behalf of the HMF, it is an absolute honor to support these two amazing student-athletes as well as our previous scholarship recipients.”

This year’s HMF scholarship recipients are intent on making a difference as individuals in their communities and as professionals upon graduation. Both standouts recognize that the sport of running has been key to their success.

“Running gave me my life back,” stated Aracely, whose best friends are her two older siblings and she had lost motivation when they left home. “Running and being outdoors with my family changes my perspective on everything. To some, it might appear silly, but nothing compares to the feeling of crossing the finish line, and the feeling of accomplishment you get as you run and see your community cheering you on.”

Aracely added that she is truly appreciative of the financial support from the HMF, especially as a working student who will now have more free time for academics, family, and volunteerism. Like Aracely, Willows also works summers and holidays and is truly grateful for how this scholarship will help him as a biomedical engineering student and cross-country runner.

“This scholarship will allow me to continue to be a collegiate athlete and also focus on my studies as opposed to having to log extra hours during the school year working,” stated Willows, who has endured nagging injuries over the years and hopes to use his degree to help the athletes of the sport he loves. “I want to test the force applied to the foot and I would love to engineer my own running shoe if I can’t join a big shoe brand.”

The HMF is excited about the future of these two student-athletes as they chase down their dreams. For students interested in applying for the HMF scholarship next year, the application process will be open September 1st, 2023, and close March 30th, 2024. More information can be found on the HMF scholarships as well as other HMF initiatives by visiting

Race news Mainova Frankfurt Marathon

100 days until the Frankfurt Marathon

Germany’s oldest city marathon celebrates 40 years


The Mainova Frankfurt Marathon will celebrate its 40th anniversary on 29 October 2023. Today it is exactly 100 days until the start of Germany’s oldest city marathon, which again promises to be a very special running experience.

More than 27,000 participants are expected at this year’s Mainova Frankfurt Marathon. In addition several thousand spectators and numerous action points and bands along the course await the participants and celebrate Frankfurt’s largest street festival.

The Mainova Frankfurt Marathon is a major sporting event with a long tradition in Frankfurt. In 1981, the running event was held for the first time and thus took on a pioneering role in Germany. Frankfurt was the first city in the Federal Republic to close streets for runners and allow a marathon in the city centre.

The 2023 marathon weekend will be dedicated to the anniversary: participants can look forward to an 80s festival on the course, the history of the marathon will be presented in the form of a large exhibition at the marathon fair, and of course there will be a special gift for the marathon runners.

If you are not yet registered, then take the opportunity to register. Start training and become part of the unforgettable anniversary edition of the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon 2023.

Race news Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon

Unparalled running in Singapore

Runners will finish at National Stadium for the first time

Aimsxscsm web feature 300x200px v2

The Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon is the leading mass participation run and only World Athletics Gold Label race in South East Asia.

Since 2002, the race has brought runners unparalleled running experiences, threading through the heart of the city past some of Singapore’s iconic landmarks such as Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay.

SCSM comprises of five categories; Marathon 42.195km, Half Marathon 21.1km, 10km, 5km, and Kids Dash and was first recognised as a Gold Label event by World Athletics in 2012 for its world-class excellence in global sporting significance, organisational quality, and compliance with World Athletics’ safety standards. The race has been a catalyst to growing the local and regional running community, bringing together approximately 50,000 professional, amateur, avid and leisure runners yearly.

This year, the race participants of SCSM2023 will begin their run at the F1 Pit Building before finishing on the running track of the iconic National Stadium in Singapore! This will mark the first time in the event’s history that runners will cross the finish line at the 55,000-capacity venue, which is Singapore’s centerpiece for sporting, entertainment, lifestyle, and national events. Runners can expect a different race route and an enhanced finish experience, with several fun-filled and family-friendly activities to be held in the stadium, and the Singapore Sports Hub vicinity.

Join us this 1–3 December to experience the thrill of running a race and be part of history in the making! Sign up now ( and see you at the finish line!

Race news Volksbank-Münster-Marathon

Münster calls for volunteers for “plogging”

Put down a marker for sustainability, say organisers

2n2a8680 v

The team behind the Münster Marathon, together with awm, the municipal waste management and recycling organisation, has launched a bid to pioneer “Plogging” in the city of Münster.

Plogging is nothing other than picking up litter while you run – the idea originated in Sweden and the name is a combination of the Swedish words for litter-picking and jogging.

The first plogging meeting is in Münster on Wednesday 19 July at 5pm and volunteers are welcome – however advance registration is needed because the necessary equipment has to be organised.

The running Wombles will be focusing on the Aasee lake in Münster on this first evening, which is a popular tourist destination. “It’s embarrassing that people are still just throwing their garbage into the countryside, when there are plenty of opportunities to dispose of it properly,” says Michael Brinkmann, the chair of the Münster Marathon charity.

“We want to set an example with this action, and show that we appreciate the work of the awm – but also to shame people into doing the right thing with their rubbish and protecting the environment,” says Caro Ischinsky, who is responsible for catering at the marathon. “Runners at the marathon deserve praise and we continue to appeal to our almost 10,000 runners to deal with rubbish on the course properly and put it in the correct receptacles. Sustainability is the future and everyone is responsible for it.”

Runners who wish to take part in the plogging evening can register by emailing The awm provides disposable gloves and rubbish bags and will take care of the collected waste.

Race news eDreams Mitja Marató de Barcelona by Brooks

eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona challenges: fast or fun but run!

Half marathon will open the new running season in Barcelona once more


The 34th edition of the eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona will take place on 11th of February, and just one month later, on 10th of March, it will be the turn of the 45th edition of the Zurich Marató Barcelona.

For the second consecutive year, the two most international and most important races of the Catalan capital have opened their registrations together on Thursday 1st of June, as a sign of their strong sport and social bond. In addition, it is important to highlight specifically that the fast and urban circuit of the eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona is ideal to beat the clock over the distance of the 21 kilometers.

Once again, the organisers have set their goals for 2024 with the aim of improving the experience of racing in Barcelona year after year. The eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona is an exceptional race. Apart from being one of the most international ones in the territory, the organisation wants to continue its commitment to increase the total number of participants, as well as women’s presence. On the one hand, for the eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona 2024, the challenge is to achieve 25,000 registrations next year, having exhausted the 21,000 available bibs for 2023.

In 2023 the eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona, organised by Ajuntament de Barcelona and RPM Sports, had a record number of women runners (7,350 – 35% of the total number of participants) and a third (33%) of international runners, coming from up to 101 different nationalities. As well this year, the Kenyan elite runners, Charles Kipkkurui Langat and Irine Jepchumba, have established a new double record race. For man’s category, Langat has stopped the chrono in 58:53, 13 seconds faster than the record set last year by Haftu Teklu (59.06); for woman’s one, Jepchumba crossed the finish line in 01:04:37, setting a new women’s best time of the race and beating Florence Kiplagat’s numbers of 2015 (1:05:09).

For 2024, the eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona launches a new slogan, with the intention of consolidating the city as the key part of this event. The purpose is involving its citizens to the maximum, so that they can take part in these sporting events and feel the pride and pertinence of the one of the great days of popular athletics in Barcelona (with the Zurich Marató Barcelona 2024 that will be next 10th of March) designed for everybody, international visitors and locals alike.

“Fast or fun, but run” is the new concept for the eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona 2024. A phrase that sums up in a few words the essence of this race: a fast but fun circuit, international but local at the same time, where the most important thing is to have a good time and, at the same time, it has an ideal course to be able to look for a personal best.

More information and registrations are available now at

Race news BMW Berlin-Marathon

Eliud Kipchoge will run the BMW Berlin-Marathon

Superstar to return to course where he set two world records

Kipchoge eluidfh berlin22

The “best marathon runner of all time” is returning to run the BMW Berlin-Marathon: Eliud Kipchoge has reached agreement with the organizers to compete in Germany’s most spectacular road race.

The 38-year-old Kenyan superstar will be running the BMW Berlin-Marathon for the sixth time. The double Olympic Marathon champion from his triumphs in 2016 and 2021 has already set two world records on this fast course, running 2:01:39 in 2018 and performing even faster last year to take exactly half a minute off that time with 2:01:09.

Both of last year’s winners will be on the start line to defend their titles on September 24. The Ethiopian Tigist Assefa, who improved the women’s course record with a sensational course record of 2:15:37, will also return to the Berlin race which forms part of the Abbott World Marathon Majors Series.

A year before the Olympic Games in Paris, where Eliud Kipchoge would so dearly love to become the first runner in history to win three Olympic Marathon gold medals, this exceptional athlete will be concentrating on re-establishing his pedigree in Berlin. His previous apparent infallibility has faltered as he suffered a rare loss of form in finishing sixth in the Boston Marathon with 2:09:23 in April, his slowest ever marathon in 20 outings. This was in stark contrast to 2019 when he broke the two-hour barrier for the distance in Vienna with 1:59:40.2, though the event did not conform to competition standards to count as a world record.

“On my road to the Paris Olympic Games, I like to go back to Berlin Marathon, since to me this is the perfect preparation. I have great memories there and I look forward to run the streets of Berlin again, together with the thousands of runners that will join,” said Eliud Kipchoge. Victory in Berlin this year would make him the undisputed record winner of the men’s title. At present he is tied with another running legend, Haile Gebrselassie of Ethiopia, with four wins apiece.

Among Eliud Kipchoge’s rivals will be his Kenyan compatriot Amos Kipruto. The latter won the London Marathon last year and possesses a high-quality personal best of 2:03:13. Kipruto has already competed against him previously in Berlin, finishing second in Kipchoge’s world record run with 2:06:23 in 2018.

Tigist Assefa (ETH) also made headlines a year ago in the BMW Berlin-Marathon when she improved her personal best by a staggering margin of almost 20 minutes, taking it down from 2:34:01 to 2:15:37. This performance took Assefa to third fastest on the all-time list for the women’s marathon at that time. Her priority on the fast Berlin course will be to produce another performance of undeniably world class quality and ensure qualification for the Olympic Marathon in Paris in 2024.

In Sheila Chepkirui she will face a leading contender and one of the fast rising stars among Kenya’s marathon women. She finished in London this spring in an outstanding fourth place among a field of great quality, running a personal best of 2:18:51. Chepkirui should have fond memories of Berlin, having won the Generali Berlin Half Marathon despite freezing temperatures in a course record of 65:02 in 2022. She will have to raise her game still further, however, if she is to win a place among the three Kenyan women to be selected for the Olympic Marathon.

Race news TCS Amsterdam Marathon

TCS Amsterdam Marathon sold out in record time

Second start location next to Olympic Stadium to accommodate growing number of runners


More than three months before the start of the 47th edition of the TCS Amsterdam Marathon, all 45,000 start tickets have been sold.

Never before has the participant limit for sports organization Le Champion’s fall marathon been reached so quickly.

On Sunday, 15 October 20,000 runners will start on the full marathon, which is also a record number for the main distance of the event. The Mizuno Half Marathon attracts 20,000 participants again this year, remaining the largest half marathon in the Netherlands. For the TCS 8K, 5,000 participants are registered. With more than 130 different nationalities at the start, the TCS Amsterdam Marathon is the most international sporting event in the Netherlands.

The TCS Amsterdam Marathon is a World Athletics Platinum Label race and has enormous appeal to marathon runners from around the world. More than half of the runners at the full marathon come from outside the Netherlands (65%). The event also sold out early last year, which gave organizer Le Champion sufficient reason to create additional starting spots on the full marathon. To ensure the safety of the event and an optimal runners experience, the 20,000 marathon runners will start from two different locations for the first time this year. The Olympic Stadium offers space for 15,000 starters, the remaining 5,000 participants will start directly outside the stadium on the Stadionweg. After one kilometer, the two streams of participants merge and all runners follow the same course from the Vondelpark. Moreover, the finish is the same for everyone, in the Olympic Stadium.

Race Director René Wit said: “I am extremely proud that the TCS Amsterdam Marathon is experiencing this growth, it means that we can increasingly compete with the biggest marathons in the world. By adding a second start location we can allow even more marathon runners to enjoy the fast course along the many unique highlights of Amsterdam, without compromising the safety and experience of the participants.”

Le Champion will soon announce the first names of the elite field. The course record of 2:03:39 dates back to 2021 and is held by Ethiopian Tamirat Tola.

Race news Volksbank-Münster-Marathon

Non-stop highlights in Münster

Katharina Menke’s spectacular Wimmelbild

Marathon 50x70

Every year there are new highlights that make the running spectacle of the Volksbank-Münster-Marathon known and popular far beyond the borders of the Münsterland.

Art, culture and sport are united on this day in Münster and its districts of Gievenbeck, Roxel and Nienberge. Art? Yes, for the first time Dr. Katharina Menke recorded her impressions of the races, but also impressions of friends and acquaintances in an elaborate “Where’s Wally?” style illustration on which she spent more than 200 hours.

“We have never seen anything like this before,” say the astonished organisation team, who are enthusiastic about the many details that this picture – the very detailed style is called a “teeming picture”, Wimmelbild, in German – combines. “You can look at it for half an hour and always discover something new,” says Michael Brinkmann, chairman of Münster-Marathon e.V., who has now included the artist in his training group to get her fit for two relay sections at the Volksbank-Münster-Marathon.

The original large picture drawn on canvas, signed by the winners of the marathon, will be auctioned off in favor of the José Carreras Leukemia Foundation. Katharina Menke is also offering prints in approximately A2 format for 25 EUR. The prints can be obtained directly from Münster-Marathon e.V. (, Windthorststrasse 32 in Münster. Part of the sales proceeds of these will also be donated to the José Carreras Leukemia Foundation.

Race news Gold Coast Marathon

Course record by Naoki Koyama at Gold Coast

Electrician Liam Adams runs fastest marathon ever by an Australian in Australia

1st male naoki koyama marathon

Japan’s Naoki Koyama has defeated a class Gold Coast Marathon powered by Chery field to take the 2023 men’s full distance marathon spoils and set a new course record.

His 2:07:40 eclipsed the 2:07:50 race record set in 2019 by compatriot Yuta Shitara and was the last of four outright course records reset across the weekend events.

Kenyan Ezekiel Omullo (2:08:26) and Victoria’s Liam Adams took the minor placings with Adams running the fastest marathon ever by an Australian in Australia with his 2:08:39 beating Rob de Castella’s 1982 Brisbane Commonwealth Games winning time of 2:09:18.

Not only that, he ran it in front of the great man himself who is today an Ambassador for the Gold Coast Marathon powered by Chery.

Meanwhile Kenyans Rodah Tanui (2:27:10) and Ruth Chebitok (2:28:17) went one-two in the women’s race ahead of Queensland Olympic track star and marathon debutant Genevieve Gregson who ran a 2:28:33.

They were the standout performances of the 6722 runners who faced the starter on a perfect Gold Coast morning.

Adams says his running obsession doesn’t come without a cost.

“I’ll be running the Berlin Marathon next, and I spent about AUD10,000 [EUR 6,130] trying to prep for this race because I went [high altitude] training in Flagstaff [Arizona], but I had to dig deep into my savings and I’ve maxed out my annual leave, so it’s back to being a sparkie [electrician] for a while I reckon.

“I don’t think many of those guys on the top 10 list have ever been non funded or not supported so I guess I’m a bit different to them, hey?”

Women’s winner Tanui said she was proud of the Kenyan double after both she and Chebitok had both tasted victory before in 2019 and 2018 respectively. Gold Coast born and bred Gregson’s run comes after a year of highs and lows that included two Achilles operations and the birth of a baby. “To be a Queenslander, born on the Gold Coast, here for my first marathon with my whole family and my baby here, I just can’t describe the feeling,” she said.


1 Naoki KOYAMA JPN 2:07:40
2 Ezekiel OMULLO KEN 2:08:26
3 Liam ADAMS AUS 2:08:39
1 Rodah TANUI KEN 2:27:10
2 Ruth CHEBITOK KEN 2:28:17
3 Genevieve GREGSON AUS 2:28:33

AIMS news

Medal provider Always Advancing partners with AIMS


“Always Advancing is truly excited and proud to be the new Medal Partner of AIMS,” said Chief Financial Officer Ryan O’Keefe. “We look forward to getting to know and for the opportunity to work with each and every member. We will work together for the mutual benefit and advancement of AIMS and the AIMS Mission”.

Always Advancing, established in 2008, is a world-renowned manufacturer of awards, apparel, and promotional products with a specialization in custom finisher medals, ribbons and apparel for endurance events.

Recently retired race director of the Marine Corps Marathon Rick Nealis commented: “Always Advancing have been our partners for several years and their commitment to assuring our runners have a first-class experience is second to none. Our participants look forward to completing the race each year just so they can take home the outstanding medals that Always Advancing provides.”

Always Advancing took immediate advantage of the new partnership with AIMS by attending the 23rd World Congress of AIMS held in Osaka on 23–26 February and presented their offering to members in attendance.

Always Advancing has offices and production capabilities throughout the world and takes great pride in providing award-winning designed medals and ribbons with budget friendly pricing. Race clients can often save thousands while providing full-service logistics including door-to-door delivery.

Always Advancing is dedicated to sustainability and through ‘Always Sustainable’ can provide options that allow for the production of medals from 100% recycled metal and in delivering a finished product that is 100% recyclable. This on top of carbon neutral shipping options allow Always Advancing, our clients and clients’ sponsors a fully sustainable offering.

Always Advancing recognizes the hard work and dedication it takes to cross the finish line and we strive to design and manufacture Awards & Apparel which the athlete will appreciate and wear proudly. Aside from athletic events, we also provide for businesses and events of all kinds across the globe. All of our designs are 100% custom made with fastidious attention to detail and perfection.

See our website at:
Contact us at:

Race news Mainova Frankfurt Marathon

Mainova Frankfurt Marathon celebrates its 40th anniversary

Fast course promises personal bests for elite and amateur runners alike

Mainova frankfurt marathon key visual 2022 querformat blanco  04 scaled

The Mainova Frankfurt Marathon celebrates its 40th anniversary on October 29, 2023. This year, the oldest German city marathon promises to be a very special running experience.

