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2016 Edition 2

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Kilimanjaro Marathon, Tanzania

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News 2015

On 31 December the São Silvestre de Luanda 10k (more) was run in the Angolan capital.

On 20 December the Taipei Marathon (more) was held in the Capital of Chinese Taipei and the Tata Steel Kolkata 25km (more) took place in India.

On 26 December the El Corte Inglés São Silvestre de Lisboa (more) took place in Portugal.

On 13 December the Nara Marathon took place in Japan, the Milo Marathon Manila (more) in the Philippines, and the Goa River Marathon in India. The Sfax Marathon Int'l des Oliviers was run in Tunisia, the St Croix international Marathon (more) in the US Virgin Islands and the Maratón Powerade Monterrey in Mexico.

On 4 December the Ayla Red Sea Half Marathon (more) was held in the Jordanian port of Aqaba.

On 5 December the Bengaluru Midnight Marathon (more) was run in India and the Reggae Marathon in Jamaica.

On 6 December the 69th Fukuoka Int'l Open Marathon Championship (more) was held in Japan, the Milo Marathon Manila Finals Race, 3k, 5k, 10k & 21k (more) in the Philippines followed by the Macau Galaxy Entertainment Marathon (more), the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (more), the Ankor Wat Int'l Half Marathon (more), the Pune Marathon (more) in India, the Discoveries Half Marathon (more) in Portugal, and the Maratón Cabberty Málaga (more) in Spain.

Across the Atlantic the Intertrust Cayman Islands Marathon (more) and the Run Barbados Marathon Weekend (more) took place in the Caribbean and in Central America the San José Costa Rica Int'l Marathon & Half (more).

On 27 November the Eilat Desert Marathon was run in the Israeli Red Sea city.

On 28 November the Bagan Temple Marathon (more) took place in Malaysia.

On 29 November the Mount Fuji Marathon (more) took place in Japan and the UNICEF Charity Half Marathon (more) in Hong Kong. In Europe the Firenze Marathon (more) was held in Northern Italy, the Serge Vigo La Rochelle Marathon (more) in France and the Marathon Donostia - San Sebastian (more) in Spain. In Africa the Marathon du Gabon (more) took place in Western Africa. The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (more) hosted the leading half marathon performers of the year on the streets of the Indian capital.

Across the Atlantic the KLM Curaçao Marathon (more) took place in the Caribbean, the XXXIX Panama International Marathon 2015 (more) in the Central America state, and in Mexico the Gran Maraton Pacifico (more) was run in Mazatlan.

On 1 December the 100km of the Namib Desert (more) began a week long event run over five stages.

On 20 November the 15th Pharaonic 100km (more) was run from El Faioum to the Sakkara Pyramids just southwest of Cairo.

On 21 November the Medio Maraton Turistico Riviera Nayarit (more) was held in Mexico.

On 22 November the Asics Penang Bridge International Marathon (more) was run in Malaysia and the Great Ethiopian Run (more) took place on the streets of Addis Ababa. In North America the Gore-Tex Philadelphia Marathon (more) was held in the USA and the 21K Nuevo Leon (more) in Mexico.

On November 25 the Chosunilbo Chuncheon Marathon took place in Korea.

On November 14 the GulfBank 642 Marathon (more) took place in Kuwait.

On November 15 beginning in the far east the Kanazawa Marathon, the Saitama International Marathon (more), and the Kobe Marathon (more) all took place in Japan, and the Standard Chartered Bangkok Marathon (more) was run in Thailand.

Moving west, the Vodafone 37th Istanbul Marathon (more) started in Asia and finished over the Bosphorus in Europe. The Maratón Valencia Trinidad Alfonso (more) was run in Spain, and the Verona Marathon (more) in Italy.

Across the Atlantic the Marabana Marathon & Half (more) was run in the Cuban capital, and the Rock ’n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon & Half along the famous Las Vegas 'Strip' in the USA.

On November 19 the Antarctic Ice Marathon & 100k was held at 80degS.

The Yi Lan Chiang Wei Shui Memorial Freeway Marathon (more) took place in Taipei on November 7, followed by the 3-Sjoerslopet (more) half marathon in Norway.

On November 8 the Shanghai International Marathon (more) was run in China. The BDL Beirut Marathon (more) took place in Lebanon, the Ravenna City of Art International Marathon (more) and Garda Trentino Half Marathon (more) in Italy, the Athens Marathon The Authentic (more) in Greece, the French Riviera Marathon Nice-Cannes (more) in France, the Porto Marathon EDP (more) in Portugal, and finally the Big Sur Half Marathon on Monterey Bay (more) in the USA.

The Volcano Marathon (more) took place in Chile on November 11.

7 November: The 9th AIMS Marathon Symposium held in Athens addressed the subject of "Doping threats in Distance Running". The first speaker at the Symposium was to be Kyle Barber, Medical & Anti-Doping Intelligence Officer at the IAAF, who submitted his apologies.

The keynote speaker at the Symposium was Prof. Yannis Pitsiladis (MMedSci., PhD, FACSM) from the University of Brighton, speaking on the topic of "A Holistic Anti-doping Approach for a Fairer Future for World-class Sport: The SUB2 Marathon Project". Professor Pitsiladis commented "frequently the research behind detection is insufficient. The sport needs to have serious investment in research into doping assessment rather than token efforts." Prof. Pitsiladis highlighted research he had carried out into the form of blood doping with 'EPO', a project that compared athletes in test situations using EPO in trials in Glasgow, Scotland and compared athletes in the same test circumstances training at altitude in Kenya, Africa. The results showed significant increase in performance by all athletes in both locations when using EPO and also showed the challenge of detecting it as traces disappeared within 48 hours.

When asked about the temptation to dope Prof. Pitsiladis talked about many athletes see it as a way of escaping poverty.

Prof. Pitsiladis has a project to help the first runner to run a doping free sub-two hour marathon, the majority at the conference felt it was not a question of 'if' but 'when'.

