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Race previews Lola Challenge Weekend

27 March 2024, 2pm

Test of endurance on a challenging course

A three-day spectacular

Lola Challenge Weekend
Fri 23 August 2024

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Running through the streets of Old San Juan over the course of a full weekend was an unforgettable and exhilarating experience for more than 3000 participants during the 9th edition of the “Lola Challenge Weekend”. Runners from all over the world and Puerto Rico train all year round for this special weekend.

The blend of history and culture creates a unique backdrop for the series of races: 5km, 10km and a challenging 21.1km. Each race during the three-day period has its own set of challenges for participants but the vibrant energy of the city and the support of fellow runners make it an extraordinary journey to be part of.

The Lola Challenge Weekend begins with the 5km race, where we run through the narrow streets lined with colourful colonial buildings from the 16th century. The cheers of locals and tourists add to the festive atmosphere making the initial race a delightful experience. Saturday morning brings the 10km race, expanding the exploration of Old San Juan. The route leads runners along the iconic coastline, with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the historic city on the other, making it an unforgettable experience. The salty breeze provides a refreshing contrast to the exertion of the run and makes the race easier for participants. This second race has the perfect balance between a challenging run and a scenic tour of the city’s treasures for all runners to enjoy.

Runners finish by passing landmarks such as San Felipe del Morro Castle while watching the sunrise and this makes it a satisfying experience for the runners and for their families and friends who come to cheer them on.

The pinnacle of the weekend is the half marathon race on the third day. For most participants the half marathon is the most important and challenging of the three races. The route takes runners through the heart of Old San Juan and then into more hilly and demanding terrain. This route is both physically and mentally challenging as the cobblestone streets demand a careful choice of footing. The incline of the hill on Norzagaray street is one that most runners look forward to completing. The ascent of the street then provides a breathtaking panoramic view of the ocean and the historic landmark.

The half-marathon race is a true test of endurance but the constant support and the unique atmosphere make it an incredibly rewarding experience. Crossing the finish line in the heart of Old San Juan is a moment of triumph. The cheers, applause, and the stunning backdrop of the historic cityscape creates a memory that will forever be etched on the runner’s mind.

The “Lola Challenge” is the only three-day event taking place in Puerto Rico and provides a great opportunity for anyone to challenge themselves both physically and mentally. It is such a unique and memorable experience that locals flood the streets of Old San Juan during the weekend along with people from all over the globe. It’s an event where everyone comes together to run for a charitable cause. The Lola Challenge is the perfect experience not only to fulfil your running goals surrounded by beautiful landscapes and colourful buildings but also to help make a change in the world.

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