The course: fast. The atmosphere at the edge of the track: fantastic. The finish: overwhelming. Over 27,000 participants are expected again this year at the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon. In good weather, around 400,000 spectators and over 80 action points and bands are waiting for the participants along the route and ensure Frankfurt’s largest street festival.

“The Frankfurt Marathon is a fixture in our city. I would like to congratulate you on your 40th anniversary and I am delighted that several thousand participants from all over the world will be visiting Frankfurt again on the last weekend in October and will be walking through the streets of our city. I wish all participants and the spectators along the route an unforgettable marathon festival,” says Lord Mayor Mike Josef.

The Mainova Frankfurt Marathon is a major sporting event with a long tradition in Frankfurt am Main. The running classic was held for the first time in 1981 and thus played a pioneering role in Germany. Frankfurt was the first city in the Federal Republic to close streets for runners and allow a marathon in the city center. The marathon weekend in 2023 will be in the spirit of the anniversary: an 80s festival awaits the participants along the route, the history of the marathon will be on show in the form of a large exhibition at the marathon fair. Of course there will be a special gift for the marathon runners too.

“This year we will experience a very special Mainova Frankfurt Marathon. We look forward to offering the participants a great anniversary festival with a colourful supporting programme. On the last Sunday in October, the streets of Frankfurt belong to the runners and the Frankfurt Festhalle will be the final, emotional highlight of the 42.195 kilometers. Preparations are already in full swing,” says race director Jo Schindler.

The unchanged, flat route in Frankfurt promises best times for elite and amateur athletes alike. “We deliberately offer a big runner’s festival for everyone, this applies to the top athletes at the top, to the ambitious recreational athletes and to all the runners who simply enjoy running through such an exciting city as the Main metropolis without traffic.” In addition to popular sport, top-class sport will once again find a perfectly organized stage in the banking city this year. The professional organisation is crowned again this year by World Athletics’ award of the “World Athletics Elite Label”. This means that the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon will again be one of the top marathon races in the world in 2023.

At the 40th edition of the marathon in the Main metropolis, the participants can expect an unforgettable running weekend for the whole family. The “marathonmall” sporting goods fair opens its doors on Friday and is open up to and including Sunday. Here endurance enthusiasts can get on the trail of the latest trends, just look around and be inspired, or directly consume the products of the exhibitors.

The popular Fattoria La Vialla – Toscana Pasta Party will also take place again. Here the guests can load up on carbohydrates on the day before the marathon and chat with other runners in an atmospheric atmosphere or watch the entertainment on the stage. If you want to go on a relaxed run around the Main on Saturdays, the free Pretzel Run powered by interair is just the thing for you. At a relaxed pace, a five-kilometer circuit awaits you at the finish line with delicious fresh pretzels and the unique Pretzel Run medal.

For all those who do not yet dare to run the full marathon distance, there will also be the opportunity in 2023 to start the relay marathon as a quartet of runners and get a taste of marathon life. The mini marathon and the Struwwelpeter run are aimed at children aged 5 to 17 who love to run. Of course, the little ones also get to run into the magnificently lit festival hall just like the adults.

Running news

10km race in prison

The 7th edition took place in May

By Horst Milde

Gefaengnislauf 2022 logo 2017 jva ploetzensee  grr logo jva lauf 03

Ten years ago I heard that at the infamous prison in Berlin-Plötzensee the prisoners are also allowed to run and train in a 250 m almost rectangular courtyard.

I asked if I could train with the prisoners sometime. The answer took very long, so that I complained first.

So I trained with them, did gymnastics and also went to their weight room where they worked with many metals.

I asked them if I should organize a race for them at their prison. They were immediately in favour of it, but it took almost two years to get all the permissions, because it was new for everybody.

I am used to races with 30,000–40,000 participants, but a 10km race with about 100 runners in prison is a special number – and it costs a lot of nerves.

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Race news hella hamburg half marathon

Hot sun, a course record and a race to the finish

Salpeter and Jebet both beat the course record

7 hanno bode lonah salpeter

Half past eight in the morning on the Reeperbahn and everything needs to be ready for the 29th hella hamburg half marathon. Hundreds of metres of crash barriers, PA equipment, electricity supplies, plenty of drinks, starting forms, portable toilets.

Teams of helpers, lead cars, police and many others make sure that the logistics for around 10,000 participants run like clockwork.

As in the previous year a hot summer day was predicted, but at least the temperature stayed in a running-friendly range in the morning. The talk was even of course records.

The fastest man momentarily measured a top speed of 64km/h. The average 21km/h of the elite runners seemed relatively slow compared to that, but can be maintained over two laps of the ground.

Excitement was guaranteed for the spectators. The closeness of the lead runners and the technical delay of the live broadcast meant that even on the finishing stretch it was not clear whether the course records were in danger. At 19km even a time under an hour for the men seemed possible. Or would it be 1:01:30? The atmosphere was that of a festival as the runners began the long last stretch in Jungiusstrasse. Samwel Mailu (KEN), last year’s winner, was able to put distance between himself and the next runner with 1.5km to go.

He was able to maintain this gap until the finish and crossed the line in 1:01:09, 25 seconds before Edwin Kipruto – just 17 seconds slower than the course record set in 2015.

Then came the two fastest women. A sprint to the finish: several hundred metres in a straight line and uphill. Only up close was it possible to see that Lonah Salpeter finished a few steps ahead of Naom Jebet. Both beat the course record of 1:10:13 set by Gladys Jeptepkeny in 2018.

The fastest German runners were Hendrik Pfeiffer in 1:05:35 and Esther Jacobitz in 1:16:34. Among local runners from Hamburg itself, Erik Hille crossed the finishing line in 1:08:48 and Lara Hülsebusch in 1:24:32.

The party was only just beginning as streams of runners started to flow through the finish. After two hours, with the temperature reaching 26ºC, 1,500 had completed the course and by 11.20am it was 3,000.


Half marathon
1 Samwel MAILU KEN 1:01:09
2 Edwin KIPRUTO KEN 1:01:34
3 Jonathan KORIR KEN 1:02:52
4 Ismael KIPRONO KEN 1:03:03
5 Vincent TOWETT KEN 1:03:21
1 Lonah SALPETER ISR 1:10:05
2 Naom JEBET KEN 1:10:06
3 Meritxell SOLER ESP 1:11:56
4 Janet RUGURU KEN 1:12:19
5 Sylvia Mmboga MEDUGU KEN 1:14:49

Race news Tui Palma Marathon Mallorca

Balearic Athlete Caridad Jerez awarded ‘Dorsal de Oro’ of the Palma Marathon Mallorca 2023

Caridad Jerez, the first Olympic female athlete from Mallorca will be honoured at the Palma Marathon Mallorca on the 15th of October, and will be awarded the “Golden Bib” or “Dorsal de Oro” at the start line. This is the tribute to one of the leading figures in athletics history on the Balearic Islands.

The upcoming edition of the Palma Marathon Mallorca 2023 is held on the 15th of October, and the organisers are unveiling some of the new features of the biggest running event in the Balearic Islands which once again will bring together more than 7,000 runners over the three distances: 9k, 21k and the marathon distance (42,195 metres).

The “Dorsal Oro” or Golden Bib Number 2023 will go to Caridad Jerez, several times Spanish champion in 60m and 100m hurdles and 4×100m relay, and the first Mallorcan Olympic female athlete in history who participated in the Olympic Games, in Rio in 2016. She has been 11 times national champion, the fifth Spanish woman to go under 13 seconds in the 100m hurdles and an international reference on the athletics track. “It is an honour for me to receive this Gold Bib and to succeed Balearic athletes such as Toni Peña, Miquel Capó or Emilio de la Cámara. Although my passion has been the ‘short’ and explosive distances and hurdles, it is a nice recognition, and it will be a pleasure to be surrounded by thousands of runners in my home town”, said Caridad Jerez, who announced her official retirement from professional sport a few months ago.

On 15th of October Palma will once again be the capital of running of the Balearic Islands, with a very high participation of women and foreign runners. This year’s edition has extended the side events and parallel activities (Expo, Breakfast Run, Pasta Party, guided cultural visits…) that will be held the days before of raceday in the Parc de la Mar, and there will be live music and performances for the first time on Friday and Saturday at the Expo. Both the marathon and the half marathon will start together at 8AM and the 9k race at 8:45AM, and there will be improvements and updates to the services to offer even a better experience for spectators and the general public.

The Palma Marathon Mallorca is organised by Kumulus, with the support of the Palma City Council and the Tourism Strategy Agency of the Balearic Islands and the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan of the Spanish Government as well as the Mallorca Tourism Foundation, and the collaboration and sponsorship of Zafiro Hotels as official accommodation, 361º, Proa Group, Fornes Logistics and Ports de Balears.

Race news Gold Coast Marathon

Gold Coast Marathon veteran promoted to race director

Ryan McDonald joined event organisation in 2003

Events Management Queensland (EMQ) veteran of more than 20 years, Ryan McDonald will take on a new title and a fitting promotion when he steps out as Race Director at the 2023 Gold Coast Marathon powered by Chery.

McDonald started with Gold Coast Events as it was known in 2003 in a short-term contract position before taking on a full-time role in Athlete Services in 2004 and becoming the General Manager Event Services in 2014.

Two decades later with a couple of COVID induced marathon cancellations under his belt he’s about to embark on his 19th delivery of the iconic event with probably the best elite field in the Gold Coast Marathon’s history.

Reflecting on his years with Gold Coast Events and its evolution to become Events Management Queensland, McDonald said there was so many elements that he enjoyed about his career, from working with the dedicated team at EMQ to building relationships with the elite athletes, the athlete managers and other marathon organisers from around the globe.

He recounts fondly the 2014 Gold Coast Marathon when Silah Limo (2:09:14) broke Robert de Castella’s 1982 Australian all-comers record (2:09:18) and delivered the event’s first sub 2:10 result as something he’ll always remember in a career that has enjoyed many highlights.

He recognises it has been a long time since an Aussie topped the Gold Coast Marathon podium (with Lee Troop in 2006 and Lauren Shelley in 2009) but is looking forward to more international athletes returning and appreciates their support after the COVID cancellations.

The 2023 Gold Coast Marathon powered by Chery weekend will feature the 42.195km marathon, the CPL Wheelchair Marathon, ASICS Half Marathon, Southern Cross University 10km Run, CPL Wheelchair 10km, Gold Coast Airport 5km Fun Run and the Health and Wellbeing Queensland 2km and 4km Junior Dashes.

The Gold Coast Double 63.3km event – contested by hardy runners competing in both Saturday’s half and Sunday’s full marathon – will also be contested.

Date changes Media Maraton de Bucaramanga - FCV


Media Maratona de Bucaramanga

The Media Maratona de Bucaramanga (COL) will take place on Sun 22 October 2023, not Mon 23 October 2023 as previously erroneously published.

Race news Gold Coast Marathon

Gold Coast Marathon 42km sells out

Waiting list opened for marathon hopefuls

Gold coast

The Gold Coast Marathon is back in leaps and bounds with the 42.195km signature event sold out for only the second time in the event’s history.

On track to welcome up to 24,000 participants over the July 1–2 race weekend the marathon is now at capacity. Any entrants still hoping for a place in the race must be prepared to be put on a waitlist.

Queensland Tourism and Sport Minister Stirling Hinchliffe said the entry data confirmed the Gold Coast Marathon as Australia’s premier running event.

“The Gold Coast Marathon’s sprint to a capacity field of competitors is primed to deliver a bonanza for the region’s visitor economy,” Mr Hinchliffe said.

“Entry numbers for this year put the Gold Coast Marathon on a fast track to surpassing the iconic event’s pre-pandemic popularity.

“Runners from every Australian state and territory, plus more than 42 countries will race to the Gold Coast over coming weeks in a boost for Queensland’s international tourism recovery.

“This major event on our green and gold runway to the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games is tipped to generate almost AUD 27 million (17m EUR) for Gold Coast accommodation, hospitality and tourism providers.”

Race news Kuala Lumpur Standard Chartered Marathon

Cityscapes by night and day

Iconic cityscapes in one of the most cosmopolitan cities of South East Asia


The histooric sultan abdul samad building at independence square

It’s still dark in the wee hours of the morning when Kuala Lumpur’s historic Independence Square starts to come alive as thousands of runners converge for the Kuala Lumpur Standard Chartered Marathon (KLSCM).

By the time it ends at 11.00 the sun is shining brightly and more than 34,000 runners have crossed the finish line over two days. The event is so popular because it gives participants the unique opportunity of running through the streets and expressways of the city and to experience the spectacular break of dawn over Kuala Lumpur.

Apart from being the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is also its epicentre in terms of people, food, arts, culture and sports. Malaysians from all over the country gravitate towards Kuala Lumpur in search of work and opportunity, and the city basks in this melting pot, which also includes a large number of international expats and migrant workers. The KLSCM is a microcosm of Kuala Lumpur, bringing together citizens from all across Malaysia and from all around the world to take part in a well-organized event and to enjoy all that the city has to offer.

This year’s event takes place over the weekend of 30 September and 1 October and will encompass both Full and Half marathons, 10km and 5km categories, as well as the Kids Dash (1km and 3km). The Full and Half marathon routes are measured and certified and take runners through some iconic cityscapes. The flag-off is at the same place where the first Prime Minister of the country declared independence from British rule and is surrounded by heritage buildings that are remnants of that colonial era.

The Full marathon route then takes runners through a cross section of the city. You get to see the juxtaposition of the traditional with the ultra-modern, where a 120-year old village coexists in the middle of the central district of the city, a stone’s throw away from the tallest twin towers in the world (Petronas Twin Towers). Runners then criss-cross the financial and shopping hub that is Bukit Bintang, going past the headquarters of title sponsor Standard Chartered Bank along the way. The route then gives runners the experience of running on an elevated tolled Expressway before returning to the Finish line.

An integral component of the KLSCM is its Corporate Social Responsibility programme called Run For A Reason (RFAR) where every year four to five charities are selected for which runners can choose to raise funds. Charities like Standard Chartered’s Futuremakers, Hospis Malaysia, the National Cancer Society of Malaysia, Dignity for Children Foundation and Teach for Malaysia have received much needed resources from the funds raised by runners. The programme showcases the power of the marathon to bring about positive social change.

What started with 13,500 participants in 2009 has blossomed into a sold-out, internationally recognized event with 40,000 runners (pre-pandemic numbers) in its recent editions, including close to 2000 international runners. The KLSCM has the distinction of being awarded two Golds in the Asia Sports Industry Awards (SPIA Asia) in 2018 for Best Mass Participation Event and Best Digital. The 2023 edition will also be the event’s first as a World Athletics Label Road Race.

If you’re looking for a warm weather marathon in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in South East Asia the KLSCM ticks all the right boxes: you can indulge yourself in some spectacular cuisine; expose yourself to a melting pot of cultures; or visit the glorious beaches and forests that surround the country.

Date changes

Race date for Great Freedom Run Egypt’s Fastest Half Marathon (EGY) changed

Great Freedom Run Egypt’s Fastest Half Marathon date change

The Great Freedom Run Egypt’s Fastest Half Marathon (EGY) will take place on Fri 22 December 2023, not Fri 29 December 2023 as previously published.

Race news Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Marathon

Coros is new official watch of Valencia Half Marathon and Marathon

First sponsorship deal with a race outside US

21k coros

Coros, the GPS watches and wearable technology brand, will be the new official watch of the Valencia Half Marathon Trinidad Alfonso Zurich and Valencia Marathon Trinidad Alfonso.

The American company is in charge of setting the pace for the 22,000 runners in the 21K and the 33,000 runners in the 42K that will take to the streets of Valencia Ciudad del Running on 22 October and 3 December respectively.

The Coros family includes great athletes such as marathon world record holder Eliud Kipchoge and Kilian Jornet, four-time champion of the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, but this is the first time it has sponsored road races outside the United States. “For us it is great news that a company like Coros has choosen Valencia to make the big leap to road races outside its ‘home’ and another sign that both our marathon and our half marathon are among the greatest in the world,” said Paco Borao, president of race organiser SD Correcaminos, adding that “this partnership helps both of us to take a step forward”.

For their part, Lewis Wu, CEO of Coros said “We are excited about this partnership with Valencia Half and Marathon as it will bring Coros training solutions to participants and spectators to help them train and achieve their athletic goals more efficiently.”

Coros will not only be in charge of the chronos placed on the cars that mark the route for the athletes as well as those at the finish line of both races, but it will also carry out different activities in the run up to the Valencia Half Marathon and Marathon.

Date changes Pila International Half Marathon

Race date for Pila International Half Marathon (POL) changed

Pila Int’l Half Marathon date change

The Pila International Half Marathon (POL) will take place on Sun 3 September 2023, not Sun 27 August 2023 as previously published.

Date changes Dhiraagu Maldives Road Race

Race date for Dhiraagu Maldives Road Race (MDV) changed

Dhiraagu Maldives Road Race date change

The Dhiraagu Maldives Road Race (MDV) will take place on Fri 27 October 2023, not Fri 20 October 2023 as previously published.

Date changes

Race date for Great Victory Run Egypt’s Best 10km (EGY) changed

Great Victory Run Egypt’s Best 10km date changes

The Great Victory Run Egypt’s Best 10km (EGY) will take place on Fri 20 October 2023, not Fri 6 October 2023 as previously published.

The 2024 event is rescheduled for a week later than originally planned and will take place on Fri 18 October 2024, not Fri 11 October 2024 as previously published.

Lives remembered

Samuel Kiplimo Kosgei

Kenyan distance runner killed in traffic accident

Kenyan long-distance runner Samuel Kiplimo Kosgei, winner of the Barcelona marathon in 2021, died on 26 May at the age of 37 as a result of a traffic accident in Kenya.

The Kenyan Athletics Federation released a statement which read: “We would like to join fellow Kenyans and the sports fraternity in mourning the passing of former 25km world record holder Sammy Kiplimo, who died following a road accident.”