The second half of the Marathon Symposium saw presentations on the theme of "Race Organisers, Coaches & Athletes Battle against Doping". "A Runner's View" was given by former London Marathon winner and General Secretary of AIMS Hugh Jones. Following Hugh was Mark Milde, Race Director of the BMW Berlin Marathon who spoke on the topic of "Preventive Action Plans Towards Doping Threats".

AIMS President Paco Borao comments: "Doping is a huge challenge in all sport around the world. I am delighted that such highly respected speakers have come to the AIMS Symposium to share their knowledge and experience with our attendees."

7 November: Eliud Kipchoge and Mare Dibaba were acclaimed as the male and female winners of the AIMS Best Marathon Runner Award for 2015 at the AIMS Best Marathon Award Gala held in Athens on the evening of 6 November. The result of the vote, from among 390 AIMS Member races in 108 countries and territories, was only declared during the Gala ceremony.
AIMS Best Marathon Runner Male & Female winners - Left to right  Mare Dibaba, Eliud Kipchoge
AIMS Best Marathon Runner Male & Female winners
Left to right Mare Dibaba, Eliud Kipchoge
Eliud Kipchoge (Kenya), 31, has had an impressive year, winning three of the biggest marathon events in the past 12 months. In October 2014 he won the Chicago Marathon in 2:04:11. Six months later, in April 2015 he won the London Marathon in a time of 2:04:42 before going on to set a world leading time of the year in winning the Berlin Marathon in September in a time of 2:04:00, in doing so beating his personal best by 5 seconds.
AIMS Best Marathon Runner award presented to Eliud Kipchoge
AIMS Best Marathon Runner award
presented to Eliud Kipchoge
Mare Dibaba (Ethiopia), 26, has enjoyed a medal laden year. In October 2014 she finished second in the Chicago Marathon in 2:25:37. She would go one better by winning the Xiamen Marathon in January 2015 in a time of 2:19:15. She would take this form into the World Championships in Athletics in Beijing where she would take home gold in a time of 2:27:35.
AIMS Best Marathon Runner award presented to Mare Dibaba
AIMS Best Marathon Runner award
presented to Mare Dibaba
Eliud Kipchoge comments: "It is very special for me to have won the AIMS Best Marathon Runner Award. I am very proud of my achievements this year and this award reflects that. I am honoured to receive a truly global award voted for by the AIMS members, over 390 races around the world. I would like to thank AIMS and their sponsors for their recognition of my achievements."

Mare Dibaba comments: “It is incredibly special for me to receive this prestigious award. It makes it extra special that I have received it in the spiritual home of the marathon in Greece. I am well aware of the 2,500 year history of the marathon and I am delighted to feel a small part of it. I would like to thank AIMS for recognising my achievements.”

AIMS President Paco Borao comments: “I am delighted that AIMS 390 races from over 108 countries have recognised the achievements of these very impressive athletes in the spiritual home of the Marathon Movement, Athens. Their accomplishments over the past year make them deserving winners of these awards. They are an inspiration to all the runners around the world.”

There were several other awards presented at the Best Marathon Runner Award Gala. The awards and winners are as follows:

AIMS Green Award
The Chevron Houston Marathon received the ‘AIMS Green Award’ for 2015 in recognition of their year round efforts towards “Going Green”. The Chevron Houston Marathon closely follows the Council for Responsible Sport’s certification standards. These efforts include a senior manager overseeing all sustainability goals and a “Green Committee” formed to work towards attaining them.
AIMS Green Award, presented to the Chevron Houston Marathon
AIMS Green Award, presented to
Joe Martens of the Chevron Houston Marathon

Brant Kotch, Race Director of the Chevron Houston Marathon comments: “We are delighted and very proud to receive this award. We have worked very hard towards our sustainability goals and to receive recognition from an organisation such as AIMS means a lot. We would like to thank AIMS, their Members and Sponsors for recognising us with this award.”

AIMS Social Award
The ‘AIMS Social Award’ for 2015 was presented to the Maratón Internacional Lala for their work raising money for children from low income areas who need dental surgery. In 2015 money was raised which funded 50 surgeries for children with severe dental problems.
AIMS Social Award, presented to Ruben Romero of the Maraton Internacional Lala
AIMS Social Award, presented to Ruben
Romero of the Maraton Internacional Lala
Luis Rey Delgado Garcia, Race Director of the Maratón Internacional Lala comments: “We would like to thank AIMS, their sponsors and members for recognising us with the AIMS Social Award. We are very proud of our “Running for a Cause” ethos and the support of our runners raising money for worthy causes. We are delighted to receive this award in the home of the Marathon in Athens, Greece.”

AIMS Lifetime Achievement Award
The AIMS Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Frank Shorter in recognition of his significant role in the development of the Marathon Movement, particularly in the United States of America. Frank was the only American athlete to win two medals in the Olympic Marathon event. Frank won the Gold Medal in the Marathon at the 1972 Olympics in Munich before going on to win the Silver Medal in the Marathon at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, Canada.

Further to his achievements in athletics, Frank was a founding member of the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) and served as Chairman from 2000 to 2003. Due to recently undergoing surgery Frank’s son Alex received the award on his behalf at the BMR Gala.
AIMS Lifetime Achievement Award, presented to Frank Shorter and accepted by his son Alex Shorter
AIMS Lifetime Achievement Award, presented to
Frank Shorter and accepted by his son Alex Shorter
Frank Shorter comments: “I am delighted and honoured to receive this award from AIMS. I have watched with great pride as the Marathon Movement has grown and developed particularly since the 1970’s. I would like to extend my thanks to AIMS for choosing to recognise me in this way.”

Segas-AIMS Health Runner Award
Left to right: Stelios Prasas, Despina Vigka, Iraklis Vasiliadis

About the AIMS Best Marathon Runner Award Gala

The purpose of the BMR Award Gala is to:

  1. Announce and honour the best male and female Marathon runners of the year through the AIMS BEST MARATHON RUNNER (BMR) Award.
  2. Recognise and honour exceptional Marathon figureheads and personalities for their contribution to the development of the Marathon movement.
  3. Publicise and promote the best practice and initiatives of AIMS members (350+ race organizers) through the establishment of special environmental and social awards.
  4. Enhance the role, programs and services of AIMS.

