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Race previews Tata Mumbai Marathon

03 October 2023, 1pm

India’s largest philanthropic sporting event

A beacon of unity and purpose

Tata Mumbai Marathon
Sun 21 January 2024

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Mumbai is a bustling metropolis known for its indomitable spirit, relentless energy and boundless opportunities that attract people from all over the world.

In January this city that never sleeps prepares for one of the largest sporting events in the country: the Tata Mumbai Marathon. Taking place on the third Sunday of the new year this iconic event transforms Mumbai into a hub of excitement. Thousands of people from different parts of the country and the world take to the streets and run for what makes them feel alive.

The Tata Mumbai Marathon, organised by Procam International, is highly regarded in the world of athletics. It has been awarded the World Athletics Gold Label and is considered one of the top 10 marathons globally. Apart from the title event there are other distances and categories: Half Marathon, 10K, Champions with Disability, Senior Citizens Run and the Dream Run. It is an inclusive event that welcomes participants of all abilities and interests.

The majestic Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, a UNESCO Heritage site, serves as a perfect backdrop for the start and finish of the race. The route runs along the shoreline of Mumbai’s natural amphitheatre – Marine Drive. The first ray of sunshine hitting the runners along the iconic Sea-Link, or the Mumbai version of heartbreak hill test the marathoners’ endurance and will.

The Tata Mumbai Marathon is renowned for its exceptional organisation and top-notch facilities for runners. On race day participants can enjoy amenities such as the ASICS Warm-up zone, FAST&UP energy stations, Bisleri hydration stations, comprehensive medical assistance, recovery zones, and a delicious culinary experience featuring the unique flavours of Mumbai.

Those who participate in the title race receive a special Asics Race Day Tee and have the chance to own the unique Inspiration Medal. This medal is the first of its kind worldwide. It appears like a typical medal but can be separated into two halves. One half is for the finisher of the Marathon, while the other half is for the person who encouraged and inspired them throughout their journey.

The uniqueness of Mumbai is also displayed by its citizens who are all smiles along the entire course – cheering runners with motivational music and messages or offering biscuits and water to ensure the runners achieve their goal. Famous runners and influential celebrities bring prestige and excitement to the event, spurring on participants to surpass their potential.

Beyond the race’s sporting significance, the event has a lasting impact on society.
As India’s largest sporting event for philanthropy the Tata Mumbai Marathon has raised an astounding USD 43.56M for over 700 NGOs benefitting numerous causes such as Healthcare, Education, Animal Welfare & Environment, Women’s Empowerment, Livelihood, and Social, Civic & Community Development.

The event focuses on environmental sustainability and is 100% waste managed.
The 19th edition has launched a new initiative called “TMM Green Bib- An Agro Forest”, which allows participants to make a positive impact on the environment. By upgrading to a green bib, runners can make an additional contribution that funds the planting and nourishment of saplings for three years in their name. This will help to create an agroforest that combats climate change and provides a sustained livelihood for farmers who have assisted with the land. This groundbreaking initiative, supported by the Governor of Maharashtra Shri Ramesh Bais, guarantees a tangible and enduring impact on the environment.

The Tata Mumbai Marathon is an exceptional chance for international tourists and runners to have a distinctive and meaningful experience. It allows them to fully engage themselves in the heart of Mumbai, witnessing its diversity, vibrant and colourful life, rich heritage and culture, and unrelenting spirit.

The Tata Mumbai Marathon is a beacon of unity and purpose in a world full of challenges. It embodies the indomitable spirit of Mumbai, inspiring and captivating thousands of hearts.

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