Kiplimo was a distance running specialist. He began to stand out in 2009 when he ran the Berlin half marathon in 59:36 and paced the Ethiopian Haile Gebrselassie during the Berlin Marathon. A year later, in the same city, he established the 25km world record on the roads with a time of 1:11:50 in the ‘Big Berlin’ race.

He was also the winner of Košice Peace Marathon 2015 with a time of 2:07:07 and In 2021 he won the Zurich Barcelona Marathon, setting a course record with 2:06:03 – his best time over the distance. In 2022 he again participated in Barcelona, finishing 12th with a time of 2:08:59. His last race was in the Daegu International Marathon on 2 April 2023 where he placed seventh in 2:08:39.

Date changes Gyeongju Marathon

Race date for Gyeongju Marathon (KOR) changed

Gyeongju Marathon date change

The Gyeongju Marathon (KOR) will take place on Sat 21 October 2023, not Sun 22 October 2023 as previously published.

Date changes Fukuoka International Marathon

Race date for Fukuoka International Marathon (JPN) changed

Fukuoka Int’l Marathon date change

The Fukuoka International Marathon (JPN) will take place on Sun 3 December 2023, not Sun 12 November 2023 as previously published.

Date changes Vladivostok International Marathon

Race date for Galaxy Vladivostok Marathon (RUS) changed

Galaxy Vladivostok Marathon date change

The Galaxy Vladivostok Marathon (RUS) will take place on Sat 30 September 2023, not Sat 23 September 2023 as previously published.

Race news Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend

Ethiopian runners take top prizes in Ottawa

Over 27,500 registered participants in 2023 Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend

Adane yihunilignfh ottawam23

Almost 3,200 elite and recreational runners took to the streets of Ottawa-Gatineau on Sunday in the 2023 Tartan Ottawa International Marathon.

In the men’s race, Ethiopian runners took the top four spots. Yihunilign Adane came first with a time of 2:08:22. (Last year, Adane also won the TSC Toronto Waterfront Marathon.) Gebretsadik Abraha came second in 2:09:13 and Abdi Ali Gelchu finished 3rd with a time of 2:10:38. New Brunswick’s Lee Wesselius was the top Canadian, finishing in 2:18:26.

Ethiopia’s Waganesh Mekasha was the fastest woman at today’s Tartan Ottawa International Marathon – running alone for most of the second half of the race – finishing in 2:24:47. Canada’s Malindi Elmore overtook Germany’s Melat Kejata in the home stretch to capture 2nd place, with a time of 2:27:44. Kejata finished 3rd in 2:27:50.

Mekasha and Adane will both take home CAD 30,000 (20,500 EUR) for their first place finishes. Elmore will receive CAD 15,000 (10,290 EUR) for her second place finish as well as CAD 5,000 (3,430 EUR) as the top Canadian woman.

“We curated a really top-notch field again this year. We had amazing African athletes, 11 Japanese runners, some Europeans and some new Canadian talent that has the possibility to be truly great one day,” says Ian Fraser, Run Ottawa’s Executive Director and Race Director. “I’m feeling really good about how it all went this year.”

It was the 49th year the marathon has been held in Ottawa. Since it started back in 1975, more than half a million runners from around the globe have participated in Ottawa’s race weekend. The marathon is a World Athletics Elite Label Race and one of Canada’s largest Boston qualifiers.

This year, the 42 km course started at Ottawa City Hall, taking runners along the famous Rideau Canal and around Dow’s Lake, before crossing the Champlain Bridge into Gatineau. Runners then returned back into Ottawa over the Alexandria bridge, through New Edinburgh, to an exciting finish in front of thousands of cheering spectators on Queen Elizabeth Drive.

Although he may have not been one of the top finishers, Cornwall’s Wendell Lafave completed his 200th marathon in a time of 5:08:14. Lafave is a two-time member of the 50 States Marathon Club and six-star medal holder, having completed the six major marathons around the world.

Race news Košice Peace Marathon

Today in Košice

Course measurer first ran the course in 1980

By Brano Koniar


The AIMS brand appeared on 28 May in Košice in a very practical form.

Tadeusz Dziekonski came from Poland to measure our course. Tadeusz has been working in this role for AIMS for many years. Some of you probably know him. But what you may not know is that he is also still an active runner and that he has a special relationship with the Košice Peace Marathon.

He ran here for the first time in 1980 when he achieved a respectable performance of 2:34:13. He will not miss this race even after 43 years.

He will be on the start line again on 1 October 2023 when we will hold the 100th anniversary edition of the Košice Peace Marathon.

Women’s Running Comrades Marathon

100 years of female participation in the Comrades Marathon

First woman to complete race remembered

Frances hayward

It may be only 48 years since women were allowed to officially run the Comrades Marathon but female trailblazers have been part and parcel of the world’s greatest footrace since its origins.

24 May 2023 marks a centenary of women’s participation in The Ultimate Human Race. Frances Hayward was the first woman to have unofficially completed the Comrades Marathon in 1923, during a time when the race was only open to white men.

Frances Elizabeth Hayward was born on the 14 August 1891 in Wiltshire, England. Her father was part of a fairly affluent woollen mill owning family and she grew up in a large English home and received a good education.

From a young age Frances showed a desire for independence, strong character and fortitude. At the age of 20, she worked as a church embroideress at the County Home in Stafford. While being an embroideress during the early 1900’s was a respectable job for a lady, working at the country home would have been considered scandalous for her station as it was a home designed to reform woman who had served time in prison and had no family support or work experience.

In a very bold move, on the 3rd of January 1914, she departed from Southampton for Cape Town, South Africa on The Galician, Union Castle Mail Steamship Company. During this period it was highly unusual for woman to travel alone, yet she was undeterred and the excitement of the colonies drew her to South Africa.

She found herself restless in Cape Town and wanted to travel and see more of South Africa. So in September 1921 and now qualified as a clerk, she boarded a steamer headed for Natal and travelled alone to Durban. She got a position as a typist and, living free of the usual restrictions her class would have held her to in England, enjoyed living a single, independent life.

At the age of 30, the intrigue of the Comrades Marathon had caught her attention and she sent a letter to Vic Clapham and applied to run in the 1923 race. Her entry left Clapham and the Athletics Association in a state of confusion as they had never had a woman applying to enter any male athletics events before. After considerable debate they refused to accept her entry. She sent an immediate response to the association and Vic that she was undaunted by their decision and would therefore run unofficially.

So, on only the third running of the race in 1923, she lined up outside the Pietermaritzburg City Hall with the 68 men who were competing that year. Dressed in a dark green gym suit and leather soled plimsoles, she started her journey along the road to Durban. Despite the general consensus that the distance would be too great for a woman, she was well supported by her fellow competitors and spectators alike.

Frances crossed the line in 11:35:00, in what would have been 28th position in a field of 30 finishers that year. The Natal Witness reported “Miss Hayward made a steady pace, dropping to a walk on the hills, and, at Thornybush, was last but one, a good mile behind the others. She looked cheerful and fit, having previously announced her intention of making Drummond by 11am. Miss Frances Hayward, got to Drummond in 11:14, not far astern of her intended schedule.”

The article ended with “another signal of women’s emancipation from the thraldom of good-natured disdain in which mere man has held her.” She had achieved what she set out to do – to be the first woman to attempt the race; and “to shock everybody.”

She stated, “I should have been content if I had beaten just one man!” She beat two who finished and 38 who dropped out.

Her run was not officially recognised due to the rejection of her entry, and she received no silver medal (as all finishers were awarded silver during the 1920’s), but the citizens of Durban were so impressed by her performance that they pooled together and presented her with a silver tea set and silver rose bowl as congratulations.

Race news Salzburg Marathon

Kenyans Njeri and Murkomen win 20th Salzburg Marathon

A summer’s day creates an inspiring atmosphere and slows down the times at the Running Festival in Mozart’s city


Simon-Kamau Njeri and Dorine-Jerop Murkomen from Kenya are the acclaimed winners of the 20th Salzburg Marathon.

Njeri triumphed after 2:22:55 hours in the historic centre of Mozart’s city ahead of Belgian Yohan Zaradzki and Felix Buck-Gramcko from Germany. Women’s winner Dorine-Jerop Murkomen took the victory in a dominant 2:38:27. Germans Monika Rausch and Martina Dannheimer took second and third place.

Runners gave their best in warm conditions. A cloudless summer day created a great atmosphere among the spectators. Faster times, however, were not feasible at temperatures above 24°C. So Murkomen could not make the dream of a course record come true. “The course is wonderful, but it was too hot,” she commented. After a spirited first half of the race in 1:14:21 hours, she had to back down as the race wore on. “I tried everything, but that was all I could do. I had to stop at kilometres 35 and 39. I am happy that I made it to the finish line as the winner.” Risper Kimayo’s Salzburg top time of 2:35:05 from 2011 thus remains in the record books.

Simon-Kamau Njeri celebrated his first victory in his second appearance in Salzburg after 2017. “I am happy about the success. The second placed runner from Belgium was not far behind. That was a push for me to keep my pace,” said Njeri, who has a best time of 2:14:21 from 2022.

4,500 runners had registered for Sunday’s events at the 20th Salzburg Marathon, close to 1,000 of them for the full marathon. The flair of Salzburg, world-famous for classical music and the historic city centre, attracted many international participants.

In the Sparkasse Half Marathon, the most popular event of the day, there were two Austrian winners, Mahdi Sareban in 1:12:08 and Anna Pabinger in 1:20:16. “I wanted to win the half marathon, it was high on my wish list,” said Sareban, a sports medicine physician from Salzburg. “The course is beautiful, I can only recommend this to everyone.”

Pabinger was happy to win despite a stop with cramps after 14 kilometres. “There was a lot of shade and many spectators – for me the most beautiful course I have run,” commented the general practitioner and mother of two children aged 1 and 3. Not far behind came Salzburg’s local hero Conny Stöckl-Moser in second place in a time of 1:20:49, back from a maternity running break.

At the Hervis 10K CityRun Markus Hartinger showed up with an Austrian season’s best time of 30:13 minutes. “I can be satisfied with that, it was a very nice running trip,” he said. Annika Leineweber was the fastest woman in a personal best time of 38:40 minutes. “It was my first 10km run in several years. The atmosphere and the course were great,” said the German, who has been studying medical biology in Salzburg since last year.

Over four days, Salzburg offered a wide range of running events with a speed hiking event on Thursday, the Salzburg Women’s Run over 5.5K on Friday, a breakfast run, kids’ races and a charity run – #OneMileForASmile – Inclusion Run by Coca-Cola on Saturday. Each event day had its special characteristics with the Sunday being the classical highlight in Salzburg’s running calendar. With its programme and initiatives, the Salzburg Marathon motivates people to lead a conscious, health-oriented lifestyle. This is reflected in the colourful running programme, which takes place in the heart of a beautiful city with the unique combination of sport and culture as well as a magnificent backdrop.


1 Simon-Kamau NJERI KEN 2:22:54
2 Yohan ZARADZKI BEL 2:24:00
3 Felix BUCK-GRAMCKO GER 2:35:15
4 Simon-Mwangi WAITHIRA KEN 2:38:26
5 Daniel SCHOCH GER 2:45:54
1 Dorine-Jerop MURKOMEN KEN 2:38:26
2 Monika RAUSCH GER 2:58:08
3 Martina DANNHEIMER GER 3:06:08
4 Terézia GYÖRGY HUN 3:11:12
5 Dora NEMETH HUN 3:13:16
Half marathon
1 Mahdi SAREBAN AUT 1:12:07
2 Dominik HIRCZY AUT 1:13:03
3 Christian NAGELE AUT 1:13:53
4 Stefan FUCHS AUT 1:14:09
5 Xavier MEADE AUS 1:16:48
1 Anna PABINGER AUT 1:20:15
2 Conny STÖCKL-MOSER AUT 1:20:48
3 Sophia WÖHRI AUT 1:22:04
4 Barbara BISCHOF AUT 1:24:18
5 Clara CARSTE GER 1:25:40

Running news

Registration open for Tokyo Legacy Half

Inspired by 2020 Olympics

Last year the Tokyo Marathon Foundation launched the “Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon” as a legacy event of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

The purpose was to create an opportunity to experience the lingering excitement of TOKYO 2020, while nourishing the city and enhancing the health of the people through running. The second edition of the Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon will be held on Sunday, 15 October 2023. The official website and finalized race Information is available and registration for charity runners opened from 28 April. (; Tokyo residents’ entry will start on Wednesday, 17 May and the general entry will start on Thursday, 25 May.

The half marathon will start and finish at the Japan National Stadium and will be run on the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games marathon course. This race is designed to generate an extraordinary running experience for everyone. The Tokyo Marathon Foundation aims to create an inclusive event and a legacy that will contribute to resolving social issues through charitable works, support for sports people with disabilities, and the continuous training of volunteers and support for their activities.

The Marathon Grand Championship (MGC) will be held on the same day, organised by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations (JAAF). The MGC will decide Japan’s national representatives for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The course will provide a rare opportunity to experience the same finish line as some of the Japan’s top athletes. Start times are 07.50, with the wheelchair athletes starting at 09.50. The wheelchair athletes follow a point to point course starting in the Japan National Stadium and finishing at Jinbocho.

Race news

Two Kenyan victories at Göteborgsvarvet

Kipngetich and Chembai top the field


Edmond Kipngetich and Susan Chembai – those are the names of the winners of the 42nd edition of Göteborgsvarvet.

“I didn’t expect to win, but I am really happy I did,” said Chembai, who crossed the finish line 20 seconds before the runner-up.

Four male and two female runners came to Sweden with personal bests under the current course records at Götebortsvarvet, but no new records were broken this day. However, Edmond Kipngetich finished first of the 40,000 participants and Susan Chembai was the first woman to reach Slottsskogsvallen.

Edmond Kipngetich, with a personal best an impressive 59:25 from last year, was in the lead at each of the split times and crossed the finish line at 1:01:46, 40 seconds before his fellow countryman Braved Kiprop and another 58 seconds before Alex Kibet, the runner in the starting field with the best personal best.

“It was tough today, but it felt great to win. The course was tougher than I thought and I had to fight hard, but was stronger than the others today,” he said.

First among the runners competing for Swedish clubs was Samuel Russom (Hässelby SK). The Eritrean citizen finished sixth at 1:04:04 and was the best non-Kenyan. David Nilsson from Högby IF was the best Swedish citizen, six seconds before Archie Casteel (Spårvägens FK).

In the women’s class four Kenyans and two Ethiopians took the first six positions. The best of them was Susan Chembai who was 20 seconds ahead of the runner up, finishing on 1;10:40. As predicted Hanna Lindholm was the best Swedish runner, finishing seventh, more than one minute and two positions in front of Johanna Larsson from Örgryte IS.


Half marathon
1 Edmond KIPNGETICH KEN 1:01:46
2 Bravin KIPROP KEN 1:02:26
3 Alex KIBET KEN 1:03:24
4 Cornelius KANGOGO KEN 1:03:40
5 Micah CHESEREK KEN 1:03:49
1 Susan CHEMBAI KEN 1:10:40
2 Aberash Shilima KEBEDA ETH 1:11:00
3 Nelly JEPTOO KEN 1:11:10
4 Beatrice Chepkemoi MUTAI KEN 1:11:37
5 Cynthia CHEMWENO KEN 1:12:04

Date changes Quito Últimas Noticias 15k

Race date for Quito Últimas Noticias 15k (ECU) changed

Quito Últimas Noticias 15k date change

The Quito Últimas Noticias 15k (ECU) will take place on Sun 11 June 2023, not Sun 4 June 2023 as previously published.

Race news Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend

Canadian greats to clash in Ottawa

Moh Ahmed joins Cam Levins for 10K contest

Ahmed mohammed 5000m  001 08 04 18ca

The two greatest Canadian male distance runners of all time will be going head-to-head at the Ottawa 10K presented by Otto’s Ottawa.

Cam Levins, who was previously announced for the race, will now be joined by Olympic and World Championship medalist Mohammed Ahmed.

Ahmed, who trains in Eugene, Oregon with the Bowerman Track Club, is the Canadian record holder over 10,000m and 5000m. His 5000m time of 12:47 is the 11th fastest of all time. The global running superstar also sports a pair of global medals: a silver from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and a bronze from the 2019 World Championships.

Ahmed, 32, was born in Somalia before moving to Kenya as a refugee. When he was 11 years old, his family settled in Ontario. He has since represented Canada at competitions across the world, including three Olympics (2012, 2016, 2020).

Ahmed will face Levins for the first time since Levins began his illustrious marathon career, setting up a showdown between the fastest Canadian marathoner and half marathoner of all-time with the fastest Canadian 10,000m and 5000m runner of all-time. It is safe to say, the current Canadian record of 28:11, held by the reigning Canadian 10K Champion – Ben Flanagan, will be in jeopardy in Ottawa.

Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend elite athlete coordinator, Dylan Wykes, is excited at the prospect, “We are excited to welcome Moh to the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend. We always enjoy when Canadian greats race on Canadian soil in front of home fans.”

The Canadian 10K Championship are also excited to welcome back 2022 champion Natasha Wodak and 2021 champion Leslie Sexton.

Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend is Canada’s biggest race weekend and will run on 27–28 May 2023.

Race news

400 runners from eight countries on River Nile

Pero Sompi runs his first marathon – and wins

Img 20230503 wa0007

Under the motto “Egypt, the gift of the Nile”, the partnership of inDrive and the Great Pharoahs Runners ran the 2023 Great Egyptian River Nile Marathon with more than 400 runners from eight countries.

A sensational result was achieved by Pero Sompi (DRC), who arrived in Egypt just four hours before the start of the race and was collected from the airport personally by race director Ahmed El-Nady. Running in his first ever full marathon, Pero Sompi finished in 2:53:19 and won gold for the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Zatara Ilunga Mande (DRC), who ran the Olympic Marathon in London in 2012, and Ahmed Noury (EGY) ran the half marathon together under the motto “Peace between Africans”, with Ahmed Noury winning out in 1:11:02.