On 30 October the Erbil Marathon took place in Iraqi Kurdistan and the Niagara Falls International Marathon was run between Canada and the USA.

On 1 November the Hangzhou International Marathon was run in China, the Toyama Marathon in Japan, the ASB Auckland Marathon (more) in New Zealand, and the TCS New York City Marathon (more) in the USA.

On 24 October the Polar Circle Marathon (more) was held on the polar ice sheet.

On 25 October the Osaka Marathon was run in Japan, the Jakarta Marathon (more) in Indonesia, the Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon in Kenya and the Grand Marathon International de Casablanca (more) in Morocco.

In Europe the Podgorica Marathon (more) took place in Montenegro, the HeidelbergCement TbilisiHalfmarathon (more) in Georgia, the Ljubljanski Marathon in Slovenia, the Venice Marathon (more) in Italy, the Swiss City Marathon (more) and the Lausanne Marathon (more) in Switzerland, the St Denis Half Marathon (more) in France and the Frankfurt Marathon (more) in Germany.

In the Americas the Marine Corps Marathon (more) was held in the US capital, and the Maraton Aguascalientes in Mexico the UWI-SPEC Half Marathon in Trinidad and Tobago.

On 26 October the SSE Airtricity Dublin Marathon (more) was run on an Irish national holiday Monday

On 18 October the Medibank Melbourne Marathon (more) took place in Australia. In Europe the Lake Maggiore Marathon (more) was run in Italy, the TCS Amsterdam Marathon (more) in the Netherlands, the Linker-Oevert Half Marathon (more) in Belgium, the Medio Maraton Valencia Trinidad Alfonso (more) in Spain and the EDP Rock 'n' Roll Lisbon Marathon (more) in Portugal.

The Maraton Int'l de Guadalajara (more) was held in Mexico's second largest city and the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon (more) in Canada.

AIMS BMR Gala in Athens - 6 November 2015

The AIMS 'Best Marathon Runner' Awards Gala will be held for the third time in Athens on the evening of 6 November. The following awards will be made during the evening:
AIMS Best Marathon Runner
BEST MARATHON RUNNER AWARDS: Leading contenders for the award in both male and female categories will be nominated during the first week in October. These will be based on performances between 01 October 2014 and 30 September 2015. AIMS member races will be asked to vote for one contender in each category before 31 October. The result will be declared for the first time during the Gala evening.

LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: Made according to the decision of the AIMS Board of Directors to a person who has contributed significantly to the sport of Distance Running over a sustained period.

GREEN AWARD: Made by decision of the AIMS Board of Directors to the AIMS member event showing best environmental practice in the conduct of their event, on the recommendation of a specialist advisory panel

SOCIAL AWARD: Made by decision of the AIMS Board of Directors to the AIMS member event showing greatest commitment to broader social objectives in the conduct of their event.
Candidates in MEN’S category (in alphabetical order)
- Finished second in Hamburg in 2:07:47
- Won World Championships in Beijing in 2:12:28
- Won Chicago Marathon in October 2014 in 2:04:11
- Won London Marathon in April 2015 in 2:04:42
- Won Berlin Marathon in September 2015 in 2:04:00 (World leading time of the year)
Candidates in WOMEN’S category (in alphabetical order)
- 2nd in Dubai Marathon in January 2015 in 2:20:03
- Won Berlin Marathon in September 2015 in 2:19:25 (World leading time of the year)
- 2nd in Chicago Marathon in October 2014 in 2:25:37
- Won Xiamen Marathon in January in 2:19:52
- Won World Championships in Beijing in 2:27:35
The purpose of the BMR Award Gala is to:
  1. Announce and honour the best male and female Marathon runners of the year through the AIMS BEST MARATHON RUNNER (BMR) Award.
  2. Recognise and honour exceptional Marathon figureheads and personalities for their contribution to the development of the Marathon movement.
  3. Publicise and promote the best practice and initiatives of AIMS members (350+ race organizers) through the establishment of special environmental and social awards.
  4. Enhance the role, programs and services of AIMS.

AIMS Marathon Symposium - 7 November 2015

The 9th AIMS Marathon Symposium will be held in Athens during the morning of 7 November. Specialist speakers will address the topic of Doping in Distance Running in two sessions as relating to:

i) "Anti-doping organizations, policies and instruments"
    - including case studies by marathon organisers

ii) "Race organisers, coaches & athletes' battle against doping"
    - Preventive action plans towards doping threats"
    - Preparing for and reacting to doping incidents in your race"
    - Personal perceptions from elite athletes.

On 9 October the Samsung Amman International Marathon (more) was run in the Jordanian capital.

On 10 October the International Thessaloniki Night Half Marathon (more) was run in Greece's second city and the BMO Oklanagan Marathon (more) in the Canadian province of Alberta.

On 11 October the Dong-A Ilbo Gyeongju International Marathon took place in Korea. Action then moved to central Europe with the Poznan Marathon (more) in Poland, the Spar Budapest Marathon (more) in Hungary, the Novi Sad Marathon (more) in Serbia, the Zagreb Marathon (more) in Croatia, the Trento Half Marathon (more) in the north of Italy, the Munich Marathon (more) and De Lage Landen Marathon Eindhoven (more) in the Netherlands.

Across the Atlantic the Buenos Aires International Marathon (more) was held in the Argentinian capital, the Bank of America Chicago Marathon (more) and Lake Tahoe Triple Marathon (more) in the USA and the Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon (more) on the Canadian Pacific coast.

On 3 October the Tartu City Marathon (more) was run in the second city of Estonia and the 'Legends Marathon' (more) (actually 68km) in East London, South Africa.

