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Race previews Wuxi Marathon

01 January 2019, 8am

From old historical scenery to the new urban landscape, running in Wuxi is like running from the past to the present

Young, scenic, sophisticated

Wuxi Marathon
Sun 24 March 2019

3 green course

Five years has passed since the first edition of Wuxi Marathon in 2014. Since then it has become one of the most praised and influential marathons in China for its picturesque course and professional race service. Wuxi Marathon is still young, but it is already specialised and sophisticated in its organisation.

For anyone running the Wuxi Marathon the most impressive memory would likely be the typical Jiangnan (south of the Yangtze River) scenic spots in the first half of the race. The mists of Turtle Head Island are rising and during early spring the oriental cherry is in full bloom alongside the Light of Lihu Lake and in Lihu Central Park. The course offers a feeling of “Running in Pictures” with the beautiful scenery perhaps helping participants to slow down and better control their pace.

After enjoying Wuxi’s best spring scenery the second half of the course encourages participants to enjoy the feeling of running. From 22km the course becomes a “marathon highway”. Through the newer part of the city wide, smooth roads and frequent refreshment points help participants to increase their efforts without worrying about road conditions underfoot or nourishment and hydration.

The “first focused, then broadening” course is a design which has proved Wuxi to be a “fast marathon” and many runners come to try to break their pb here.

From old historical scenery to the new urban landscape, running in Wuxi is like running from the past to the present. The course is able to deliver the most special and unforgettable marathon experiences to every participant.

The organisers of Wuxi Marathon are marathon runners themselves so they understand what race services participants need and show their respect through their professional race attitude.

After 5km refreshment points are set up regularly along the course. Water and fruit are handed out with enough distance between the tables. In the second half of the race traditional Jiangnan snacks, high in carbohydrate and sugar, are offered to help participants avoid “hitting the wall”. The wide roads ensure that runners’ rhythms are not disturbed due to sharp turns or congestion. All these race designs make for a far better race experience and joyful running in the Wuxi Marathon.

For many runners a marathon is a journey and the Wuxi Marathon is really a nice destination.

“Taihu Pearl” Wuxi is an evocation of the southern city: rain in Jiangnan; grey mists in the green spring; walking barefoot on flagstone paths; touching the emerald moss; and absorbing the romance of traditional Chinese Jiangnan. Visitors can also enjoy the adventure of exploring the unique Wuxi cuisine.

Wuxi’s developed economy supports many international airlines connecting to different countries and the high-speed rail link from Shanghai to Wuxi takes only 44 minutes. From wherever you are it’s easy to get to Wuxi and the city is well prepared to embrace runners coming from all over the world.

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