In addition to the marathon, half marathon and 10k, inDrive also created the “inDrive 5k Youth Race” to support young runners under 16. The fastest runners in each category in this event were Mohamed Foley Mostafa Salem Suleiman (17:05) and Zainab Al-Hassan Al-Wardani Taher Sablah (19:24). All young participants went home with an official medal and running t-shirts and sports bags sponsored by inDrive.

The day concluded with a victory ceremony for all winners. The next Great River Nile Marathon will take place on 12 April 2024.


1 Pero Sompi MATONDO DRC 2:53:19
2 Moaz Ehab Ahmed SALAM EGY 3:18:17
3 Osama Sayed Mohamed AHMED EGY 3:24:02
4 Shah GASANOV RUS 4:43:47
5 Isaac Alaa Mohamed Ali Ali TANTAWI EGY 4:49:07
Half marathon
1 Ahmed Noury Shamroukh DERAR EGY 1:11:02
2 Zatara Ilunga MANDE DRC 1:14:47
3 Sayed Ibrahim Abdul Rahim MOHAMED EGY 1:17:57
5 Alaa ALI MOHAMED EGY 1:20:01
1 Kawthar Abdel Rahman Mohamed Ali AL-FAYOUMI EGY 1:57:33
2 Marianne BOUWMAN RSA 2:03:46
3 Esther Jacob MARWA TAN 2:37:23
1 Mohamed Rabia EL-HUSSEINY EGY 34:34
2 Osama Mahmoud Ibrahim Al-Desouki Abdel-Al HASSAN EGY 35:30
3 Abdo Ali Ahmed Abdullah HUTAMAH YEM 35:59
1 Jannah Mohamed Ahmed ALI EGY 44:10
2 Marwa MOHAMED EGY 47:07
3 Fatima Essam MOHAMED EGY 49:20
1 Nour Eldin SOLEIMAN EGY 15:14
2 Khalid Ali Mustafa Ahmed ALSHOBALY SUD 15:39
3 Alaa Ibrahim Riad ISMAIL EGY 15:47
1 Samira Mohamed IBRAHIM EGY 23:50
2 Mariam Abdel SALAM EGY 24:25
3 Aya Essam MOHAMED EGY 25:10

Race news Copenhagen Marathon

Kenyan runners dominate in Copenhagen

Tanui runs 2:23:14 to set new Danish record

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Kenyan runners dominated Sunday’s marathon race in the Danish capital.

The Copenhagen Marathon on Sunday saw the fastest time ever run on Danish soil by a woman when Rodah Chepkorir Tanui crossed the finish line in 2:23:14. The performance crowned a perfect running event on a sunny day in the Danish capital with a total of 12,000 runners taking part.

“Everything was just perfect today. The pace was excellent, and I had prepared well,” the 32-year-old Tanui – who won by a margin of close to two minutes – said afterwards.

In the men’s race, the Kenyan dominance proved to be even stronger as Solomon Kirwa came in first in a time of 2:09:12 – with two compatriots following after him, all dipping under the 2:10-hour-mark.

To Kirwa, today’s victory was special. The 36-year-old Kenyan has won international half marathons in Udine and Rome-Ostia, but this was his first international triumph at the full distance.

“It means a lot to me finally to win a marathon race. I ran the Copenhagen Half Marathon three years ago, so I knew the route here is flat and fast. My training has been good, so of course I was hoping to win. We started out quite slow, but I felt good all the way and could speed up a little at the end of the race,” Kirwa said.

The race also included the National Championships, and here Jacob Sommer Simonsen and Karen Ehrenreich took the titles with 2:14:46 and 2:35:02 respectively.

Date changes UNICEF Charity Run 10km

Race date for UNICEF Charity Run Half Marathon & 10km (HKG) changed

UNICEF Charity Run Half Marathon & 10km date change

The UNICEF Charity Run Half Marathon & 10km (HKG) will take place on Sun 5 November 2023, not Sun 26 November 2023 as previously published.

Race news Türkiye İş Bankası İstanbul Half Marathon

Purity Komen upsets Ruth Chepngetich

Daniel Ebenyo wins men’s race in Istanbul

Esr 8461

Purity Komen was the surprise winner of the N Kolay Istanbul Half Marathon.

Overtaking fellow-Kenyan and race favourite Ruth Chepngetich the 24 year-old stormed to her biggest career win with a personal best of 1:06:30. Course record holder Chepngetich followed in second with 1:07:18 while Evaline Chirchir made it an all-Kenyan podium with 1:07:31. Stella Rutto of Romania was the fastest European, finishing 10th with 1:10:05.

In partly windy conditions hopes for a course record faded in the men’s race as well after a fast first section. 27 year-old Daniel Ebenyo of Kenya was the winner of Turkey’s best quality road race with 59:52. Marokko’s Hicham Amghar took second place in 59:58 and Haftu Teklu clocked 1:00:03 for third. Britain’s Marc Scott was the best European runner in 1:03:17 for 12th place.

A record number of 12,300 runners competed in the 18th edition of the half marathon and the 10k race staged parallel. Many athletes ran for charity, collecting money for the victims of the devastating earthquake that shook southern Turkey earlier this year. “It was a nice race and especially the men’s elite was very competitive. We are happy that we continue to register record fields. It is always exciting to experience the historic atmosphere here in Istanbul and we are now inviting everyone to be back for our marathon on 5 November,” said Race Director Reynar Onur.

Ruth Chepngetich sped away from the field right after the start, passing the 5k mark in 15:16. The Kenyan was almost on course for breaking her Kenyan record and her Istanbul course record of 1:04:02 – which in 2021 was a world record as well. However once the 2019 Marathon World Champion came off Galata Bridge and had to run against the wind for almost 4km she slowed considerably. At the 10k point her 31:09 split time then indicated a 65:45 finish and her lead had shrunk to only four seconds. Purity Komen, Evaline Chirchir and Ethiopia’s Bosena Mulatie caught her up soon after. Komen, who had only been ranked ninth on the start list with a PB of 1:07:08, moved ahead before the 15km mark. Chepngetich tried to follow her in a bid to make it six wins from six races in Istanbul, but was unable to do so. Purity Komen won the race with 1:06:30 and became the first woman to beat Ruth Chepngetich on the historic roads of Istanbul.

“Maybe the race came a bit too soon after the Nagoya Marathon in March,” said Ruth Chepngetich. “I have not yet decided if I will run the World Championships marathon or an autumn race. The big goal is the Olympic Games next year and I hope to be selected for the team.” While Ruth Chepngetich is an experienced marathoner the victory in Istanbul may well have brought Purity Komen closer to her debut at the classic distance. “I was surprised when I suddenly saw Ruth in front of me and was then able to pass her,” said Komen. “I had hoped to achieve a 65 minutes’ time, but it was too windy today. I plan to run my marathon debut next year.”

The men’s race began very fast as well with the first couple of split times indicating a finishing time of around 58:00. But as in the women’s competition the pace then dropped once the leading group hit the wind. A group of around 10 athletes passed the 10km mark in 28:22 while Kenya’s Daniel Ebenyo and Hicham Amghar of Morocco were pushing the pace. Soon after the 15km (42:33) Ebenyo took the lead, covering the next kilometre in 2:46. Only Amghar was able to follow him, but when Ebenyo gestured to him to help with the pace the Moroccan stayed behind. Ebenyo then pressed ahead and opened up a decisive gap with around 4km to go.

“I am excited to have won this race. My aim was to run 59:00 minutes but it was too windy for that,“ said Ebenyo. “I will probably run my marathon debut next year. Maybe I will come back to Istanbul for that.”

Race news Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Marathon

Valencia Marathon sets a new record for registrations

33,000 places sold out – waiting list established

Start valencia marathon

The Valencia Marathon Trinidad Alfonso has sold out the 33,000 race bibs available for this year’s race on 3 December, almost seven months before it is due to take place.

The best race in Spain, according to the RFEA, thus achieves a new record number of registered participants and surpasses the record previous set by the Valencia Marathon as a milestone for a Spanish marathon. As of now, it will set up a waiting list to cover any cancellations that may occur due to injury or through the insurance runners may have taken out.

Among the 33,000 participants registered to take part in the Valencia Marathon, which is organised by SD Correcaminos and Valencia City Council, 54% will be foreigners, also the highest percentage in its history. Runners from the Comunitat Valenciana account for 25% and those from the rest of Spain the final 21%. Participation by women also increased as a percentage of the total and in absolute numbers, reaching 20% by the time registration closed (nine participants identified themselves as non-binary).

Another striking fact is that the course in Valencia Ciudad del Running is a good place for Marathon rookies, as the registration data shows that 21% of the participants will be running the distance of 42,195 m for the first time here. In addition, for 38% of the participants this will be their first time they will be taking part in the Valencia Marathon.

Anyone who has not yet registered but does not want to miss out on the 2023 race has the opportunity to get a race bib by joining the waiting list and waiting their turn. It is also possible to purchase a premium experience package, which includes, in addition to the race bib, numerous other perks such as access to the VIP area for the runner and their companion, race bibs for the Bimbo Breakfast Run, a premium locker and a photo at the finish line, among other benefits.

Race news Prague International Marathon

Alexander Mutiso dominates Prague Marathon

Kenyan athlete sets new course record

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Kenyan Alexander Mutiso won the Prague Marathon and broke the course record with a time of 2:05:09.

Second place was taken by Ethiopian Sisay Lemma and third by the Kenyan Philemon Rono. “I am very happy to have broken the course record – that was my goal,” said Mutiso. In the women’s elite race Ethiopian Workenesh Edesa won in 2:20:42. Vít Pavlišta won his fourth domestic title, running under 2:20. The fastest Czech female was Moira Stewart but her 2:31:52 did not make the World Championship qualifying standard.

This year’s race, with around 10,000 runners, started from Wenceslas Square. The crowds were strong on both sides of the famous Charles Bridge. For the third time, the famous marathon was graced by the ‘Battle of the Teams’, which involved five teams.

A trio broke away from the rest of the elite field just before 25km: Sisay Lemma, Alexander Mutiso and the Kenyan peacemaker Stephen Kiprop. The latter stepped aside after completing his pacing duties at the 30km. At 35km, the leading duo were almost 50 seconds ahead of the chasing group and around 38km, Mutiso broke away from his rival. “It was my strategy because I wanted to run alone to the finish. I’m not strong in those final sprints where anything can happen. I’m glad it worked out,” said Mutiso, who ran 2:03:29 on his debut in Valencia last year.

This year, Mutiso in winning by a margin of 1:17, beat his compatriot Eliud Kiptanui’s course record of 2:05:39 from the 2010 Prague Marathon. Ethiopia’s Workenesh Edesa targeted the current women’s course record and run under 2:19. Her winning time was just short of a new record, but the champion did enjoy a winning margin of 3:10 over the runner-up Margaret Wangari of Kenyan.

Vít Pavlišta won the home title after a great performance, finishing in 2:19:14.

Moira Stewart won the Czech women’s title, her first home marathon title.

The President of the Republic Petr Pavel also arrived at the start and officially started the 27th edition of the Prague International Marathon. He lasted until the final run through the entire crowd. “Everyone who stood at the start has huge respect from me. Sports events of this kind are a huge opportunity to show our country to the world in the best light,” said President Pavel.


1 Alexander MUTISO KEN 2:05:09
2 Sisay LEMMA ETH 2:06:26
3 Philemon RONO KEN 2:06:51
4 Justus KANGOGO KEN 2:07:40
5 Takayuki IIDA JPN 2:09:34
1 Workenesh EDESA ETH 2:20:42
2 Margaret WANGARI KEN 2:23:52
3 Viola KIBIWOT KEN 2:24:54
4 Pamela ROTICH KEN 2:27:35
5 Julien MÉLODY FRA 2:29:07

Race news BMW Berlin-Marathon

Christoph Kopp passed away in Berlin

Influential coordinator developed Berlin into one of the world’s leading races


Christoph Kopp, Germany’s most influential and experienced road running official and athlete manager, passed away at the age of 75 on Friday 28 April in his hometown Berlin after a short, severe illness. Kopp had a deserved reputation for his friendliness and reliability.

A former sprinter and decathlete he worked as a coach and later became head of athletics at the renowned Sports Club Charlottenburg. When big-city marathons started up in Europe the early 1980s Christoph Kopp became the voluntary Sporting Director and general manager of the Berlin-Marathon. He helped to develop the event into a high-class international race.

He was the President of the Berlin Athletics Federation from 1999-2004 and deeply involved in Berlin’s bids for the World Championships, which the city staged in 2009.

As an elite field coordinator he was the one who developed the Berlin Marathon into one of the world’s leading races. He did the same with the Frankfurt Marathon and the Berlin 25K race. Christoph Kopp organised the Berlin 25K race for several years. In 2010 he put together men’s and women’s fields which both produced world records in the one event. Recently he also worked for marathons in Hannover, Linz and Munich as well as road races in Paderborn, Berlin, Würzburg and Dresden.

In 2020 Christoph Kopp and his International SportService (ISS) Team organised the first elite races to be held in Germany during the Corona Pandemic and one of the first worldwide. He was then involved in most other German races during the lockdown. Christoph Kopp always had the courage to try something that did not seem possible.

Christoph Kopp managed many of Germany’s top marathon and road runners through his team International SportService which will now be continued by his son Philipp Kopp and his long-term employee Sandra Wolter.

Race news Generali Berlin Half Marathon

Registration opens for Berlin Half

First 2100 runners to get early-bird rate

Hm24 nl header kv en 600x337px

Registration has opened for the Generali Berlin Half Marathon in 2024, organisers have announced.

The next race will be held on Sunday, April 7, 2024. Early-bird rates are available for the first 2,100 registrants.

The event organisers, SCC Events, said “As is well known, after the Generali Berlin Half Marathon is before the next Generali Berlin Half Marathon. Next April is time for achieving goals, running best times, feeling enthusiastic, enjoying Berlin, experiencing pure running joy and much more.”

Race news Haspa Marathon Hamburg

Koech is fourth fastest of 2023

Hamburg course record broken with 2:04:09

Hamburg koech

Bernard Koech of Kenya won the Haspa Marathon Hamburg with a course record of 2:04:09. The 35-year old tied his personal best and is now the fourth fastest runner in the world this year.

Fellow Kenyans Joshua Belet and Martin Kosgei took second and third with 2:04:33 and 2:06:18 respectively. Germany’s European Champion Richard Ringer finished in a strong sixth position with a personal best of 2:08:08 which is just inside the Olympic qualifying time.

Kenya’s Dorcas Tuitoek took the women’s race with 2:20:09 – the second fastest time ever run in Hamburg. Longtime race leader Tiruye Mesfin of Ethiopia struggled in the final section and even stumbled and fell. She finished second with 2:20:18. Third placed Stella Chesang clocked 2:20:23 in her debut and broke the Ugandan record. Giovanna Epis was the fastest European in sixth place with 2:23:46, missing the Italian record by just two seconds. Germany’s Fabienne Königstein took eighth with a strong PB of 2:25:48, well inside the 2:26:50 Olympic qualifying standard.

Organisers registered 12,000 runners for the 37th edition of the Haspa Marathon Hamburg. Including races at shorter distances the total was over 30,000.

In almost perfect conditions a leading group of 13 runners formed right after the start and stayed together until 27km. The half marathon mark was passed before in 1:02:32, slightly off the course record pace. But after 27km the pace of the leading group noticeably increased and the three Kenyans Bernard Koech, Martin Kosgei and Joshua Belet were able to break away from the group. Right before the 35km mark Martin Kosgei dropped back and then the decisive moment came when Bernard Koech left Joshua Belet behind.

Koech then built on his lead and with 2:04:09 he improved the course record by 38 seconds. Fellow-Kenyan Cybrian Kotut had won with 2:04:47 a year ago. With 2:04:33 for second place Joshua Belet was under the previous record as well. While Martin Kosgei followed in 2:06:18, Daniel do Nascimento from Brasil, who was among the pre-race favorites, finished fourth in 2:07:06. “I ran a good race and I knew that I probably had to run a time around my PB to win,” said Bernard Koech. “I spoke with Eliud Kipchoge about the course before I came here and he gave me some advice.” Kipchoge won his marathon debut in Hamburg back in 2013.

In his fifth marathon Richard Ringer gave another strong and convincing performance. Clocking 2:08:08 in sixth place the German European Champion was just two seconds inside the Olympic qualifying time. Improving his PB by 41 seconds he is now the second fastest German marathon runner ever behind Amanal Petros (2:06:27). “The race was going according to plan for me. I have to thank my pacemaker, who helped me achieve this result,” said Richard Ringer. Germany’s Haftom Welday ran with the leading group, but struggled badly in the last 10 km to finish eighth with 2:09:40.

As expected it was Ethiopia’s Tiruye Mesfin who took the lead in the women’s race early. With a half marathon split time of 1:09:46 she was however not as fast as she had planned. The 2:17:23 course record was out of reach, but at 35km Mesfin looked a certain winner. She was around a minute ahead of her rivals. But disaster struck in the final kilometre as the 20-year old slowed, stumbled and fell to the ground. Behind her Kenya’s Dorcas Tuitoek saw her opportunity She found another gear and passed Mesfin around 300m before the finish line.

“I was really surprised to win. I did not see when Tiruye Mesfin fell, I was just fully focused on myself. I still had enough energy,” said 25 year-old Tuitoek, who had a PB of 2:24:54 before the race. “I knew that I could probably run a 2:20 time. This course is really fast and good for records.”


1 Bernard KOECH KEN 2:04:09
2 Joshua BELET KEN 2:04:33
3 Martin KOSGEI KEN 2:06:18
4 Daniel DO NASCIMENTO BRA 2:07:06
5 Rhonzas KILIMO KEN 2:08:08
1 Dorcas TUITOEK KEN 2:20:09
2 Tiruye MESFIN ETH 2:20:18
3 Stella CHESANG UGA 2:20:23
4 Tsige HAILESLASE ETH 2:22:10
5 Marion KIBOR KEN 2:22:35

Race news Vienna City Marathon

Samwel Mailu smashes Vienna course record

Over 30,000 runners in jubilee race

Samwel mailu president van der bellen vcm leo hagen

Kenya’s Samwel Mailu smashed the nine year-old course record of the Vienna City Marathon when he stormed over the finish line at the Vienna Burgtheater in 2:05:08.