4 October is the busiest day of the year so far with action mainly in Europe and South America. The exceptions on other continents are the Standard Chartered KLMarathon (more) in the Malaysian capital, the Colombo Marathon (more) in Sri Lanka, the RAHAL 10km Marrakesh (more) in Morocco and the Portland Marathon (more) in USA

In Europe the Bila Tserkva Marathon (more) was run in Ukraine, the Bucharest Marathon (more) in Romania, the Silesia Marathon (more) in Poland, Europe's oldest - the Kosice Marathon (more) in Slovakia, the Sparkasse 3-Country Marathon (more) in Austria, the Turin Marathon in Italy, the RheinEnergieMarathon (more) in Koln, Germany, the Belfius Brussels Marathon (more) in Belgium, the HC Andersen Marathon (more) in Odense, Denmark and the Bournemouth Marathon (more) and Lloyds Bank Cardiff Half Marathon (more) in Great Britain. This last will host the World Half Marathon Championships next year on 26 March.

In South America the 1/2 maraton RPP (more) was run in Lima, Peru; the Guayaquil Marathon (more) in Ecuador's second city, the 1/4 maraton Ciudad de Bucaramanga in Colombia, the Gatorade Caracas Rock 10km (more) in Venezuela and the Queretaro Marathon (more) in Mexico.

On 27 September in the BMW Berlin Marathon (more) Eliud Kipchoge and Gladys Cherono set personal bests and world leading times of 2:04:00 and 2:19:25. Kipchoge achieved this despite a fluke mishap with the insoles of his shoes as they protruded and flapped around his ankles from the early stages of the race.

Elsewhere in Europe the 37th PZU Warsaw Marathon (more) was run in Poland, the ING Route Du Vin Half Marathon (more) in Luxembourg and the Baxter's Loch Ness Marathon (more) in Scotland. The Medio Maraton Internacional Tlajomulco Cajititlan took place in Mexico.

On 19 September the Danske Bank Oslo Marathon (more) was held in Norway and the Scottish Half Marathon (more) in Great Britain.

On 20 September the Blackmores Running Festival Sydney Marathon (more) took place in Australia, the Beijing Marathon (more) in China, the Yangmingshan Country Race in Chinese Taipei, the Siberian International Marathon (more) (Omsk) and the Moscow Marathon in Russia, and the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon (more) in South Africa.

In Europe it is mostly half marathons: the Maratonina della Citta di Udine (more) in Italy, the Dam tot Damloop (more) (16.1km) in Netherlands the and the Porto Half Marathon SportZone (more) in Portugal,

In Colombia the Carrera de la Mujer 10km (more) (women's run) was run in Bogota and further west out in in the Pacific Ocean the Maui Marathon (more) took place in the Hawaiian Islands (USA).

On 12 September the Petra Desert Marathon
 was run in Jordan, the Golden Ring Yaroslavl Half Marathon (more) in Russia the, the Stockholm Half Marathon (more) in the Swedish capital, the Jungfrau Marathon in the Swiss Alps and the Tamarindo Beach Marathon (more) in Costa Rica...

On 13 September the Ladakh Marathon was held on the Tibetan Plateau in the far north of India, th SEB Tallinn Marathon (more) in Estonia, the Vilnius Marathon (more) in Lithuania, the Wroclaw Marathon (more) in Poland, the Wizzair Budapest Half Marathon (more) in Hungary, the Wachau Marathon (more) in Austria, the Festival of the Economic Forum (more) in Poland (more) the Half Marathon of Trento in Italy and the Copenhagen Half Marathon (more) in Denmark.

Over the Atlantic the Maraton de las Flores (more) took place in Colombia and the Maraton de Quito in Ecuador.

On 5 September Knarvikmila - the Great Fjord Run (more) took place in Knarvik, near the city of Bergen in Norway.

On 6 September the Satara Hill Half Marathon (more) was run in India, the Luanda Half Marathon (more) in Angola, the Pila Half Marathon (more) in Poland, and the Volksbank Munster Marathon (more) in Germany. Across the Atlantic the Atlas Colomos Half Marathon (more) took place in Mexico's second largest city of Guadalajara.

In the Costa Rican capital the 10K San Jose International was cancelled (see notice).

The Dhiraagu Maldives 10km (more) road race took place on 28 August.

On the evening of 29 August the Ruta de las Iglesias 10km (more) was run through the torchlit streets of Quito, Ecuador

On 30 August the Sunshine Coast Marathon (more) was held in Australia, the BII Maybank Bali Marathon (more) on the Indonesian island of Bali, Hokkaido Marathon (more) in the north of Japan and the Da Nang International Half Marathon (more) in Vietnam. The Mandela Day Marathon (more) took place in South Africa, the Longford Marathon (more) in Ireland, the SSQ Quebec Marathon (more) in Canada and the Maraton de la Ciudad de Mexico in Mexico City.

On 22 August the Hvar Half Marathon (more) was run on one of Croatia's most scenic Adriatic islands and the Islandsbanki Reykjavik Marathon (more) in Iceland.

On 23 August the Adelaide Running Festival (more) took place in South Australia, while the rest of the day's action was in the Americas, 16 time zones to the west, in the Media Maratón de Lima (more) in Peru and the the Edmonton Marathon (more) in the Canadian Province of Alberta.

On 15 August the Helsinki Marathon (more) took place in Finland.

On 9 August the Maraton Internacional de Asuncion (more) was run in the Paraguayan capital and the Angkor Empire Marathon (more) took place in Cambodia

On 2 August two AIMS events were held in Australia: the Brisbane Marathon Festival (more) and the Marathon of the McDonald's Townsville Running Festival (more) - both in the state of Queensland.

On 25 July the Australian Outback Marathon (more) was held at Uluru (Ayers Rock) and the Swissalpine Marathon (more)  (including the 78km ultra) in the Alpine ski resort of Davos.

On 26 July the 39th National MILO Marathon (more) took place in the Phillippines, the Westlink M7 Blacktown Running Festival (more) in Australia. The Tijuana International Marathon (more) was run in Mexico. Two races took place in South America: the Rio de Janeiro City Marathon (more) in Brazil, the Media Maraton Internacional de Bogota (more) in the Colombian capital

On 19 July the Marathon de l'Ile Maurice (more) took place on the Indian Ocean island state of Mauritius.

