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Race news Halfmarathon Altötting

20 July 2020, 10am

Race to go ahead with drastic reduction in facilities

Hygiene plan for Altötting

Halfmarathon Altötting
Sun 13 September 2020

Organisers of the Altötting Half Marathon in Bavaria have announced its plans to allow the race to still go ahead in compliance with strict safety regulations.

“In close coordination with the [state] health department, we have developed a hygiene concept that allows up to 1000 participants on the routes of the 21.1 km and 6km race on 13 September,” said the race organisers. There will be no fun run.

Everything is slimmed down: no award ceremony, no changing rooms, no showers. The advertised medals or participant gifts will not be issued but there will be replacement medals for the 1000 approved participants.

Registration will close after 1000 entries have been received. There will be no late registrations.

The registration deadline is moved forward by one week (to 30 August) to have time to send start numbers by post. The increase in registration fees due from 1 July has been withdrawn due to the cutback in services. An option for clothes storage in emergencies (e.g. for runners arriving by rail) is still to be discussed.

Main coronavirus precautions:
· Use mouth protection in the warm-up area (Dultplatz is available, observe distance rules).
· Running without a mask, but the mask must be put on again in the finish area. We provide masks in case someone loses theirs while running.
· Delegation of monitoring personnel (e.g. dispersing groups)
· Start numbers will be sent by post.
· Flying start / no mass start, or small groups. As a result, strong equalization. Only approx. 500 runners each on the half marathon or 6km route.
· Reduce stations in the forest to 2. No catering for 6 km. Dispensing of packaged water (bags), dispensing on tables etc. at least 3-4 meters apart, only one bag per table, then refill. There is no electrolyte, no bananas etc. Personnel with MNS and gloves. Dropped bags will be destroyed (after contact with the runner).
· The address etc. of the participants must be made known via the registration system. For reports about companies / schools, this can easily be requested (or must be specified as a required field when registering)
· Do not bring accompanying persons
· All participants will be informed about the rules (e-mail, homepage)
· Information to all participants via facebook and e-mail: Each participant must meet the following requirements:
There are no health restrictions or symptoms of illness. There was no contact with an infected person for at least two weeks. The hygiene measures (keep your distance, regular washing and disinfecting your hands) are observed.
· Awarding of medals at the finish: medals are placed on a table where the runners take them themselves (supervision by staff)
· Finish line arrangements: There is no electrolyte. Delivery of fruit, energy bars and water in a bag. The runner has to keep moving and cannot sit down. No banks etc. Due to the strong equalisation at the start and the strong reduction in the number of participants no crowds are to be expected.
· Atmospheric mile: music bands etc. only in the outside area, so as not to attract spectators.
· Urinal: yes, but max. 3 people at a time. Staff supervision, also to disperse groups forming when queuing
· Toilets in the three adjacent schools.
· No late registrations
· No award ceremony
· No showers
· No hand in of clothes
· No sports fair
· No childcare
· No warm-up program
· No pasta party
· No stilt walkers etc .
· No changing rooms
· no children’s run
· no balloons
· no Dixi toilets
· No massages at the finish
· no meals in the registration area

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