Austria’s President Alexander Van der Bellen held the finishing tape. Despite warm conditions during the second half of the race the 30-year old was 33 seconds quicker than the former course record holder Getu Feleke of Ethiopia who had clocked 2:05:41 back in 2014. Fellow Kenyans Bethwell Yegon and Titus Kimutai followed with 2:06:57 and 2:07:46 in second and third.

There was a Kenyan double triumph in the women’s race: Magdalyne Masai took the race with 2:24:12 from Agnes Keino, who ran 2:24:25. Ethiopia’s Gadise Mulu was third with 2:24:50. Austria’s Julia Mayer broke the national record by the tiniest of margins: With 2:30:42 she finished eighth and improved the time by one second.

Including events at shorter distances 39,871 athletes were registered for the 40th edition of the Vienna City Marathon, which is a World Athletics Elite Label Road Race. 9,218 of those were marathon runners.

With temperatures climbing to around 20 Celsius in unexpectedly sunny conditions during the second half of the 40th anniversary race the men’s leading group was running a consistently fast pace. After a 29:43 10k split time a group of 11 runners including three pacemakers reached half way in 62:43. The pace continued to be fast and the group then partly broke up between 26 and 28k in the Prater Park. When the leaders reached 30k in 1:29:13 there were six runners still in contention and it was an all-Kenyan affair: Bethwell Yegon, Samwel Mailu, Titus Kimutai, Joshua Kogo, Bernard Chepkwony and debutant Elvis Cheboi. The later two then lost contact while Mailu started to pull away. Between 32–33k he had a lead of around 10 metres over Kimutai and another 15m over Yegon. While these gaps grew considerably in the final 5km Yegon was able to overtake Kimutai for second place.

But there was no way of catching Mailu, who had run an unexpected marathon debut in Frankfurt last autumn. He was a pacemaker but then continued to run and finished second with 2:07:19. “The race in Frankfurt gave me a lot of motivation. For me today was a kind of another marathon debut. This was my biggest career win,” said Samwel Mailu.

Sondre Moen was the fastest European runner in Vienna in eighth position. But with a time of 2:10:23 the Norwegian missed his goal of a sub 2:10 finish. This was also the aim for Germany’s Sebastian Hendel who ran 2:11:29 for ninth place. There was more disappointment for Andreas Vojta of Austria. He lost contact to the group well before the 20k mark and finished in 14th position with 2:19:27.

In contrast the women never really started the planned attack on the course record. With slower split times than expected there were initially 11 runners in the first group, which reduced to seven at the 10k mark (33:48). Six women then reached half way in 72:04: Kenyans Viseline Jepkesho, Magdalyne Masai, Rebecca Tanui, Agnes Keino as well as Ethiopians Gadise Mulu and Nurit Shimels. Tanui and Shimels were then dropped while the other four passed the 30k mark in 1:41:58.

With little over 7km to go Agnes Keino made a move in the Prater Park. The winner of last year’s Munich Marathon was approximately 15m ahead of Magdalyne Masai, but Masai came back and overtook her Kenyan rival soon afterwards. “It was a perfect race for me. I ran well and had some energy left for the last couple of kilometers. I have prepared for the Vienna City Marathon since January. I am very happy to have won, but I would have liked to run a bit faster than 2:24,” said Magdalyne Masai, who is the younger sister of the 2009 World 10,000m Champion Linet Masai and of Moses Masai, the bronze medallist at these championships over 10,000 m.

Among the races staged parallel to the marathon there was a new 5k event which took place in the heart of Vienna on Saturday evening. Over 1800 runners participated in this event. While this is not designed as an elite race there were some fast times and even a national record: Women’s winner Klara Lukan clocked 15:32 and broke the Slovenian 5k record. 18-year-old Austrian talent Emil Bezecny took the men’s race with 14:57.


1 Samwel MAILU KEN 2:05:08
2 Bethwell YEGON KEN 2:06:57
3 Titus KIMUTAI KEN 2:07:46
4 Joshua KOGO KEN 2:08:39
5 Dominic LETTING KEN 2:09:16
1 Magdalyne MASAI KEN 2:24:12
2 Agnes KEINO KEN 2:24:25
3 Gadise MULU ETH 2:24:50
4 Rebecca TANUI KEN 2:26:34
5 Visiline JEPKESHO KEN 2:27:13

Race news Haspa Marathon Hamburg

Female runners hope to make headlines in Hamburg

Hamburg might be in for another Ethiopian marathon stunner

Elite frauen

Another Ethiopian world-class runner could produce the headlines of the women’s race at the Haspa Marathon Hamburg on 23rd April.

A year ago Yalemzerf Yehualaw smashed the course record with a sensational time of 2:17:23 which was also an unofficial world debut record. This time youngster Tiruye Mesfin heads the women’s start list with a world-class personal best of 2:18:47. With this time the 20 year-old is the fastest woman marathon runner ever entered into the race. Among a group of athletes with personal bests between 2:22 and 2:25 is Italy’s Giovanna Epis, who might want to attack the Italian record on the fast Hamburg course.

Online registration for the 37th edition of the Haspa Marathon Hamburg is still possible at:

“After last year’s sensational race by Yalemzerf Yehualaw we are now looking forward to welcoming another super fast Ethiopian woman to Hamburg. It seems Tiruye Mesfin could produce something special here as well,” said chief organiser Frank Thaleiser.

At the age of just 20 Tiruye Mesfin ran one of the fastest marathon debuts ever in Valencia in early December last year. In an extraordinary strong field she was sixth with 2:18:47. With such a time she would have won most of all other international marathons. Additionally Tiruye Mesfin, who started competing internationally in autumn 2021, showed very promising form little over three weeks ago, when she was fourth in the Lisbon Half Marathon with a personal best of 66:31.

Tiruye Mesfin’s strongest rival in Hamburg could well be a fellow Ethiopian: Sintayehu Tilahun is still a newcomer to the international road running circuit as well. The Haspa Marathon Hamburg will be the third race over the classic distance for the 23 year-old. After a 2:45:06 debut win in a small Italian race near Udine in 2021 she ran the Milano Marathon a year ago, finishing second with a huge PB of 2:22:19.

It was in Valencia in December, when Giovanna Epis came agonizingly close to breaking the Italian marathon record. The 34 year-old improved to 2:23:54, missing the record of Valeria Straneo by just ten seconds. The Haspa Marathon Hamburg could be the race for Giovanna Epis to give it another try.

Stella Chesang will run her marathon debut in Hamburg on 23rd April. The multiple national record holder from Uganda has a half marathon PB of 68:11. The Commonwealth Games 10,000 m champion from 2018 has shown strong form recently, when she took tenth place at the World Cross Country Championships in Bathurst, Australia, in February. The Ugandan marathon record of 2:23:13 could be within reach for Stella Chesang.

Race news Vienna City Marathon

Moen and Jepkesho head Vienna’s jubilee start lists

Elite athletes named for 40th edition

Vcm22 oper vcm herbert neubauer

Fine elite fields have been assembled for the Vienna City Marathon, which will be staged for the 40th time on 23rd April.

Norway’s Sondre Moen and Visiline Jepkesho of Kenya head the start lists of the jubilee edition. The Vienna City Marathon is Austria’s biggest one-day sporting event and the only road race in the country that features a World Athletics Elite Label. Including races at shorter distances organisers have now registered more than 38,000 entries. Over 9,000 of them will run the classic distance.

The men’s field includes eleven athletes with personal bests of sub 2:10. While Sondre Moen features the fastest personal best with a time of 2.05:48 the Norwegian former European record holder will concentrate on running a solid sub 2:10 race to come back from a less successful period. Therefore Abdi Fufa and Bethwel Yegon, who have both been added to the field in recent days, as well as Samwel Mailu and Titus Kimutai are more likely regarded as favorites.

Ethiopia’s Fufa has a PB of 2:05:57 from 2021 and knows the Vienna City Marathon well. He placed tenth here a year ago with 2:10:32. Bethwel Yegon is the fastest Kenyan on the start list and is said to be in fine form. He ran 2:06:14 in 2021 when he surprised with a second place in Berlin. Samwel Mailu looks well placed for a personal best. The Kenyan ran 2:07:19 in Frankfurt for the runner-up position last October. It was an unexpected marathon debut by Mailu since he was originally entered as a pacemaker. Fellow-Kenyan Titus Kimutai ran his marathon debut last autumn as well. He clocked 2:08:31 and was seventh in Linz, Austria. Germany’s Sebastian Hendel is among those athletes looking to break 2:10 for the first time. Andreas Vojta of Austria might also target such a result.

Kenya’s Charles Ndiema and Ser-Od Bat-Ochir of Mongolia as well as Ethiopia’s women only 5k world record holder Senbere Teferi had to withdraw from the race recently. However the women’s elite field of the Vienna City Marathon looks strong. Ten athletes have personal bests of sub 2:30 and four of them have already run faster than 2:23:30.

The former Paris and Rotterdam Marathon champion Visiline Jepkesho is the fastest woman in the field with a PB of 2:21:37. It looks likely that a Kenyan women will win the Vienna City Marathon for a sixth time in a row since the next couple of athletes on the entry list are also from Kenya. Magdalyne Masai (PB: 2:22:16), Rebecca Tanui (2:23:09) and Agnes Keino (2:23:26) should be among the contenders in Vienna. Fellow-Kenyan Caroline Jepchirchir hopes to improve her PB of 2:26:11 and could be among the top finishers. Poland’s Angelika Mach and Branna MacDougall of Canada are the fastest non-African runners on the list with PBs of 2:27:48 and 2:28:36 respectively. Julia Mayer of Austria is expected to perform well and might achieve a time of around 2:30:00.

Race news Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend

Malindi Elmore to compete in Ottawa

Former Canadian record holder will run her first Tartan Ottawa International Marathon

Tamarackorw2019 elmoremalindi

Malindi Elmore will be making her first appearance in the Tartan Ottawa International Marathon leading a star-studded field as part of the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend on 27–28 May.

Elmore, 43, debuted in the Athens Olympics in 2004 and returned to the Olympics Games in 2021 in Tokyo. In between, Elmore has won Canadian Championships, competed in triathlon, and had two children.

In her 1500m career Elmore won a bronze at the Pan American Games and at the World University Games. She is also 4x Canadian Champion over 1500m.

But Elmore found her stride in the marathon after her debut in Houston in 2019. She proceeded to break the Canadian record in 2020, running her personal best of 2:24:50. In another outstanding run, Elmore was 9th in the 2021 Olympic Games Marathon, the second highest-ever placing for a Canadian woman. She is also the defending Canadian Marathon Champion.

Elmore is running the Tartan Ottawa International Marathon as a stepping stone to a hopeful return to the Olympic Games next year in Paris.

“I can’t wait to see what Canada’s capital has in store for me,” said Elmore. “My goals for the race are to run competitively and finish strong! The marathon is a race that requires a lot of respect so if I can achieve those two goals, I will run fast!”

“We cannot wait to host Malindi in the nation’s capital for Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend,” said Dylan Wykes, Elite Athlete Coordinator. “Malindi is such a great role model in our sport as a mom, a coach, and world class marathon runner.”

Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend is Canada’s biggest race weekend and will run on May 27–28, 2023. You can learn more and register by visiting

Date changes Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon

Race date for Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon (HKG) changed

Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon date change

The Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon (HKG) will take place on Sun 21 January 2024, not Thu 1 February 2024 as previously published.

Race news

Global ride-hailing giant partners with Great Pharaohs Runners Company

inDrive to support safety and medical improvements

5k youth race cropped 1092690080

inDrive, a global mobility platform operating in 47 countries and over 700 cities around the world, is working with the Great Pharaohs Runners Company around the Great Egyptian River Nile Marathon, scheduled to take place on 28 April 2023 in Cairo.

The engagement comes as part of the company’s wider effort to support running initiatives in its markets. The project operates under inDrive’s inVision hub, whereas the company goes beyond its core business to engage in non-commercial initiatives to support justice and equality in such areas as science, education, sports and arts.

The cooperation will cover safety improvement, arranged by closing roads and organizing medical support, branding and merchandise design. Additionally, inDrive’s support will be directed towards launching The inDrive 5K Youth Race, open to boys and girls under 14 and under 16 at a certified distance of 5 km, as well as a substantial prize fund for both general youth categories. The race will be free for young runners.

The company is expecting great turnout with athletes traveling from outside Egypt as well.

“There are plenty of opportunities to set new records with marathon, half marathon and 10 and 5 km races available for registration,” Anna Fedorchuk, the project lead at inDrive said.

Marathon founder Ahmed El-Nady and the organizing team send a heartfelt greeting to their new sponsor and say – welcome to Egypt, Land of Wonder.

Running news

Kenya: concerns about doping

“Serious threat”, says integrity body

Until recently doping offenders’ reactions to returning a positive test tended to be passive, and relatively few tried to mount a defence once an offence had been detected.

That seems to have changed now, with two recent tampering cases involving Kenyan athletes. The similarities between these two cases have led a disciplinary tribunal to believe that there has been a systematic attempt to help athletes cover up their doping offences. They go so far as to describe this as amounting to “criminal conduct” involving “frauds on the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU).”

The two cases are those of middle-distance runner Eglay Nafuna Nalyanya, who has been banned by the AIU for eight years and long-distance runner Betty Lempus, who received a five-year ban. The disciplinary tribunal noted that similar explanations and evidence were submitted by both athletes. This included falsified medical documents and the listing of fictitious doctors.

The tribunal concluded, “It seems that elite Kenyan athletes are being assisted by a person or persons, including someone with considerable medical knowledge, to commit what amounts to criminal conduct involving frauds on the AIU, and that this is not limited to a single case but evidences a pattern of behaviour. We regard this conduct as a matter of the greatest possible concern and urge the AIU to take all possible steps to establish how this is occurring.”

Reacting to this news, AIU Chair David Howman said: “It is clear doping in Kenya is increasingly well organised and these cases underline the reality that medically-experienced personnel are involved. This is a serious threat to our sport.”

Race news B.A.A. Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon: in it for the long run

Bank of America to be new sponsor

The BAA Boston Marathon recently announced that their long-time sponsor, the John Hancock Insurance Company, will cease to sponsor the race following this year’s event on 17 April 2023.

Their place will be taken by the Bank of America which becomes the presenting partner of the Boston Marathon and other BAA events from 2024, with an agreement lasting for the following 10 years.

B.A.A. President and CEO Jack Fleming said, “We will work together to enhance one of the world’s great participatory sporting events. Bank of America will partner with us at every stage to grow, broaden and innovate new pathways in running.”

News from World Athletics

World Athletics ruling on transgender athletes

In a press release on 23 March World Athletics updated regulations on transgender athletes.

Transgender women who have passed through male puberty will be prohibited from participating in female World Rankings competitions starting from 31 March.

Currently there are no transgender athletes competing internationally in athletics. This means there is no athletics-specific evidence of the impact these athletes would have on the fairness of female competition in athletics.

In these circumstances, the Council decided to prioritise fairness and the integrity of female competition before inclusion. A Working Group will be set up for 12 months to further consider the issue of transgender inclusion.

Race news Halfmarathon Altötting

Altötting’s medal is one to watch

Working timepiece for all runners


The Altötting Half Marathon in Germany, to be held on 17 September 2023, is known for always coming up with something new when it comes to medals.

This year it’s something really extraordinary: a working battery-operated pocket watch with chain and hinged lid. The “medal” will be handed to all participants in the half marathon and the 6km race.

Altötting is this year again offering a free city tour and discounts on exhibitions (Playmobil, diorama show, panorama…). Altötting, located not far from Munich, is a world famous pilgrimage site and known as the “heart of Bavaria”.

The Altötting Half Marathon received 5 stars from the European Athletics Association, is considered one of the fastest half marathons in Germany and is mostly run through the forest on well-defined tracks.

AIMS Congress

Getting back on track

23rd AIMS World Congress in Osaka


The 23rd World Congress of AIMS was held in Osaka from 23–25 February, followed by the host race, the Osaka Marathon, on 26 February 2023.

It was the first time a Congress had been held since September 2018 when Tallinn Marathon (Estonia) hosted the 22nd AIMS World Congress.

AIMS President Paco Borao welcomed those attending. 103 member events appeared on the list of participants. In his welcoming report to Congress Mr Borao used graphs to show how difficult it had been over the last 4.5 years to keep track of which races were postponed and which were cancelled at times when very few races were being staged because of the physical restrictions in place.

He suggested that 2023 would still be spent chasing the race numbers of the peak year of 2019 of 496 Members compared to the current 402 and this would likely not be achieved until 2024.

The main agenda items after the welcome and future plans of AIMS President Paco Borao, were the financial report from Treasurer Al Boka, and the communication and marketing reports.

The keynote speaker of the whole congress was the lecture of Prof. Shinya Yamanaka (Japan), Director Emeritus, Kyoto University IPS Cell Research Institute. He is a 2012 Nobel Laureate in Medicine and Physiology. According to him, he is probably the only marathon running Nobel laureate.

Later in the morning Kathryn Widu gave a presentation on how the Vienna City Marathon had ‘bounced back’ from covid to become one of the first races to return to mass participation numbers. Unfortunately there had been recent cases of covid within her household and she had to deliver the presentation by video.

An interactive session took place in the afternoon where five groups separately discussed the subject of ‘Lessons learned from Covid’ among themselves before reporting back to the main session.

In the afternoon the candidates for election to the AIMS Board presented themselves.
Proposals from the Board were presented to change the statutes so that the Treasurer, like the General Secretary, is not elected by the members but is appointed by the Board.

In the evening there was the big welcome party with an elaborate show along with a delicious Japanese buffet at the conference hotel New Otani Osaka.

The second day of Congress started with the technical report by Dave Cundy,

Martha Morales then spoke to the AIMS report on the further development of the AIMS Children’s Races and especially on the promotion of the Women’s Run, where AIMS is planning a Women’s Run Conference.