On 5 July the Gold Coast Airport Marathon (more) took place in Queensland, Australia. Much later that day, 16 times zones to the west, the Correcaminos Half Marathon & 10km (more) took place in Costa Rica.

Founder of the Prague Marathon Carlo Capalbo has received L'Ordine della Stella d'Italia (the 'Order of the star of Italy'), one of the state's highest honours, for his contribution to promoting Italy abroad and strengthening mutual ties and friendly relations. The decoration grants him the honorary title of knight.

In a ceremony at the Italian Embassy in Prague Ambassador Aldo Amati said: "Carlo Capalbo brought the marathon to Prague, and as such built a metaphorical bridge between Italy and the Czech Republic. His work is hugely important for both countries and creates the best possible reputation for Italy abroad."

"I'm honoured" said Capalbo. Arriving in the Czech Republic at the start of the 1990s the Naples native had a dream of organising a big international marathon, and staged the first Prague International Marathon in 1995. Since then he has successfully built the RunCzech Running League, an organisation which places Prague and the whole of the Czech Republic at the top of the world rankings in terms of countries hosting quality endurance races.

Carlo Capalbo has played a crucial role in igniting the running boom in the Czech Republic.

The Order of the Star of Italy was originally designed for those who contributed to reconstructing Italy after the Second World War. Since 2011 the title has been awarded to those who have promoted friendly relations and cooperation between Italy and other countries.

On 27 June the Rovaniemi Marathon (more) and the Paavo Nurmi Marathon (more) took place in Finland. The Vidovdan Road Race (more) was run through the streets of Brcko in Bosnia-Hercegovina, the Waterford Viking Marathon (more) in Ireland, and the Gatorade Panama International Half Marathon.

28 June began with the Lake Saroma 100km Ultra Marathon (more) on Hokkaido, the north island of Japan and was followed by the Econet Victoria Falls Marathon (more) in Zimbabwe. St Petersburg in Russia stages the 25th anniversary edition of the International ERGO White Nights Marathon (more). In the Americas the Tangamanga Int'l Marathon (more) celebrated its 31st edition on the streets of San Luis Potosi in Mexico and the Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon (more) took place in Canada.

On 23 June the Suzuki Midnight Run (more) took place in the Icelandic capital, Reykjavik.

AIMS Asia-Pacific Regional Conference.

The Penang Bridge Half Marathon - a new race held over a newly-opened bridge to that which provides the venue for the Penang Bridge International Marathon - hosted the first ever AIMS Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on 12-13 June. Race organisers from as far afield as Australia, Japan and Sri Lanka attended as well as some guest speakers from outside the region including keynote speaker Carlo Capalbo from the Prague Marathon,

He spoke about the concept behind the 'Running Mall' (more) which has operated in the Czech capital for the last two years. The programme continued with presentations on social media strategy (more) for races and what factors must be put in place to facilitate a world record breaking race (more). Attendees divided into two groups for discussion on how to attract runners to their events from increasingly far away rather than just the neighbouring countries and re-formed to compare findings. A final session addressed the successful strategy behind two formerly elite-only Japanese races - Tokyo Marathon (more) and Nagoya Women's Marathon (more) - to reinvent themselves as mass participation events

Regional conferences have previously been held in Africa and South America. The next is planned for Capetown in September 2015.

The next World Congress of AIMS will be in South America, hosted by the Quito Ultimas Noticias 15km in the Ecuadorean capital on 2-4 June 2016.

On 20 June the Mattoni Olomouc Half Marathon was run in the Czech Republic, the 3rd PKO Wroclaw Night Half Marathon (more) in Poland and the Lisbon Eco Marathon in Portugal (more). The Midnight Sun Marathon (more) took place in the North of Norway, with most runners finishing after midnight, but in broad daylight.

On 21 June the Carrera del Día Del Padre Medio Maratón (more) was held in Mexico.

The Dhiraagu Maldives 10km road race was postponed from 12 June. The new date is yet to be announced

On 13 June the Lanzhou Int'l Marathon (more) was held in China, the Telesia Citty Trophy 10km (more) in Italy, the Torshavn Marathon (more) in the Faroe Islands and the Portumna Forest Marathon (more) in Ireland.

On 14 June The Penang Bridge Int'l Half Marathon (more) was run in Malaysia, following the AIMS Asia-Pacific Regional Conference held there on 12-13 June. The Kaunas Marathon (more) took place in Lithuania and the 21km Coahuila in Mexico.

On 7 June the Laguna Phuket International Marathon (more) was held in Thailand, the RAHAL 10km Int'l de Casablanca (more) in Morocco and the Quito Ultimas Noticas 15km (more) in Ecuador.

On 30 May the ASICS Stockholm Marathon (more) was run in the Swedish capital.

On 31 May the Phnom Penh International Half Marathon (more) took place in Cambodia, the Comrades Marathon (more) in South Africa celebrated its 90th edition. The Austrian Women's Run (more) hosted upwards of 35000 women in their 5km and 10km races in Vienna. The Paris St Germain en Laye 10km (more) was held in France and the Edinburgh Marathon Festival (more) in Scotland. The Scotiabank Calgary Marathon (more) took place in Canada.

On 01 June the Cork City Marathon (more) is run in Ireland's second city.

On 23 May the Goteborgsvarvet Half Marathon (more) was run in Sweden and the Moonlight Half Marathon (more) took place in Italy along the Adriatic coast at Jesolo, near Venice

On 24 May the Jacob's Creek Barossa Marathon (more) was held in Australia, the Kigali International Peace Marathon (more) in Rwanda, the Turin Half Marathon (more) in Italy and the Nykredit Copenhagen Marathon (more) in Denmark. Across the Atlantic the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon (more) was run in the Canadian capital and the Medio Maraton Int'l Ciudad de Asuncion (more) in Paraguay.

