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06 April 2020, 11am

A statement from the International Institute for Race Medicine

Looking ahead: in the wake of COVID-19

The International Institute for Race Medicine (IIRM) stands in solidarity alongside our races, our athletes and our race medics in this time of unprecedented turmoil due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

We recognize that everyone is facing uncertain times and many are making very difficult decisions unthinkable only a few short weeks ago. The IIRM applauds race organizers for postponing or canceling upcoming races and salutes our race medics who are volunteering once again, this time on the frontline, in the race to contain COVID-19.

The IIRM pledges its support to the endurance event community. We stand ready to assist events now and going forward. We support the recommendation for social distancing as the best form of action to fight this pandemic. We are available to answer questions about implications of COVID-19 for running clubs, races or individuals seeking to stay active during this time.

In anticipation of the recovery of the endurance event industry, the IIRM is available to advise events on best practices in the wake of COVID-19 and what will most likely be a lasting impact to mass gatherings of all types until definitive prevention is developed, effective and widely available. We will work to gather and analyze data from events to develop best practices in staging events in light of the concerns this pandemic will generate in mass participation events in the future. We will work with race organizers and community agencies to develop guidelines that ensure the safety of volunteers, spectators and participants.
The IIRM is also concerned with how survivors of COVID-19 will be impacted when engaging in vigorous exercise and competition. We are committed to studying this as well and we ask for the support of race directors in this effort.

The mission of the IIRM is to promote the health and safety of athletes participating in endurance events. The IIRM invites all endurance event organizations who share this passion to join us in forming a consortium dedicated to implementing the safe and successful return of endurance events.

Respectfully submitted by:
John Cianca, MD – Houston Marathon
Pierre d’Hemecourt, MD – Boston Marathon
Courtney Kipps, MD – London Marathon
George Chiampas, MD – Chicago Marathon
Matthias Krull, MD – Berlin Marathon
Rebecca Breslow, MD – Boston Marathon
William Roberts, MD – Twin Cities Marathon
Joe Chorley, MD – Houston Marathon
Cathy Fiesler, MD – IIRM Board Member
Fumihiro Yamasawa, MD – Tokyo Marathon
May Tan, MD – Dublin Marathon
Matthew Sedgley, MD – Baltimore Marathon
Martin Schwellnus, MD – South Africa
Stuart Weiss, MD – New York Marathon
Chris Troyanos, ATCIIRM Executive Director


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