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Race previews Bangsaen42 Chonburi Marathon

01 July 2024, 11am

Flat and fast course on coastal roads past local landmarks

A unique blend

Bangsaen42 Chonburi Marathon
Sun 3 November 2024

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For marathon enthusiasts seeking a truly exceptional race experience Bangsaen42 Chonburi Marathon in Thailand stands out as a must-run event.

Held annually in the picturesque coastal town of Bangsaen, this race has earned a prestigious World Athletics (WA) Elite Label. As part of the renowned Bangsaen Marathon series, Bangsaen42 offers runners a unique blend of scenic beauty, excellent organization, and a vibrant race-day atmosphere.

Bangsaen42 is one of three premier events in the Bangsaen Marathon series. The series also includes the Bangsaen21 Half Marathon, which has held the WA Platinum Label since 2023, and the 10K race Bangsaen10. This series has set new standards in marathon running, attracting participants from all corners of the globe.

Bangsaen42 is unique in many ways. It is the only marathon in Southeast Asia offering a challenging and rewarding course for both amateur and elite runners. The race is held in November, providing perfect running weather with mild temperatures and clear skies. Each year the event receives over 25,000 applications, but to maintain its high standards and ensure a quality experience for all participants, only 12,000 runners are accepted. This select group of runners enjoys a course that is meticulously planned, ensuring safety, comfort, and enjoyment.

The Bangsaen42 course is designed to showcase the natural beauty of Bangsaen. Runners will start their journey along Bangsaen Beach, with the sound of waves and the sight of sunrise providing a motivating backdrop. The route then takes participants through coastal roads and local landmarks, offering a diverse and engaging running experience. The flat and fast course is perfect for those looking to set personal bests or simply enjoy a leisurely run in a breathtaking setting.

What sets Bangsaen42 apart is its commitment to excellence in race organization. From the moment runners register to the time they cross the finish line they are treated to a first-class experience. The race features ample hydration stations, medical support, and enthusiastic volunteers who cheer participants on every step of the way. The event also incorporates state-of-the-art technology for real-time tracking and race-day updates, ensuring runners and their supporters can stay informed throughout the race.

Bangsaen42 is a celebration of the running community. The event includes a vibrant expo where runners can explore the latest in running gear, nutrition and wellness. The night before the race a pasta party brings participants together to share their excitement and carbo-load for the big day. Post-race runners are treated to a festive atmosphere with live music, local cuisine, and cultural performances. Additionally, the marathon offers free street food selected from famous local shops, giving runners a taste of Bangsaen’s culinary delights.

With a generous cut-off time of seven hours, Bangsaen42 is accessible to runners of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner aiming for a new personal best or a first-timer looking to complete the distance, this race welcomes you with open arms. The supportive and encouraging environment ensures that every runner feels like a champion, regardless of their finish time.

Bangsaen42 has quickly become a beloved event in the global marathon calendar, known for its high standards, scenic course, and vibrant atmosphere. Mark your calendar for November and join us in Bangsaen, a beach resort just one hour from Bangkok Airport via highway, for an unforgettable marathon experience. Bangsaen42 is a race you’ll want to return to year after year.

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