21 May: Michel Bréal, father of the modern Olympic Marathon in 1896 could never have conceived how his creation would lead to an international movement with millions of adherents all over the world. The early pioneering competitors could not have imagined that hordes of men and women, with passion and enthusiasm, would be following in their footsteps a century later.
Running the original Marathon, from Marathon to the Panathenaic Stadium is many a runner's lifelong dream: running the authentic marathon race on the road of history, legend and ideas. The Athens Marathon is uniquely appealing to all runners as the birthplace of the event.

THE AUTHENTIC ATHENS MARATHON: History and Great Moments 1896 to the Present is an aesthetically appealing publication (170 pages with extensive photographic and documentary material) written to inform foreign runners (thousands of whom run in Athens every year) by disentangling the legend, misinformation and conjecture from reality.
The book presents the races, the protagonists and the performances, and the geography and history of the areas through which the route passes. In doing so it explains why this marathon has no equal on Earth.
Athletes will read the historical record like a novel but without anything invented from the author's side. They will then be in a position to appreciate how they are enacting a sequel to the events of another era: repeating the achievement of the ancient messenger in his unique effort not on the Olympic route of 1896, but in an earlier race with momentous historical significance.

The Athens Marathon, which comes colourfully alive in this book, is not just a great annual sporting event, but one of great cultural, social, touristic and economic importance.

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THE AUTHENTIC ATHENS MARATHON: History and Great Moments 1896 to the Present

On 16 May the Great Wall Marathon (more) was held in China and the Three Hearts Marathon (more) in Slovenia

On 17 May the Gifu Seiru Half Marathon (more) was run in Japan, while the Tata Consultancy Services World 10km Bengaluru (more) draws its usual strong field to India.

In Europe the Bucharest Half Marathon was held in Romania, the Lattelecom Riga Marathon (more) in Latvia, the Coca Cola Body-Awakening Women's Running Gala (more) in Hungary, the iWelt Marathon Wuerzburg (more) in Germany and the Leiden Marathon (more) in the Netherlands.

The Maraton Movistar Lima42km (more) took place in the Peruvian capital.

On 10 May the Tripoli International Half Marathon (more) was run in Lebanon.

The Wizzair Skopje Marathon (more) took place in FYR Macedonia.

The BIG Berlin 25km (more) was also held in the German capital.

On Friday 1 May the Semi Marathon Int’l de la Ville de Bejaia (more) took place in Algeria.

On 3 May the Borneo Int’l Marathon (more) was run in East Malaysia. In Europe six marathons took place, starting with the Trieste Green Europe Marathon (more) and the Chia Laguna Half Marathon (more) in Italy, followed by the Salzburg Marathon (more) in Austria, the Harmony Genève Marathon for Unicef (more) in Switzerland, the Volkswagen Prague Marathon (more) in the Czech Republic, and the Marathon Hamburg in Germany.

Two marathons were run in Canada: The Goodlife Fitness Toronto Marathon (more) and the BMO  Marathon.

On 4 May the Milton Keynes Marathon (more) was run 80km north of London and the Deep RiverRock Belfast City Marathon (more) in Northern Ireland.

On 25 April the Fjordkraft Bergen City Marathon (more) was run in Norway.

Also on 25 April runners arrived at the location of the 100km del Sahara (more) in Tunisia. The race's first stage only begins on 27 April, with runners completing four stages in four days.

On April 26 Vodafone Istanbul Half Marathon (more) was run in Turkey and the Almaty Marathon (more) took place in Kazakhstan.

Europe host 7 AIMS races beginning with the Roads to Rhodes Marathon in Greece, followed by the Metro Group Marathon Düsseldorf (more) and the Haspa Marathon Hamburg (more) in Germany, the ORLEN Warsaw Marathon (more), the Rock ‘n’ Roll Madrid Marathon and Half (more), the DVV Antwerp Marathon (more), and the Semi-Marathon International de Nice (more).

In the Americas the CAF Caracas Maratón (more) was run in Venezuela and the Maratón de Montevideo took place in Uruguay and the Big Sur Int'l Marathon (more) in the USA.

On 18 April the Dushanbe Int'l Half Marathon was run in Tadjikstan, the Pardubice Wine Half Marathon (more) in the Czech Republic and the Belgrade Marathon in Serbia.

On 19 April the Nagano Marathon (more) took place in Japan, Action then moved to Europe, with a host of events: the Cracovia Marathon (more) and Lodz Marathons (more) in Poland, the Telekom Vivicitta Spring Half Marathon (more) in Hungary, the Maratona Sant Antonio (more) and the Lake Maggiore Half Marathon (more) in Italy, the Zurich Marathon (more) in Switzerland, the Enschede Marathon (more) in the Netherlands and the HAJ Hannover Marathon (more) in Germany.

The Vancouver Sun Run 10km (more) was held on the Canadian Pacific seaboard.

On 20 April the BAA Boston Marathon (more) celebrated its 120th edition.

On 11 April the MTS Kharkiv International Marathon was held in Ukraine.

On 11-12 April the Australian Running Festival (more) took place celebrating the 40th year of its flagship event.

On 12 April the Guam International Marathon (more) was run in the Pacific island state. Several AIMS races were held in Europe: The Poznan Half Marathon (more), the NN Marathon Rotterdam (more), the Milano Marathon (more), the Vienna City Marathon (more), and the Schneider Electric Paris Marathon (more).

Across the Atlantic, the Sao Paulo Half Marathon Corpore (more) took place in Brazil and the Maratón de Santiago (more) in Chile.

On 3 April the Dead Sea Ultramarathon was run from the Jordanian capital, Amman to the shores of the Dead Sea.

On April 4 the Old Mutual Two Oceans (more) 56km Marathon took place in South Africa.

On 5 April the Daegu International Marathon (more) took place in Korea followed by the International Marathon Alexander the Great (more) in Greece.

The North Pole Marathon (more) took place on April 9.

On 28 March the IAAF World Cross-Country Championships took place in Guiyang, China followed by the Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon (more) in the Czech Republic.