Horst Milde, the AIMS Consultant for the AIMS Marathoneum in Berlin noted the most important new acquisitions in a multi-page brochure “Marathoneum Documents Nr. 6 Rarities and Acquistions from the AIMS Marathoneum“ with the presentation of a distance marker from the London Olympic Marathon 1908 that was acquired by AIMS,. There were also donated items from “Wim Verhoorn Collection“.

Distance Running publisher Frank Baillie had already called upon members to bring a T-shirt and a medal of their running event to the Tallinn Congress. This was an immediate success, Members also brought their race T-shirts and medals to Osaka and these were displayed on a wall in the conference hall.

T-shirts and medals, as well as memorabilia and souvenirs of the Osaka Marathon, will be sent by the Osaka Congress organisers to the AIMS Marathoneum in Berlin.

On the second day Mike Nishi of the Chicago Marathon shared his thoughts on the impact of Covid and what it would mean for future events. An exchange of views between Tad Hayano (Tokyo Marathon) and Fernando Jamarne (Santiago Marathon) revealed how severely covid had impacted on the finances of races which had been forced to cancel but that after the 2022 races had been held it had been possible to see a pathway to recovery over the next editions.

A part of the programme was devoted to AIMS partners making presentations to the delegates on the goods and services they provide, After this a plaque was awarded to Francis Kay of Marathon Photos to mark 20 years of co-operation with AIMS. Francis Kay later arranged the group photo which he has taken at all Congresses held since 2002.

Later in the afternoon Branislav Koniar of the Košice Peace Marathon described how, since his race was founded 100 years ago, it has been held every year thanks to the strong attachment it shares with the city. The robust working relationship has allowed a small city like Košice to achieve much more with its marathon than others of similar size.

Marathon Olympic Champion Mizuki Noguchi (Japan) put in a surprise appearance as a special guest. [Photo: Horst Milde]

Jun Takashina. Director & Deputy Secretary General, Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition OSAKA, then made a presentation on Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai Japan and Marathons

In the evening the AIMS-sponsored film “42.195 km“ was screened in the Congress Hall of the Hotel New Otani.

During the final session of Congress, on the morning of 25 February, a vote was taken to amend the Articles of Association of AIMS so that the position of Treasurer would cease to be an elected position (Board member) and become subject to appointment by the Board of Directors. The vote was carried by 89 votes to 17.

A second vote was held to elect four Board members from the nine that had been proposed and seconded.

The successful candidates were Mike Nishi (Chicago Marathon); Renna Nelis (Tallinn Marathon); Rut Jiroajvanichakorn (Bangsaen 21), and Branislav Koniar (Košice Peace Marathon).

Sunday 26. February 2023
Walk to the 09.15 start of the Osaka Marathon through the Osaka Castle Park), then back to see the finish – more than 32,000 people were expected to participate, including many male and female elite runners.

The organisers of the 23rd AIMS World Congress in Osaka were excellent hosts of a successful event that brought members from all over the world together again after the long years interrupted by the Coronavirus pandemic.

The hosts are to be thanked for an excellent organisation of all procedures, technology and the extremely friendly treatment by the many volunteers. The comfortable premises of the Congress Hotel New Otani Hotel also contributed to the successful event.

Race news Generali Berlin Half Marathon

Eilish McColgan smashes British record in Berlin

Sabastian Sawe is fastest man on the river Spree

Siegerin eilish mccolgan  ssc events camera4 tilo wiedensohler

Smashing the British record, Eilish McColgan took the Generali Berlin Half Marathon with a time of 1:05:43.

The 32-year-old Scot improved her own national record time of 1:06:26 by 43 seconds and established a European lead. With around five kilometers to go Eilish McColgan, who will run her marathon debut in London later this month, overtook the leading Tsigie Gebreselama. The silver medallist from the World Cross Country Championships finished second in 1:06:13 while fellow Ethiopian Yalemget Yaregal took third in 1:06:27. Deborah Schöneborn, who competes for Marathon Team Berlin, was the fastest German with a time of 1:12:12.

The fastest runner on the start list was the winner at Brandenburg Gate: Sabastian Sawe finished in a strong 59:00 while fellow-Kenyan and defending champion Alex Kibet was second with 59:11. Surprisingly a pacemaker finished in third place: Bravin Kiprop of Kenya crossed the line in 59:22. Samuel Fitwi was the fasest German runner with a personal best of 1:01:44.

A total of 35,515 athletes from 131 countries entered the 42nd edition of the Generali Berlin Half Marathon. 34,458 runners competed in the half marathon, making it one of the world’s biggest races over this distance.

Like last year, there was a German double victory in the skaters, each won in the final sprint. Felix Rijhnen (Powerslide World Team) finished first in the men’s race (30:53 minutes), Josie Hofmann (Powerslide World Team) won the women’s race in 36:58 minutes.


Half marathon
1 Sabastian SAWE KEN 59:00
2 Alex KIBET KEN 59:11
3 Bravin KIPROP KEN 59:22
1 Eilish MCCOLGAN GBR 1:05:43
2 Tsigie GEBRESELAMA ETH 1:06:13
3 Yalemget YAREGAL ETH 1:06:27

Race news ADAC Marathon Hannover

Petros and Kostro triumph in Hannover

Both course records broken for the first time since 2013

Nw 230326 11 08 55 15 lq

Amanal Petros and Matea Parlov Kostro took the ADAC Marathon Hannover, smashing the course records and celebrating their biggest career wins.

In fine weather conditions Germany’s Amanal Petros triumphed with 2:07:02, improving the course best of 2:08:32 set by South Africa’s Lusapho April in 2013 by 90 seconds. The national record holder missed his PB by just 35 seconds but he is the first German to have run under the Olympic qualifying standard of 2:08:10. Kenyans Denis Chirchir and Frederick Kibii clocked personal bests of 2:07:17 and 2:08:09 respectively for second and third place. Croatia’s Matea Parlov Kostro dominated the women’s race and ran a huge personal best of 2:25:45. The marathon silver medallist from the European Championships in Munich 2022 improved the course record by 30 seconds and was well under the Olympic qualifying time for Paris 2024 (2:26:50). Four years ago Kenya’s Rachel Mutgaa ran 2:26:15 in Hannover. Pauline Thitu of Kenya clocked 2:29:25 and Mexico’s Risper Gesabwa finished in 2:29:49 for second and third places on Sunday.

It was the third time after 1992 and 2013 that both course records were broken in Hannover. Including races at shorter distances, organisers registered over 19,000 athletes from around 100 nations for the ADAC Hannover Marathon, which is a World Athletics Road Race Label event. Germany’s defending champion Hendrik Pfeiffer ran the half marathon event and won with 62:58. He is preparing for the Boston Marathon in April.

With the pace not as even as planned two pacemakers led a group of five runners through the half marathon mark in 63:30. Originally a split time of 63:00 was planned. The problem seemed to be that the runners right behind the pacers did not really go with their pace while Amanal Petros was at the end of the group. With a split time of 1:30:39 at 30k the German record of 2:06:27 was more or less out of reach. The pace at that stage pointed towards a 2:07:30 finish. When the pacemakers dropped back shortly after the 30k mark Amanal Petros took the lead. For a short period his training partner Denis Chirchir and Frederick Kibii could hold on but then they could no longer cope with the pace of the German, who was fourth in the European Championships’ marathon in 2022. The national record holder was able to increase the pace in the final quarter of the race, but his personal best was out of reach today. “Because of the uneven pace my muscles started to become tired earlier and I realized this at around 25k. But overall I came through very well,” said Amanal Petros. “It was the first time that I ran a German city marathon and this victory means a lot to me. It is a huge motivation for the next races.”

In the women’s race Matea Parlov Kostro ran 2:25 pace from the start. It was around the half way mark, which she passed in 72:34, when Pauline Thitu and Risper Gesabwa were no longer able to follow the Croatian. The gap constantly widened and the race for victory was more or less over a few kilometers later. While Matea Parlov Kostro, who became the first Croatian woman to win a European Championships’ medal in a running event in Munich last year, could not quite hold on to her pace she was ahead by more than a kilometer when she finished in 2:25:45 in front of the impressive Hannover townhall. “I am really happy with my personal best and with the qualification for the Olympic Games. Paris will be my second Olympics,” said Matea Parlov Kostro, who can be confident that her performance in Hannover will be good enough for Olympic selection. With her PB she moved up to second place behind Romania’s Delvine Meringor (2:20:49) in the current European season’s list. For Matea Parlov Kostro the victory was her first in a marathon. “While my biggest success was surely the silver medal at the European Championships this was my greatest career victory today.”

Date changes Scenic Half Marathon Krabi

Race date for Scenic Half Marathon Krabi (THA) changed

Scenic Half Marathon Krabi date change

The Scenic Half Marathon Krabi (THA) will take place on Sun 10 September 2023, not Thu 28 September 2023 as previously published.

Race news Zurich Marató de Barcelona

More than 15,000 participants register for Barcelona

Numbers grow by 50% compared to 2022 and international runners make up more than half


The Zurich Marató Barcelona’s 44th edition will take place with 15,127 registered participants, recovering pre-pandemic numbers and growing by 5,000 runners compared to the previous edition.

This Sunday 19th of March, the Marató also returns to its large number of participants coming from all over the world. Runners of 119 different nationalities have chosen Barcelona to live the best possible experience in the 42.195 km distance, in a renovated circuit in 2018, monumental and fast at the same time, with the ideal climate to run with thousands of participants and a powerful civic atmosphere.

In this sense, the Councillor for Sports of the Barcelona City Council, David Escudé, has highlighted that “this is the Barcelona’s Marathon of the recovery of numbers. We are very happy because this year the overall participation of the Zurich Marató Barcelona has grown by 50% compared to 2022, exceeding 15,000 registrations. We have also doubled the international participation compared to last year’s edition and more than half of the runners (55%, 8,319 in total) come to our city from other countries. The female participation is again 25%, equalling the highest percentage in our history (3,781 women participants). Without a doubt, this will be the great running festival that we are all looking forward to, with the streets full of people cheering and enjoying this sporting event”.

On the other hand, the director of the race, Mauro Llorens, explains that “we have everything ready and we are looking forward to starting a great edition of the Zurich Marató Barcelona where, for the first time, we will be a Gold Label Marathon awarded by World Athletics. In Spain only Barcelona has this label and, in Europe, only three more marathons has it. This means having a great line-up of elite athletes and first class services for runners. We will be looking for the two circuit records to position ourselves as one of the fastest marathons in Europe”.

The new feature of this year’s edition is that World Athletics has awarded the Zurich Marató Barcelona with the Gold Label for 2023. This is a distinctive label awarded to an event when it guarantees a high competitive level, as well as quality and comfort for the popular runners (official refreshment points, physiotherapy and recovery services, etc.). This distinction, which represents a qualitative leap for the Marató, reinforces the city of Barcelona’s capacity to organise large-scale, international sporting events, making it the only marathon in Spain and one of only three in Europe (along with the Rotterdam Marathon and the Istanbul Marathon) to have this label.

In addition, the slogan of this edition is Run In The World’s Best City because Barcelona has been considered the best city in the world according to the Telegraph Travel 2022 ranking. The course of the Zurich Marató Barcelona is ideal to enjoy: it runs through the heart of a cosmopolitan city, which has the great modernist legacy of Antonio Gaudí or the Pla Cerdà and the Camp Nou, Plaza España, the Arc de Triomf, the Sagrada Familia, the Forum or the Seafront as some of its main tourist attractions to enjoy the Catalan capital uniquely, running on a fast and magical route.

A competitive group of athletes from East Africa, with up to seven athletes with a Gold label, will take the start 19th of March to try to run under 02:04h. In terms of personal bests, the Turkish athlete Kaan Kigen Özbilen, Kenya’s 5000m champion at the age of 20, with a record that already predicted a promising athletics career, stands out in the first place to win the Zurich Marató Barcelona 2023.

As is usual for most long-distance runners, Kigen moved up the distance to concentrate on the marathon. In 2015 he became a naturalised Turkish citizen and in 2016 he won the European Half Marathon runner-up medal and his first international medal with his new country. From this point on, Özbilen concentrated on marathon, running 02:06h in the Dubai Marathon and improving his personal best in Valencia, where he has participated in the last three editions: 02:04:16h in 2019, 02:08:50h in 2020 and 02:04:36h in 2022. In this 44th edition of the Zurich Marató Barcelona, he will be, a priori, the athlete to follow, as he will start the race as the theoretical favourite as he will start with the best time of all the participants.

Five athletes with records in 02:05h are, on paper, Kigen’s strongest rivals and the most qualified ones, as they are lower or very close to the current race record (02:05:53h), achieved by the Ethiopian Yihunilign Adane last year, starting with Joel Kemboi Kimurer (Gold athlete) with 02:05:19h at the Milan Marathon 2021. Likewise, with the experience of his 35 years and having run 11 marathons, Kenyan Kemboi Kimurer and his 02:05:19h in the Milan Marathon two years ago, is also among the favourites to win in Barcelona. Another Kenyan, Marius Kimutai, is also among the favourites. He has been competing for Bahrain for the past two years and knows the Catalan capital’s circuit well, where he finished sixth in 2021 (02:06:54h).

On the other hand, Ethiopia’s athlete Takele Bikila achieved his best time at the Seville Marathon (02:05:52h) last season in his tenth 42km race, and Eritrea’s Kibrom Ruesom at the Valencia Marathon 2020 (02:05:53h) in his second marathon attempt. Closing the list is Ethiopia’s runner Kelkile Woldaregay time of 02:05:56h at the Rotterdam Marathon, which dates back to 2018.

Kaan Kigen Özbilen: “I want to thank the organisation for inviting me to run in the best city in the world. Eliud Kipchogue is my mentor and teammate and he has wished me luck for Sunday. I am coming to Barcelona to set the course record”.

Marius Kimutai: “Sunday I will return to a circuit I already know with the aim of improving my personal best and setting a new record”.

Two-time finalist at the World Half Marathon Championships in Valencia 2018 and Gdynia 2020, Zeineba Yimer Worku (Gold Label) is the only female participant with a personal best under 2 hours and 20 minutes and is the favourite to break the women’s record set last year by Ethiopian Meseret Gebre Dekebo (02:23:11h). A time achieved twice, both times at the Valencia Marathon, finishing in 02:19:28h in 2019 and 02:19:54h the year after.

As a personal best and among the five Gold Label female athletes who will run on 19th of March in Barcelona, Yimer is the favourite among a group that also includes her compatriot, Ethiopia’s athlete Azmera Gebru Hagos, a cross-country runner who won bronze at the World Cross Country Championships in Punta Umbria in 2011, more than a decade ago. At the age of 23, Hagos made her debut at the 2018 Amsterdam Marathon, finishing in 02:23h and the following year, on the same circuit, she achieved what is, for the moment, her personal best (02:20:48h).

Zenebu Fikadu Jebesa (Gold Label) also repeats in Barcelona. The Ethiopian runner, third on the podium in the last edition of the Zurich Marató Barcelona (02:25:11h), will enjoy a new opportunity in a circuit she already knows. A fourth Ethiopian runner, Tsegaye Melesech, also returns to Barcelona after finishing second in 2017 (02:26:44h).

In terms of international experience, Kenya’s Selly Chepyego Kaptich (Gold Label) is a strong contender to face the Ethiopian trio of favourites. Kaptich is the U18 World 3000m champion and bronze medalist at the World Half Marathon in Copenhagen in 2014, as well as having finished third in another major event, the Berlin Marathon 2019, which she finished setting her personal best of 02:21:06h.

Among the European athletes, the participation of Delvine Relin Meringor, Kenyan until 2021 and Romanian since then, after her naturalisation by the European country, stands out. Meringor was a solid cross-country runner in her early days as an athlete. She made her debut at the 2021 Siena Marathon in 02:24:32h and won the Los Angeles Marathon a year ago (02:25:04h).

Selly Chepyego Kaptich: “I’m prepared for the weather conditions in Barcelona and I’m confident to beat the women’s record.”

Race news

Gerda Steyn signs with Phantane Athletics Club

Three-time Two Oceans winner will run in club colours

Image012 9900000000079e3c

It was announced today that three-time Totalsports Two Oceans Ultra Marathon winner, Gerda Steyn, has joined the KZN-based Phantane Athletics Club.

Steyn, who is predominately based in Dubai, will be running in the club colours of Phantane for all of her races on South African soil in the coming months, including the 2023 Totalsports Two Oceans Ultra Marathon on Saturday 15 April.

In 2022, Steyn broke Frith van der Merwe’s longstanding Two Oceans course record (3:30:36, set in 1989) when she clocked 3:29:42 for the 56km ultra as she won her third consecutive title in the event. She also won in 2018, clocking 3:39:31, and scored a repeat win in 2019 with a 3:31:28, finish, less a minute outside the then course record. (There race did not take place in 2020 or 2021 due to the COVID pandemic).

Steyn therefore currently has three wins, placing her joint second on the all-time list of Two Oceans winners alongside fellow three-time women’s winners Bev Malan (1982, 1983, 1985), Angelina Sephooa (1997, 1998, 1999) and Olesya Nugalieva (2008, 2010, 2011), as well as men’s winners Siphiwe Gqele (1983, 1984, 1985) and Marko Mambo (2004, 2005, 2008).

Only two athletes have won the race four times, and both are women: Monica Drögemöller (1988, 1990, 1991, 1992) and Elana Nugalieva (2004, 2005, 2009, 2021). If Steyn wins again in 2023, she will join them on four wins, but will also become the first athlete to post four consecutive wins in the event, and she will become the first athlete to win a fourth title while also being the course record-holder.

When asked about her decision to join the Phantane club, Steyn said, “It is such an honour to represent Phantane Athletics Club. The club prides itself on the development of athletes and to be part of the club feels incredible.”

On behalf of the club, the Club Manager, Mdu Khumalo, said that Gerda joining the club is a huge milestone for Phantane: “It is a privilege to have an elite runner like Gerda running in our colours.”

Date changes Jungfrau-Marathon

Race date for Jungfrau-Marathon (SUI) changed

Jungfrau-Marathon date change

The Jungfrau-Marathon (SUI) will take place on Sat 9 September 2023, not Fri 8 September 2023 as previously published.

