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10 April 2019, 7am

How AIMS’ sports partner tailors running shoes to runners’ needs


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The HEALTH company was founded in 1984 and dedicated to designing professional sports equipment for champions.

HEALTH is the official sports partner and the exclusive official shoe brand of AIMS. The company produces special sports shoes for the IAAF regional development centre in Beijing and is the official partner of many marathon races both in China and in other countries around the world. HEALTH creates a high-end brand to cater for the world’s sports enthusiasts – in fact for the world’s health.

With such a fast pace to the development of science and technology the HEALTH Running Mechanics Laboratory continuously develops new products. According to ergonomics and foot acupoint reflection technology products can increasingly be made more suitable for walking, running and marathon competition. Each pair of HEALTH shoes has been hand-built by the company’s staff who have been engineering them for more than ten years, ensuring that each pair is imprinted with it the HEALTH gene. Let countless champions put on HEALTH shoes and bring glory to world sport.

1. Good grip increases friction and improves results.
2. Good elasticity adds to cushioning and increases explosive power.
3. Light footwear feels more comfortable.
4. Science is what underlies kinematics.
5. Comparability between independently developed products.

HEALTH developed the new cushioning technology of “H-WAVE” which has added
advantages to the traditional cushioning of shoes.
1. The weight of the sole is lighter (through its half-hollow design), which ensures the support of the sole and increases its ability to absorb energy.
2. Filtering out more bumps, H-WAVE makes running more comfortable for beginner runners by absorbing more of the impact of the road on their feet, knees and ankles.

KM RUN technology is mainly used in short distance lateral running, for example, one kilometre, which can provide greater sole grip. It is also used in marathon field to provide more safe running protection for junior runners.

POWERMAX technology, mostly equipped with all-new functional outsole, increases the resilience of the cushioning layer and accumulates more foot power,

Make exercise a pleasure!

360°AIRFREE – Vamp ventilation technology allows faster dissipation of heat from the foot, allowing the foot to remain dry.


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