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Race previews Longbien Marathon

11 April 2023, 2pm

Vietnam’s most popular marathon is more than just a race

A significant step forward

Longbien Marathon
Sun 29 October 2023

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Longbien Marathon is the most popular marathon in Vietnam thanks to its fast courses and cutting-edge runner-centric technology.

Founded in 2016 Longbien was the first marathon to be held in Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital, in over two decades. The event is located in Hanoi’s Long Bien district and features a flat course and relatively few turns. The race is held in late October, when the weather is dry and cool, and it has all the attributes to be the destination Marathon of Vietnam.

Hanoi is Vietnam’s historical centre where you can enjoy the most traditional and authentic Pho (soup). There is a wide variety of street foods such as “Bun Cha Omaba,” which was named after President Obama dined at the restaurant with CNN’s Anthony Bourdain. You are sure to enjoy the hospitality, affordability and convenience. The country has free broadband almost everywhere you go, as well as 5G cellphone connections. Hanoi has four seasons, the best of which is autumn. The Longbien Marathon is held in early autumn, when the weather is dry and cool. It’s ideal for a marathon, providing beautiful autumnal scenes in light sunshine.

Because Vietnam is a developing country, the Longbien Marathon is more than just a race; it is also a significant step forward in mental health development and overall community wellness. “When the Longbien Marathon first began most Vietnamese people couldn’t imagine running a 5K,” said Mr. Duy Ha, CEO of Race Vietnam, the organiser of Longbien Marathon. “When we pitched the idea of organising a Marathon we were met with widespread skepticism of the idea that most people could easily run 5K. This is why we needed to bring a marathon to Hanoi: to demonstrate otherwise. We needed to show people that running 5K isn’t that difficult if you believe in yourself.”

Longbien Marathon 2023 marks the 7th anniversary of the race. With approximately 15,000 runners, of which 5000 are in the Marathon, Longbien Marathon is the largest race in Vietnam both in terms of overall size and specifically the number of Marathon participants. Such success belongs not only to the Longbien Marathon but also to the Vietnamese people in pushing societal wellness to new heights. This gives a developing country like Vietnam more strength and courage to keep moving forward at a rapid pace.

Marathon participants will benefit from customizable technology developed specially for the race. Runners will be able to select their own BIB numbers and receive a personalized sharable e-postcard when they register. The race’s technology platform is runner-focused, and new features are added on a regular basis. Race medals and T-shirts feature the Long Bien Bridge, a historical icon of Vietnam that was built during the French colonial period.

By running the Longbien Marathon, you will experience the vibrant pace of life in Vietnam. It’s a unique sensation because an early Sunday morning with empty roads is a signature attraction of Hanoi. For hours on a Sunday morning you will feel as if all the roads are yours and that time will stand still until you finish your run. You will also have the opportunity to race in a relatively new Marathon country, where each race strives to differentiate itself and provide runners with unique features.

The Longbien Marathon is a great destination marathon in Vietnam, where runners can not only break personal records, but also witness a historical milestone in Vietnam’s rapid development.

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