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Race previews Chongqing International Marathon

01 January 2020, 8am

Race of six bridges, finished off with hotpot

Along the Mother River

Chongqing International Marathon
Sun 22 March 2020


Chongqing has over 3000 years in history and local culture.

It is the youngest municipality in China but the economic centre of the Upper Yangtze region and, with a population of 30 million within its extended boundaries, is the largest inland city in the world. It is one of four Chinese cities identified on the world map at the UN General Assembly Hall.

The Chongqing Marathon evolved from the ‘brisk walking’ habit of Chongqing’s citizens along Nanbin Road. As the first full marathon in Western China it has been successfully held for nine years and will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year. Chongqing Marathon is already recognised as a CAA Gold Medal Race, an IAAF Gold Label road race and, as one of the four “China Marathon Majors”, has become a member of AIMS. The number of runners grew from 10000 in 2011 to 30000 in 2020 (20000 in the full marathon, 8000 in the 5km and 2000 in the family run).

Chongqing is famous for its towering mountains and roaring rivers which have witnessed local civilisation for over 3000 years. Most runners think running a marathon in Chongqing will be tough but the course is extremely flat along the riverside road. The course starts by Nanbin Park, goes north to make the first turning under the Chaotianmen Bridge and then goes south to make the farthest turn at Ronghui Ave before returning to Nanbin Park.

Themed as “Running along the Mother River”, the whole course is beside the Yangtze where runners can enjoy beautiful river views and scenic spots such as Longmenhao Old Road at 2km, Ciyun Temple at 3km, Landmark Riverside Park and Danzishi Old Road at the finish of the family run, etc. Runners pass six beautiful and varied bridges during the course of the race.

A Chongqing speciality is hotpot which the Marathon provides to 1000 finishers every year. Eating the authentic hotpot after the marathon is absolutely an unforgettable experience.

Chongqing is renowned for its varied landscapes, night scene and delicious food. In daytime visit the Nanshan Mountain where there is a Botanical Garden, Tushan Temple, Laojun Cave (a Taoism temple), etc. In the evening go to the “street of hotpots” on Nanshan Mountain to have dinner, then view the extraordinary night scene of Chongqing at the Nanshan Single Tree lookout:. Danzishi Old Road and Landmark Riverside Park lie at the foot of Nanshan Mountain where you can appreciate the local conditions and customs and magnificent river views on the opposite bank.

Use the cableway to “fly” the Yangtze river and get to Yuzhong Peninsula, the commercial centre of the city. Raffles Square is a new Chongqing landmark and the Hongyadong Scenic area the most popular spot. Crown escalator is the second longest escalator in Asia brings you a totally different view of the city.

If you have enough time explore the natural scenery around Chongqing which includes national forest parks, hot springs and ancient towns.


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