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03 July 2018, 7am

Founded in Japan by two runners in 1975, for over 40 years R-bies Co. Ltd. has created a variety of businesses focused on the popularisation and development of amateur running.


Runners magazine first issue

●1976: The running magazine Runners Magazine was launched. ●1992: The introduction of computerised race timing via bar code scanning, followed by the introduction of automatic transponder timing. ●1997: Launch of the race entry and information portal site Runnet. (The website provides registrations for over 2500 races annually and currently has over 2.8 million members as of 2018.)

R-bies currently handles race timing for 400 races with 2 million participants annually. Among our clients are many of Japan’s most prestigious events including the Tokyo Marathon (36,000 participants), Osaka Marathon (30,000), Kyoto Marathon (20,000) and Kobe Marathon (20,000).

●Development of a variety of running applications (partial listing)

A training app connected with races that uses GPS data to measure distance traveled in workouts and gives users detailed information about their times during training. One of its functions lets you compete at your training distance with our users entered in the same race by linking your entry information.

Ouen Navi
Linked with our race timing service, Ouen Navi is an app which shows runners’ locations during the race. Friends and family can use it to help them cheer their runners on by finding out where and when they will reach the finish and other points along the course.

Automatically uploads all necessary information for a race such as entry confirmation and race participation details. It’s also possible to manage information such as current entry history and personal best times. It amounts to a runner’s passport for their race.

Runners Note
A runners’ calendar app linked with Runnet. Along with helping users to manage their business and personal schedules it allows them to check race dates and entry information. By linking it with the GPS training app you can also keep a day-to-day record of distance run.

Kyugo Navi
This system is designed to provide organisers with real-time information about aid and emergencies during the race. With this app organisers can receive information from relief and rescue crews on the course about the current state of emergency situations, allowing centralised crisis management and prompt response to emergencies.

●Event management
From pre-race preparation to race-day and post-race follow-up with organisers, R-bies handles the management of a large number of races nationwide. Our employees across the country work with local event organizers to share our running event know-how. In 2017 R-bies organised more than 40 races of its own with a total of more than 40,000 participants.

●Cultural Activities
R-bies operates a non-profit organisation set up in 2010, and manages cultural projects as below:

Runners awards
These annual awards, which celebrated their 30th year in 2017, recognise individuals and organisations that have made outstanding contributions to the amateur running world. A total of 98 individuals and organisations have been awarded to date with each winner receiving a $5000 prize.

Full Marathon Top 100 Runners by Age
These rankings recognize the top 100 men and women by time for the year in one-year age groupings starting from age 20. Published for the 14th time in 2017 these rankings are eagerly anticipated by runners across the country and have come to be a source of motivation in their training.

Top 100 Road Races of Japan
Each year we choose the 100 best races in the country based on the participants’ own evaluations. Begun in 1997, this project helps runners select which events to run and serves as valuable feedback for organisers to help them qualitatively improve the delivery of their event.

Team R2
This is a women’s running team that acts as a goodwill ambassador for the sport of running. All team members are enthusiastic and dedicated runners, regularly appearing at races and in the pages of Runners Magazine to help promote the appeal of local events nationwide and of running itself.

All the above are components of our business that we do for the benefit of runners. With our core philosophy of being “a company that supports people who live a healthy and meaningful life through the practice of sports” remaining unchanged since foundation, R-bies continues to expand its business activities as one of the leading companies in the Japanese running world. We eagerly anticipate the day you come to experience one of Japan’s running events for yourself. R-bies Co. Ltd. is here to support every aspect of your adventure in the Japanese running scene.


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