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19 July 2019, 10am

Organisers hope to reach 50:50 and 10,000 participants in 2020

Palestine Marathon now nearly 50% female

Freedom of Movement Palestine Bethlehem Marathon
Fri 27 March 2020


The Palestine Marathon has evolved rapidly over the years. In seven years, the total number of participants has increased from 400 to over 8,000.

The percentage of female runners has increased from 37 percent to almost 50 percent (which is significant because the denial of free movement is a feature of sex inequality in Palestinian society and hinders efforts to ensure respect for the rights of women), and the number of foreign runners has increased from 220 to 1,700, helping Palestinian efforts to tell their story and raise international awareness of their situation.

The Palestine Marathon also aims to establish a running culture in Palestine. It attracts thousands of Palestinian and international participants and brings attention to one of the human rights that is under threat in the State of Palestine: the freedom of movement.

In 2019, participants ran for various causes such as human rights and the rights of the disabled, women, children, and others; others competed for organizations that included EU for Palestine, Team Palestine (Every Mile Saves a Child), Right to Education, and more. Many cultural activities were offered by partners, local organizations, and the public sector.

In 2020, the Palestine Marathon hopes to achieve the participation of 10,000 local and international runners. Starting at the Church of the Nativity, in the center of Bethlehem’s Old City, its route takes runners through the town, two refugee camps (Aida and Dheisheh), and along the Wall.


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