The Incheon International Half Marathon was run in Korea on 29 March, followed by the Novi Sad Half Marathon (more) in Serbia, the CSOB Bratislava Marathon (more), the Vattenfall Berlin Half Marathon (more), the Limassol Marathon on GSO (more) in Cyprus, and the ASICS Medio Maraton Villa de Madrid (more).

From 19-22 March the Lake Balaton Supermarathon was held in western Hungary, competitors circumnavigate the lake in four daily stages.

On 22 March the Tokushima Marathon took place in Japan and the New Taipei City Wan Jin Shi Marathon (more) in Chinese Taipei. The Diacore Gaborone Marathon (more) is run in Botswana.

In Europe two landmark races were held: The Maratona di Roma (more) in the Italian capital and the EDP Lisbon Half Marathon (more) in Portugal.

The world's most southerly certified marathon, the Standard Chartered Stanley Marathon (more), took place in the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic.

On 13 March the Jerusalem Marathon, half marathon and 10km (more) was run in Israel.

On 14 March the Rock'n' Roll DC Marathon and Half (more) was held in the US capital.

On 15 March the Seoul International Marathon (more) took place in Korea, the Nafplio Marathon (more) in Greece, the Zurich Marato de Barcelona (more) in Spain and the ASICS Maraton De San Jose in Costa Rica.

On 8 March the Nagoya Women's Marathon (more) was held in Japan the Kaohsiung Int'l Marathon in Chinese Taipei, and the Sihanoukville Int'l Half Marathon (more) in Cambodia. In Europe the Semi Marathon de Paris (more) took place in France and the Women's 261 Marathon (more) in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. The ASTA 10km Int'l de Taroudant (more) is run in Morocco.

On 9 March the Antarctica Marathon (more) was held on King George Island.

On 27 February the Tel Aviv Samsung Marathon (more) was held in Israel.

On 1 March the Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon (more) took place in Japan, the Kilimanjaro Marathon (more) in Tanzania, the Runtolia Marathon and Half (more) in the Turkish Mediterranean resort of Antalya, the Treviso Marathon (more) in Italy, the World's Best 10km (more) in Puerto Rico and the Maratón Internacional Lala (more) in Mexico..

On 22 February the Tokyo Marathon (more) was run in the Japanese capital. The Seychelles Eco-Friendly Marathon (more) was held in the Indian Ocean island state and the Maritzburg Marathon (more) in South Africa. The Zurich Maraton de Sevilla (more) took place in Spain and the Medio Maraton Int'l de Guadalajara (more) in Mexico.

On 23 February the Sahara Marathon (more) was run among the Sahrawi refugee camps located in southwestern Algeria.

At a ceremony held in Ras Al Khaimah (UAE) on 12 February Dennis Kimetto was presented with the AIMS World Record Award in recognition of his World Record breaking time of 2:02:57 set in the BMW Berlin Marathon on 28 September 2014.

His achievement was given global recognition with this award subsequent to the record's ratification and on the eve of the RAK Half Marathon, where was guest of honour. The presentation was jointly made by AIMS General Secretary Hugh Jones and Race Director of the RAK Half Marathon and AIMS Continental PR Manager for Asia Nathan Clayton.

Kimetto (31) broke the previous record by 26 seconds, which had been set by his compatriot Wilson Kipsang in the same event in 2013.

This is the second time that Dennis has received an award from AIMS. His outstanding performances throughout 2014 were recognised with the AIMS Best Marathon Runner Award in November 2014 at the AIMS Gala Dinner sponsored by OPAP in the birthplace of the marathon, the city of Athens, Greece.

Race Director of the RAK Half Marathon and AIMS Continental PR Manager for Asia Nathan Clayton comments: “I am delighted that Dennis’s world record breaking time is being recognised by AIMS and that this award presentation is happening on the occasion of the RAK Half Marathon. We would like to thank AIMS and their sponsors for choosing our event to host this prestigious ceremony.”

AIMS President Paco Borao comments: “This award is made on behalf of the 380 AIMS members in 103 countries and territories throughout the World. Dennis is a great athlete and we are pleased to recognise his record breaking achievement in this way.”

Dennis Kimetto said: “I am proud to be recognised by AIMS and their members with this award. I thank AIMS and their sponsors for presenting me with this prestigious award.”

On 15 February, in the eDreams Mitja Marato de Barcelona (more), Florence Kiplagat surpassed the world record she set in the same race the previous year by running 1:05:09.

The Kyoto Marathon (more) and Ohme-Hochi 30km Road Race (more) took place in Japan, the Giulietta and Romeo Half Marathon (more) and the San Valentino Half Marathon (more) in Italy.

In the Ras Al Khaimah Half Marathon (more) on 13 February Mary Keitany was on schedule to beat her own course record until beyond halfway before slipping to a few seconds short of it. She still ran the third fastest half Marathon time ever, 1:06:02, and pulled the three women who stuck with her longest, Mamitu Daska, Cynthia Limo and Josephine Chepkoech break their personal bests by over a minute. In the men's race Mosinet Geremew finished fastest of the group of five, who warily eyed each other until the final few hundred metres, in a tactical race won in 1:00:05.

On 14 February the Al Amerat Challenge Race (more) was run in neighbouring Oman over the unusual distance of 9km, ascending to the summit of a mountain highway just outside the capital, Muscat, and then descending again.

On 8 February the Kitakyushu Marathon (more) took place on Japan's southernmost island of Kyushu and the Taipei Standard Chartered Charity Marathon (more) was run in Chinese Taipei.

6 February: Scotiabank Calgary Marathon Honours Rightful Top Marathon Female Finisher of 2014 After 1st Place Winner Disqualified by IAAF.

