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Race previews Rotary Rain Run, Goa

27 March 2024, 2pm

A decade of strides for women's health and education with unwavering support from the Indian Armed Forces

Rainy season run

by Avinash Singh Parmar

Rotary Rain Run, Goa
Sun 28 July 2024

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The Rotary Rain Run emerged in 2015 in the captivating monsoon-kissed landscapes of Goa. It transcended its role of a mere race to become a beacon of hope and change. Initially established as a charity run dedicated to championing women's health and education causes this marathon has evolved significantly to culminate in its remarkable 10th edition in 2024.

Organised by the Rotary Charitable Trust of Porvorim this event has earned international recognition. It proudly holds the status of being a member of AIMS with its 21.1km course certified by AIMS-World Athletics.

Conceived in 2015, the Rotary Rain Run aimed to promote physical fitness while harnessing the collective energy of the running community for charitable causes, particularly women’s health initiatives and educational programs.

Over the past nine years, the Rotary Rain Run Marathon has translated the rhythmic cadence of footsteps into tangible contributions for societal betterment. Funds raised have been pivotal in supporting health campaigns, educational scholarships, infrastructural improvements in schools and empowering women through various projects.

The marathon’s evolution from a local charity run to an internationally recognised event is underscored by its AIMS membership, attracting participants globally. The Indian Armed Forces, with massive support from the Indian Army and Indian Navy, have been integral to the marathon’s success. Their unwavering commitment to logistics and active participation has enriched the event, infusing it with a profound sense of national pride.

The distinction of a certified measured course by World Athletics-AIMS reflects meticulous planning, ensuring accuracy and precision in distance measurement, and providing participants with a worldclass running experience.

The Rotary Charitable Trust of Porvorim, through the Rotary Club of Porvorim, has been the driving force behind the success of the half marathon and 10km races. Their dedication to social causes and community development has elevated the event into one of the most impactful in the region.

The Rotary Rain Run has earned its reputation as one of the country’s largest monsoon races. The allure of running amidst Goa’s lush greenery and rain-kissed landscapes adds a unique flavour, attracting participants seeking both a running challenge and a memorable experience.

As the Rotary Rain Run approaches its 10th edition we anticipate reaching greater heights. Plans include expanding outreach, introducing innovative campaigns and continuing to make a significant impact on women’s health and education.

The Rotary Rain Run in Goa exemplifies the transformative potential of community-driven initiatives proving that running can be a powerful force for positive change. As it strides into its 10th edition this marathon brings a legacy in terms of impact, adherence to global standards, and an unwavering belief that every step contributes to a better, more empowered world, fortified by the steadfast and substantial support of the Indian Army and Indian Navy.

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