Race news Copenhagen Marathon

Copenhagen Marathon has new route

Through picturesque quarters and hipster hoods


The Copenhagen Marathon is moving from this year’s start and finish area from Islands Brygge to Øster Allé, and this naturally calls for a corresponding change to the route. It is now ready.

The new marathon route naturally offers the best and most beautiful of Copenhagen. And you can look forward to running in all the bridge districts, on Frederiksberg and in Indre By and running past places such as Nyboder, Kongens Nytorv, Dronning Louises Bro and Tivoli.

AIMS Congress

Osaka Congress thanks

AIMS President thanks organisers and attendees of Osaka Congress for their work and positive input in delivering such a successful congress

 pacoborao no credit

All attendees to AIMS World Congress 2023 – Osaka, Japan

Dear friends,

Once all of us having returned home safely, I would like to thank you not only for your attendance to the subject AIMS World Congress, but for your positive participation along the three days where we hope you gave and received information on several aspects of our loved worldwide sport of marathon and other distance running competitions.

I would like also to give our deepest thanks to the whole Osaka Marathon Committee as well as the City Administration for the friendly and positive overall organization they supplied to this World Congress of AIMS along the time we spent in Osaka. I can assure you that all attendees went back home with a warm and grateful feeling from our Japanese experience.

I hope and wish you the deserved personal and professional success within your sportive projects, let’s all work towards a total healthy and safe marathons and distance races recovery towards the desired athletic wellbeing.

Receive my best friendly sportive regards for you, your families, and your teams

Paco Borao

President of AIMS

Race news ADAC Marathon Hannover

Top names head for Hannover

Petros, Wanders and Kostro head elite fields

Amanal petros 2

Some of Europe’s top names in long distance running will compete at the ADAC Marathon Hannover on 26th March.

Germany’s multiple record holder Amanal Petros and European half marathon record holder Julien Wanders of Switzerland are on the start list for the traditional spring race while the European Championships’ silver medallist Matea Parlov Kostro of Serbia returns to the race where she clocked her personal best.

With a PB of 2:04:56 Kenya’s Jonathan Maiyo is currently the fastest athlete in the elite field while Rabea Schöneborn of Germany heads the women’s list with 2:27:03.

Organisers of the ADAC Marathon Hannover, who moved the race from the traditional April date to the end of March for the first time, expect to register over 20,000 runners for the 31st edition, including races at shorter distances. Last year’s Hannover marathon champion Hendrik Pfeiffer, who switched clubs recently and now competes for local club TK Hannover, will compete in the half marathon on 26th March since he will run the Boston Marathon on 17th April. The ADAC Marathon Hannover is a World Athletics Road Race Label event. Online entry for all races is still possible at:

Amanal Petros recently became the first German male athlete in history to have broken the three main national road running records: He already held the best marks for the half marathon (60:09) and the marathon (2:06:27) and then added the 10k record with a time of 27:32 in Castellón, Spain. The 27 year-old, who was fourth in the European Championships’ marathon in Munich last summer, currently trains in Iten, Kenya. “I am looking really forward to run in Hannover for the first time. I am curious about the fast course,” said Amanal Petros, who is a training partner of Julien Wanders. “If my training continues to go well and weather conditions are good on the day I hope to run another personal best.” With such a result he would smash Hannover’s 2:08:32 course record.

Julien Wanders so far could not transform his enormous potential to the marathon distance. The 26 year-old European record holder at 10k (27:13) and in the half marathon (59:13) ran his debut in Paris in spring 2022. Suffering of stomach problems he had to stop three times but still finished in 2:11:52. Wanders then did not finish his second marathon in Valencia in December after running a first half of 63:22. With its flat course and very good pacemaking options the ADAC Marathon Hannover might well be the place where Julien Wanders can finally perform well in the marathon. “A time of sub 2:10 would be nice. I opted for Hannover after speaking with Amanal about the race,” said Julien Wanders.

It will be interesting to see what Jonathan Maiyo will be capable of in Hannover. The 34 year-old Kenyan clocked his personal record of 2:04:56 back in 2022 in Dubai. At that time it was a world-class time. Although Maiyo did not yet manage to run that fast again he showed a number of fine performances. In December he ran a solid 2:09:47 and took fourth place in Malaga.

Germany’s Rabea Schöneborn, the twin sister of Deborah Schöneborn, returns to the ADAC Marathon Hannover and currently is the fastest woman on the start list with a PB of 2:27:03. She was runner-up here a year ago with 2:27:35 and then showed a fine performance at the European Championships. Finishing in 12th position she won the European Cup with the German team in Munich.

The athlete who finished behind Rabea Schöneborn last year in Hannover then turned the tables at the European Championships and became a surprise silver medallist: Matea Parlov Kostro was third at the ADAC Marathon Hannover with a PB of 2:28:39 and then finished runner-up in soaring temperatures in Munich with 2:28:42. The 30 year-old recently improved her half marathon PB to 69:53 and could be in a position for a big personal best in Hannover.

With a PB of 2:27:05 Viktoriia Kaliuzhna of Ukraine is the second fastest woman on the start list. Due to the war in Ukraine she currently lives near Wroclaw in Poland. Kaliuzhna competed in the 2021 Olympic Games as well as the European Championships, but on both occasions did not finish in very high temperatures. She will now be eager to bounce back. Aleksandra Brzezinska will be full of confidence when she travels to Hannover. The Pole ran a PB of 2:28:09 in Valencia in December.

Race news Vienna City Marathon

Vienna features promising mix for jubilee race

Top runners hope for new course record

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The men’s elite race of the Vienna City Marathon promises to present an interesting mix of athletes with different time goals on 23rd April.

While there will be a group of Africans who aim to break the long standing 2:05:41 course record, for a number of other runners the qualifying time for the World Championships this summer in Budapest is a major goal. 2:09:40 is the standard for the global championships and Norway’s Sondre Moen will be among those targeting this mark in Vienna.

Organisers of Austria’s biggest one-day sporting spectacle expect to register up to 35,000 entries for their event, including races at shorter distances staged parallel to the marathon. With such a figure the 40th edition of the Vienna City Marathon (VCM) will almost reach the dimensions of pre-pandemic years. Entry for the VCM, which is a World Athletics Elite Label Road Race and the only one in Austria that features such a high standard, is still possible at:

There are hopes that the jubilee edition will be crowned by a course record. It was back in 2014 when Ethiopia’s Getu Feleke clocked 2:05:41. An athlete who could be capable of such a performance is Samwel Mailu, who ran his debut in last year’s Frankfurt Marathon although he was only entered into the race as a pacemaker. However the Kenyan carried on after leading for 30k and managed a fine 2:07:19 debut. He was runner-up in warm weather conditions. While Mailu will be running in Vienna for the first time, fellow-Kenyan Charles Ndiema returns to the Vienna City Marathon. He finished fourth here a year ago when he clocked his PB of 2:08:12. At least two other athletes are expected to join a leading group which targets the course record: Kenya’s Elvis Cheboi and Abe Gashahun of Ethiopia have run very fast half marathons of 59:14 and 59:46 respectively. While Cheboi will run his marathon debut in Vienna, Gashahun will be eager to improve his marathon PB of 2:09:25.

After a period with injuries and below par performances Sondre Moen intends to bounce back at the Vienna City Marathon. The main goal for the Norwegian record holder, who ran a European record of 2:05:48 when sensationally winning the Fukuoka Marathon in 2017, will be to qualify for the World Championships at the Vienna City Marathon. “I hope for a positive race in Vienna – physically as well as mentally“, said the 32 year-old Scandinavian. “I plan to run a controlled race with a negative split. Last year was one to forget because of injuries. Now I want to have a good race experience again.”

Another non-African runner who opted for the Vienna City Marathon to achieve the 2:09:40 qualifying time for the World Championships is Ser-Od Bat-Ochir from Mongolia. The 41-year-old multiple national record holder ran the Mongolian marathon record of 2:08:50 back in 2014 in Fukuoka, and he broke 2:10 again in Otsu (Japan) two years ago where he ran 2:09:26. Ser-Od Bat-Ochir, who lives in Japan with his family and is sponsored by the Shin Nihon Jusetsu company, has already participated at ten World Championships. He now wants to improve this record by qualifying for his eleventh start. Last year he finished 26th in Eugene. Ser-Od Bat-Ochir also has been an Olympic marathon runner five times, first competing at the Games in Athens in 2004. “I opted for Vienna because the race is known for producing fast times and the level of the elite field will suit me,” said the Mongolian.

Andreas Vojta could be among others who are expected to join Sondre Moen and Ser-Od Bat-Ochir in the chase for the World Championships’ qualifying time. There are high hopes in Vienna that the 33-year-old will establish himself as a top Austrian marathon runner on 23rd April. “I want to be 100 percent ready when I will at the starting line. And I am looking for a time of 2:10,“ said Andreas Vojta. The former middle distance runner, who competed in the 1,500 m at the London 2012 Olympics and at two outdoor World Championships, has an eye on the 2:09:40 standard as well. While he finished last year’s Vienna City Marathon in 2:23:21 after running as a pacemaker this will be his proper elite marathon debut.

Race news Mainova Frankfurt Marathon

Participants of the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon run for good

EUR 17,925 raised for “Wishing car” project

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The participants of the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon have been doing good for a long time. At the 39th edition of the oldest city marathon in Germany, thousands of runners were finally able to run through the “donation gate” again after the corona-related forced break.

During the Frankfurt Running Festival at the end of October, the proud sum of 17,925.56 euro in donations for the project “Der Wünschewagen” (wishing car) from the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB) was raised.

Racing director Jo Schindler handed over the donation cheque on Thursday to the ASB, long-time charity partner. Jo Schindler: “It was fantastic for us to see how many runners and spectators took to the streets when the Mainova Frankfurt returned. And their willingness to donate for our charity partnership with the ASB. This shows us the integrative power of sport in these difficult times in our society.”

The “Wünschewagen” wishing car project, which is funded exclusively by donations, has been fulfilling dying wishes of the terminally ill in Hesse since 2017. Often, seriously ill people in particular can no longer travel independently to achieve their remaining goals. This is exactly where the ASB comes in, and brings its passengers on their remaining visits in a vehicle specially converted for this purpose. For example, an older lady suffering from cancer has recently been baptised by her granddaughter. “We are happy to be able help the seriously ill and their relatives,” says race director Schindler.

Ludwig Frölich, chairman of the ASB in Hessen state, said: “It is great that the ASB Hessen wish car gets so much support from the runners of the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon experiences so much encouragement. It’s an impressive commitment by Jo Schindler and his team who have been supporting the project with great dedication for many years. I would like to thank you from the heart.”

The classic race on the River Main and the ASB Hessen have been in partnership for six years of mutual support. Race director Jo Schindler announced that this strong connection will continue in the marathon’s anniversary year, 2023. So the ASB will be present once more at the 40th edition of the Frankfurt Marathon on October 29, with over 120 volunteers from all over Hesse.

The largest proportion of the donation amount was raised because numerous participants passed through the large “donation gate”, which specially constructed at the 7.5km and 39km points, and thus donated four euro each. For the first time, all runners who donated this way received a free souvenir photo – made possible by cooperation between ASB and the marathon partner and sporting goods manufacturer Hoka.

But there were also other ways to support the wishing car project. The charity bracelet “Wishlet” was available in the exhibition hall for five euro. Many runners also decided to donate the deposit for their time measurement chip. In addition, employees of another marathon partner, the airline Ana, were on the road on the race weekend in order to draw more attention to the great work of the ASB project.

For more information about the ASB, see:, or make a direct donation at

Race news

Registration opens for Marine Corps Marathon Weekend

Runners can register for live or virtual option of three main events

The Marine Corps Marathon Organization (MCMO) announced that registration for the 48th Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) Weekend will open to the public today at noon EST on Entries will be available on a first come, first served basis.

The 48th MCM, MCM50K and MCM10K will run live and in-person on Sunday, October 29. The MCM is open to ages 14 and up and costs USD 200, while the MCM50K is USD 220 for ages 18 and up. MCM10K is USD 65 for ages 10 and up.

The Health & Fitness Expo and Packet Pick-up will be held at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center. With the return to the Gaylord, MCMO is able to offer a limited number of Four Star packages for interested participants. This stellar bundle of benefits includes a hotel stay, an entry or two, transportation and more, providing a VIP experience for runners.

Ambitious runners can once again compete for the Semper Fidelis Challenge, a three-event challenge including the Marine Corps 17.75K on March 25, the Marine Corps Historic Half on May 21 and the MCM in October. Entries for the Marine Corps 17.75K and Marine Corps Historic Half are still available on Finishers will receive an exclusive Semper Fidelis Challenge medal, in addition to the individual race medals, upon completion of the MCM.

Additionally, MCM Weekend Events are now a part of the 2023 Distinguished Participant program. Runners who seek to earn this coveted title must complete a distance from each of MCMO’s live event weekends:

  • Marine Corps 17.75K on March 25
  • One of the Marine Corps Historic Half Events (half marathon, Semper 5ive or Devil Dog Double) on May 21
  • Quantico 12K on August 26
  • One of the MCM Weekend Events (MCM, MCM10K or MCM50K) on October 29
  • Turkey Trot 10K on November 18

New this year, MCM will also include a Team-affiliated competition. Groups of runners can register as a team in a variety of categories as they complete their mission of finishing the 48th MCM. More information regarding Team registration is available here.

MCMO will once again be offering a limited number of virtual entries for all three events. Virtual entries for the MCM and MCM50K are USD 95 for domestic and USD 125 for international plus a processing fee. Virtual participants will have from October 1 to November 10, the Marine Corps birthday, to complete the distance. A virtual finish will not count toward Runners Club, Distinguished Participant or the Semper Fidelis Challenge.

The addition of virtual entries will once again allow runners to pursue the Trifecta, a unique opportunity to participate in and complete all three MCM Weekend distances within the designated timeframe.

Both live and virtual participants will receive a long sleeve technical shirt, stunning medal and more.

Date changes Kuala Lumpur Standard Chartered Marathon

Race date for Kuala Lumpur Standard Chartered Marathon (MAS) changed

Kuala Lumpur Standard Chartered Marathon date change

The Kuala Lumpur Standard Chartered Marathon (MAS) will be Sat 30 September 2023—Sun 1 October 2023, not Thu 31 August 2023—Fri 1 September 2023 as previously published.

AIMS news

AIMS Congress

First international congress since 2018

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The 23rd World Congress of AIMS was held in Osaka from 23–25 February, followed by the host race, the Osaka Marathon, on 26 February.

It was the first time a Congress had been held since September 2018 when Tallinn Marathon hosted.

AIMS President Paco Borao welcomed those attending. 103 member events appeared on the list of participants. In his welcoming report to Congress Mr Borao used graphs to show how difficult it had been over the last 4.5 years to keep track of which races were postponed and which were cancelled at times when very few races were being staged because of the physical restrictions in place.

He suggested that 2023 would still be spent chasing the race numbers of the peak year of 2019 of 496 Members compared to the current 402 and this would likely not be achieved until 2024.

Later in the morning Kathryn Widu gave a presentation on how the Vienna City Marathon had ‘bounced back’ from covid to become one of the first races to return to mass participation numbers. Unfortunately there had been recent cases of covid within her household and she had to deliver the presentation by video.

An interactive session took place in the afternoon where five groups separately discussed the subject of ‘Lessons learned from Covid’ among themselves before reporting back to the main session.

On the second day Mike Nishi of the Chicago Marathon shared his thoughts on the impact of Covid and what it would mean for future events. An exchange of views between Tad Hayano (Tokyo Marathon) and Fernando Jamarne (Santiago Marathon) revealed how severely covid had impacted on the finances of races which had been forced to cancel but that after the 2022 races had been held it had been possible to see a pathway to recovery over the next editions.

A part of the programme was devoted to AIMS partners making presentations to the delegates on the goods and services they provide, After this a plaque was awarded to Francis Kay of Marathon Photos to mark 20 years of co-operation with AIMS. Francis Kay later arranged the group photo which he has taken at all Congresses held since 2002.

Later in the afternoon Branislav Koniar of the Košice Peace Marathon described how, since his race was founded 100 years ago, it has been held every year thanks to the strong attachment it shares with the city. The robust working relationship has allowed a small city like Košice to achieve much more with its marathon than others of similar size.

During the final session of Congress, on the morning of 25 February, a vote was taken to amend the Articles of Association of AIMS so that the position of Treasurer would cease to be an elected position (Board member) and become subject to appointment by the Board of Directors. The vote was carried by 89 votes to 17.

Mike Nishi

Renna Nelis

Rut Jiroajvanichakorn

Branislav Koniar

A second vote was held to elect four Board members from the nine that had been proposed and seconded. The successful candidates were Mike Nishi (Chicago Marathon); Renna Nelis (Tallinn Marathon); Rut Jiroajvanichakorn (Bangsaen 21), and Branislav Koniar (Košice Peace Marathon).

Race news

Steyn hopes for a fourth win at Two Oceans

With 50 days to go to the “world’s most scenic race”, the Totalsports Two Oceans Marathon is shaping up to be an elite fest with a stellar field

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With 50 days to go to the “world’s most scenic race”, the Totalsports Two Oceans Marathon (TTOM) is shaping up to be an elite fest with a stellar field.

Once again, any athlete who breaks the record in the Men’s or Women’s Ultra Marathon Race can look forward to a record incentive of ZAR 250,000 (EUR 12,800) in cash.

With prize money for the Totalsports Two Oceans Ultra Marathon at ZAR 250,000, any record-breaker could look forward to a massive ZAR 500,000 pay day on 15 April 2023.

Nkosikhona “Pitbull” Mhlakwana, who made a sensational Totalsports Two Oceans Marathon debut last year, lived up to his nickname showing tremendous tenacity finishing in a superb second place behind Ethiopia’s Endale Belachew, with Sboniso Sikhakhane coming in third.

As expected, the 30-year-old considers himself to be a bit stronger and wiser, and determined to do one better this year.

