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11 July 2021, 7am

Official footwear of increasing number of events

Health comes to Europe

Albentosa diaz

It has been a year now since HEALTH IBERIA launched its foray into Europe. We are tremendously happy not only to belong to the Health family, located in beautiful Hangzhou Bay (100km east of Hangzhou itself), but also to belong to the AIMS family as ‘the home world running’. We consider it a great bond for both parties.

We started to launch the HEALTH brand in Europe within the Spanish and Portuguese markets and we are planning to expand into the rest of Europe from the beginning of 2022.

HEALTH has a wide range of attractive features which will equip it to become a very important brand within the running world. One of its distinguishing characteristics is the high level of technology developed in every running style. This allows runners to rest assured in the knowledge that HEALTH will be taking care of the tiniest details to adapt them to running the distances most appropriate to their training sessions. HEALTH offers its runners more than 12 technologies.

The COVID pandemic has been a very difficult experience for all of us. However, because of this unique challenge, we have become stronger and more determined to make this marvellous project come to life. From the start the promotional message we used to all runners in Europe was to urge them to RUN FOR HEALTH. It was not a new message but, since the onset of the covid pandemic, it has become infused with new meaning. Running has been highlighted as a means of resisting both the physical and mental impacts of the pandemic even when there have been few chances to practice it as a competitive sport.

On the other hand, looking forward to when mass races again become possible, we are proud to let you know about the agreements we have reached with many important races with the aim of HEALTH becoming the official footwear of an increasing number of events.

In addition to the above-mentioned events HEALTH has become the official footwear of a very significant race series called PONLE FRENO where a huge TV ad campaign is supporting our brand. It is a very important alliance for HEALTH in gaining more brand awareness.

HEALTH has settled down within the runners’ world with the solid intention of remaining in this position for a long time to come. It is because among other things we are runners, and we feel and share the same passion that millions of runners feel when they wear a pair of running footwear to help them eat up the kilometres.

We would like record our thanks both to HEALTH worldwide headquarters in China and to the AIMS family for placing their trust in HEALTH IBERIA.



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