The Calgary Marathon Society is celebrating three local running heroes who didn’t stand in their rightful podium place in 2014. A ruling by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), disqualified the results of the top finisher, Emily Chepkorir. Chepkorir previously tested positive for Nandrolone (anabolic steroid) at races in Guatemala on January 26 and Mexico on March 2; all subsequent results are disqualified and she is ineligible to compete until April 5, 2016.
Calgary Marathon Honours Rightful Top Marathon Female Finisher of 2014
1st place Maria Zambrano, 2nd place Nadine Mueller and 3rd place Andrea Glover
The top three women have been alerted and are being properly compensated for their outstanding race day efforts with the rightful prize money. Maria Zambrano, of Calgary, is awarded 1st place in the woman’s marathon, Nadine Mueller, of Canmore, placing second and Andrea Glover, of Nanton, Alberta, placing third.
The Scotiabank Calgary Marathon has already adjusted the 2014 marathon results. “We can change the results and award prize money, but the athletes never get that day back,” says Calgary Marathon Society Chair, Dan Ouimet. “On behalf of the Calgary Marathon Society we acknowledge their winning performances and congratulate their efforts and invite them to return to compete in the 51st Scotiabank Calgary Marathon.”
To ensure excellence of future championship races, including the 21.1K National Championships being hosted in conjunction with the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon Race Weekend, elite runners may be subject to drug testing in 2015. Athletes having positive drug test results will have their cases investigated and The CMS reserves the right to withhold any and all prize money until any such investigation has been completed.

For a complete list of athletes currently serving a period of ineligibility as a result of an Anti-Doping Rule Violation under IAAF Rules visit:

In the Kagawa Marugame Int'l Half Marathon (more) on 01 February debutants Paul Kuria and Zane Robertson ran neck to neck for the duration and both ran 59:47, although Kuria was awarded to spot. Elsewhere in Japan Eritrean Tewelde Estifanos won the Beppu Oita Marathon (more) in 2:10:18. Victory in the Mostra D'Oltremare Half Marathon (more) in Naples, Italy went to Moroccan Abderrafi Roqfi in 1:06:22 and Siham Laaraichi in 1:19:44.

In the Osaka Women's Marathon (more) on 25 January Tetiana Gamera-Shmyrko defended her title, for a hat-trick of wins, with a time of 2:22:09. In a rare appearance by North Korean athletes Hye Gyong Kim won the women's division of the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon (more) in 2:31:46. The Khon Kaen International Marathon (more) in the north of Thailand was won by Kenya's Alex Melly and Ethiopian Shiferaw Rahel Kebede in 2:24:42 and 2:51:12 respectively.

At the westernmost point of continental Europe the Grand Premio "Fim da Europa" (more), on Portugal's Cabo da Roca, Bruno Lourenco and Sandra Teixeira negotiated the challenging and scenic 17km route fastest, with times of 1:00:09 and 1:11:46. The Marrakech Int'l Marathon and Half Marathon in Morocco was dominated by Ethiopians, with both winners, Tiruneh Workneh (2:08:51) and Wolkenech Edesa (2:31:06) as well as seven other men and six other women finishing in the top-10. The Disa Gran Canaria Marathon (more) took place in the Canary Islands a few hundred kilometres westward and the day closed with the Maraton Int'l de Culiacan (more) in Mexico.

20 January: Tata Consultancy Services, a leading IT services, consulting and business solutions organisation, is the title sponsor of the Amsterdam and New York City Marathons and the Bangalore World 10km, and associate sponsor of the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, who have have extended their commitment to the Amsterdam event, and to the Mumbai Marathon.

In an agreement signed in the presence of the city's Vice-Mayor the company renewed its title sponsorship of the Amsterdam Marathon right through to 2020, extending the original agreement by an additional five years. Since TCS first signed on with the TCS Amsterdam Marathon in 2011 it has strengthened its position as one of the world’s leading running events and has grown to become one of the largest and most popular marathons in Europe, hosting over 44.000 runners from over 90 countries in 2014. The employees and clients of TCS have contributed heavily to the event, accounting for over 4% of all runners. Over the past four years, 4900 of the company’s clients and employees have run to support the fight against cancer through support of the official charity - VUmc Amsterdam Cancer Centre (VUmc CCA)

In an earlier move in Mumbai on 16 January, TCS announced that they would support the top-2 Indian finishers in the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon by paying expenses for them to participate in the TCS New York City Marathon, to be held on 01 November. So the 2015 Marathon programme for OP Jaisha and Lalita Babar will be something of a dream come true: Mumbai, Beijing World Championships... New York.

On 16 January the Egyptian Marathon (more) was held in Luxor, passing by the entrance to the Valley of the Kings.

On 18 January at the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (more) in India, Dinknesh Mekash defended her women's title; also finishing in the top-10 places were three Indian women: OP Jaisha, defending champion Lalita Babar and track specialist Sudha Singh. Jaisha set a new Indian national record and all three met the World Championships qualifying time for Beijing. The previous Indian women's course record was beaten by no less than 13 minutes. The Gammon China Coast Marathon & Half (more) took place in Hong Kong. The Mitja Marato Int'l Vila de Santa Pola (more) was run in Spain, with Vincent Yator posting the performance of the day with a 1:00:16 win. Across the Atlantic the Marathon Bahamas (more) took place in the capital city, Nassau. In the United States the Chevron Houston Marathon and the Aramco Houston Half Marathon (more) was held in Texas; Ethiopia dominated, with the men taking the top three marathon places and the women the top five - the three top women all went sub-2:24. Finally, the Maui Oceanfront Marathon and Half (more) was run in Hawaii.

On 20 January the Corrida de Sao Sebastian (more) is run in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on the day of the city's patron saint.

On 11 January the Cebu Marathon (more) was held  in the Philippines and the Kinmen Marathon took place in Chinese Taipei.

On 9 January the Tiberias Winner Marathon (more) takes place in Israel.

On 7 January the Siberian International Ice Half Marathon (more) was held in the city of Omsk.

On 03 January 2014 the Xiamen International Marathon (more) was run in China.

On 1 January 2015, on the stroke of midnight, 813 runners from 41 countries took part in the Neujahrsmarathon Zurich (more) in Switzerland. Just hours earlier on the 31 December 2014 the Sao Silvestre de Luanda 10km was run in the Angolan capital.

On 28 December the Hong Kong Half Marathon Championships (more) took place in the Plover Cove area, while the Tata Steel 25km (more) is run in India.

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