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Maratona di San Valentino

Italy | M,H | Full member of AIMS

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Run for four years race records are held by Ivan di Mario and Marija Vrajic with 2:20 and 2:56 respectively. 1300 men and 400 women take part, with 40 foreign runners coming from 12 countries.

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Maratona di San Valentino


Maratona di San Valentino


Maratona di San Valentino


Maratona di San Valentino


Maratona di San Valentino

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Contact details

Marcello Vettese
Via Garigliano 9
05100 Terni

T: +39 347 633 5647

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Distance Running Edition 2 2015

Every February the city of Terni gives a warm welcome to visitors from all over the world. They come to visit Saint Valentine’s Church, to pray at the tomb of the patron saint of the city and to run by the Marmore Waterfall with its impressive 165m drop.

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2020 Edition 4

Cover: Runners in the Moscow Half Marathon held on 2 August. Over 9500 runners finished along with nearly 2500 others in the supporting 5km event. Winners were Rinas Akhmadeev (1:04:24) and Elena Korobkina (1:10:29). Korobkina went on to win the 10km event held in association with the Absolute Moscow Marathon on 20 September in a time of 31:49. Around 9500 finished the Marathon along with another 12,000 in the 10km.

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