“My main goal is to improve my position from last year,” says Mhlakwana.

The Hollywood Athletic club athlete says he picked up invaluable experience last year and now knows what to expect.

Another epic battle for supremacy is expected this year in the women’s Ultra. Gerda Steyn and ASICS athlete, Irvette van Zyl, who both shattered Frith van der Merwe’s longstanding women’s 56km record of 3:30:36 set in 1989, have confirmed they will line up again this year.

Steyn (3:29:42) became the first woman to run the gruelling route in sub 3:30. The 32-year-old returns this year in a bid to be crowned champion for an unprecedented fourth consecutive time, while running as the current record-holder.

The three-time champion, who will be running in her permanent blue number, 6067, will, however, not have it all her own way, with the 34-year-old Van Zyl (3:30:31) finishing just a few seconds behind her last year. The purists can rest assured that Van Zyl will come out guns blazing and ready for another classic battle with Steyn.

Steyn says she is very excited to be preparing for the Totalsports Two Oceans Marathon again.

“This will be my fifth time running the race, and I am really hoping for a fourth win after taking the title three times in a row now. Last year was such a highlight for me. I am just hoping to repeat that experience and that win. The preparations until now have been going well, which makes me even more excited for the race,” she says.

With 50 days to go before Race Day, Steyn feels the next three to four weeks will be crucial to her preparations.

“Another very exciting aspect of this year’s Totalsports Two Oceans Marathon is that it will be the first time that I will be running in my permanent number in any race.

“Usually, one has to complete 10 Ultra Marathons, but I managed to win the race three times, therefore earned a blue number. This brings a very special touch for me. At the moment I am preparing for the Two Oceans in Johannesburg. The energy level and excitement is at an all-time high," adds Steyn before wishing all runners everything of the best with the final stretch of preparations.

If excitement levels are high for the Ultra on the Saturday, the battle for supremacy in the Half Marathon on Sunday, 16 April, will be even higher. The likes of previous winners Stephen Mokoka, Elroy Gelant, as well as Precious Mashele from the Boxer Athletic Clubs, have all confirmed their entries. Moses Tarakinyu from Zimbabwe is back to defend his title with Entsika’s Desmond Mokgobu also looking to improve on his third place from last year.

Last year’s winner, Fortunate Chidzivo, will not be lining up to defend her title in the women’s Half Marathon this year, which leaves the race wide open for a new champion to be crowned.

Date changes Maraton Varmex

Race date for Maraton Varmex (MEX) changed

Maraton Varmex date change

The Maraton Varmex (MEX) will take place on Sun 22 October 2023, not Thu 19 October 2023 as previously published.

Date changes San José Costa Rica 10K, Half & Marathon

Race date for San José Costa Rica 10K, Half & Marathon (CRC) changed

San José Costa Rica 10K, Half & Marathon date change

The San José Costa Rica 10K, Half & Marathon (CRC) will take place on Sun 26 November 2023, not Sun 3 December 2023 as previously published.

Date changes Athens Marathon. The Authentic

Race date for Athens Marathon. The Authentic (GRE) changed

Athens Marathon. The Authentic date change

The Athens Marathon. The Authentic (GRE) will take place on Sun 12 November 2023, not Sat 11 November 2023 as previously published.

Race news Tallinna Maraton, Half & 10k

Tallinn Marathon marks 105 years of Estonia

Baltic state established in 1918


Tallinn Marathon will be celebrating the 105th Anniversary of Estonia.

Prepare yourself for similar celebrations as in 2018 (for Estonia’s 100th anniversary) when a total of 23,940 runners and athletes from 67 countries took part and our blue-black-white national flag colours were proudly presented.

Can we beat the participant record from 2018?

Date changes

Race date for Great Egyptian River Nile International Marathon (EGY) changed

Great Egyptian River Nile International Marathon date change

The Great Egyptian River Nile International Marathon (EGY) will take place on Fri 28 April 2023, not Fri 17 March 2023 as previously published.

AIMS news

AIMS expresses sympathy for earthquake victims

Message from President Paco Borao

 pacoborao no credit

It is with great sadness that we received news of the devastating earthquake which struck the south eastern part of Turkey on 6 February.

There are no words to describe the scale of damage and the escalating number of fatalities that are being reported makes it certain that people from all over the country and beyond will be suffering from this tragedy.

On behalf of all members of our Association and through our member events the N Kolay Istanbul Marathon and the N Kolay Istanbul Half Marathon, I send our warmest greetings and sympathies to all those affected by this terribly distressing event.

Date changes Trento Half Marathon

Race date for Trento Half Marathon (ITA) changed

Trento Half Marathon date change

The Trento Half Marathon (ITA) will take place on Sun 1 October 2023, not Fri 1 September 2023 as previously published.

AIMS news

AIMS and Distance Running magazine awarded

“Best Active Tourism Product” from Aire Libre

Img 0661

The Spanish magazine Aire Libre, also well-known in South America, felicitated AIMS at the International Fair of Tourism (FITUR), held in Madrid in January, with their Sports Tourism Award under the category of ‘Best Active Tourism Product’.

The award was received by Sara Sanchez, administrative assistant to AIMS President Paco Borao.

Aire Libre, founded in 1993, is the leading magazine in its sector specializing in travel, culture, sports, nature, adventure, alternative tourism, rural and inland tourism and health. It has itself been recognised with the award for the Best Support for the diffusion of Active Tourism – PICOT 2017.

Date changes Tata Consultancy Services World 10K Bengaluru

Race date for Tata Consultancy Services World 10K Bengaluru (IND) changed

TCS World 10K Bengaluru date change

The Tata Consultancy Services World 10K Bengaluru (IND) will take place on Sun 21 May 2023, not Sun 7 May 2023 as previously published.

Running news

SuperHalfs race series to drive mass participation

Mass races at World Athletics Road Running Championships in Riga

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The SuperHalfs half-marathon series, comprising the leading half-marathon running events in Lisbon, Prague, Copenhagen, Cardiff and Valencia, will reach out to runners globally and encourage them to take part in the mass races of the inaugural World Athletics Road Running Championships in Riga on 30 September – 1 October 2023.

The organisers of the Championships in Riga (WRRC Riga 23) are certain that the collaboration with the SuperHalfs half-marathon series will help recreational runners across the globe discover the opportunity to be part of the World Championships in Riga. Riga is preparing to welcome thousands of recreational runners from at least 100 countries to the World Athletics Road Running Championships, and the communications support from SuperHalfs will certainly help achieve this goal.

Sašo Belovski, managing director of SuperHalfs, comments: “Riga is fortunate not only to host the inaugural World Athletics Road Running Championships and mass races, but also to offer runners the opportunity to take part in three mass races over the championships weekend – half-marathon, 5km, and road mile. At SuperHalfs, we are all about encouraging runners to participate in beautiful running adventures, and the WRRC Riga 2023 will undoubtedly be an unmissable experience in 2023!”

The collaboration between WRRC Riga 23 and SuperHalfs will involve communications support through all of SuperHalfs and member races’ channels encouraging running at the World Championships in Riga.

Aigars Nords, the head of the Local Organizing Committee WRRC Riga 2023, commented: “The biggest challenge for us as the organizers of the inaugural World Athletics Road Running Championships is to help recreational runners get used to the idea that anybody can participate in a mass race at the world championships. We believe that our collaboration with SuperHalfs will help us get this message across and persuade running enthusiasts to come and test themselves in Riga in 2023!”

Any recreational runner can register for the road mile (1609m), 5km and half-marathon distances of the World Athletics Road Running Championships in Riga on the official website

A special promotional code RIGA23SUPERHALFS015 entitles you to 20% off the cost of entry valid until 28 February.

Race news Košice Peace Marathon

6,000 already registered for Košice in 100th year

Europe’s oldest marathon celebrates centenary

O cisla f listonova

The oldest marathon in Europe is enjoying great interest in its upcoming 100th year.

In the first 50 days from the opening of registration, more than 6,000 runners have already signed up, which is about 50% of the entire planned capacity. There are still more than eight months left before the start, so it will be interesting to see how the numbers continue to develop.

Naturally, domestic runners play first fiddle, while on the other rungs, under the flags of dozens of countries, are mainly runners from Poland, the Czech Republic, France, Hungary, the UK and Germany.

In the meantime, the organisers have confirmed that all the main disciplines of the programme, i.e. the Marathon, Half Marathon and Relay, will take place together on Sunday, 1 October. One day earlier, on Saturday, 30 September, the programme will be dominated by the U.S. Steel Family Run.

Race news Chevron Houston Marathon, Aramco Houston Half Marathon and We Are Houston 5K

New US record and photo finishes make for excitement in Houston

Gebrekiden first woman to run 1:06:28 on American soil

Gebrekidan hiwot fh houston23

Thrilling sprint finishes for the men, dominant performances by the women and a new American half marathon record highlighted the Aramco Houston Half Marathon and Chevron Houston Marathon.

Hiwot Gebrekiden attacked the course early and alone, going through the five-mile mark well under record pace while Emily Sisson, aiming for an Amercan record stayed 30 seconds back, sharing the opening miles with South Africa’s Dominique Scott. By 10km both women were on their own. Gebrekiden’s pace slowed and the course record fell out of reach, but the gap she had opened up secured her the victory in 1:06:28. Sisson came through the finish chute seconds later as a roaring crowd cheered her to a second place finish in 1:06:52, shattering the record she set just nine months ago.

“I was soaking up the energy,” said Sisson who also holds the American record in the marathon, “I was happy with how I was able to finish today. Whenever I can pick it up in that last half mile, I know I have done it right.” En route to her record-breaking run Sisson tied the American record for 10 miles (50:52) and broke the American record for 20K (1:03:26).

While no records were set in the men’s half marathon, the finish was one of the closest and most exciting in race history. With one mile to go, Leul Gebresilase of Ethiopia and Wesley Kiptoo of Kenya had turned the race into a duel, trading surges going into the final turn. Kiptoo, a standout while at Iowa State, looked to have the advantage. But, just meters before the finish, Gebresilase slipped by to break the tape by less than a second 1:00:34 to 1:00:35.

“Today the competition was very good,” said Gebresilase, who told reporters he was aiming for the course record of 59:22. “I pushed at the end and my hamstring started cramping, but I am happy to be the winner.”

In the women’s marathon, Hitomi Niiya set out to break the Japanese women’s marathon record of 2:19:12, a time that is also the Chevron Houston Marathon course record. With the aid of a pacer, Niiya waited patiently as early leader Muliye Dekebo of Ehtiopia set a blistering early pace well below 2:17 through 15K. Niiya caught Dekebo at the halfway point and the pair ran side-by-side for the next five miles before Dekebo’s ambitious start caught up to her. From there, it was all Niiya and her pacer clicking off 5:20 per mile and inching dangerously close to the record. After the pacer stepped off the course, Niiya struggled and crossed the line in 2:19:24. Despite missing the Japanese record by 12 seconds, it was still a nearly two-minute personal best and the second fastest time in race history.

“Running by myself was a very powerful feeling,” said Niiya who set the Japanese Half Marathon record here in 2020, “but with cheering and support I was able to do it.”

Dekebo held on to second, finishing nearly six minutes back in 2:25:35.

The men’s marathon played out differently. Despite recruiting a pacer to run 2:07, a pack of seven men ran stride for stride through 30K at 2:10 pace. By 35K, it was down to five and just after 40K, it was a two-man race between Dominic Ondoro of Kenya and Tsedat Ayana of Ethiopia. Ayana looked to have the advantage as the marathon turned into a sprint with 400m to go. But, in a repeat of the half marathon just an hour earlier, Ondoro had one last surge, passing a flailing and visibly tired Ayana in the final seconds of the race. The winning time of 2:10:36 was just one second faster than second place and the closest finish since 1996. Teshome Mekonen who became a U.S. citizen in August of last year, was the top American finisher in third place (2:11:05.)

Race news

Yach Majok Koon sets half marathon record in Egypt

First winner from South Sudan

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An inaugural Half Marathon record for South Sudan was set in this AIMS-certified event by winner Yach Majok Koon.

It was a day of friendship and happiness as Africans ran from Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia and South Sudan ran for peace on the fastest half marathon course in all Egypt and in good weather conditions.

Yach Majok Koon won the race with some brave front running after the 15km point. Judges from the Egyptian Athletic Federation were present at the start/finish line to ensure performances could be ratified. The women’s race was won by Sunia Farroog Hmdan Agago, who clocked 1:29:45. All winners were honoured with gold medals, incorporating the AIMS 40th logo as a good way for the Great Pharaohs Runners Company to celebrate the occasion. Race organiser Ahmed el Nady awarded official certificates to all finishers.

The next edition will be held on 29 Dec 2023. Registration will open from mid-March 2023 with good discounts for early bird registrations.


Half marathon
1 Yach Majok KOON SSD 1:11:34
2 Mohamed Abdalla Ramadan MOHAMED SUD 1:15:14
3 Elguds Elsafi Jebril SALIM SUD 1:18:21
4 Elhadi Yahya Abaker HARAN SUD 1:20:19
5 Mahmoud Hossam El-Din HASSAN EGY 1:26:41
1 Sunia Farroog Hmdan AGAGO SUD 1:29:45
2 Ebtsam Alnema Mohamed AHMED SUD 1:44:58

Date changes Gatorade Maratón de Santiago

Maratón de Santiago date change

National election causes week’s delay

Dronemds 14

The Gatorade Maratón de Santiago (CHI) will take place on Sun 14 May 2023, not Sun 7 May 2023 as previously published.

There will be an election in Chile on 7 May, which has forced the race organisers to change the date.

AIMS news

AIMS announces partnership with Always Advancing

Agreement to run for three years

Alwaysadvancing large

AIMS has reached a partnership agreement with the medal producer Always Advancing which will run for the next three years.

Always Advancing, established in 2008, is a world renowned manufacturer of awards, apparel, and promotional products with a specialization in custom finisher medals and ribbons for endurance events. Always Advancing recognizes the hard work and dedication it takes to cross the finish line and strives to create a uniquely-designed product for each event which the athlete will appreciate and wear proudly.

Race news B.A.A. Boston Marathon

Edna Kiplagat declared winner of 2021 Boston Marathon

First runner over the line disqualified

Edna Kiplagat was second across the finish line in the 2021 Boston Marathon but has now been declared the winner of that race after the disqualification of the woman who finished ahead of her.

Diana Kipyogei tested positive for a performance enhancing drug and then contested the positive finding. The end result was that Kipyogei was banned for six years and will not be eligible to compete again until June 2028.

Kiplagat now becomes a two-time winner of the Boston Marathon having previously won the race in 2017. She also becomes the oldest-ever female winner of the race at 42 years and 5 months, surpassing the record of Miki Gorman, from the 1977 race, of 41 years and 8 months.


1 Edna KIPLAGAT KEN 2:25:09
2 Mary NGUGI KEN 2:25:20
3 Monicah NGIGE KEN 2:25:32
4 Netsanet GUDETA ETH 2:26:09
5 Nell ROJAS USA 2:27:12

Race news Chevron Houston Marathon, Aramco Houston Half Marathon and We Are Houston 5K

Houston announces elite field

Sisson to battle Dibaba for first place

The Houston Marathon Committee announced today (3 January) the elite athletes who will chase the USD 10,000 (EUR 9,430) first-place prize in this historically fast race.

American records in the half marathon and marathon were set in Houston last year, but by the end of 2022, Emily Sisson had broken them both. Houston will be Sisson’s first race since running 2:18:29 at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon in October, shattering Keira D’Amato’s record by 43 seconds. Earlier in the year, her 1:07:11 performance in Indianapolis shaved four seconds off Sara Hall’s half marathon record.

“I have really enjoyed racing here in the past and am excited to start my 2023 season in Houston,” said Sisson who finished fifth in the 2019 Aramco Houston Half Marathon. “I felt good coming out of Chicago and am really looking forward to another opportunity to race.”

Sisson will have to contend with one of the greatest distance runners of all time as Tirunesh Dibaba of Ethiopia makes a return to competition after a more than four-year hiatus. The three-time Olympic gold medalist and five-time world champion has not raced since 2018 but says after giving birth to a second child in 2019 and then battling COVID-19, she is ready to add another chapter to her storied career.

“Houston is a famous race and my training has been going well,” said Dibaba, the 2017 Chicago Marathon Champion. “It seemed like the best way to test myself and see what could be next.”

Other top contenders in the women’s half marathon elite field include 2021 Berlin Marathon runner-up Hiwot Gebrekidan of Ethiopia and 2022 World Championship Marathon fourth-place finisher Nazret Weldu of Eritrea. Dom Scott will attempt to break the South African half marathon record of 1:06:44, after a 3rd place finish in Houston last year. The top Americans include 28-time U.S. Champion Molly Huddle who set the then-American record here in 2018, as well as World Champion and Olympic Bronze Medalist Jenny Simpson who will make her half marathon debut.

“All of the racers I am learning from speak so highly of their experience with the Aramco Houston Half Marathon,” said Simpson. “It’s the perfect place for me to make my half marathon debut because the timing, course and organization are so well tested.”

In the men’s race, Edward Cheserek of Kenya is coming off a 1:00:13 half marathon personal best in Valencia last month. “After Valencia this fall, I’ve trained harder and think sub-60 is possible,” said Cheserek, a 17-time NCAA Champion at the University of Oregon. “Houston is known for being a fast course and I want to have a chance at a personal best.”

Cheserek will face off against 2019 champion Shura Kitata of Ethiopia who lines up for his fourth Aramco Houston Half Marathon. With career marathon victories in London, Frankfurt and Rome, Kitata says he “feels home and comfortable in Houston.”

Other contenders to watch are Ethiopia’s Leul Gebresilase Aleme, runner up at last year’s London Marathon, and 2020 Olympian Mohamed El Aaraby of Morocco. The top American in the field is Conner Mantz of Utah. Mantz, the 2020 and 2021 NCAA Cross Country Champion at BYU, made his much-anticipated marathon debut in Chicago last October running 2:08:16, the fastest debut ever by an American-born runner.


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